Best Stroller Organizer for Parents On the Go

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Ready to hit the town with your little one, and need a bit of extra storage space? A good stroller organizer is a must for new parents who are on the move. It will give you easy access to drinks, sippy cups, and snacks, and keep everything else organized. We’ve reviewed some of the best stroller organizers on the market, and have come up with some clear winners. Keep reading for more on the best stroller organizers

When I was pregnant with our daughter, my husband and I would speak longingly of the days when we’d have a baby stroller and diaper bag to stuff our groceries into, haul our shopping bags, and generally serve as a catch all for our stuff on long days out and short trips to the store. At the time, we were solid urban dwellers and we walked and took transit everywhere.

Oh, how naive we were.

Once we had our daughter, we realized that – for all their benefits – strollers could also be pretty big pains in the behind.

Our first outings with our daughter were short trips up to the coffee shop, two blocks from our house. Lo and behold, I was pretty shocked at how difficult it is to manoeuvre a newborn in a stroller up onto a curb or over a tram track. Especially when also holding an iced latte in one hand, and considering I was still navigating life after a C section.

Let’s just say, I spilled a fair amount of coffee onto the (bright yellow) stroller sunshade.

We quickly ordered a cup holder attachment, but after a few weeks, found it constantly fell off the baby stroller with the gentlest knocks and bumps. Once I lost a $5 Starbucks latte to the ground, you better believe I was on the lookout for a better solution.

Navigating the streets of Venice with our GB Pockit travel stroller and the Skip Hop Grab stroller organizer. We’ve also used the BabyZen Yoyo Stroller on trips, and can recommend it!

The Value of a Good Stroller Organizer

Enter, a good stroller organizer.

I am a solid lover of all things organizey – little containers, having everything neatly put away in it’s own little container – that kind of thing brings me a ridiculous amount of joy. So I was naturally inclined to love the little compartments and hidden spots a stroller organizer offered.

As soon as I started using our stroller organizer, I wondered how I had ever lived without it. Same goes with a stroller fan, BTW!

It meant I could leave the house with a much smaller purse for myself, which I vastly prefer when I’m out with my daughter (I like the Lululemon belt bag and use it almost daily; if you want something higher end, YSL camera bags are a great choice).

Seriously: a well-thought-out stroller organizer will make your life way easier as a parent, and for not much money. It’s a great purchase, and to me is a no-brainer when recommending “need to haves” to new parents.

Disclosure: Itzy Ritzy recently reached out and asked if I wanted to try some of their products. I requested they send me one of their stroller organizers (in addition to some other products), as I’ve always wanted to try it myself. All opinions remain my own.

Just here for the most important details? We’ve reviewed 14 different stroller organizers in my quest to find the best organizer bag. With a lot of product categories, it’s a toss up between a few products, but I can say I think the Ethan and Emma is the best in terms of storage capacity, and the Itzy Ritzy is by far the most stylish. Depending on your needs, the Diono Buggy Buddy might also be worth checking out, especially if you have a smaller budget for this purchase. Finally, if you need extra storage on top of a standard stroller organizer, check out the J.L. Childress Side Sling Mesh Cargo Net. Here are all 14 that we reviewed.

The Winners

The Also Rans

Best Stroller Organizer – Our Top 3

Best Stroller Organizer for Most Parents

Functional and high quality is the name of the game with this stroller organizer bag. It adds just enough storage space without being clunky. And the devil is in the well-thought-out details, making this a great, functional choice.

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Thoughtfully designed with high-quality materials, this organizer was created to be just large enough with super functional storage space for the average busy parent.

The Ethan and Emma organizer is equipped with two full-sized, insulated cup holders: the best feature when you’re on a two-parent, two-coffee and a baby stroller kinda outing! When you’re not focused on having reliable access to caffeine, your kiddo will benefit too, as you can stash a baby bottle or sippy cup in the side cup holder pockets.

The large middle compartment has a magnetic closure for securing your stuff a bit, and a separate pouch for your phone. It’s also got a removable zipper bag, which is a good size for wipes and diapers.

