Positive Affirmations for New Moms

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Positive Affirmations for Moms. 28 Funny, Positive, Powerful and Printable Affirmation Cards to Survive the First 4 Weeks of Motherhood

A dear friend of mine recently had a baby, which of course had me racking my brain for the perfect baby gift, as well as the perfect new mom gift.

My favorite idea for a new baby gift is currently a personalized baby name puzzle, and either a selection of our favorite baby books for the first year or a baby toy for 0 to 6 months old.

But figuring out the perfect gift for my friend to celebrate her new motherhood was a bit tougher. This is a close friend I’ve known for decades, who I’ve been through a lot with, and who (like me) arrived into motherhood after building a successful career and very independent life.

I wanted to find a gift that reflected our friendship and how much I value her, but also that would genuinely help her make the transition from strong, independent and fierce modern woman with a killer wardrobe and accessory game to stay at home new mama with non-stop spit up raining on her postpartum loungewear and postpartum underwear parade, living in comfy postpartum leggings day in and day out.

A weighty task!

The Transition to Motherhood is Hard (And the First 4 Weeks Are the Hardest)

In trying to choose the perfect gift for my new mama bestie, the hardest part was thinking back to my own transition to motherhood, and remembering how darn hard it was.

I am not a dramatic person by nature, but honestly, those first 4 weeks were dark. I’m not talking postpartum depression dark – I consider myself lucky my brain chemistry didn’t buy me a ticket for that train – but rather just the everyday adjustment to motherhood.

I went from a very independent lady with a hip apartment in a hip city, and with a successful travel blog that I worked on in hip cafes while eating avocado toast, to … someone who couldn’t leave the house, couldn’t work, and couldn’t get more than a couple hours sleep at a time. Did I mention the major surgery that came along with it?

TBH, I was shocked by how hard those first 4 weeks of motherhood were.

And the hormones didn’t help. There were a lot of tears, and I’m not talking about my baby. And a fair bit of silent screaming in the void (aka: our bathroom), too.

I loved my tiny daughter, but hot damn was she ever needy!

I lamented my lost independence.

And I constantly wondered whether I was doing things the “right” way, and what it said about me as a person and my future prospects as a mother that, no, I wasn’t loving every aspect of being a mom (and could confidently say some of it downright sucked).

A new mom affirmation card with the text, "It's okay if you're not loving every moment of the this" sits on a grey marble counter with pink flowers.

Why It Gets Better Isn’t Enough

In that first month of being a new mom, I remember friends who’d gone before me telling me It Gets Better so much, that it became my mantra.

But looking back at my own experience, and looking ahead at my friend’s future as a new mom, I realized it gets better doesn’t cut it.

The weight and hormones of new motherhood are so enormous. Three words don’t seem up to the job of supporting a new mother through those first few weeks of parenting.

And so I started thinking about other words I wish I had heard during that first month. I wish I had daily reminders that everything was going to be okay, and that I was doing okay even if it didn’t seem like it in the moment. I wanted visual reminders that I could look at every morning, or scatter throughout the house as important reminders to stay sane. And I wanted the, to be beautiful, and to bring my joy and make me happy in those difficult moments and crying marathons.

In short? I wanted simple, positive affirmations to tackle the every day feelings I was having.

Things like this is really hard, and you’re doing great for when, just after finally managing to fall asleep after a long struggle, my baby woke up with gas pains.

An affirmation card for moms sits on a wooden table with deep red lilies beside it. The text  on the cards says "This is really hard and you're doing great"

Or boobs are great, but so are bottles for the moments when the thought of nursing my newborn made me cry, because my nipples were sore, my nursing tanks were in the laundry, and the nursing pillow hurt my c-section scar. Or when I just didn’t want to expose myself … again!

And one of my favorite reminders that I still need to hear far too often: today’s a great day to do something for yourself.

A flat lay composition on  a white  marble counter showing a croissant, and espresso and spoon, and a postcard with the text, "today's  a great day to do something for yourself"

Positive Affirmations for New Moms

What started as a trickle of an idea came rushing out of me like a waterfall.

Just thinking about the messages I wanted to give to my friend as she navigated the first few weeks of motherhood brought back all the feelings I still have about that time.

