Best Stroller Travel Bag: Universal Stroller Travel Bag Reviews

The best stroller travel bag with reviews. How to choose the best stroller travel cover for flying with a full-size, double, or umbrella stroller.

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COMPNO Stroller Travel Bag

VolkGo Stroller Cover for Travel

Zohzo Buggy Bags

After considering 5 double stroller bags and 3 umbrella stroller covers, we chose the COMPONO Stroller Travel Bag as the best airplane bag for double strollers and the LuvdBaby Umbrella Stroller Cover as the best stroller bag for umbrella strollers.

The COMPONO Stroller Travel Bag is one of the best-rated universal stroller covers available today, and it’s still affordable. It’s huge, meaning it should fit even the largest buggies, gets high marks for ease of use. Likewise, the LuvdBaby Umbrella Stroller Cover is highly rated, and we love that it unzips completely for ease of packing.

Best Stroller Bag for Air Travel with Double Buggies, Joggers & Large Buggies

COMPNO Stroller Travel Bag

Our Pick

The durable nylon and polyester blend fabric guards against the roughest handling.

Protect your stroller from damage related to handling and the elements with the COMPNO travel bag for buggy.

As the gate crew loads your stroller into the plane, the water-resistant liner protects some of your most expensive baby gear from the weather. There is even an extra flap that covers the drawstring hole to ensure dirt and grime stay out.

The bright red color and clear labeling ensure easy retrieval at your destination. If you’re not ready to unpack the stroller, the double-stitched padded straps allow for easy carrying while still in the bag.

The oversized COMPNO stroller bags accommodate some of the largest strollers available today. When you’re not using it, the bag folds into a compact storage sack that stashes anywhere.

VolkGo Stroller Cover for Travel

Our Runner Up

Meant for double strollers and joggers, the VolkGo stroller carry bag is made from a heavy duty nylon to protect your buggy as it goes from A to B. A large and durable bag, it folds up into a compact pouch when not in use.

Measuring 47” tall, 24” wide, and 18” deep, the VolkGo buggy travel bag is large enough to hold most double strollers or standard jogging strollers. 

The padded backpack straps make it comfortable to wear from your car to the gate. Alternately, you can easily carry it using two side straps.

The VolkGo is constructed of heavy-duty nylon that is resistant to tears and liquids, keeps your stroller clean, and protects it from rough luggage handlers. 

When not in use, you can store this stroller bag for air travel flat, or fold it into a small pouch.

Zohzo Buggy Bags

The Most Versatile

With an ultra-wide zipper opening, the Zohzo makes it easy to protect your buggy even on hectic travel days.

The Zohzo stroller bag for airplane travel features a wrap-around double zipper so you can easily load your buggy into the wide compartment. 

Compatible with most standard and double strollers, this bag allows you to comfortably carry even heavy buggies using either the sturdy side handles or a padded, adjustable shoulder strap.

The material itself is resistant to both water and tearing, meaning it can withstand wear and tear, and heavy strollers. It should stand up to the most hectic of trips, getting in and out of cabs, and going from airport to hotel and back again. 

The material is easy-to-clean, making this a good no-fuss option.

Bububee ‘Elua XL Universal Travel Stroller Bag

The Best for Large Strollers

Heavy-duty reinforced nylon guards your stroller against rips, tears, and water damage. One of the largest bags on our list, this is a great double stroller bag for airplane trips. It should fit even the largest buggies, including double strollers.

Bububee’s ‘Elua XL has a unique four-step closure system to keep your stroller safe on the plane and on the tarmac. Locking drawstrings and velcro cover flaps keep rain, snow, and curious fingers out of the ‘Elua XL during handling.

The massive size (24 inches by 48 inches) allows for easy storage of even the largest buggies – even double strollers. Convenient padded straps allow for five carrying methods, making transport of the packed stroller a breeze, and allowing you to shift the weight if it gets too heavy.

The bag is a sharp black color, meaning the bag itself will still look nice, even after a long trip. And bright markings and straps keep your stroller from getting lost in the shuffle when it’s time to head out. 

After your trip, the Bububee ‘Elua XL folds down into an attached pouch for compact storage.