Overall, I think this stroller organizer has really well-proportioned compartments, divided into a main compartment catch all, plus a cup holder / bottle holder on either end that’s insulated and reinforced to keep its shape. It’s also got the exterior phone pouch and the removable zip pouch.

As a bonus, there is a large drop-down mesh compartment on the back that is big enough for toys, tablets, books or papers. This is something that I found missing with other stroller organizer bags I’ve used.

Made out of sturdy materials, it’s fairly simple to attach to a baby stroller with a secure, heavy-duty Velcro strap on each end. That said, you’ll definitely want to refer to the manual to set it up perfectly for your stroller.

This organizer will fit any baby stroller with a handle width of 18 inches or less, but shouldn’t be used on strollers that weigh less than nine pounds; a stroller organizer can be a safety hazard with super lightweight strollers.

The Most Stylish

Designed to be sleek and sophisticated, this stylish organizer looks more like a purse than a stroller organizer. It has plenty of room for supplies and accessories you might need while out and about with your little one. If the Ethan and Emma Stroller Organizer looks a bit too functional for you, this is a super stylish place to stash your personal items and baby gear.

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A woman's hand with blue nail polish holds an Itzy Ritzy stroller caddy

This stroller organizer is trendy and modern-looking with a high quality leather-like material on the outside and a cloth interior.

The cloth interior is pretty water resistant, and the exterior is easy to wipe clean. Great news if you plan to have a latte in there most of the time!

Bead of water spills out of an Itzy Ritzy stroller caddy to demonstrate how the interior is water resistant

With the aesthetic more like a purse or handbag than a functional stroller organizer, it has two cup holders and a center compartment.

A woman's hand pulls the edge of a stroller organizer to demonstrate the amount of space inside. It's holding a coffee mug, keys and an iphone

It’s not going to hold as much as the Ethan and Emma, but it’s honestly going to look much better holding what it can.

The Itzy Ritzy stroller organizer also has a zipper pocket on the front for smaller personal items, and adjustable Velcro straps that make it compatible with almost any stroller.

Itzy Ritzy stroller organizer on a Bugaboo Bee 3+

The bottom of the organizer is solid and sturdy for extra security and to prevent tipping and spilling, and the front zipper pocket is big enough for an iPhone Plus, or any similarly sized phone.

Add to that, it’s designed to coordinate with other Itzy Ritzy accessories and bags, letting you build a cohesive and stylish look.

The photos above show my Itzy Ritzy organizer on a Bugaboo Bee 3. The Bee isn’t on Itzy Ritzy’s official list of compatible strollers, but it works great for me!

The Best on a Budget

Featuring a lightweight and sleek design, the Diono stroller organizer has room for only what you need the most – nothing more. This cuts down on weight, bulk and storage space to just the essentials. It’s also really affordable, making this a great no-frills choice for a stroller organizer.

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Comprised of a sturdy canvas-like material, this caddy comes with two insulated cup holders. There is a large center compartment in between them that is big enough for diapers and wipes

There’s also a small mesh zipper compartment on the inside for smaller valuables. The Velcro straps are adjustable, giving it a little wiggle room with different stroller sizes.

In fact, this stroller organizer will work with both large and small strollers, including umbrella strollers. If you’re using it with a lightweight stroller, you really need to be sure you don’t put too much weight in it, as heavy items with a light stroller can be a tipping hazard.

The cup holders have a large enough capacity for a 16-ounce water bottle or a standard to-go coffee cup. It measures 4.7×12.2×407 inches.

Best for a Little Something Extra

Large but not bulky and easy to attach to almost any stroller, this cargo bag acts like a catch-all for anything you might need on a long walk or a day trip to Disneyland.

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Made of breathable mesh and designed to hang on the side of your stroller, this extra storage is big enough to hold water bottles, snacks, toys or even blankets and jackets without being too bulky.

This is a bit different from your standard stroller organizer, adding even more storage if you need it.

