37+ Thoughtful Gifts for a New Mom in Hospital

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Practical, thoughtful, and gorgeous gifts to give a new mom in hospital. Mom-approved ideas to make a new mom’s life easier and better.

Having a baby is an amazing experience. But it’s also an exhausting one, and once you leave the hospital, the hard work of taking care of a newborn and figuring out motherhood really begins.

If your partner, daughter, niece, cousin or friend has just had a baby and you’re looking for a gift for that new mom, you’re in the right place.

I’ve pulled together my best suggestions for what to get a new mom in hospital, or those first few weeks and months at home.

I hope this list helps you, and helps her! While it’s definitely the thought that counts, these gifts will be truly appreciated, too!

Quick Summary: Best Gifts for a New Mom in Hospital

Just here for the best gift ideas for a new mom? These aren’t your run-of-the-mill gifts for a new mom, but rather things I wish I was gifted in those early days, and products I’ve used in the days since to make our lives as parents to a young kiddo easier.

The Best Gifts for a New Mom in Hospital

Positive Affirmation Cards for New Moms

I made these as a gift for a friend, but they were too good not to share. 28 funny, empowering, and thoughtful cards to remind that new mama she’s got this!

Ridiculously Comfy Lounge Clothes

Not going to lie, growing a human for 40-odd weeks and then giving birth to it is kinda a tiring job.

The most tiring part? Once you’ve given birth and set aside your labor and delivery gown, that’s when the hard work really gets started, what with figuring out pumping and milk storage and breastfeeding while walking, and the like!

One of the keys to getting through those early days is super comfy loungewear. I’m talking awesome sweatpants or leggings, comfy postpartum PJs, an awesome robe, and some lounge dresses that work in the house, and are more-than-passable when going out.

Show up to the hospital with some super cozy joggers, a robe or a lounge dress for instant hero status!

Check out Kindred Bravely, Undercover Mama, Etsy, Storq and Hatch Collection for great postpartum loungewear, including suitable things to wear after a C-section.

Milestone Jewelry to Mark the Occassion

On of my favorite pieces of jewelry is my letter A necklace (my daughter’s name starts with an A). I wear it every day, all day, and it makes me smile every time I see it in the mirror, or in a photo. My best friend got a custom necklace with her son’s name when he was born, and she wears it all the time, too.

If you know the new baby’s name, you can get something custom. However, even if you don’t know the name, you can still get something cute to mark the occasion for that new mama, like this adorable Mama necklace.

Where to get these gorgeous pieces? While Etsy is an obvious choice, there are a few companies that also specialize in this kind of personalized jewelry.

Personalized Planet is one such shop. Personalized Planet has a ton of personalized jewelry options, and they are well priced for what you get. Their personalized necklaces, in particular, would make a great gift for a new mom in hospital and make a thoughtful push present from Dada, too!

Posh Mommy is another great option. What I like about Posh Mommy is the wide range of different types of jewelry, such as their Initial Earrings and Wrap Rings, in addition to their necklaces and bracelets.

Healthy Snacks for Breastfeeding Fuel

These days, there are so many awesome options for healthy snacks that will provide that new mama with the fuel she needs to recover and nourish her new baby.

One company I like for healthy snacks is NatureBox. They have super creative snacks that are healthy, like Blueberry Almond Quinoa Bites and Probiotic Power Mix. They also have great, super easy breakfast options, like easy oatmeal cups, which is a great choice for the sleep deprived new mom.

You can shop for individual snacks, or gift her a membership for $5 per month, which means she’ll get 35% to 40% off each order, free US shipping on order over $25, $5 in monthly store credit, and NatureBox’s snack guarantee (if she doesn’t love a snack, they’ll replace it!).

Another great gift idea is a healthy snack subscription box, like the Mother Snacker Box, Healthy Me Snack Box, or SnackSack from CrateJoy.

Some Cheeky Treats For Emergencies

Healthy snacks are great and all, but in the overwhelming early days of mama-hood, some great chocolate and cookies can go a long way too.

And yes, I’m speaking from personal experience, here!

Seven Sisters delivers their gorgeous scones across the US. You can opt for a single delivery or a monthly subscription.

Cratejoy has a lot of great sweet treats – anything from a Japan-themed snack box to a Marshmallow of the month! They also have more traditional treats like chocolate, so you’re sure to find something she’ll love.

Hello, My Name is Coffee Lover

Coffee was a necessity for me in the early days of motherhood. After limiting my caffeine intake throughout my pregnancy, I’d be lying if I wasn’t ready to get back on that horse – especially with all the sleep deprivation going on.

Order up some seriously good coffee for that new mama and give her the caffeine kick she’ll need at times.

There are plenty of gorgeous coffee roasters, coffee bundles, and subscriptions online these days.

New Mom Care Products

One subscription idea I love is a new mom care box. Subscribe her as a gift, and she’ll receive a box of goodies right to her door each month, all tailored towards getting through those first months of motherhood.

The Cater to Mom Box is for newly postpartum moms, and is all about delivering little pick-me-ups. Products are organic and vegan, and oriented around bath, beauty and self care.

The Birth with a Voice Box can be ordered as a one time gift or as a monthly subscription. It’s filled with products for mom and baby.

The Maziwa Tribe box has been specifically designed for breastfeeding, chest feeding, and pumping parents. The boxes are curated by a Certified Lactation Counsellor.

If an entire box seems overkill, some soothing products from EarthMama are a great small gift – nipple balm and perineal spray are likely to be appreciated!

Anything That Makes Life With a Baby Easier

Amazon Prime

One thing we use all the time now that we have kids- that we didn’t really use before – is Amazon Prime. And you can actually gift Amazon Prime in either 3-month or 12-month increments!

Once a Month Meals

Another great gift is a subscription to Once a Month Meals freezer meal planning subscription. I’m a Once a Month Meals member and … it’s awesome.

It definitely makes life with a baby or young kids easier, as it basically eliminates the daily meal planning slog. It’s basically a massive set of freezer meals, which you can make and freeze for later. They have a ton of diet-specific recipes too, which is great for families who are trying to incorporate Keto, Paleo, etc into their meals. And lots of InstantPot and slow cooker recipes, too, which is a huge time saver. Learn more.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best New Mom Gifts

I hope you found this curated list helpful – I certainly had fun putting it together!

If you know anyone who is expecting a baby in their family or friend circle, I hope you’ll share this with them!

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