Best Stroller Fan to Keep Your Little One Cool as an (Adorable) Cucumber

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Best stroller fan for hot weather. Keep your baby or toddler safe and cool with my top pick from the 10 best stroller fans.

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YXwin Mini Stroller Fan

SkyGenius Clip-On Stroller Fan

Dream Baby Clip-On Stroller Fan

I had my baby in the middle of July, in a city that regularly hits 95°F in the summer. The first time we took her for a walk we put her in a soft Mei Tai style baby carrier. We walked two blocks to a Starbucks and back, and she broke out in eczema like bumps which turned out to be heat rash. My husband (who was wearing her as I recovered from a C-section) was also overheating and miserable.

Needless to say, we felt so guilty.

We’ve since learned a thing or two about how to parent in the heat of summer (and the depths of winter, for that matter, after taking our 4-month daughter to Iceland and quickly buying a footmuff to stay warm!).

And that’s why I wanted to write an entire post about stroller fans. While it’s definitely not as sexy a topic as – say –diaper bags or stroller travel bags (I joke!) – it is important.

A stroller fan is one of the best stroller accessories in terms of upping your kiddo’s comfort level (along with a good stroller sunshade, FWIW). And it can even improve their safety. If it gets really hot where you live, you need to keep baby cool!

Since no one has invented a stroller with fan built-in yet (*makes a note in things to invent notebook*), we have to work with what’s available.

The good news is, stroller accessories are usually pretty affordable. Fans for strollers aren’t too expensive, making this a great ‘bang for buck’ purchase.

(Same goes for a good stroller organizer – it will make your life way easier!)

Quick Guide to the Best Stroller Fans

Just here for the cool, windy details and don’t have a lot of time to spend? I considered 10 different stroller fans for this article, and think the YXwin Mini Stroller Fan and Sky Genius Battery Operated Clip On are the two best stroller fans for most families. If you want a stroller fan that also jazzes up your baby stroller with a super cute accessory, the Dream Baby Clip Stroller Fan in the giraffe print is freaking adorable, and pretty darn awesome for a trip to the zoo!

You can see details and read past reviews by clicking the link to Amazon, or you can read my summaries of all 10 stroller fans I considered by continuing with this article below.

What to Look For When Searching for the Best Stroller Fan?

Obviously, getting something that works well is key. But what else should you consider? In my experience, it boils down to the following considerations.

Stroller Fan Safety

Of course, safety is paramount with fans. Little fingers and curious babies and toddlers can get into trouble. As such, you really want to make sure the fan blades are child proof. Consider what they’re made from, and whether they’ve been designed with safety in mind.

Some of the fans on our list have tackled this issue by the material they make their fan blades from. The Dream Baby mini fan uses foam fan blades and Treva uses plastic blades. Others have designed the fan cage to ensure little fingers can’t get inside.

Battery Life of a Portable Fan

Think about how long you’re going to need to run the fan during a typical summer day. These days, I don’t actually use my stroller for long stretches anymore – my kiddo mostly wants to walk, and so I bring the stroller along for intermittent use, quick trips to the grocery store, etc. However, when she was younger she was in her baby stroller all day – on a hot day, I needed some serious wind speed and some serious battery life! Something that lasts over 6 hours to 8 hours is ideal – good for an afternoon out that bleeds into early evening.

Fan Speed

Go for something that has adjustable fan speed, as you’ll be able to switch gears when the heat dissipates, or on warm and humid (but not super hot) days. As your baby gets a bit older, they also make express a preference for a higher or lower fan speed settings, so having some adjustability means your stroller fan will last longer, and into the toddler and preschool years.

Power Source

This is another important consideration and probably up to personal preference somewhat. For me, something that’s rechargeable with a USB cable is ideal, but that may not work for you. Consider whether you would prefer rechargeable batteries vs. plain old battery operated, or if using a USB cable would work for you.

360 Degree Rotation

Ideally, you’ll want a fan that rotates 360 degrees, as this will give you the most flexibility when positioning it on the baby stroller. At the very least, look for a flexible neck that lets you make adjustments both vertically and horizontally.

Not Too Noisy

When it comes to young kids spending a long time in their baby stroller, there’s always a chance they’ll fall asleep. In this case, you want your stroller fan to be quiet, or at the very least provide a steady white noise for napping.


When it comes to buying a clip on fan, it’s only as good as its clip. Look for something with a strong clip that will be nice and secure.

