Revive Superfoods Review: Superfood Smoothie Delivery + Supermeals, Acai Bowls & Oatmeal

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My personal, non-sponsored review of Revive Superfoods smoothies and healthy foods subscription. Includes a Revive Superfoods discount code for 60% off your first order, plus 3 free metal straws. Use MAT1090980 at checkout!

I stumbled across Revive Superfoods during a late night Google session looking for healthy superfood smoothie delivery in my area.

I’ve been trying to kick a long-standing sugar addiction, and figured having healthy and ready to blend smoothies in my freezer would help – better to reach for a smoothie than a cookie, right?

I signed up for my first Revive Superfoods order of 12 cups, which was mostly smoothies plus a few overnight oats and super bowls. I’ve since switched my subscription to get 7 super bowls every week so I always have a super healthy and filling lunch. The rest of my order is Revive smoothies.

(Note – this is not a sponsored post. I’m an actual customer of Revive Superfoods and pay for my order just like any other customer would)

I’m pretty much in love with the food, so figured I’d share my experience (and my Revive Superfoods discount code) to help you decide if it’s right for you.

12 Revive Superfoods cups stacked in 4 groups of 3 on a kitchen counter.
My first order of 12 Revive Superfoods cups.

What is Revive Superfoods?

Revive Superfoods is a food subscription that specializes in ready to blend smoothie cups, overnight oats, easy acai bowls, and ready to cook super bowls (which are big enough to serve as lunch or dinner). All Revive Superfoods cups are paleo, vegan and gluten and dairy free. 

An image of a Revive Superfoods Coconut Cream smoothie  cup on a kitchen counter. The lid is off and the frozen contents of the smoothie cup are visible.
My Revive Organics Coconut Cream Smoothie – Ready to Blend

They operate as a subscription service, and you can choose from 9, 12, or 24 cups delivered weekly, or 12 or 24 cups delivered monthly. They deliver throughout Canada and the US. You can skip or change your order fairly easily if you do so before your next billing cycle, and can pause your account for longer durations.

The food arrives in a cardboard box, frozen and packed with dry ice – it’s really, really cold when it arrives on my doorstep every Wednesday!

A photograph of the interior of a Revive Superfoods box of cups, showing a mylar packaging filled with dry ice to keep it cold. There is a marketing card, a reusable metal straw  and a straw cleaning brush on top of the packaging.
Revive Superfoods Box Packaging

My Revive Superfoods Experience

Although I initially signed up to Revive Organics for the smoothies, I’ve since changed my weekly subscription box to be a combination of smoothies (my morning snack) and super bowls, which I eat for a healthy lunch.


I’m a banana hater, which means I’m limited in the flavors I can try. However, I’ve landed on Grass is Greener, Clean and Green, Coconut Cream, and Liquid Gold as my staples.

When I’m ready for my morning smoothie, I grab a cup, dump the contents into my blender, and then fill the cup back up with whichever liquid I want (I’ve tried water, juice, and milk, and generally use water). Once blended, I pour the smoothie back into the cup, pop the lid on and – voila – an insanely easy and healthy smoothie in about 3 minutes.

Revive Superfoods Grass is Greener smoothie being blended in a vintage blender.
The Grass is Green Smoothie after a few minutes of blending.

My first box came with a Revive Superfoods branded stainless steel straw and straw cleaner, which I prefer to the silicone straws I already had. You can use this link to get 3 stainless steel straws and 60% off your first order!

Super Meals

Revive Superfoods’ super bowls are my unexpected favorite, and I’m re-tooled my weekly box to be sure I have one super bowl for every day of the week. Yup! I eat them every single day.

A close up image of Revive Superfoods' Golden Sultana middle eastern inspired frozen meal on a white plate. The meal also shows strips of chicken breast.
The Golden Sultana Super Meal with some added chicken breast strips

I am a huge believer in making choices that let me spend more time on the things I want to do (like spending time with my kid and husband, and doing things I love, including running this blog). Life is short and time is precious, so if I can basically outsource my nutrition and meal prep, I’m going to say, “heck yes, sign me up!”

Since starting on my daily super bowls, I have so much more energy and my sugar cravings are way more manageable – by staying full throughout the day with a healthy smoothie snack and a super bowl lunch, I can also keep cravings and mindless snacking at bay.

My current order includes Buttanesca (like pasta puttanesca but with butternut squash noodles), Power Pom, Golden Sultana, Bean to Baja, and Buddhacado. Bean to Baja is my all time favorite, and Golden Sultana is a close second.

When I’m ready to eat, I heat up a tiny bit of olive oil in a skillet and cook the contents of the cup for about 4 minutes. That’s it!

My only complaint about the supermeals is some of the ingredients are lacking, so I usually top it up with extras – i.e. extra avocado for the Bean to Baja, and extra broccoli to the Power Pom. I’ve also added chicken to some, which helps keep me fuller for longer.


I’ve tried two of the overnight oats flavors offered by Revive Superfoods – Pom Orange and Cheery Cherry.

Don’t get me wrong, they tasted good and filled me up in the morning. However, I just don’t see the value compared to some of their competitors, or simply making my own overnight oats, which really isn’t that much of a chore.

Pricing starts at around $4.99 US per cup, and that just feels like too much to spend on a bowl of oatmeal. I recently put in an order for Yumi Organics overnight oats and am waiting for them to arrive.


To keep the food frozen, Revive Superfoods ships your cups in dry ice, which evaporates over time. Once the dry ice is totally evaporated, I break down the cardboard shipping box to recycle.

I also deconstruct the silver insulating bag, which is made from mylar and filled with recycled denim. Both are recyclable in many municipalities, which makes me feel better about my order.

Final Thoughts on Revive Superfoods

I am a fan of Revive Superfoods for a few reasons.

First, I love that it automates healthy eating for me – everything arrives frozen and ready to make with zero prep time, so I can focus on work, family, and fun throughout the day, instead of extensive meal planning.

Second, the food and smoothies are delicious. Like, so, so, good. I don’t miss my sugar hits and look forward to my daily smoothie and supermeal.

That said, I personally don’t think the oats are worth the price, and I haven’t tried the acai bowls because they all have bananas, and I’m a banana hater.

The supermeals are really my favorite part of this subscription. They prevent me from eating an easy but simple-carb-heavy lunch like a sandwich, instead making it easy to enjoy a super healthy lunch.

If you’re ready to try Revive Superfoods, use our link and you’ll get 60% off your first order + 3 free stainless steel straws. This Revive Superfoods discount code should be applied automatically by using our link, but just in case, our code is MAT1090980.

I hope you enjoy your subscription. If you know someone else who might enjoy this review, please share this post with them or on social media!

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