Best Stroller Footmuff For Cold And Wet Winter Days

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A good footmuff will keep your little one warm when winter arrives. If you’re looking for the best stroller footmuff, I found the 5 best for every family and climate!

Best Choice

Best overall

The Best on a Budget

Skip Hop Stroll and Go Foot Muff

jj Cole Urban Bundleme

7Am Enfant Blanket 212

When the cold winter months hit and icy weather settles in, you’re going to want some stroller accessories to keep yourself and your baby warm.

Pack away your stroller fan and maybe even your stroller sunshade, and get ready for winter. This means layering your little one up with a stroller blanket or footmuff, and packing the diaper bag with some extra warm items! Depending on where you live, you might want to replace your stroller organizer with a hand muff.

What is a Stroller Footmuff?

Footmuffs basically serve as winter stroller covers – they’re like a sleeping bag for your buggy! It creates a cozy envelop for your little one. And it ensures cozy toes, cozy hands, and cozy everything else, even when it’s really freezing outside!

The best footmuffs will keep your little one protected in rainy or snowy weather conditions. They come in different weights for different climates, and are mostly water resistant to withstand light drizzle and snow.

If you experience any sort of winter conditions where you live, you’re going to want a stroller footmuff. Blankets for strollers can get you through the spring and early autumn. However, a footmuff provides way more warmth and comfort for your little one – and is a bit more convenient, too.

Best Stroller Footmuffs: Quick Overview

If you don’t have time to read the whole shebang, here’s the most important info. For this article, I considered 10 different footmuffs. Of those 10, I chose 5 as my top picks for different conditions and needs.

5 Best Stroller Footmuffs (My Winners)

  • Best Overall – Skip Hop Stroll and Go Foot Muff: Available in either an infant or toddler size, this footmuff has adjustable layers making it great for autumn, winter, and spring. It has a water resistant outer shell, a zippered bottom for peek-a-boo feet, and is machine washable. Learn More (Infant) / Learn More (Toddler)
  • Runner Up – jj Cole Urban BundlemeThis footmuff (in either toddler or infant size) has a weather resistant nylon outer shell and a removable top. In spring and fall, you can use it as a cozy stroller seat liner, and pair it with a blanket for stroller. In winter, add the top layer to stay cozy and put the hood up to keep your baby’s head warm. Machine washable. Learn More Toddler / Learn More (Infant).
  • Best for Cold Weather – 7Am Enfant Blanket 212Meant for truly cold winter weather, this universal footmuff should fit almost all brands. Water repellent, you’ll only ever need one due to the fact that it can extend with zippered panels as your kiddo grow. Machine washable. Learn More.
  • Great for Moderate Temperatures – jj Cole Original Bundleme This footmuff is good for a cool climate, but not a truly cold one. It’s also not great for the rain. I used this one in the pacific northwest winter along with a rain cover, and it was perfect. It’d also be great for cool days in the south, or for spring/autumn across the country. The top layer is removable to leave a cozy seat liner. Machine washable. Learn More – Toddler Size / Learn More – Infant Size.
  • Budget Choice – FunLife Universal Stroller Bunting Bag – This is a super affordable choice with a lot of great details. There’s a bottom zipper for peek-a-boo feet , it’s water resistant, and the reflective strip is a nice touch! Machine washable. Learn More.

The Other Footmuffs I Considered:

Guide to Selecting a Stroller Foot Muff

Here are a few considerations I’d recommend you think about when shopping for the best foot muff.

Age Range & Size

As with baby carriers, some footmuffs are age-specific, so be sure you purchase the right size for your kiddo. Generally, they come in an infant size (good for one winter) or a toddler size (good for a few years). Some are one-size-fits-all, which work for 6 months+.

Some foot muffs have a zip-open bottom. This lets kids stick their feet out of the bottom when they have muddy shoes, are too hot, or get too tall.

Weather Conditions (Temperature, Rain, etc)

We’ve always lived places where rain is fairly common in the winter. If this is you, get a footmuff with at least some water resistance.

In my own experience, having a footmuff that’s at least water resistant is ideal. This way, you’re covered for light drizzle and unexpected rain when you don’t have the rain cover. Obviously if you’re expecting a downpour, bring the rain cover too! 

In terms of temperature, footmuffs don’t have a temperature rating like sleeping bags, so you’ll need to use your judgement.


Take it from me: you need a footmuff that is machine washable. It will almost definitely take some food hits when they are in their stroller. Lunch and snack spills, peanut butter finger marks, and bottle and sippy cup spills are fairly common on our footmuff. If I’m being honest, I’ve definitely dribbled some coffee on it, too.

