Best Kids Gardening Set for Your Littlest Garden Helpers

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Have a little gardener who loves to help? We’ve rounded up the best kids gardening set for little gardeners. Parent written guide to choosing from 7 kid-sized garden toolsets for toddlers and older.

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Best overall

The Best on a Budget

The Best Overall Kids Gardening Set

The Runner Up

The Best Tall Tools for the Garden & Yard

Last night, we were sitting on the patio at my mom’s house, and our 23-month old daughter toddler was helping grandma water and care for her plants.

As I sat and watched, I realized I have memories of my own childhood that are just like this. I spent summers helping my own grandma care for her plants, alternating “working” in the garden and running through sprinklers while earning about the natural world living in my own backyard.

Watching my own daughter get so much joy from helping water the plants, collecting flower clippings, and – let’s be honest – making a huge gardening mess, I realized it’s time to get our daughter her own set of kids gardening tools to encourage more gardening!

Since I needed to do the research anyway, I figured I might as well share what I learned while choosing the right kids gardening set for our family. I hope it helps your family, too!

Just here for a quick answer? Looking for the best kids gardening set and don’t have a lot of time to waste? We got you! Here are our picks for the 3 best kids gardening tools sets:

Best Overall – INNOCHEER Kids Gardening Tools with STEM Learning Guide (click to learn more)
Runner Up – Born Toys Kids Gardening Set (click to learn more)
Best Tall Tools – Just for Kids Garden Tool Set (click to learn more)

The Benefits of Gardening for Kids

Encouraging toddlers and older kids to the garden make a lot of sense to me because there are so many clear benefits to it!

  • Sensory Play – Gardening is a natural form of sensory play, letting your little one feel the dirt, water and plants, smell the flowers, taste the herbs …. all without having to make a special sensory bin or sensory bottle! Any time I can engage all 5 of my little one’s senses with just one activity, I consider that a win!
  • Motor Skills Play – Gardening encourages motor skills development in little ones – both gross and fine motor skills. Scooping, digging, placing seeds, directing water – it all takes developed motor skills to do it right, making gardening a great activity to develop these skills further.
  • Hello, Science Projects! There are a ton of science projects you can do in the garden. We’re currently transforming old potatoes into new potatoes after planting some old squishy potatoes we found in the back of the cupboard in a garbage bag, and talking about how plants grow. Pair gardening with some gardening books for preschoolers and toddlers, and you’ve got great material to work with!
  • Encourages Curiosity – Gardening encourages curiosity in the natural world. Every time we’re in the garden with our little one, she loves to watch the “buzzy bees” do their work, and has a ton of questions about them.
  • Natural Way to Encourage Eating Veggies, Fruit, and a Variety of Flavors – Getting your little one involved in growing their own food makes for an easy way to encourage healthy eating habits and a lifelong love of food. Every time we’re in the garden, we pick peas off the snow pea plant to taste them, rub our fingers on the mint leaves to smell and then taste them, and talk about the different food we’re growing!
  • Routine and Responsibility – As kids get older and have their own plants, they’ll also have to remember to take care of those plants, checking daily they have enough water and trimming as needed. It’s a great way to encourage a sense of responsibility amongst little kids.

You can probably tell from this list we’re huge proponents of getting little kids in the garden! And that means investing in garden tools kids can take ownership over and use with their little hands.

Best Kids Gardening Tools for Every Family

Best Gardening Tools for Kids Reviews

The Best Overall Kids Gardening Set

Encourages Curiosity & Independence

This set of kids’ gardening tools includes everything your little one needs to create their own potted garden. It has 18 pieces, all the perfect size for preschool-aged kiddos. Even better, the tool heads are made from metal.

Learn More

This set is well-designed, with three small tools (hand shovel, trowel, and rake), a smock, a watering can, a pair of garden gloves, four pots, and four tags.

As a bonus, it even includes an easy-to-follow guide to help your little one get started with gardening. In the guide, your kiddos will learn how to plant carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and strawberries, opening up the opportunity for parents to discuss the importance of healthy eating, lifecycles of plants and their helpers (bugs, bees, etc), and more.

The handles are small and made of plastic, and the tool ends are made of metal for a realistic feel and durability. This set is ideal for children aged three and up, but 2-year-olds could use the tools, too.

Check prices and reviews

The Runner Up

Includes beautiful Extras Like an Apron and Hat

This comprehensive set of kids’ garden tools comes with a gardening apron to keep the tools, a sun hat, and kid-sized gardening gloves. This is a fairly complete garden tool set so that your budding gardener will always have the tools they need on hand when helping outside.

Learn More

We love the apron that’s included in this set. It’s adjustable at the neck strap and also around the waist where it clips so that it can grow along with your little one. And there are five pockets to conveniently hold all of the miniature tools.

It comes with a hand-held shovel, spade, and rake, along with a spray bottle and a pair of heavy-duty gloves with rubber dots for grip.

As a bonus, it comes with a garden hat to keep the harmful sun off of your little one’s face and neck while they are working away in the garden. This set is ideal for kids aged three and up. As with the first set, I think two-year-olds would also enjoy this set, although the apron and gloves may be too big.

