The Best Outdoor Baby Swings for Every Family

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A parent’s guide to choosing the best outdoor baby swing and toddler swing for playground quality backyard fun at home. Pros, cons, qualitative reviews, and comparisons of 19 outdoor swings (and 10 swing styles) for your own backyard.

Whenever we hit a backyard playset or walk to the playground, my daughter instantly heads for the swings in the swing set. While we do have a swing for her indoors, due to some reason she loves the outdoor swing way more.

From the time she was 6 months, she has LOVED being on a swing.

Now that she’s a toddler, we push her back and forth to constant shouts of HIGHER, HIGHER!

She laughs. And closes her eyes. She gets this look of pure joy as the sun hits her face!

And I get it. An outdoor swing can provide the feeling of flying and freedom even for me.

To little kids? It’s easy to understand how a swing set brings pure bliss! Swinging is fun on its own, and swing games make it even more fun!

Yea, I know you aren’t here to hear about my stories of swing set and babies!

But I just wanted to express the emotions that are in play while choosing an outdoor swing for your baby.

A child in a bucket style outdoor baby swing swings high in a forest, with the sun breaking through the trees

Adding a swing set or outdoor swing to your backyard is a great way to zhuzh up your at-home playground. And I’m here to help.

In this post, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to choosing the best outdoor swing.

I’ve included:

  • Objective comparisons of different outdoor swings for babies and toddlers
  • Pros and cons of different swings, based on my subjective experience and opinions
  • An independent test to drill down and compare brands
  • Detailed photos and illustrations to show you what to expect
  • Expert advice regarding safety considerations, according to board certified Pediatrician Dr. Daniel Zoller, M.D. F.A.A.P..

My own recommendations and opinions are based on my nearly 3 years of research and experience as our family’s Chief Swing Pusher!

The research is based on what is available at the time of writing, as well as additional information I was able to glean by contacting the manufacturer. That said, it’s all subject to change, so please confirm.

If you’re ready for some outdoor swing fun, keep reading!

Quick Guide to the 19 Best Outdoor Baby Swings & Toddler Swings

Below, I’ve gone into detail regarding all the different factors impacting my recommendations. However, I also realize not everyone has the time to read through a full guide. With that in mind, here are the 19 swings I looked at in this guide, grouped by type of swing.

I reserved my most comprehensive analyses for the High Back Bucket Swing and Turtle Style swing categories. I believe these will be best for most families, so wanted to focus my efforts there.

For those of you who want an alternative style swing, you can see some other choices in later sections.

High Back Bucket Swings for Babies & Toddlers

Turtle Style Outdoor Baby Swings

Canvas and Alternative Baby Swings

Classic Swings

Alternative Swing Styles

19 Outdoor Swings for Babies, Toddlers and Big Kids

According to board-certified pediatrician Dr. Daniel Zoller, playgrounds and swings are a great choice for keeping your child busy.

“Playgrounds can be excellent energy burners, stress relievers, and can assist with children achieving developmental milestones,” says Dr. Zoller.  

But what kind of swing is best for your family? I’ve tried to help you answer that in the rest of this article.

Best Bucket Style Swing for Babies

A bucket style outdoor baby swing at a playground.
A bucket seat swing is suitable for babies and toddlers, until a child reaches 3.5 to 4 years old

I considered 4 well-reviewed baby swings on Amazon, including those made by Squirrel Products, Eastern Jungle and Safari Swings.

I also took a brief look at the Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing. However, I ruled it out based on the fact that the swing seat only holds up to 50 pounds. Comparatively, the competitors hold up to 150 pounds.

For me, its not worth spending the money on something that my kid is going to outgrow quickly. Especially when competitors offer a longer lasting solution. While Little Tikes makes great products, I just don’t see the point in this particular swing, given the competition.

For me, the hands down winner is the Squirrel Products bucket swing.

While it doesn’t score a perfect 10, the thoughtful design features make it an easy choice for the winner.

I also appreciate the company improved the product compared previous versions. Continuous improvement is a great sign, in my mind!