Bells and Whistles

Obviously, the wind speed, safety, battery life, and sturdiness are the most important factors. But if you can find a great fan for stroller with a power bank and reservoir for ice water, too? I’d say that’s a score!

Best Stroller Fan Reviews

The Best Fan for Stroller (Overall Winner)

With a battery life of up to 40 hours, this clip on fan is quiet, powerful and has some great extras like a power bank and sponge bank that make it stand out as my pick for the best stroller fan.

Learn More

First, the basics. This stroller fan has 360 degree vertical rotation for flexibility, with a dial that lets you easily control wind speed. Even on the highest setting, the rechargeable battery will last up to 4.5 hours. Battery life will increase with lower wind speed.

Once the fan is charged, it can also double as a portable power bank for other devices. Connect your cell phone with a USB cord, and you won’t have to worry about a dead phone battery. I absolutely love this feature, because I usually carry a power bank anyway when I’ve got a long day out. By using this stroller fan, I have one less thing to carry in my baby bag.

Another cool feature is the sponge tank on the back. You can soak the sponge with ice water to max out the cooling capacity and keep your baby really refreshed!

The power bank/tank combo make this an especially great choice if you plan to do any longer hikes. That said, you’ll need to use a lower fan speed to max out battery life.

This clip fan measures 5.7×3.7×9.1 inches. It was cleverly designed to be baby safe, with small slots to prevent fingers owies. Recharge with a USB cable or by plugging it into the wall.

The 360 degree rotation, strong clip, and great reviews add up to make this my pick for the best stroller fan!

Read Customer Reviews / Buy Now

Runner Up

Equipped with a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable and replaceable, this clip fan is compact enough to fit almost anywhere and has enough power keep your little one cool in a hot baby stroller.

Learn More

This fan can charge from almost anywhere via USB cord, and once it’s charged, it can hold battery power for up to 6 hours on the lowest setting. If it’s on high, it will last about two and a half hours – still fairly impressive battery life, and plenty of time for a family walk!

The fan itself is small, measuring only 7.5x6x4 inches, and it can rotate a full 360 degrees horizontally and vertically.

It has a dial to control the speed and simply runs faster the further you turn the dial. It’s also quiet and really easy to clip onto different spots on your stroller without slipping off.

As a bonus, it comes in five bright and fun colors.

Read Customer Reviews / Buy Now

Honorable Mention

Designed specifically to keep tiny fingers safe, this mini fan is battery operated and features soft foam blades that are not encased. With up to 6 hours of battery life, it can also rotate and bend in almost any direction with its flexible neck.

Learn More

The Dream Baby clip fan provides just enough air to keep your little one cool without overwhelming them. It comes in seven different colors and designs. It also comes in an adorable Giraffe variation – hands-down the cutest baby stroller fan!

This fan is battery operated, requiring two AA batteries. Therefore, battery life will depend a bit on the brand you buy, but it could last up to 6 hours. And it is fairly small, measuring 8.3×4.5×2.6 inches.

The foam blades on this fan are not very durable, and some parents have complained about how easy it is for their little ones to rip them off, but it’s a pretty economical choice, and we love how safe the soft blades are. It can also double as a desk fan, or just generally as a small portable fan for home use.

Read Customer Reviews / Buy Now

The Opolar clip fan has a strong and secure clip grip and a redesigned, larger blade that is more efficient and aerodynamic.

Learn More

The battery has also been updated to a micro USB charging port, which will let you charge it 25% faster than old-style USB. The fan can be fully charged in four hours and will last up to 20 hours on one charge.

It rotates horizontally at the base and vertically within the casing to face any direction. For maximum flexibility, you can choose between three different speed settings, and it comes in three different colors.

Add to that, the face of the fan can be easily removed to clean the blades when they get dusty – I definitely recommend this, as dust often harbours harmful chemicals, such as flame retardants.

Verified customers have spoken highly of the overall quality and strong grip of the clip, making it great if you plan to do any trail walks, or walk on cobblestones or bump roads with your baby stroller.

Read Customer Reviews / Buy Now

The Treva clip on fan is slim and sleek, with a powerful airflow packed into its tiny five-inch design, making it easy to fit onto strollers, car seats and more.

Learn More

This fan not only rotates but it also pivots for multi-directional function. And it has only two fan speeds: high and low.

Verified customers have raved about the sturdiness and security of the clip along with the overall quietness and power of the fan.

This is another battery operated mini fan – it requires four AA batteries and can last up to 14 hours with fully charged or fresh ones. The blades are plastic, but they are ouch-free. So even if your toddler sticks her fingers through the fan, she won’t get hurt.

