Best Toddler Stocking Stuffers: 37 Stocking Stuffer Ideas Toddlers and Preschoolers

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37 Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas. A Toddler Mom’s Ideas for the Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers and Preschoolers from Ages 2 to 4.

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Personalized Name Puzzle

Personalized Name Door Hanger

Personalized Hot Cocoa Mug

I don’t know why, but even after the holiday season of this year, I have Christmas on my brain way earlier than in past years.

Last year we spent Christmas with my in-laws in Spain. Come December 23, I was still running around picking up presents for our then 1-year-old, wondering if we had enough.

This year? I’ve already ordered her first present, have started collecting toys and stocking stuffers for her first toddler stocking, have most of my Toodler Christmas books gathered (we also have a great list of Baby Christmas Books if you need!), have picked out a toddler advent calendar and a Christmas countdown craft, am strategizing for a toddler proof Christmas tree, and have already started on her Christmas Eve box!

Maybe it’s the pandemic, and the fact that we’re way less busy and at home a lot more than usual this year. Maybe we’re all in need of as much joy as we can get this year. Making Christmas extra special seems like a good way to go, doesn’t it?

Or maybe it’s the fact that our daughter is now 2. She knows who Santa is, and knows that Santa brings toys and fills stockings. She is already excited, which is really fun to see.

Whatever the reason, I’m super excited about Christmas this year, and I really want to make a big deal out of it!

Fun Stocking Stuffers Make Christmas Morning Extra Special

Growing up, my mom made awesomely (and massive stockings) for me and my brother. Her stocking stuffer game was seriously impressive, and I am going to do my best to pass on the tradition in my own family.

This brings me to today’s blog. In the spirit of being as prepared as I can for Christmas this year, I’ve started making a list (and checking it twice!) of all the different things I want to collect for this year.

And one of those things is of course figuring out all the stocking stuffers for kids I need to get. I plan to go all out on stocking stuffers for my 2-year-old daughter, as well as contribute a few extra stocking stuffers for nieces and nephews.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

I made this list of stocking stuffers for toddlers to share what I’ve got on my shopping list this year.

Some of the stuff I’ll buy new, but some of it I’ve also found in great used condition online (Melissa Doug toys, in particular, seem to be easy to get used in my area). Every couple of days, I quickly check my local marketplace listings, and if I find something that would make good stocking stuffers for kids on my list, I pick it up. This is a great way to save money on kids stocking stuffers, and also make Christmas a bit more eco-friendly!

This list is focused on the best stocking stuffers and stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers and preschoolers – ages 18 months to around 4 years old.

I hope it helps you with your list, and you get one or two new stocking stuffer ideas out of it for a toddler on your list!

Personalized Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Personalized Name Puzzle

A wood name puzzle with the name TAYA sits on a wooden bench in a child's room

Available in a multitude of color schemes and designs, this puzzle features simple slots that each letter fits in, and you can order the letters with or without pegs. It is a great way for toddlers to begin learning how to spell their name while having fun. Made from birch plywood and non-toxic paints.

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Personalized Name Door Hanger

My toddler loves seeing her name written down, and also loves laying claim to absolutely everything (“Mine” is right up there with “No” as her favorite words!). These personalized door hangers check both boxes, and help to grow their sense of ownership over their rooms and personal space. Lots of cute designs to choose from.

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Personalized Hot Cocoa Mug

Let your kiddo feel like such a big kid with their very own personalized hot cocoa mug. It’s constructed of metal so you won’t have to worry about it breaking, and is a nice big kid upgrade from a sippy cup. It also features a cute, smiling marshmallow, which toddlers are sure to love. A nice year-over-year gift that’s sure to be their favorite each winter, and an alternative to filling the stocking with nothing but toys.

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Toddler Stocking Stuffers to Encourage Creative and Imaginative Play

Organic and All Natural Play Dough

The Dough Project has transformed playdough – a childhood favorite for so many of us – into an all natural and organic toy that parents don’t have to worry about! They use organic wheat flour, sea salt, cream of tartar, 
and veggie oil for the dough. This 6 pack relies on beets, annatto seeds, turmeric, chlorophyll, spirulina, and purple carrots for the color!. The jars will fit in a stocking and provide hours of creative play, allowing your toddler to bring their great fun stocking stuffer ideas to life!

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Color a Mask Doodle Kids Face Masks

For a gift that is peak 2020, these are actually pretty darn cute. Kid-sized face masks that your toddler can color and decorate for some ultra personalization. Comes with fabric markers and different color masks, and is available in a variety of kid sizes.