Here’s a quantitative comparison of the different baby bucket swings I compared:

Squirrel Products High Back Swing (3.0 Updated Version)

Squirrel Products recently released their 3.0 version of this bucket swing. It offers several notable improvements for your kiddo in terms of comfort.

What remains the same as in past versions?

It’s still available in 4 fun and kid-friendly colors.

And it still has the same great “pinch proof” safety feature. The long 66″ is coated on the lower 30″ in a plastic coating.

A detail of an outdoor swing seat and chains. The chains are covered in yellow plastic coating to prevent pinched fingers and serve as a safety feature.
The plastic coating on the chains of an outdoor swing. Over time, the coating will crack and look a bit worse for wear, however, even then it will continue to provide protection against little fingers pinches.

The plastic dipped chains also help with temperature.

Once your kid hits toddler stage, getting them to keep gloves on, even on cold days, is a struggle. By coating the metal chain in plastic, the chains won’t get quite as cold. This makes it a bit more comfy for your little one’s fingers on cool days.

So Where’s the Upgrade?

Squirrel Products High Back Swing Original Vs Updated Version

Earlier versions of this swing had a high back, which helps younger children feel secure and minimizes the feeling of falling backward. The updated version builds on this and assures sitting of the child securely. Now, the swing has a curved, more thoughtfully molded back for comfort.

Another upgrade is the curved comfort grip at the front. This part is thicker, like a rolled lip, on the front part of the swing.

While it seams like a simple feature, my daughter often holds on to that front section of the swing, instead of the chains.

So I think this is a great upgrade for child experience, especially when you compare the design to competitors.

A toddlers hands, seen from above, holding on the the front of a bucket swing
Holding a playground swing at the front, without the curved lip upgrade

Both the curved back and the rolled lip design of this swing are unique – neither competitor has anything like this.

Here’s a drawing that shows the upgrades in the new version of this swing:

A sketch of the Squirrel products high back outdoor baby swing, which shows improvements on the 3.0 version of the swing as compared to previous versions. The features pointed to include the thick curved grip area for baby's hands, the curved high back rest, and the coated chains.
Please excuse my artistic abilities, but this seemed the best way to point out the new features on this swing.

At 12″ from side to side, this is also the widest of the three swings.

This is helpful for parents. It makes it easier to get your child in and out, and also leaves room for snow pants.

While There’s a lot I Like About this Outdoor Baby Swing, it’s not Perfect

For one, the product information is thin. Squirrel Products doesn’t say what they make their swings from specifically (non-toxic plastic is all we know). And the warranty is unclear.

Bottom line? This is a great choice for most families, but if you’re particular about what kind of materials your child uses, this isn’t the infant or toddler swing for you!

Learn More / Check Pricing, Availability and Reviews

Eastern Jungle Gym High Back Bucket Swing Outdoor Use

This heavy-duty, bucket swing is a fairly standard bucket swing.

One thing I really appreciate about this swing is the amount of positive feedback it has behind it.

I think the Squirrel Products swing is a better bet because of the innovations and updates the company has worked on. However, it’s hard to argue with the sheer number of happy Eastern Jungle customers. Add to that, of the 3 bucket swing companies considered, Eastern Jungle is the only one that responded to my customer service test request within 24 hours.

It’s clearly a playground-quality, durable swing for your backyard, and it’s sure to offer a lot of fun without leaving home!

One additional consideration I think is noteworthy? This swing is made in the USA, in Carmel, New York.

If you prefer to buy USA made products, this is a better choice than my winner.

As with the Squirrel Products swing, it will attach to most swing sets and has adjustable chains to hang the swing higher or lower.

Learn More / Check Pricing, Availability and Reviews

Safari Swings

Like the Eastern Jungle swing, this Safari Swings Full Bucket Swing Sweat  is made in the USA.

Overall, however, nothing really stood out for me. It doesn’t have the same innovation and functional focus as the Squirrel swing, and it didn’t pass my independent test for customer service.