Glogex Stroller Bag

A Most Affordable Option

The generous size and rip-resistant material make the Glogex Stroller Bag a top choice among travel stroller bags. Any single or double stroller should fit inside the bright blue, waterproof bag with ease.

At nearly five feet tall and two feet wide, the Glogex Stroller Bag can protect camping gear, car seats, sports equipment, and more. Backpack-style straps leave your hands free to help your kids, or tote your luggage.

Glogex’s waterproof fabric keeps dirt and grime away from your child’s stroller. Integrated cinch straps allow for compact packing on airplanes, trains, buses, or your vehicle’s rooftop rack. When you’re finished with your trip, the bag folds down into a convenient pouch.

Best Stroller Bag for Airplane Travel with Single & Umbrella Strollers

LuvdBaby Umbrella Stroller Travel Bag

Our Pick

Made with durable polyester and a wrap-around zipper, this bag opens completely flat for easy loading.

The LuvdBaby Umbrella Stroller Travel Bag is made with a durable polyester, allowing it to withstand heavy wear without ripping, while keeping your stroller safe from damage. 

With a minimalist design and wrap-around zipper, the bag opens completely flat for easy loading – even with large strollers.

Storing this bag when it is not in use is extremely simple. The lightweight, easy-to-fold material can be completely rolled up into a small storage bag between uses, taking up less room in cars, closets and your suitcase when you’re on the road!

Gate Check Pro

Our Runner Up

Made from a durable and waterproof nylon, this Gate Check Pro bag will fit an umbrella or collapsible stroller, protecting your buggy from scratches and weather during your travels.

At 43.3” tall, 15.8” wide, and 12” deep, the Gate Check Stroller Bag is big enough to fit a single umbrella or collapsible stroller. 

The bag has an ergonomic shoulder strap for easy carrying. It also has a drawstring closure and rainflap. Simply open the pouch and slide your stroller in when you reach your gate.

The Gate Check Pro is constructed from a durable, stretchy, and waterproof nylon that offers added protection from rough handling and bad weather. It weighs approximately one pound, making it ideal to fold up into a pouch and carry in the back of your stroller once you reach your destination.

Emmzoe Umbrella Stroller Padded Travel Case

The Most Versatile

Perfect for packing a smaller stroller, the Emmzoe Umbrella Stroller Padded Travel Case protects your stroller while preserving precious storage space. The slim design and durable construction simplifies traveling with children – and their mountains of gear.

This Emmzoe bag is designed to fit single umbrella-style strollers. However, reviews from past customers suggest some parents get creative with this tough nylon case, using it to protect portable travel cribs and other gear during their travels. The padded case holds objects up to 44 inches long and 12 inches wide. The dual zipper system opens along the length of the bag for ease of use. Closed, the zippers accommodate a small lock for extra security.

At the end of the trip, the bag rolls up for compact storage.

Stroller Travel Bag Buying Guide

What are stroller travel covers?

Stroller travel bags are meant primarily to protect your buggy during air travel – whether you check your buggy at the check-in counter, or gate check it.

A good airplane stroller bag will protect your buggy from scratches and nicks, stains, and bad weather, as well as offering a number of other benefits.

Why Buy a Travel Bag for Stroller?

Let’s be honest: strollers are expensive. They’re one of the biggest gear investments parents make, and they’re meant to last a good, long time, serving multiple children if needed. Add to that, many strollers have great re-sale value, if they’re well cared for.

In other words? They’re worth protecting.

A pushchair travel bag generally costs a fraction of what the stroller itself cost, making it a fairly affordable way to protect your investment when you head off on vacation.

Strollers take a lot of abuse when they go under an airplane. They can get scratched, stained, and otherwise damaged.

A good buggy bag will keep it in good condition, preserve resale value, and ensure it’s useable when you arrive at your destination.

Specifically, stroller covers for travel offer the following benefits.