Most (but not all) are machine wash, hang to dry. For the most part they don’t do well in a dryer.


Make sure your footmuff fits with whatever style safety harness you have. Most will fit with a 5 point harness, as they’re so common. If you have a 3 point harness, do some double checking.

Also, only use the footmuff as directed, and don’t buckle the harness over the footmuff.

Note – footmuffs shouldn’t be used inside the car. You can use them with car seats that are part of your travel system stroller- but not in the car. If you want something for the car, you need a specific car seat cover. Car seat covers are a different product with safety considerations specifically for the car. 

If you use a carseat as part of your stroller system, follow the American Academy of Pediatrics’ cold weather car seat safety guidelines.


The interior lining and top layer should be soft so as to not irritate your wee one’s skin. Also look for awkwardly placed zippers or velcro that might scratch or pinch. You want it to be comfortable enough that they’ll happily fall asleep in it!

Easy Access

Check how you’ll get your baby in and out while using the stroller foot muff. Most have either a middle zip or a side zipper for easy access. You want something that isn’t going to be a pain in the butt to use!

Best Stroller Footmuff Reviews

Best Overall Stroller Footmuff

Made to be versatile to accommodate different temperatures, the Skip Hop universal footmuff is temperature adjustable, transitioning from a lightweight fall cover to a warm and cozy winter one.

Learn More – Infant
Learn More – Toddler

Cleverly designed, it features a hood that can unzip and lay flat and a separate snap-on winter layer that is thick and plush for extra warmth on especially cold days. When going from outside to inside (i..e for a shopping mall) you can remove the winter layer for temperature control. If it’s still too warm, unzip the fall layer using the side zipper, and roll it up for storage to the side, securing with the built in elastic. It’s a super clever design!

The front collar of that attachment can stay closed to protect your little one’s face from cold wind, or unsnap so that they can see out.

The bottom of the foot muff unzips so that your little one’s feet can hang out the bottom if they’re dirty from the park, and the whole thing is machine washable just in case.

The outer material is polyester and water resistant and it works with almost any stroller type. The fleece lining is nice and cozy. 

It comes in two sizes: infant (up to 12 months) and toddler (one year or more).

Learn More – Infant / Learn More – Toddler (Available in Black and Grey)

Runner Up

Cute, stylish and functional, the Urban Bundleme has a soft and cozy interior and a quilted, weatherproof exterior.

Learn More – Toddler

Learn More – Infant

Available in several colors, this foot muff has trendy, over-sized buttons to keep your little one tucked in. The hood is detachable and lined with soft Thermoplush just like the rest of the bag. The outside is made of quilted nylon that will stand up against wind and rain.

It unzips completely around the sides if you want it to be open, and it has a convenient pocket that is perfect for toys or pacifiers.

There are plenty of different slots in the back of this muff to accommodate various sizes of harnesses. It comes in two sizes: infant and toddler.

Learn More – Toddler

Learn More – Infant

The Best Footmuff for Cold Weather

This cozy, heavy-duty design is not only super-warm, but it also grows with your child. You will be able to use it from 6 months all the way through the toddler years, likely giving you 3 and maybe even 4 good years out of it. Add to that, its water repellent and machine washable. Meant for a cold climate!

Learn More

Made like a giant, weatherproof cocoon for your little one, this universal footmuff features a rain-, snow- and wind-resistant shell that is made of nylon. The inner layer has fleece lining made of plush anti-pilling micro-fleece. Take them together, and your kiddo will be snuggly and warm.

It comes with an over-sized hood for an extra arctic-worthy barrier from the wind and cold. There’s also a deep pocket on the front and two extensions that bring the length from 38 inches to 43 or 48 inches long.

For easy cleanup, it’s machine-washable. And it fits almost any stroller with a 5 point harness, and using easy hook-and-loop attachments. 

This foot muff is adjustable and extendable, making it good for kids aged six months to four years old. While it’s great for the toddler years, it’s not great for newborns, as there’s just too much of it. If you have a newborn, the Skip Hop Stroll and Go in infant size is my top pick. 

This is really meant for COLD winter weather during the depths of the winter months. It may be a bit overkill in autumn and spring. While it doesn’t have a temperature rating, it’s meant for Midwest or East Coast level cold. 

Learn More / Read Reviews

The Best Stroller Footmuff for Mild Weather

Soft and plush on both the outside and the inside, the original Bundleme is not bulky or difficult to use but will keep your little one warm and cozy in milder temperatures.