Learn More

Best Turtle Style Swing for Babies

First, it’s worth clarifying what I mean by “turtle” swing. This is a made-up term, rather than an official swing / outdoor recreation term.

Imagine a turtle “sitting” in this style of swing as your child would, and you’ll see the bulk of the swing design and the turtle’s shell sit in the same spot, against your baby’s back.

In other words, the plastic swing bucket is the “shell.”

A picture really is worth 1000 words in explaining this concept.

A cartoon turtle superimposed to sit in a Little Tikes Snug n Secure Grow with me baby and toddler swing
In this swing, the blue plastic “shell” would be the turtle’s shell

Outdoor Baby Swing (Turtle Style) Reviews

In my research, I considered 5 different styles of turtle swing.

I researched, compared, and assessed the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug N Secure Swing, Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing, Little Tykes Cozy Coupe® First Swing, Swufer Kiwi Baby Swing.

Of these, I think the Little Tikes Snug N’ Secure Grow with Me Swing is the best overall.

Little Tikes Snug n’ Secure Grow with Me Swing

The Little Tikes Snug n Secure Baby Swing in blue hangs from a beam on the side of a wooden playhouse
The Little Tikes Snug n Secure Swing

The Snug n Secure Grow With Me Swing is adjustable, safe, and comfortable for a baby and young toddler.

While the manufacturer says it’s good for kids up to 4 years old, I disagree there’s many 4 year olds out there that would be satisfied with this swing.

The rope isn’t that long, which means it can’t swing that high without some serious effort and pushing it to the limit.

A child swings high in the little Tikes Snug n Secure outdoor baby swing which is hung from the roof beam of a cabin porch
Pushing the limits of the Little Tikes Snug n’ Secure Swing

I couldn’t find exact rope length on the manufacturers’ website, so I contacted the company and asked. Note: this is also a great way to test customer service! They got back to me the next business day, in less than 24 hours.

Here’s what they had to say:

“The ropes on the Sung ‘n Secure swings [sic] are not adjustable, they are set from the factory to be 48” in length so they can be hung from a standard swing set.”

48″ seems a bit too short to me for older kids. In fact, when my 2.5 year old tried this swing recently, she immediately concluded it was a baby swing for smaller children, not a big kid swing, and cannot be used after your child grows.

Generally, I like that it’s fun and colorful. Using a sample size of one, my daughter absolutely delighted in how the swing looked – she immediately needed to try it based on looks alone!

It’s also made in the USA and is free from lead and other heavy metals, BPA, latex, PVC, and phthalates.

It comes equipped with two shoulder straps working as swing supports that snap into a solid plastic t-bar for optimum safety and comfort. The shoulder straps are adjustable, so your baby will be safe and snug as they grow.

A detail of the Little Tikes Snug n' Secure swing t-bar harness and straps
T-bar and straps system on the Little Tikes Snug n’ Secure Swing

Eventually, the t-bar and straps can be tucked away underneath the bucket seat swing. This makes it a bit more flexible for bigger kids.

This swing can be added onto most existing swing sets and doesn’t require much assembly.

You can also hang it from a beam, as I show below:

A detail showing how to hang a Little Tikes Snug n Secure swing from a wooden beam
The Little Tikes Snug n Secure swing hanging from a beam

Overall, I think this is a great choice for young kids, but I seriously question whether any toddler above 2 would find it daring and high enough.

It also maxes out at 50 pounds of the weight limit.

Learn More / Check Pricing, Availability and Reviews

Swurfer Kiwi Swing

Swurfer’s Kiwi Swing is a new addition to my best swing’s list. It wasn’t included in the original version of this article.

What convinced me to include it? I like that it’s designed with EVA foam, instead of plastic.

While EVA foam isn’t my top choice of materials for a lot of products, it’s softer and more forgiving than plastic. I think this swing will perform better on wet days (less slippery) and will be more comfortable for kids when they’re wearing shorts, or just a diaper!

If you have a kid that doesn’t like to wear pants (this is my child) or live in a wet climate, this could work better than a plastic swing.

Learn More

Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing

This swing is fairly similar to the Little Tikes model above.

The Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing has a snug, safe fit, and similar design. Step2 manufacturers in the USA with polyethylene and polypropylene plastics (generally considered “safer” plastics), tested to meet phthalate and heavy metal regulations.

It is made out of sturdy materials and is easy to clean. Safety features include sturdy rope that is water-resistant and can withstand years of outdoor wear and tear, stay-put shoulder straps, safety clasps, and a t-bar restraint.

You can see it here in pink (it also comes in a turquoise color)

It will also fit most backyard swing sets.

As with the Little Tikes, it has a 50-pound weight limit and is only 5.4 pounds. It measures 24.1 x 16.1 x 10.4 inches.

I chose the Little Tikes swing based on their quick response to my customer service inquiry vs. Step2 (see my Customer Service Test in the Key Decision Factors section below), and the fact that I have more personal experience with the Little Tikes swing.

However, both of these are reputable companies, and I think they are quite similar in quality and fun. As such, this is a close runner-up, and if it’s in stock and the Little Tikes isn’t, I’d have no hesitation buying this one instead.

Learn More

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe First Swing

This swing is modeled after Little Tikes’s classic Cozy Coupe car, and the fun design is sure to catch your child’s eye towards the swing set!

However, in my mind this swing doesn’t meet the “short parent” or ease of use test, due to its design and orientation when hanging.

Whereas the Snug n Secure swing and Step2 competitor above are quite easy to lift your child in and out of, to get a toddler into and out of this swing, you have to live them quite a bit higher than with the other swings.

While this may not be a problem when your child is a baby or if you’re a tall parent, I’m only 5’1″ and my kid is 35 pounds. The “flat” (parallel to the ground) vs tilted design of this swing makes it much harder than I think it needs to be.

Little Tikes recommends this product for children aged six months to three years old, but that seems like a stretch. In my experience, this feels like a 6 to 18 months purchase.

Toddlers will probably also enjoy pushing the swing from the ground, especially since most toddlers love cars, ride-on toys, and steering wheel toys!

Learn More

Other Outdoor Baby Swings (Alternative Swing Styles)

In my experience, parents who are looking for a classic playground experience for their baby, at home, are best served by choosing either a bucket seat style swing or a turtle style swing.

However, that’s not to say those are the only styles in the swing game! Especially as your child gets older, different swing styles will become more attractive.

With that in mind, here are a few more to consider:

Canvas and Wood Baby Swings

  • Monkey and Mouse Swing: A beautiful cotton and wood swing seat, this Monkey and Mouse swing can be used indoor and outdoors, and is machine washable for easy care. Add it to a swing set, take it along on a picnic and hang it from a tree, or set it up indoors instead of a swing set to keep your little one happy while you cook dinner. Learn More
  • Solvej Canvas Baby and Toddler Swing: What I love about this swing is it works from 6 months to 6 years (88 lbs), transitioning to a big kid swing by removing the leg divider around the swing seat. You can use it indoors or outdoors, and the canvas is weatherproof. You can also hang this from a height up to 7’6″ without extension ropes (hanging height; not rope length) as an outdoor toddler swing. While the pros of this swing are obvious, there’s also a pretty big con: the cost. This is by far the most expensive swing on our list. Learn More
  • EcoTribe Wooden Horse Swing: EcoTribe Wooden Horse Swing is super unique, non-toxic, and made from natural materials. Ecotribe’s gorgeous Wooden Horse Swing, Giraffe, and Unicorn swings are adorable, and would make a great gift! Made with chemical-free, eco-friendly smooth birch wood swing seat and strong cotton ropes, a wooden horse swing is sure to capture your baby’s attention. Learn More about wooden horse swings

Classic “Big Kid” Swings

I don’t know if this style of swing has an official name, but in our family, we call it a big kid swing, and my 2.5 year old is slowly graduating to this style, while still using bucket swings to go really high.

If you want a classic swing, Swurfer makes a cool swing that’s made of wood, instead of plastic, and Eastern Jungle makes a fairly classic, playground style swing.