It doesn’t have to be removed to fold up with the stroller, and if you need more storage, you can always get two and hang one on each side.

They are touted by verified customers as super durable and way more convenient than reaching down to the baskets that are often under a stroller and tricky to get to.

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Best Stroller Organizer – The “Also Rans”

Sleek and simple, the Skip Hop Grab organizer for stroller will fit on almost any baby stroller, including some umbrella strollers, and has adjustable straps for a perfect and secure fit.

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This little caddy features two insulated cup holders, a small center compartment and a detachable zipper pouch that doubles as a wristlet. Made of durable neoprene material, it comes in five different stylish designs: black, black and white striped, gray chevron, heather grey and luxe black.

I love that it’s phthalate-free, and that it easily folds up with umbrella strollers so that you won’t have to take it on and off with every use.

Some more good news? It’s machine washable and measures 16x3x6 inches.

I’ve personally used this stroller organizer, and my opinion is that it’s pretty good, but I’m not in love with the neoprene. It’s not wipe-clean for spills like the Itzy Ritzy is, and the material isn’t sturdy enough to really stay stiff and structured all the time.

Katie from pushes a GB Pockit stroller with Skip Hop Stroller Caddy along a street in Europe

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Super adorable and able to collapse along with your baby stroller, this organizer is easy to use and versatile, working with almost any stroller brand and type.

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This cute caddy comes in seven different friendly animal designs including an elephant, a crocodile, a rhino, a whale, a rabbit, a hedgehog and a raccoon.

Made out of polyester, it’s durable and easy to wipe clean. Offering two insulated cup holders, it has the capacity to hold 2 standard-sized cups and an extra-large main compartment for anything from tablets to diapers.

This organizer measures 12.2×5.9×4.7 inches and is one of the most economical choices.

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Despite its small size, this organizer has plenty of room for essential supplies and two cup holders that are extra insulated and touted to keep warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold.

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The straps on this organizer are big and sturdy and are compatible with most strollers, including umbrella strollers. As a bonus, this organizer comes with a detachable shoulder strap so that you can remove the organizer from the stroller and use it as a diaper bag when you’re on the go.

There is also a detachable wristlet and a small mesh compartment on the front of the main compartment that is ideal for cell phones and keys.

It’s made out of waterproof material and comes in basic black to complement any stroller design. Its dimensions are 12.2×6.3 inches.

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Full of options for organizing every item you need to bring with you, this organizer was designed with attention to detail and made to be versatile.

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There are two collapsible cup holders, three zippered pockets and a small front flat pocket that would be perfect for cell phones. This organizer comes with a large drop-down mesh compartment that is big enough for blankets, extra clothes, jackets or diapers.

The straps are adjustable and will work with almost any stroller or stroller type. The only kind that doesn’t seem to work is the side-by-side double stroller with a wide handle width.

One of the best discoveries about this product by verified purchasers is how well it works on the back of airplane seats and possibly even car seats. Pop your stroller in a stroller travel bag, and use this for some added organization on the airplane! This gives your little one access to everything they need on a long trip.

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Doubling as an organizer for the stroller and a stand-alone diaper bag, this product will give you plenty of bang for your buck by killing two birds with one stone.

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The entire inner part of this bag is actually a cooler, so it can keep drinks and snacks cool on even long day trips in the summer.

It has mesh side compartments, two front flat pockets that are big enough for wipes or diapers, a large outer zipper pocket and a spacious compartmentalized center.

Not only does this fit any stroller type with easy adjustable Velcro straps but you can also use it as a messenger style diaper bag with a shoulder strap or a backpack-style diaper bag.

It measures 13.5×12.5×7.5, so it is one of the largest options.

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The Swanoo organizer is exceptional for its patented non-slip straps design. It keeps the organizer sturdy and secure, which is invaluable when carrying fragile cell phones and messy drinks.

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It features two insulated, extra-large cup holders, one on each side, and a large midsection that is covered with a lid that is equipped with a compact mirror underneath.

The cover has a small zipper pocket and the front features a mesh pocket that is perfect for cell phones and a removable zipper pouch that doubles as the flap over a wipe dispenser.

