The Softest and Best Postpartum Pajamas for Nursing Mothers

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The softest and best postpartum pajamas for new mamas. 19 pieces so comfy you’ll want to live in them (good for maternity to nursing and beyond).

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Kindred Bravely Eleanora Lounge Dress

Undercover Mama 24/7 House Dress

Kindred Bravely Bamboo Lounge Shorts

In the spirit of having the right tools for the job, I highly recommend one or two great pairs of nursing pajamas to cocoon in once your new baby arrives, and as you transition to #momlife.

Postpartum pajamas provide easy breastfeeding access for your baby, are comfortable for your postpartum body, and can accommodate whatever belly size your pregnant and postpartum body can throw at them.

Just as many maternity leggings wo

rk really well as postpartum leggings, labor and delivery socks are great even once baby has arrived, and many maternity sports bras work as sports nursing bras, many of these work great as maternity pajamas during your second and third trimester, and transition seamlessly into nursing pajamas once your new baby arrives on the scene.

Generally, you can expect to get at least a year of wear out of them, making them a worthwhile investment in your own comfort during pregnancy and beyond.

The also make a thoughtful gift for a new mom in hospital!

Do You Really Need Nursing Pajamas?

No – of course not! And yet, you’ll probably want to get some.

Sure, you can make “regular” pajamas work, but a couple of pairs postpartum pajamas will make your life easier and more comfortable at a time of your life when easy and comfortable is pretty much the best thing ever.

First, there’s the sheer logistics of trying to nurse a baby in “regular” pyjamas. You’ll need to either pull up your t-shirt/tank or pull up your entire nightie to make it happen. This has the added effect of giving anyone else in the room a bit of a show, and exposing your postpartum belly (and possibly more).

With nursing pajamas, there’s no need to fumble pulling your PJs up to your neck in the wee hours of the morning. Take it from me: when you’re bleary eyed and exhausted and just want to get your baby fed so they stop crying, easy is key!

Add to that, nursing pajamas – just like postpartum underwear – are meant to be comfy for your postpartum belly. They are soft, which is great for sore nursing nipples. They’re designed to work well with a c-section incision site to avoid discomfort. And they’re loose in the right spots to adjust to your uterus’ changing size, and as you adjust to your new postpartum weight.

In the early days of life with a new baby, when you’re still in the hospital and then for the first month or two of being at home, expect to basically live in your pajamas. Definitely pack some postpartum PJs in your hospital bag to change into after your labor and delivery gown.

Having comfy maternity pj’s will make a postpartum mom’s a bit easier and more comfortable as you adjust. 

What Are the Best Postpartum Pajamas for Nursing Mamas?

I’ve tried to curate a list that covers a wide variety of styles in this article. Some of the clothes can do double duty as normal nursing wear you can wear outside of the house, which makes it less of a hit to your budget. I recommend loading up on a combination of styles and pieces.

Day-to-Night Lounge Dresses & Loungewear

I love lounge dresses because you can wear them as a dress when you’re at home during the day, and keep them on when you collapse into bed at night. I lived in a lounge dress during my final trimester and early days as a mom, and still wear the same dress as PJs. The nice thing about lounge dresses over nursing pajamas is they’re meant to be worn outside the house, too, making them a super versatile choice.

Similar to a good lounge dress, a pair of super comfy lounge pants or shorts, paired with a nursing tank, nursing tshirt, or a simple nursing bra is a great substitute for proper nursing pajamas.

A Traditional Maternity Pajama Set

If you want a more traditional PJ set with a top and bottom, there are a lot of great comfortable options out there. Some look more like active wear – enough so that you could wear them out of the house, and others have a more traditional look.

A Nursing Nightgown

If you’re a nightgown fan, there are some gorgeous postpartum nighties available that are easy to love. Nightgowns make nursing super comfortable, and are a great choice for summer nursing, especially, when you’re dealing with a baby in warmer temperatures at the same time as postpartum hot flashes!