If you need both a classic and a bucket style swing, Squirrel sells them as a set! If you want to buy the set, be sure you look for the set with the bucket swing labeled 3.0 – otherwise you’ll get the previous version of the swing.

Alternative Swing Styles

If you have extra space in your yard or want to mix it up a bit, you could also look at a disc swing, platform swing, tire swing, or stand upswing!

  • Babai Portable Swing for Bigger Kids: Super cool for active families on the go, you can take this one to go, hang the swing seat from a tree on a picnic, etc.
  • Swurfer Stand Up Surfing Swing: The name says it all! This is a stand up swing, complete with handles, for kids 6+.
  • Disc or Saucer Swing – This “Spider Rider” is recommended for big kids, but I’ve definitely let my daughter use this style swing at a younger age, lying on her back and gently swinging her. For older kids, these disc style or saucer style swings offer a lot of creative ways to have fun!
  • Platform Swing – Similar to a disc or saucer swing, but more of a rectangular shape, and meant for standing, sitting, or lying down. Kind of a hammock, kind of a swing!
  • Tire Swing – A classic ‘hanging from the tree” swing!

Key Decision Making Factors When Buying an Outdoor Swing

Swing Style

If your only experience with swings is when you were a kid, be prepared for a whole new world.

Gone are the days when you had just two choices (enclosed bucket swing for babies vs. classic swing for big kids).

These days, you have options!

I wanted to give a quick overview of the different types of outdoor swings that are available.

  • High Back Bucket Swing: This is the outdoor baby swing you probably remember from your own childhood. This is made out of some sort of rubber or polymer, with two leg holes and a case that keeps your kid safe and secure while swinging. Thick rubber bucket seats can be trusted to keep your baby safe and comfortable Example, Squirrel Swings Bucket Swing.
  • Turtle Swing: This isn’t the technical term, but I don’t know if there is a technical term, so here we are. With this style, baby wears a seat belt or harness of some sort while sitting on swing seat, and sort of leans back into the swing. I call it a turtle swing because it reminds me of a turtle shell on their back! Example, Little Tikes Snug n’ Secure
  • Indoor Outdoor Canvas Swing: This is a rif on the high back bucket swing. It’s more or less a similar design, but is made out of fabric of some sort. They’re also meant to be used indoors and out. Some have weatherproof and durable fabric. Others are meant to be used outdoors only where they’re protected from the elements (like under a covered porch). Example, Monkey and Mouse Swing
  • Classic swing: This is the other type you likely remember from your childhood. A piece of polymer or rubber forms a swing seat between two chains which is a bit different from the modern day bucket swing seat. Example, Eastern Jungle playground style swing.
  • Surfing Swing: This is a revelation for older kids and risky play. More or less like the classic swing, but meant to stand up and surf on it! Comes with “handle bars” to hold on to, and is not suitable or safe for young kids. Example, Swurfer Surfing Swing.
  • Tire Swing: Still the classic, without much innovation over the years. Example, Eastern Jungle Tire Swing.
  • Disc or Saucer Swing – I don’t remember these from my childhood, but have seen them in public playgrounds we’ve been to with my daughter and they’re pretty fun. Think of a hula hoop with a fabric or net stretched from all sides, hanging flat from a swing bar. Kids can lie on their back and swing or pile on a few together. They can also stand on them. Example, Swurfer Spider Rider
  • Platform Swing: This style is similar to the disc or saucer, but has more of a rectangle shape. A cross between a swing and a hammock. Example, HearthSong Sky Curve Swing.
  • Portable Swing: This one is another brand new category. It’s designed to be thrown into a backpack and tied from a tree! You can take swinging to go on picnics and adventures! Example, the Babai Swing

Should you get a bucket style swing or a turtle style Outdoor Baby swing?