Check prices and reviews

The Best Tall Tools for the Garden & Yard

Well Made for Yard Work

Once your kiddos are big enough to lend a helping hand, this set will allow them to help out with real wood and metal tools that are perfectly kid-sized.

Learn More

This garden tool set comes with one shovel, one rake, one hoe, and one leaf rake. They are all made out of solid wood with an easy-to-grip end and a solid metal tool head.

They range anywhere from 25 to 30 inches tall and have been tweaked and improved so that they don’t come apart while your little one is working hard. As a bonus, the top of each tool has a built-in loop so that you can hang the little tools right alongside your own tools.

The manufacturer recommends these for kids 7 and up, but there are plenty of reviews from buyers using these kids gardening tools with two year olds and up. Because they are metal, you’ll really need to watch younger kids with them, as they could do some damage.

Check prices and reviews

The Best for Toddlers

Plastic Tools for the Littlest Gardeners

Liberty Imports kids gardening tools set comes with 16 different pieces so your little helper can do everything mama and dada do in the garden. It includes a cute wagon to tote everything from garden to shed, and back again.

Learn More

This set of kids gardening tools is made from BPA-free plastic and comes with 5 tall garden tools (rake, hoe, and pick), 5 small gardening tool styles (spade, clippers, and 3 different hand rakes), four flower pots, a watering can, a spray bottle, and the wagon.

While meant for helping in the garden, the tools in this set are fairly versatile and can be used for playing in the sand at the beach or in an outdoor water or sand table. Also worth noting, this set is plastic – it should work well for toddlers and preschoolers who want to help in the garden, but the tools aren’t going to hold up for digging in really hard dirt or rocks. It’s more for pretend play and helping than for bigger kids who might want to get some actual work done.

Check prices and reviews

Best Kids Gardening Set on a Budget

Quick Catch Phrase

Made from heavy-duty canvas, this bright and colorful tote is the perfect accessory for your kids’ garden tools.

Learn More

This tote has a tough and easy-to-hold set of handles that are perfect for little hands. There are four pockets on the front and one on each side that is the perfect size for the tools that come with it.

The tools are made of real hardwood and enameled metal so your little helper can actually work right alongside you in the garden.

And the tote itself would be great for carrying seed packets, gloves, sunscreen or anything else your kiddo might need for their outdoor work.

Check prices and reviews

The Best for Boys

A Blue Set that looks Boyish

This adorable gardening set will appeal to all the little boys out there with its realistic tools and accessories, all in blue.

Learn More

The set includes three small tools that are the perfect size for little hands and are made with solid wood handles and metal tool heads.

It also has a realistic watering can and a set of cloth gardening gloves. It all fits into the handy canvas garden tote bag with four pockets and easy-to-carry handles.

This set measures 9.1 x 6.8 x 4.9 inches and is ideal for kids of all ages.

Check prices and reviews

The Best for Girls

A Pink Set That Looks Girlish

This adorable gardening set has all the frills that every girl would want, along with the realistic performance they will appreciate when working outside in the garden.

Learn More

It includes a sweet green and pink tote bag with four pockets for all of your little one’s gardening necessities. There is also a pink metal bucket with a metal and wood handle, two small gardening tools with wood handles and metal tool heads, and two marking stakes with sweet characters on top.

Additionally, there is a pair of real, but tiny, gardening gloves with rubber traction dots to keep the dirt out from underneath their nails.

This set is ideal for kids aged three to ten years and measures 7.9 x 8.3 x 7.1 inches.

Check prices and reviews

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Kids Gardening Tool Set

Pretend Play vs. Actual Gardening

Most of the kids gardening tools we’ve included in this list have metal “tool ends” with either wood or plastic handles. These are going to be best for actual gardening, as the metal will hold up to some actual work. However, some of the brands we covered are all plastic – these should hold up okay for really little kids doing some digging in flower pots, etc, but they will likely break if your kids try to do any real work with them, especially in the garden beds with packed dirt.

Also worth noting, using metal tools will require more supervision than plastic tools, as the metal ones will hurt a lot more if used incorrectly, fall on, etc.

Do You Need Tall Tools?

Most kids gardening sets are comprised of small tools, such as hand trowels, meant for digging in garden beds. However, if you want your little one to get involved in yard work too, you’ll need to add some tall tools to your child’s set of gardening tools (i.e. a rake).

Whether You Need Any Extras

Some of the gardening tools we’ve covered above come as sets, complete with adorable hats, aprons, gardening gloves, etc. These are nice to have, but may not be something you need if you already have these pieces at home.

Safety While Gardening

While it is fun to teach your child about gardening, there can be multiple safety hazards in your garden. For children’s safety during gardening, make sure to keep your yard clean.

Don’t forget to lock up all your tools so no one can accidentally hurt themselves. Try and secure small children so that they don’t get too close to any dangerous machinery. If you have little ones, remember to supervise them at all times when lawnmowers or other extensive tools are in use!

Most importantly, you should instruct them not to eat anything without permission. Remember to keep pesticides in their original containers by storing them and other chemicals on high shelves out of reach from children.