Maternity Robes

Whichever style of PJs you choose, I’d add a maternity robe to your postpartum pajama set. Most work great when pregnant and postpartum, and can come with you in your hospital bag too. Look for sleeves that won’t get in the way when you’re lifting and holding your baby, and the option for an empire waist in case you have belly tenderness or a c-section incision site.

Best Postpartum Pajamas

Kindred Bravely Eleanora Lounge Dress

A model wears the Kindred Bravely Eleanora dress against an isolated white background.

Made of soft and natural bamboo material in black or blush, this lightweight dress is roomy enough to work as both a maternity dress and then a cute and comfy postpartum dress with a bonus double layer for nursing. It is available in sizes small through XX-large.

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Undercover Mama 24/7 House Dress

A model wears the Undercover Mama 24-7 House Dress at home

Trendy and comfy, this cute oversized dress features button front details and comes in 12 different colors and designs. It can also be tied up at the bottom for an extra stylish touch. It comes in one-size-fits-all, petite and plus sizes, and the shipping is free on orders of $45 or more.

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Kindred Bravely Bamboo Lounge Shorts

A model wears Kindred Bravely postpartum bamboo shorts and a nursing bra against an isolated white background

These shorts are incredibly soft and made of premium, breathable bamboo material. They fall at a flattering mid-thigh length and feature a drawstring waist to adapt to a growing belly as well as a postpartum one. Soft waistband and soft fabric will be comfy soon after labor, to throw over your mesh underwear. And they’ll last you well into your postpartum days as a comfy pair of shorts to hang in at home and sleep in. Pair with a nursing cami, bra, or nursing tshirt. They come in pink and black and sizes small through XX-large.

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Kindred Bravely Sublime Crossover Adjustable Nursing Bra

A model wears a black nursing bra against an isolated white background

This bra boasts of soft, ribbed material with a criss cross bust for easy access to breastfeeding. The wide and comfy straps are adjustable for the perfect fit and the padding is removable, making it versatile for a nursing mama. These make great sleep bras when paired with shorts or sweats. It comes in black or pink and sizes small through XX large.

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Kindred Bravely Everyday Lounge Joggers

A model models postpartum maternity joggers and a nursing bra against an isolated white background

Not your average sweats, these cute and comfy pants are super soft and feature handy pockets. They are tapered at the ankles and have a drawstring waist for comfort throughout your pregnancy and after. Personally, I find them a bit more up-to-date style-wise than yoga pants. They come in black and gray heather and sizes small through XX-large. 

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Kindred Bravely Bamboo Nursing and Maternity Tank

A woman models a black nursing tank against an isolated white background

This tank is made of soft bamboo material and has plenty of room for a growing baby bump, postpartum pudge, and a shrinking uterus. It also features a clever double layer with a wide side opening for easy nursing, which is a nice feature for ease of access. This top comes in black and white and in sizes small through XX-large.

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Kindred Bravely Jane Maternity to Postpartum Pajamas

A woman models purple maternity and postpartum pajamas against an isolated white background

Cozy, warm and fitted, these PJs are designed to provide room for a growing belly but still have a snug fit. Once your little one arrives, you’ll appreciate the nursing panel that simply folds up for feeding. They come in four trendy colors and sizes small through XX-large.

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Hatch Collection Organic Cotton Maternity and Postpartum PJ Set

A woman models pink traditional pajamas set for nursing moms against an isolated grey background

Designed with a classic pajama look featuring a pocketed button-down top and loose drawstring pants, this set is made out of breathable organic Japanese cotton. They come in white and pink and four different sizes.

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Kindred Bravely June Pajamas

A woman models pink maternity and nursing pajamas against an isolated white background

Available in Dusty Mauve or black, these soft and lightweight pajamas feature high-waisted, capri-length fitted leggings and a flowy tank with a convenient nursing panel and lots of belly room. They come in sizes small through X-large.

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Hatch Collection Organic Pointelle Nursing Pajama Set

A pregnant or postpartum woman models a white pajama set of shorts and a nursing cami against an isolated grey background

This adorable short and tank set are light and flowy, with button details and a forgiving elastic waistband to accomodate a changing belly size. There is just enough elastic around the neckline for easy nursing. It comes in white and black and four different sizes.