Whether you choose a bucket swing or turtle swing really depends on the following factors and considerations:

  • Bucket swings tend to use chains, and are heavier duty. Comparatively, turtle swings tend to be hung with rope, are a bit lighter weight.
  • Bucket swings are mostly good for hanging from a swing set / bar. Turtle swings have a bit more flexibility, and could be hung from a porch roof, a tree, etc., so long as they have been carefully inspected for integrity and strength. Certainly, hanging from a swing set is safest. We only recommend you hang and use swings according to manufacturer’s directions.
  • This is a potentially controversial opinion, but in my experience, bucket swings have a broader age range when you can use them, whereas turtle swings are better for younger babies and toddlers. For example, Little Tikes states their Snug N Secure Swing is appropriate from 9 months old to 4 years old. Personally, I’d feel comfortable putting a younger baby in it, so long as they could hold their head and neck stable from around 6 months. But there’s no way my 2.5 year old would use it. A couple of days ago, she pointed at it and declared its a baby swing. It just wouldn’t go high enough or be daring enough for her to enjoy.

Age and Weight Limit

Generally speaking, babies need to be able to hold their heads up with strong neck muscles before using a swing.

Before deciding on which baby outdoor toddler swing you’re interested in, double-check its weight limit and if it is suitable for your baby in terms of their age and weight.

Most swings listed here are suitable for babies from either six or nine months old and have a reasonable weight limit.

The HearthSong Sky Curve has the largest weight limit at 400 pounds!

Can a Baby Be Too Young for a Swing?

I decided to ask the experts and consulted with board certified pediatrician Dr. Daniel Zoller, M.D. F.A.A.P. to find out how young is too young to use a baby swing.

His expert advice?

It is safe and secure for babies to use a bucket style swing when they are able to sit unsupported. For most babies, this milestone is achieved by 6 months of age. Be sure to check that the swinging is gentle enough that your baby can control their head.

Will You Get Enough Value Given the Upper Age Limit?

Likewise, consider how long you’ll be able to use the swing vs the price to ensure your child will get enough to justify the expense.

Outdoor baby swings don’t tend to be super expensive, and we think most families will enjoy having one in their backyard!


When it comes to a lot of the products I consider on this website, I often focus on materials, and whether they’re harmful to kids.

However, when it comes to swing materials, you want to make sure they’re designed to prevent hard.

According to Dr. Zoller,

“All swings should be made of a soft material, like rubber or soft plastic. The frame material should be made of painted metal or pressure treated wood.”

Another thing to keep in mind? As a parent, you’ll want to keep the swings in good condition, frequently check them for structural integrity, and ensure there are no loose connectors or weak points that could fail. Also make sure that the straps hold your child securely so that he can enjoy swinging.

Safety Features

Safe Installation and Set Up

All swings should be anchored per the manufacturer’s instructions and should be connected using S hooks with closed ends.

However, in addition to the proper swing set setup and installation, parents should consider ways to protect against head injuries ( safety clasps ).

According to Dr. Zoller:

“installing a shock absorbing protective surface under the equipment is the most important thing you can do to prevent head injuries. This can include loose fill material like mulch, with a depth of 6-9 inches, or pre-manufactured rubber tiles that can be professionally installed.”

Rules and Limits

Speaking further about safety on the swings, Dr. Zoller advises:

“Other safety considerations would involve appropriate rule and limit setting. Appropriate rules would include one child on equipment at a time, no rough behavior, always looking out for other kids, and no standing on swings. These rules are as essential at home as they are at the playground.”

Practice Sun Safety

As playgrounds are outside, sun safety is important.

Again, I consulted with Dr. Zoller for a doctor’s advice for keeping your child sun safe while on the swing.

“In addition to using sunscreen in children 6 months and older, parents should be encouraged to seek shady areas and try and take children to the park before 10 am or after 2 pm when the UV strength is lower.

Children should also wear protective clothing, including long sleeve and UV protective fabrics, found in newer swimwear.

Finally, sunglasses with UV blocking lenses should be employed to protect the eyes and surrounding skin and wide brimmed hats worn to protect the skin of the head and neck.”

Ease of Use (Aka: The Short Parent Test & The Rain Boot Test)

Your child should be snug in the swing and harness, without it being too tight. This will ensure they don’t fall or lurch forward or backward, which could result in injury.