And my affirmation cards for new moms rushed out of my brain and onto my computer.

True, not all of these are affirmations for moms in the truest sense of the word.

Some of them – like, it’s okay to have a glass of wine at the end of the day – aren’t so much positive affirmations or self talk, as they are reminders that it’s okay to not be perfect.

I’ll say that again for the people who need to hear it today: It’s okay to take care of your own needs and wants as a person as well as your baby’s.

And yes, some of the cards are bit cheeky. Some of them aren’t so much powerful affirmations as they are daily notes of encouragement and humor to make a new mama laugh.

Cards like, Holy sh*t you look good today! might not offer a huge mindset boost, but I hope it will make you happy anytime those pesky postpartum thoughts about negative self-image sneak in, even if you’re still wearing your labor and delivery gown and birthing socks 24/7 because it’s the most comfy thing you can think of.

A postcard flat lay mockup against a wood table background with a card that says "Holy Sh*t You Look Good Today" with  floral decorations

Because I wrote these cards as a gift for my friend, they are unique to our relationship, our sense of humour, and our way of getting through this life. But I think a lot of new mamas might appreciate them.

They’re a mix of positive affirmation and cheeky humour, and hopefully will serve as an empowering form of self talk to help you be the best mom for your new baby but also for yourself during those early weeks of motherhood.

28 Affirmations for New Moms: Affirmations to get Through the 1st Four Weeks of Motherhood

Below, I’ve shared my 28 positive affirmations for moms. They’re meant to be looked at every day, and there’s one for each day during those first 4 weeks of #momlife.

They’re a mix of statements.

There are some straight out positive affirmations for when you need help being brave and courageous in the face of all the tears, diapers and sleep deprivation.

And there are some statements to encourage self love during this transitional time in life. The cards will remind you you’re good enough as you are, even if it doesn’t feel like it some days.

The 28 positive affirmations for moms are listed below.

But I’ve also designed them as a set of printable cards. You can download them, print them, and cut them out. Use in your own motherhood journey or as a gift to a friend or family member. They make a great baby shower gift, too!

Positive Affirmations for When She Needs it Most

You can do hard things (Keep Going Mama)

You’re a goddamn goddess

This is really hard, and you’re doing great

You are capable of amazing things

Today’s a great day to be a mom

Affirmations to Remind a New Mom She’s Doing Great

Holy sh*t you have great instincts

Holy sh*t you’re crushing this

You’re kicking ass at motherhood

Affirmations to Remind New Moms There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Mother

A bad day doesn’t make you a bad mom 

Boobs are great, but so are bottles

There’s no such thing as a perfect mother (But You’re Pretty Freaking Great)

You can’t be everything to everyone (but that’s okay)

It’s okay if you’re not loving every moment of this

It’s okay if you have no idea what you’re doing

Tomorrow is a new day

Don’t be perfect. Just be you.

Affirmations to Remind New Moms Their Old Life Didn’t Disappear with the Baby

It’s okay to be the mom that swears 

It’s okay to have a glass of wine at the end of the day

It’s okay to drop an f-bomb now and then

It’s not forever, it’s just for now

Affirmations About the Importance of Taking Care of Yourself

Today’s a great day to ask for help 

Today’s a great day to prioritize yourself 

Today’s a great day to ignore your to do list.

Today’s a great day to do as much or as little as you can

Today’s a great day to do something for yourself

Affirmations to Help a New Mother Laugh on Dark Days

Holy sh*t, your baby is cute

Holy sh*t you look good today

You’re fine, it’s fine, everything is fine. 

Affirmation Cards for New Moms

Thinking back on my own experience, I can’t think of a better gift for a friend or sister. For that matter, it’s a great gift for yourself, as you make the transition to #momlife.

Each card is a message of love and humor.

They will also gently nudge your thoughts towards acceptance and calm as you navigate motherhood.

Print them out and stack them on your bedside table to look at each morning.

Or pick the messages that you need to hear the most, and scatter them around your house as daily reminders.

While it’s true that it gets better is true, it certainly isn’t enough encouragement for new moms. I hope these cards serve to bridge that gap.

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