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Hatch Collection Cashmere Sleeper Set

A woman models grey cashmere shorts and tank as a maternity and postpartum pajamas set against an isolated grey background

Lounge in the lap of luxury with this simple yet elegant camisole and short set made entirely of cashmere. It is loose and flowy with spaghetti straps for easy nursing and an elastic waistband. It comes in charcoal gray and four different sizes.

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Storq Maternity & Nursing Lounge Pajama Set

A woman models a 3 piece maternity and postpartum pajamas set of a robe, a tank, and cropped loose pants in light grey

Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, this luxurious set has just enough stretch. It comes with elastic waistband pants, a camisole with buttons and a ¾ sleeve length belted jacket for the perfect cover-up. It comes in four cute colors and sizes extra small through 3X. Storq offers free shipping on orders over $75.

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Kindred Bravely Lucille Maternity and Nursing Nightgown

A woman models a lacy maternity and postpartum nightie against an isolated white background

Super-feminine and comfortable, this nursing gown has spaghetti straps with a lace racer back and clip-down cups for effortless nursing access. It is available in four color options and sizes X-small through XX-large. Works great as a pregnancy nightie as well as postpartum pajamas, with a flowy design that’s beautiful. Shipping is free on orders of $59 or more.

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Hatch Collection Pointelle Nightgown

A woman holding her baby models a postpartum nightgown against an isolated grey background

Made of 100% cotton, this maternity gown is super-soft with a cute high-low length and roomy short sleeves. It features five buttons for easy nursing and comes in three colors and four sizes that coordinate with an easy-to-use sizing guide.

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Hatch Collection Maternity and Postpartum Sleep Shirt

A woman models a white maternity and postpartum sleep shirt against an isolated white background

Available in white and Happy Pink, this stylish shirt is made of organic Japanese cotton and looks like a cute, oversized, button-down dress shirt, complete with cuffed sleeves and a collar. It simply unbuttons for easy nursing. These nursing nightgowns come in four sizes.

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Hatch Collection Organic Cotton Nightie

A woman models a cotton postpartum pajama gown against an isolated grey background

Knee-length with a slit on either side, this nursing nightie is made of 100% soft, organic cotton and features romantic flutter sleeves and a drawstring neckline. Simply untie the drawstring for quick and easy nursing. It comes in a sweet and subtle blue floral design.

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Kindred Bravely Emmaline Robe

A woman models a black maternity and nursing robe against an isolated background

The Emmaline robe is soft and lightweight with ¾ length sleeves and sleek satin trim. It can be tied at your natural waist line or in the empire waist position to accommodate a growing belly and nursing moms. It comes in black and grey and three different sizes.

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Hatch Collection Nesting Robe

A woman models the Hatch Nesting maternity robe against an isolated grey background

This robe is long sleeve with elastic around the wrists for functionality and a large pocket on either side. It is made of a French terry material that is soft and luxurious. You can get this robe in blush or oat mélange.

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Storq Maternity and Delivery Robe

A woman models the Storq labor robe in light pink

This lightweight robe is made of 88% modal and 12% spandex for a soft and stretchy feel. It has kimono-length sleeves and a detachable tie with hoops. It also features pockets for convenience. It comes in pink or black and sizes extra-small through 2X. Any order above $75 includes free shipping.

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What to Consider When Shopping for Postpartum Pajamas

  • Soft and Comfy – Make sure they have soft fabric that won’t irritate your nursing nipples or a c-section incision site.
  • Easy When it Comes to Washability – You want something you can throw in the washing machine and is generally easy to care for.
  • Allows for Discreet Breastfeeding – While this doesn’t matter as much when it’s just you, your partner and your baby, it’s nice to have a discreet option when the in-laws or friends come over.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I think combining some comfortable loungewear with true pajamas will give you the most options throughout the postpartum phase. 

I hope you found some great pieces and enjoyed this article – if so, please share it!

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