Read Customer Reviews / Buy Now

This adorable clip on fan is super versatile with bendy tripod legs and small size. It is made from high-quality metal with a silicone cover for durability and flexibility.

Learn More

It can be powered through a USB and can also hold charge in its 2600mA rechargeable battery for up to eight hours, depending on the speed.

It has three different speeds and thoughtfully redesigned fan blades for optimum efficiency.

The best part about this fan is the tripod leg design. The three bendable legs can be manipulated in almost any way to attach the fan to a number of different structures, including (but not limited to) your baby stroller. And when it needs to stand alone, it can simply prop up on the tripod.

Read Customer Reviews / Buy Now

With a sturdy grip and both horizontal and vertical rotation, this little clip on fan is dependable and powerful enough to keep your baby cool even on the lowest setting.

Learn More

Powered by a rechargeable 2600 mAh lithium battery, this fan can last for up to six hours as a portable fan or run indefinitely while plugged in to a power source via USB. The only notable detail is that is has significantly less power when plugged in versus running off a charged battery.

The casing slots are made extra small to prevent little fingers from poking through and getting hurt, and it comes in three different colors.

Read Customer Reviews / Buy Now

Powered by a 2500 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery, this clip on fan can last an impressive 28 hours on one charge and has an automatic oscillating feature.

Learn More

Not only can this fan clip securely onto a variety of surfaces like your baby stroller, but it can also sit flat on a desk or even be mounted to a wall for a more permanent solution above your baby’s crib.

It takes about eight hours to charge fully, and can last from five to 28 hours depending on the speed you choose. And there are three different speed options.

While it doesn’t rotate 360 degrees, it’s still pretty flexible. It can rotate 50° to the left and right and 180° up and down. It’s remarkably quiet, especially at low speed, making it ideal for nap time.

Read Customer Reviews / Buy Now

Equipped with a 2200 mAh lithium battery, this clip fan has a sturdy and secure base and a battery life of up to six hours when fully charged.

Learn More

You can conveniently use almost any USB port to charge this fan or as a steady power source to keep it running. When fully charged, the battery will last from two to six hours, depending on the speed you choose.

It has 360 degrees of both horizontal and vertical rotation for versatile positioning and has a small grill to prevent little ones from sticking their fingers in the blades.

It measures 7.5×3.5×5.9 inches and only has one speed while plugged into the USB.

Read Customer Reviews / Buy Now

This powerful little fan can last anywhere from four to six hours on one charge, and charging it fully only takes about four hours.

Learn More

It has 360 degree rotation both horizontally at the base and vertically on the fan cage itself. It comes with two 2200 mAh lithium ion rechargeable batteries and a USB cord that can accept charge from a number of different devices.

The grates are extra small so that your little one can’t get their fingers through, and it is touted to be incredibly powerful and refreshing without being noisy at all.

Read Customer Reviews / Buy Now

Keeping Your Baby Cool in the Summer

Our first summer of parenting was a hot, sticky mess. Figuring out how to parent, how to breastfeed in the summer heat, and how to keep our little one safe and cool for a few months of hot weather was a tough job. But we survived, and we learned a lot.

And we’ve kept learning! The next summer (when our baby turned one), we spent a month in Italy, in a city that – no joke – regularly hit 100°F and up. And then we moved to Mexico for 3 months.

As you can imagine, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to keep our darling cool in her baby stroller when hot weather hits. And I wanted to share my tips!

First of all, we learned not to stuff our newborn into a baby carrier during the hottest hours of the day. Our general rule is to stay inside during the hottest hours now. Or at the very least, play in our backyard (often with water toys) during the hottest times. We instead focus our outings on early morning and late afternoon/early evening.

Even then, we’ve often needed reinforcements. When travelling, we’ve used an extra sunshade for our small GB Pockit travel stroller.

And of course, we used a good stroller fan. We learned our lesson with the baby carrier that day. We immediately switched to her baby stroller with a clip on fan and have no regrets!

Final Thoughts About Finding the Best Stroller Fan

Most families will love the YXwin Mini Stroller Fan or the Sky Genius Battery Operated Clip On Stroller Fan. They are my top two picks in this category. Both should also go from stroller fan to car seat and back again, too. This will make it easier to keep your baby cool in their car seat, especially if you don’t have AC.

If you know a parent struggling to keep their baby cool in hot weather, I hope you’ll share this round up of the best stroller fans!

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