Learn More – Toddler / Learn More – Infant 

Faux shearling lines the interior of this muff for maximum comfort and warmth. It is compatible with almost any stroller, and the entire back side can be removed so that you can use it as a car seat cover as well.

This product is highly praised by parents for being easy to use and effective. It comes in three different colors and both infant and toddler sizes.

Learn More – Toddler / Learn More – Infant

The Best Stroller Footmuff on a Budget

This foot muff can withstand almost any weather condition with its slick, water-, wind- and rain-proof exterior and super-plush fleece interior.

Learn More

The exterior is not only weatherproof to keep your baby warm but it also features a reflective strip for extra safety on dark evernings. And there are nine different slots that make this bag functional with various harness designs.

The entire back of this back is coated with an anti-slip textured design to keep it from slipping down, and the hood can be completely open and flat or cinched closed with the pull-cord.

It opens down the center of the bag and also just at the feet. So if your little one has dirty shoes, just unzip the bottom and let their feet hang out.

This bag comes in ten different colors and three different sizes, the largest of which can accommodate a child up to three years old.

Learn More / Read Reviews

Other Foot Muffs Considered

Simple to use and versatile, this foot muff will keep your baby warm and dry with its high-performing outer layer of weatherproof material.

Learn More

Inside, the bag is lined with warm and cozy fleece. The central zipper makes putting your baby in and getting him out a breeze, and the chin guard on the zipper is a great little detail to avoid pinches.

The hood of this design is large and simple. If you want it to wrap closely around your baby’s head, simply pull on the drawstrings to tighten it.

It features seven different strap entry points to accommodate both five- and three-point harness systems. It is suitable for babies aged six months up to two years old.

Learn More / Read Reviews

Extra-plush and warm with a smooth, waterproof exterior, this bag is equipped to withstand even the most frigid winters.

Learn More

Lined with premium velvet lining and coated with a weather-resistant polyester exterior, this bag delivers on cozy. It’s long enough for bigger babies and toddlers with over 40 inches of length.

The hood lays completely flat until you pull on the drawstring to adjust it to your liking, and the entire bag can be unzipped in three different directions with three different zippers.

It will fit any stroller with a three- or five-point harness system, and it comes in seven different colors and two different sizes.

Learn More / Read Reviews

Able to grow with your baby, this bag features a clever extension at the footrest and extra ties to make sure it doesn’t slip in the stroller.

Learn More

The CozyMe foot muff is waterproof, with an oxford exterior and a thick layer of fleece on the inside to keep them warm and cozy. It has nine harness slots that will fit almost any stroller type, and the hood can either lay completely flat or be cinched with a drawstring.

At the foot, it can be unzipped to allow your little one’s feet to dangle, and it actually features two separate zippers to allow for a four-inch extension when your baby grows.

It comes in five different colors and is machine washable. It measures 37.5 inches long by 18 inches wide.

Learn More / Read Reviews

With an outer shell of waterproof polyester and an inner lining of soft coral fleece, this bag is highly praised by parents for its effectiveness and ease of use.

Learn More

There are eight different harness slots, making it compatible with almost any stroller type or brand. It unzips straight down the middle and also around the feet for east entry and removal.

When not used as a foot muff, this entire bag can unzip and lay flat to function as a play mat or nap pad for your little one.

It also features a handy pocket on the front to stash away keys, pacifiers and toys. It comes in two colors and is ideal for babies aged six months to three years old.

Learn More / Read Reviews


This foot muff not only unzips down the center but also on either side, giving you more options for different ways to bundle and un-bundle your little one.

Learn More

The exterior of the Cozy Toe is a slick, waterproof oxford material, and the interior is lined with premium coral fleece for plenty of warmth.

It features nine different harness slots to accommodate almost any stroller type, and it has a strip of anti-slip texture on the back to prevent it from sliding down in your stroller.

Also, the hood can be cinched around your little one’s head for extra warmth. It is ideal for kids aged six months to three years old and comes in four different colors.

Learn More / Read Reviews

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Stroller Footmuff for Your Family and Climate

A good footmuff will allow you to enjoy theoutdoors with less worry and stress, keeping your kid cozy and happy throughout the coldest winter months. It ensures you’ll get outside for some fresh air, even when the temperatures plummet. And it means you’ll have to deal with less winter clothing, which little ones tend to hate.

For a “good for most families” choice, check out the Skip Hop Stroll and Go and the jj Cole Urban Bundle Me.

I think the 7Am Enfant Blanket 212 is best for cold weather, and jj Cole Original is a great lightweight solution in place of a stroller blanket.

Finally, the FunLife is my choice for a stroller footmuff on a budget.

I hope this article was helpful – please share it with other families you know!

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