It helps if they know they aren’t allowed to pop open packaging, so once a chemical has been put away, let your child know that it’s off-limits until later, when you can show them what it is for.

Get soft play areas without gravel

The easiest way to create a safe area in the garden is simply by including soft spots, as many children like to play while gardening. It can be hazardous if pebbles and other sharp objects on the ground cause severe injury. Furthermore, having soft surfaces will provide more flexibility and prioritize safety overlooks for your notorious little one!

Make sure to get rid of poisonous plants

Plants like Common Waterhemp or Cow parsnip can cause photo-allergic reactions that lead to dangerous skin irritation.

When safety comes first, always make sure your children wear protective clothing, including a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and closed shoes when weeding the garden.

Certain plants like Euphorbia, Giant Hogweed, and Heracleum mantegazzianum (and others) can cause skin irritation or even burns from furanocoumarins which are toxic to the skin especially if you are exposed to them in conjunction with sunlight.

In that case, you should look after what kind of plants are there in the garden before you bring your child to gardening.

Cover sandpits

It would be best to cover sandpits since cat feces carry toxoplasma, a protozoan parasite that can be passed onto humans and, even worse, has devastating consequences for babies.

Avoid plants with thorns

To ensure your child’s safety, you should avoid roses, spiky grasses, and other plants with sharp edges. You may think the idea of using a pyracantha in your flower arrangements sounds enticing.

Still, they are considered highly dangerous in some areas due to their ability to poison people and pose a possible safety hazard with an increased risk of injury.

Other Safety Measures

  • Ensure that your garden space has lockable gates to keep your babies in and any strangers out.
  • If the area has any pond, ensure it is correctly enclosed with protective fencing.
  • Make sure you check your paving works appropriately, especially on steps. Ensure to replace the paving if any cracks appear or start working loose. They can be a significant trip hazard which could prove ugly if they result in a head injury.
  • It would be best to use LED rather than halogen lighting (which can burn) in your garden. LEDs do not radiate much heat, so children are safe around them, and hot lights can burn their little hands.

How To Get Your Kids Started With Gardening

One of the best ways to get your child interested in gardening is to keep it simple. A small garden filled with flowers and shrubs will do very well to teach children how responsible they can be when it comes down to taking care of their very own plantings.

One also needs to consider setting up a playground near the plants so that your child can spend some time playing after school in the afternoon or having a quiet spot where they can study on a hot spring day. That way, you will have an actual place for them to go, hang out, and breathe in all of the many benefits that fresh air has to offer!

Involve older children in the planning and design of the garden. Use lightweight, easy-to-handle, correct-sized tools, and garden equipment when gardening with them.

Encourage them to dig in the dirt as younger children love playing with mud. You can also grow exciting plants such as sunflowers, corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, and strawberries or use a trellis or teepee to grow beans or sweet peas or plant flowers that attract butterflies, ladybirds, and other exciting insects or birds.

Decorate the garden space with them by making a scarecrow or installing a water feature, a birdbath, or a sundial. Setting up a worm farm is also a great idea.

To increase their interest, visit community gardens, children’s farms, or botanic gardens for ideas.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Children’s Gardening Set

When it comes to gardening tools for your child, there are many options ranging from expensive ones to the normal ones with a minimum of objects.

It may become difficult to narrow down the contenders to find the best set for your child. Follow the factors mentioned below to make the selection easier.


When choosing which gardening set to purchase for your child, pick those rated for their age and ability. The gardening set should be appropriate for their level of development, fitting comfortably in your little gardener’s hands.

Tools material

Metal gardening tools for kids can be pretty heavy, which means they can hurt little hands. Look for smaller, lighter designs made from wood or strong plastic, and remember to supervise your child using them.

Pick exciting colors

A lot of children make the mistake of using only brightly colored tools. To avoid this pitfall, pick highly recognizable tools that are made from lighter materials or have handles with bright colors and grips which feel good to hold, making it easier for kids to manipulate


Firstly, ask yourself if you are looking for a kid’s gardening set or something they can use independently. Your child may be ready to garden alongside you! Understanding how much your child can engage in the activities will help you choose the best item for their age.


Tools for the garden can be costly. But with careful consideration, you can get quality items for a reasonable price. Find your budget and look at reviews of different store-bought brands on the tools you want.

Number of tools

Gardening sets with too many parts or components can leave you frustrated when trying to put them together and even more so when working on your plants. It’s also extremely difficult for children because they initially lose parts due to their small stature.

At the least, your child will need at least a small trowel, a fork, and some gloves if they will get down into the dirt and enjoy themselves!


Badly-made tools or ones that are not fit for their purpose could compromise their safety, especially if the kids are digging in the dirt! Only consider gardening sets made or imported by a reputable outlet and watch for reviews that mention tools snapping.

Final Thoughts About Finding The Best Kids Gardening Tools

Our picks for the best kids gardening tool sets are INNOCHEER (Best Overall), Born Tools (Runner Up), and Just for Kids (Best Tall Tools).

I hope you found this post helpful, and you have a great summer spent digging in the dirt, watering, and growing things with your little one!

If you know someone with small children who like to garden, I hope you’ll share this post with them!

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