Protecting your stroller is the main reason for buying and using a stroller transport bag. The right bag will offer:

  • Protection from rough handling when your buggy is being loaded and unloaded from the airplane and transported between your drop-off/pick-up point and the airplane.
  • Protection in-flight, when your buggy is packed like a sardine with other bags under the plane. Good stroller covers for airplane travel will protect the frame from scratches and the upholstery from stains and liquids.
  • Protection from bad weather on the tarmac, when your buggy is sitting out in the open waiting to be loaded, or after unloading while it’s waiting to be transported to the baggage belt. No one wants to sit their baby down on a soaking wet stroller seat! Speaking from personal experience, we were more than pleased we had a stroller travel cover when we landed in Iceland and our stroller sat in the driving snow for ages before being delivered – dry – to us.
  • Protection from dirt and grime. This goes hand-in-hand with keeping your buggy dry. No one wants to set their baby down in a filthy stroller – or at least in filth that wasn’t created by your baby! While you might not mind setting your kid down on that year-old yoghurt stain, you probably will feel differently about mystery stains accrued in transit.

Multiple Pieces

If you have a have a two-piece stroller, or you have accessories attached to your stroller (buggy board, foot muff, cup holder, etc), a gate check bag will ensure everything arrives together.

Sneaky Extra Baggage Allowance

While you’re not supposed to, we’ve used the FREE stroller check to our advantage on past trips. Once our buggy is in its transport bag, we’ve stuffed a bit of extra baby gear into the bag itself. Things like the buggy rain cover, our kids’ snow suit during winter travel, footmuffs, and more can get stuffed into the travel bag to reduce the burden on your main bags.

What to Look for in a Pram Travel Bag?

Above all, look for durable construction that will withstand mishandling by baggage handlers. Ideally, you want a bag made from tear-resistant / rip-stop material, double stitching, a good quality zipper. The opening should be wide enough that you can get your pram in and out of the bag without too much wrestling.

Ensure the material is water resistant, at the very least, to protect your buggy from bad weather and mystery liquids in flight.

You’ll also want to consider the straps, to ensure it’s easy to carry. In our opinion, a should strap makes things easiest. On travel days, we’re usually already carrying a back pack in the airport, so can’t use backpack straps. Also, a shoulder strap helps you to attach it to a luggage cart if needed.

When not in use, you’ll want a way of storing the bag without too much fuss. Many come with a pocket you can stuff the bag into – sort of like a K-Way windbreaker.

Of course, bag won’t do much good if your stroller doesn’t fit into it. So double check it’s compatible before hitting the buy button!

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that these bags aren’t meant to “go the distance” so to speak. While they should last more than one trip, most of the bags on this list come with some comments from past users that they ripped or got holes on the first trip. Again, this comes down to the fact that travel is really tough on strollers, and not all airlines treat your stuff with care. While you can hope the bag will last more than one trip, know that they aren’t going to last a long time, because of the sheer abuse they take!

Branded vs. Unbranded Travel Stroller Cover

You’ll also have to decide whether you want a branded or unbranded cover.

Branded bags are specifically made for your stroller by the stroller manufacturer. The pro of buying a branded bag is you know it will fit, and a tight fit will help to protect the stroller further. The branded bags tend to be a bit better quality than the generic ones, using better materials, padding, and zippers. However, they’re also far more expensive. Also, if you choose to change strollers in the future, you’ll likely need to buy a new bag.

Generic/Unbranded bags are made to be universal to fit all brands of strollers. They’re much cheaper than the branded bags. However, the fit and quality generally aren’t as good.

Final thoughts

We hope this guide helped you make your decision. If you have questions, or have one of these cribs or would like to leave a suggestion for other brands and models, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

And if you know other new parents who would benefit from this advice, please share this post with them!

If you’re like me, the thought of having your expensive, carefully chosen stroller damaged, scratched, or stained while on vacation isn’t exactly relaxing.

Before we took our first flight with our baby I literally lost sleep over how to protect our Bugaboo Bee on the way from Europe to Iceland to Canada!

In my opinion, a good buggy bag is worth the price tag for peace of mind – but also is a cost that you’ll recoup if you ever plan to sell your stroller second-hand, by ensuring it remains in great condition.

Each of the bags on this list have pros and cons – start with fit, and then compare durability, the width of the opening, price and style to choose the one that’s best for your family and trip.

I hope this article helps you – and makes your travels with your baby or young child ever so slightly less stressful!

If you liked this article, share it with some new parents or parents-to-be.

If you have a bag that you love, tell us about it in the comments below!

And if you know other new parents who would benefit from this advice, please share this post with them!

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