However, you also want to make sure you’re able to get your child in and out of the swing easily.

The Short Mom Test

I’m just 5′ 1 “, and speaking from personal experience with outdoor swings, chain length matters!

There are some swings I’ve tried with my daughter that are so high, I can barely get my kid in and out of the swing.

Consider your own height and strength as a parent, and whether the setup will work for you.

The Rain Boot Test

Almost without fail, whenever I pull my daughter out of a full back swing when she is wearing rain boots, the boots get stuck on the leg hole and fall to the ground.

This leaves me holding a squirming, bootless toddler, with no way to easily pick up the boots without putting her down.

For me, this is a huge con in the bucket swing column, and another reason I chose the Squirrel Products swing as my top choice (it’s the widest of the 3 bucket swings considered).

My Customer Service Test

When I buy a product, I want to buy from a company that’s easy to deal with, and responsive to any questions or concerns I have.

To independently test and compare this decision factor, I sent several manufacturers list a test question from my personal email address.

I wanted to compare how long it took them to respond, and how detailed and helpful each of their responses was.

To compare the high back baby swings made by Squirrel Products, Eastern Jungle Gym, and Safari Swings the same question. Objectively, their product looks pretty similar, so I wondered if customer service would set them apart.

Eastern Jungle is the only company that go back to me within 24 hours, which was a bit disappointing. I’m still waiting to hear from Squirrel Products and Safari Swings.

Screenshot of an email sent to various outdoor baby swing manufacturers to independently test customer service response time
My customer service test to independently compare responsiveness between Squirrel Products, Eastern Jungle and Safari Swings

For the Turtle Style swings, I tested customer service at Little Tikes, Step2 and Swurfer. For Little Tikes and Swurfer, I sent them a simple email about rope length. Little Tikes responded quickly, in less than 24 hours, but I am still waiting to hear from Swurfer.

My experiment to get a question answered by Step2 wasn’t successful. To send an email, they ask you to create an account. This seems like too much of a barrier, so I thought I’d try live chat. Unfortunately, their live chat was “unavailable” in the middle of the business day.

Screenshot from the Step2 website customer service section, with red boxes to highlight the requirement to login for an email question and unavailable live chat
A screenshot from the Step2 website when I wanted to ask a question about rope length.

Research & Methodology

I hope this guide has been helpful. In case you’re interested to learn a bit more about how I researched these swings, I’ve tried to outline my process and methodology below.

Expert Knowledge Around Safety, Use, Benefits, and Considerations

I developed this guide by consulting with experts to gather a variety of opinions and thoughts.

  • My own experience comes from 3 years as a mom, hitting up swing sets in 15 countries! The best swing we ever used was facing the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, although that was more for the view than the quality of the outdoor baby swing in particular.
  • Dr. Daniel Zoller, a board certified pediatrician. I wanted to know what’s important for parents to consider when buying or using a swing with their kids, based on the expertise of a doctor.

Quantitative and Qualitative Swing Comparisons to Help You Make a Better Decision, Faster

These days, there are plenty of great products to choose from, but there are also plenty of rip offs and substandard or not-as-good alternatives.

When faced with multiple products that look more or less the same, I tried to dig in and determine any tie breakers to help decide.

The tie breakers that really convinced me in this guide were product innovation and continuous improvement, products that were made in the USA, unique and stand out features, and customer service responsiveness.

Who is it Right for? And Who is it Not Right For?

You’re not going to get a stand-up swing for a 6 month old, nor are you going to get a full bucket swing for a 5 year old.

When it comes to finding a swing for your children, it all depends on what your family needs specifically. I’ve tried to distill this information so you can figure out what’s right for your family, and quickly.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Outdoor Baby Swing

Outdoor baby swings are one of our toddler’s favorite activities – and these days you don’t even have to go to the park to enjoy them!

After considering a massive range of outdoor baby swings and big kid swings, I came up with two clear winners for babies, in two different categories:

I hope you found this article helpful. If you appreciate the work and research I’ve put in, and know someone who is looking for a swing, please share this article with them!

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