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Jaq Jaq Chalk Doodle Book

These reusable doodle books are a great idea for quiet time. Using their Zero Dust Butter Stix for chalk, this reusable book features eight blank pages of “chalkboard” space so that your kiddo can draw, create, practice, and when after they wipe it clean fun start all over.

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Melissa Doug Water Wow Reusable Activity Pads

Complete with a chunky, refillable water pen, this Melissa and Doug activity pad allows your kiddo to color mess-free. When the pages get wet, they reveal colors, which toddlers love. And once dry, the color disappears so that your child can do it all over again. This pad is a great toy for travel, as it’s easy to pack and takes away the worry of a toddler coloring all over hotel room walls.

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Stamp Kit

Cute and friendly farm animals are the stars of this wooden stamps set. They are the perfect size and easy to grasp for little hands, and they come with two ink pads in brown and green.

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Magna Tab

All the fun of drawing without the mess of papers and crayons, this tab uses small magnetic balls that are drawn to the surface with the magnetic stylus. Your little one can draw pictures or practice letters, then swipe them away and start all over. Good to keep toddlers busy in their car seat on road trips or during quiet time.

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Dress-Up Accessories

Raid your closet for old Halloween costume accessories, or order one of MeriMeri’s cute and simple accessories sets (like this bunny or cat set) for hours of role-playing fun.

See More Dress Up Accessories

No-Spill Bubbles

This container was cleverly designed to combat a very common problem: spilled bubbles. It can be tipped upside down while your little one is blowing bubbles and won’t spill any bubble solution.

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Sidewalk Chalk

Give your kiddo something to look forward to as soon as the weather changes with a tub of bright and vibrant sidewalk chalk. Each tub contains 20 pieces and there are seven colors.

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Play Silks

Simple yet brilliant, these play silks are made out of 100% silk and hand-dyed with rainbow colors. Your kiddos can use their imagination to turn it into a cape, a skirt, a backdrop or even a tail. It’s also great for active play to get your kids moving. Use it as a dancing prop, for juggling, or to make wings when jumping off climbing toys!

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Fisher Price Little People Friends and Pets

The perfect addition to any Little People playset, this collection of figurines includes five diverse friends and two pets. They are an ideal size for little hands and don’t include any small parts that would pose a choking hazard. My daughter loves to use her Little People with all sorts of toys – perfect for pretend play!

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Temporary Tattoos

Let your little one express their individuality with these press-on and peel-off tattoo sets. They feature themes like animals, cars, sports and more.

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Pull Back Cars

Pull them back and let them go for fun and giggles. This set includes 12 different friendly vehicles like a fire truck, an ambulance and a bus, that are the perfect size for little hands.

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Car Road Tape

Your kiddo will love building an entire city of roads for their toy cars with this set. It comes with one roll of road tape, four road curves and 100 traffic sign stickers.

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Literacy & STEM Toddler Stocking Stuffers

Math for Love Tiny Polka Dot Math Card Game

Recommended for ages 3 and up, you can also use the cards for younger kids to work on number recognition and order. For kids ready to play the games, it will teach them math, encourage creativity, thinking and build confidence at an early age.

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Wooden Stacking Stones

My 2.5 year old LOVES building things, and is ready for more of a challenge. I want to add these balancing stones to her collection of building toys, as they require a bit more thought and skill to make the coveted tower.

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Learning Words Puzzles

My daughter is just starting to get into puzzles at 2.5 years old, but the Melissa and Doug 12-piece puzzles are too complicated for her. That’s why I love these mini puzzles. Each set comes with 9 circles (9 words total), and each circle has just 3 pieces, which feels more manageable for a toddler. Available in transportation, animals, fruit, and vegetables sets.

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Insect Catching Kit

My daughter absolutely loves bugs and the garden, and moths are her absolute favorite. This insect collecting kit is perfect for your budding scientist and explorer, and includes a mesh crate with a quick swinging door to keep your collection, a clear container with a magnifying lid, tweezers and a magnifier. Nice accompaniment to a gardening set.

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Lego Duplo Small Sets

These chunkier Legos are designed for little hands and aren’t complicated to put together. They are great for hand-eye coordination, and once they’re assembled, your kiddo can play with them for hours on end. The mini sets are great for fitting in stockings.

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Magnet Letters and Numbers

A classic for a reason, this bucket of plastic magnetic numbers and letters will help your kiddo with number and letter recognition, and later on, word recognition. As a bonus, they include common math symbols for beginning math. We use these on spelling board games, in sensory bins, on the fridge, and also to play “fishing” (we use the Melissa and Doug magnetic fishing rods to fish for letters and numbers).

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Toddler Stocking Stuffers to Support Motor Skills Development

Melissa and Doug Lace and Trace

Your child will have fun while building fine motor skills with these adorable wooden sets. They each include five double-sided animals and five color coordinated laces. My 2.5 year old finds these frustrating still, but I expect she’ll be ready for them in 6 months or so for fine motor skills.