There is a roll-down mesh bag for extra storage and the cup holders can fit cups up to 32 ounces in size. Verified Customers have praised its durability, and it is worth noting that this is seemingly one of the only organizers that will fit the UPPABaby Vista stroller properly.

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Sleek and simple, this console is the perfect solution for those who don’t need too much extra storage.

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At 12x4x5.2 inches, it’s pretty compact. However, it still offers two full-sized cup holders and an interior cell phone pocket. I like that the cell pocket holds the phone upright for easy access. It also has a large center compartment and a long zipper pocket on the outer front side

There are two sturdy Velcro straps to hold the caddy in place. The straps are extra long to make them compatible with many different stroller types.

It is made out of polyester which makes it easy to clean. Add to that, it’s one of the more economical choices on the list – hard to argue with that!

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The extra-wide Velcro straps on this organizer make it resistant to slipping and ideal for a variety of different stroller types.

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This organizer has been upgraded with waterproof and leak-proof material for easy cleanup. It’s hard to overstate what a great feature that is!

It is also easy to install and is sleek and long, measuring 13×4.9×2.4 inches.

There are two insulated drink holders for your milk and sippy cups. The large center compartment has a cover with a zipper pocket and a mesh pouch for your phone. And the detachable pouch doubles as a wristlet.

It is heavy-duty and able to handle up to 10 pounds of weight. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap. That way, it can double as a diaper bag when you’re on the go.

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This organizer is mid-sized, with just enough compartments for your baby supplies and accessories, plus a large bonus mesh compartment for bigger items.

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The Lekebaby organizer comes in a stylish arrow design with two different color options: grey and black. I love that Lekebaby uses heavy-duty polyester to make it – that should help it last through the years. They coat it with a waterproof coating for easy cleanup.

It has two heavily-insulated cup holders, a center console with a magnetic cover, and slim front pockets. This one also has a removable pouch that can be taken on the go.

This organizer measures 13×3.9×6.5 inches.

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With two different ways to mount this organizer to your stroller, it is truly flexible and can accommodate almost any stroller type.

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This organizer comes with typical Velcro straps that are wide and secure, but it also comes equipped with a hook and strap system for those who aren’t completely confident in the strength of the Velcro adjustable straps.

The two cup holders and the center console are all insulated. There is also a removable zipper pouch on the front as well as a small mesh pocket that would work for cell phones and keys.

It measures 13.5×5.1×2.3 inches.

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Do You Really Need a Stroller Organizer Bag?

The answer to this, as with many things in life, is: it depends.

We use our stroller organizer almost daily, even now that our daughter walks more, and we don’t use our stroller as much. It’s still great for storing items like keys, phone, and coffee, as well as stuff I need quick access for for our daughter. In the early days, we used it all the time.

Situations in Which Stroller Organizers are Helpful

Going for a Walk with a Coffee for Mom or Dad

We often head out with our daughter to explore the neighborhood, and bring a coffee and our daughter’s water bottle along for the ride. I almost always have my phone nearby too, as I take a bajillion photos of our little one. For those reasons alone, a stroller organizer is massively handy. As I mentioned above, we tried stand-alone cupholders before switching to a stroller organizer bag. The cupholder always fell off and did nothing in terms of where to put my coffee and a water bottle and a phone.

Trips to the Playground

We love our stroller organizer bag for walks to the playground. We throw our daughter’s sunscreen, sunglasses and a snack in the main compartment, and stuff extra snacks and playground toys in the storage compartment under the stroller. I also put my wallet in the removable zip pouch. That way, I can detach it at the playground and keep it with me which pushing the swing or climbing the slide! By loading up stroller organizers strategically, you can hit the playground without needing to bring an extra bag to lug around.

Errands Around Town

This applies to urban parents where you’re walking or taking public transit, or to all parents who drive into town to accomplish multiple errands. The Ethan and Emma drop down pouch is a huge win for this kind of situation, because you can pop errand-related documents needed for the day in the drop down pouch so they don’t get jumbled or folded in your purse or handbag. I think this is particularly useful for trips to the paediatrician, because you can keep your kiddo’s health records in the pouch for easy access.