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Cutting Fruit and Food

This adorable fruit set comes with seven pieces of painted wooden fruit and a wood crate to hold them. The little knife is also wooden and easily slices through the Velcro sections. This is a great tool to teach parts of a whole while having a blast role-playing, and encourages fine motor skills. My two-year-old needs an adult to help her play with these (by holding the pieces down as she cuts), but I’m sure she’ll get better with time.

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Bath Toy Toddler Stocking Stuffers

All Natural Bath Water Color Tablets

Both fun and educational, these little bath toys tablets will fizz and then turn an entire bathtub of water red, yellow or blue. Or try mixing some primary colors together to see what other colors they produce. Each pack has 36 tablets with 6 possible colors (some made through mixing), enough to make bath time fun for quite a while! If your toddler is resisting bath time (like mine is), baby stocking stuffer ideas that make bath time fun again are a great idea! Fragrance free and non toxic.

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Bathtub Basketball

Bath toys are a perfect solution for a hesitant bather and kids love them. This small basketball hoop has suction cups to stick it to the wall and a small, soft basketball that is the ideal size for even the littlest of hands. My kid absolutely loves basketball hoops right now, so I’m confident this will quickly become a favorite bath toy.

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Boon Bath Pipes and Cogs

Bring your kiddo’s sense of discovery into the bathtub with this system of pipes and cogs that can be stuck to the wall in a variety of different figurations. Your child will be learning cause and effect without even knowing it, making bath time a fun and educational experience! Add the gears and bath toys for extra fun!

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Practical & Personal Care Toddler Stocking Stuffers

Construction Utensils

These adorable utensils are the perfect motivation for toddlers who have moved beyond their first baby spoon, and are still working to master utensils. They’ll have a blast scooping up their food and “dumping” it in their mouths with this perfect stocking stuffer. They’re also easy to clean, as you can throw them in the dishwasher – something busy parents always love!

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Baby Shark Singing Toothbrush With Timer

We’ve been brushing our daughter’s teeth for her up until now, but I plan to add a super fun baby shark toothbrush with a timer to her stocking this year. The timer helps them learn how long they need to brush for, setting the stage for healthy brushing habits. This adorable, electric toothbrush features sounds, music and games that encourage healthy teeth brushing along with a light-up bottom that can indicate whether your kiddo has brushed long enough.

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Character Bandaids

For some reason, every toddler I know goes through a bandaid stage. My 2-year-old currently demands a new bandaid every time she falls asleep, so we have an endless supply of Paw Patrol, Disney Cars, and Hello Kitty bandaids in our house. Having these cute character ones on hand will have them looking for excuses to use them. And for actual ouchies, they serve as a friendly distraction.

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Warmies Microwave Plush Friend

Your little one will love cuddling up to these super-soft plush animal friends that you can warm up in the microwave. Choose from 15 different animal friends, all of which also come in a French lavender scent to soothe your little one to sleep, or make a nice accompaniment inside the stroller footmuff! Great for kids of all ages, making this a stocking stuffer that will last for years.

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No-Spill Snack Cup

Featuring a clever spiralled silicone opening, along with a lid, this cup is soft, collapsible and the ideal size for toting snacks. As a bonus, it has a handle to make carrying it easy for little hands. These are best for toddlers who are ready for a bit more independence in their eating, as it gives them a bit more control (which they love at this age). The grasping they’ll do is also good for motor skills development.

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Available in 29 different packs, each featuring a different theme and design, these adorable undies are made with 100% cotton for breathability and are in the shape of a classic, comfortable brief. Great to get diaper kids excited about using a big kids potty, too!

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Printable Routine Chart

Not going to lie, getting my toddler daughter dressed and out the door each morning has become a monumental task since she hit 27 months or so. Eating breakfast, getting dressed, and getting shoes on is a battle, unless we adapt to her timeline (which is slow). I’ve had my eyes on routine cards and charts for awhile now, and plan to include something like this in her christmas morning stocking this year. Routine cards and charts help your little one enjoy a sense of accomplishment as they stick on each responsibility sticker that they have completed. This chart is a downloadable print and comes with cute pictures for each task. There are plenty of similar ones to choose from on Etsy.

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Kids are notorious for breaking sunglasses, so this kid-sized and kid-friendly pair is the perfect solution. They have polarized UV protection and rubber frames, making them virtually indestructible.

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Final Thoughts About the Best Toddler Stocking Stuffers

I hope you found this list of great stocking stuffers and stocking stuffer ideas helpful.

If you did, please share it!

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