What to Consider When Choosing a Stroller Organizer Bag

Before deciding which of the stroller organizers are best for you, double check it will actually fit your needs and stroller! Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

Super Lightweight Strollers

Most stroller organizers won’t work great on really lightweight strollers, like the GB Pockit. I speak from experience with this. On a vacation to Italy, I used the Skip Hop Grab organizer with the Pockit stroller. The fully loaded Skip Hop stroller organizer was too heavy for the lightweight Pockit. Every time I lifted my daughter out of the buggy, the weight of the organizer would tip the stroller backwards. It’s generally true that stroller organizer bags don’t work great with super lightweight strollers – just something to keep in mind!

Single vs Double Strollers

Likewise, many stroller organizers are designed for a single stroller. If you have a side-by-side double, you’ll want to double check it will still be compatible.

An Attachment with Sturdy, Adjustable Straps

Most strollers get attached via a large velcro strap on each side. It’s worth looking for a bag that has a pretty substantial velcro strap. Something that slips or falls off regularly will defeat the point of the whole thing. Not to mention it will be super annoying.

The Organizer Closures

The Ethan and Emma comes with a magnetic closure to the main compartment. On vacations to cities known for targeting tourists and frazzled mamas (I’m looking at you, Barcelona), this is especially helpful.


This is an important consideration for pretty much all baby and toddler gear. While a stroller organizer works great for us to carry our coffees and milk bottles, we definitely have spills. Full containers frequently spill onto the organizer when going over curbs, etc. We also constantly have a ton of crumbs in the bottom of our main compartment from snacks our daughter has rejected. You’ll want something that’s really easy to clean to maintain your sanity. If it does stain, you can get stain remover for baby gear like strollers and car seats.


Consider what you’re going to store and use the organizer for, and then buy something that fits your needs. Personally, having insulated cup holder pockets is only of medium importance to me at this stage. Our daughter no longer has milk bottles when we’re out, so I don’t need to keep her milk cool. And I drink my coffee faster than it can get cold, so no need to insulate my drink either! That said, if we were still toting milk around, that would be super important. And even though I don’t need insulation, my top choice comes with it anyway, which I consider a bonus.

Ease of Folding Your Stroller with the Organizer Attached

In an ideal world, the stroller organizer won’t interfere with folding the stroller. Most are attached on the top handle only, so you can still collapse the stroller easily. However, you’ll want to double check this before buying it. Of course, taking it on and off again each time you fold the stroller would be a bit annoying.

Stroller Organizer Safety

Whichever stroller organizer you choose, check the manual and test the setup before putting your kiddo in it.

It sounds a bit ridiculous, but stroller organizers can be a safety hazard. Unfortunately I speak from personal experience on this. One afternoon, I had a fully loaded organizer that was too heavy for the stroller I was using. The stroller tipped back with my daughter strapped in. Thankfully she was fine – her head was aligned with the organizer, so the fall was cushioned. But it really freaked me out, and was a childproofing fail on my end!

Follow instructions and make sure the organizer doesn’t negatively impact the stroller’s centre of gravity. Also be sure to limit how much weight you put in it. Even the best stroller organizers aren’t going to perform safely if you use them in the wrong conditions. Please be careful.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Stroller Organizer Bag

As I said above, I think the Ethan and Emma is the best stroller organizer for most families. That said, the Itzy Ritzy stroller organizer bag and Diono Buggy Buddy are also worth checking out. Finally, if you feel you’ll need additional storage for toys, books, etc., check out the J.L. Childress Side Sling Mesh Cargo Net. You can get one for a bit of extra storage on one side of your stroller. Or you can double up so you’ve got a catch all on both sides!

I hope you found this article helpful. If you know a new parent struggling with where to stash items like their wallet, sippy cups, and phone, please share this article! I would love for them to learn from my mistakes and research!

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