Best Postpartum Underwear: 14 Comfortable and Supportive Options + What You Need to Know

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The softest, stretchiest and best postpartum underwear to feel supported, contained and a little bit more like your pre-mama self!

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Bodily Mesh Undies

Bodily All-In Panty

UpSpring C-Panty (Classic Waist)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I was pretty under-prepared for postpartum life. While I was super prepared for our baby, I was super underprepared for my own needs during the 4th trimester.

I had the basics, like a nursing pillow, nursing cover, postpartum pajamas, and nursing bras and nursing/pumping tanks. And I did an okay job with my hospital bag, stuffing it with comfy postpartum basics like postpartum leggings and loose T shirts and dresses.

However, I didn’t have a labor wardrobe, and got stuck with the hospital issued gown. I forgot labor and delivery socks, and had cold feet! And I certainly didn’t expect to have a c-section. I had no idea what to wear post c-section to protect my c section scar!

And that includes postpartum underwear. I needed something that could support my non-existent core muscles while my body got back to some version of normal.

Honestly, it was pretty stressful doing the rushed online shopping when I got home from the hospital. While also taking care of a newborn. On little sleep. While dealing with the overwhelm of that first month of motherhood.

I got through, of course.

But looking back, I wish someone had warned me about how important it is to have some good postpartum basics.

And that includes postpartum underwear. Something that will support your post-baby pelvis, accommodate monster maxi pads, and also look okay enough.

In a Hurry? Here are My Top Picks

Why You Want to Get Postpartum Underwear After Giving Birth

Here’s the deal: not all underwear is made equally.

And after all the work your body did to grow your baby (and let’s be honest – giving birth is no picnic either), it deserves some extra TLC. And that means investing in some postpartum panties that will support you over the next couple of months.

Yup – postpartum underwear is a must. From the day you give birth until a few months out, as your uterus shrinks back down, your organs settle back into place, and your core muscles and pelvis recover to your “new normal,” new moms could use a little help!

And while the hospital will likely hook you up with some disposable mesh panties for the first few days postpartum, I guarantee they won’t be super comfortable or stylish (for the first few days postpartum, I recommend the Bodily Mesh Panties as an alternative to the hospital issued pair).

So what is postpartum underwear, exactly, and how does it differ from “regular” underwear?

Features and Types of Postpartum Underwear: What to Consider When Buying Postpartum Underwear 

Moisture Wicking & Breathable

Postpartum is a really weird time of life.

Hormones (and therefore body temperature) are unpredictable, there’s copious postpartum bleeding and lochia (aka: moisture), and possibly some open wounds from tearing or an episiotomy.

Heat, moisture, and open wounds aren’t generally a recipe for success. And while your body was made for this, it’s a great idea to help it along in terms of preventing infection.

Most postpartum underwear is made with breathable, moisture wicking and soft fabrics to keep you as dry and comfortable as possible.

While cotton underwear is great in regular life and regular underwear, I think some of the highly engineered, high performance fabric is a better choice for postpartum performance.

High Rise with Compression

Whereas lots of pregnancy underwear is “under the bump” low rise, most postpartum underwear is high waisted, which is going to give you the most support and comfort during the postpartum period.

If you had a c-section, high waisted underwear won’t irritate the c section incision like your pregnancy underwear might, and will ensure you’re more comfortable.

And if you gave birth vaginally, high waited underwear should offer a perfect fit over your remaining bump, so you won’t have to deal with rolling and bunching.

Most postpartum undies will also have some sort of tummy control or compression, which will hug your core, help you heal, and keep you feeling secure.


In addition to bleeding, cramping, and hormone swings, your body changes rapidly during the postpartum period.

Some women deal with swelling, which makes stretchy comfy underwear key, for both the belly and legs.

And of course, you’ll start to shrink and slowly get back to your pre pregnancy size, or near it at least.

Super stretchy postpartum panties will take you through the first six weeks and beyond, and be comfortable the whole way through your early journey as a new mom.

Wide Gusset

The best postpartum underwear also takes into account the fact that you’ll be sporting a massive pad for the first few days and weeks postpartum. A wider gusset (the part between your legs) will give you a bit more room for the pad to sit comfortably for the first 6 weeks or so.

Once you get a bit further into your postpartum journey, you might want to wear a pospartum period underwear to absorb remaining lochia, or a postpartum panty with a regular gusset.

14 Best Pairs of Postpartum Underwear

With my preamble out of the way, check out my summaries below of some of the best postpartum underwear.

I considered 14 different pairs. I’ve tried to give a summary, as well as explain what sets them apart and who they’re best for.

I hope it helps!

Best Alternative to Disposable Undies- Bodily Mesh Undies

A collage of a model wearing mesh postpartum underwear alternative. The underwear are mesh black boy shorts and the photos show front, side, and read view as well as a flat lay product shot.
Bodily’s Mesh Undies. Images: Bodily

Think of these as your best friend in the hospital. They give you a more comfy alternative to the hospital-issued disposable postpartum underwear.

These postpartum undies are a step up from the disposable postpartum underwear you get in the hospital. They have have a better design, better construction, and a better look than disposable underwear. Win, win, win!

The boy-short style offers plenty of security and coverage, even when you’re sporting a massive postpartum pad. And the polyester-spandex blend is soft and stretchy, which will be more comfy than those hospital issued disposable postpartum undies.

They are machine-washable and come in an economical three-pack. Domestic ground shipping is free and they’re available in one-size-fits-all.

You’ll probably wear these for the first 3 to 5 days, up to 10 days max. I’d suggest getting 2 to 3 packs to get you through the first week without having to do laundry.

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(Bodily also sells some handy kits for birth recovery. These include the Care for Birth Box, VKit [post-birth recovery kit for vaginal birth], C-Kit [post-birth recover for C-section], and the Scheduled C Section Box.)

Best High Waisted Postpartum Briefs

Bodily All-In Panty

A collage of models wearing high waisted postpartum underwear. The underwear are black and grey and the photos show 2 models of different sizes modelling the front, side, and rear views.
Bodily’s All In Panty. Images: Bodily

These postpartum underwear are made for new moms!

To start, they use certified OKEO-TEX micromodal fabric. It’s non-toxic and wins at softness, breathability, stretchiness, and moisture wicking properties.

Cut wise, they are high-waisted panties to support your postpartum belly, especially one with a C-section scar.

The waistband is wide so it won’t cut into your curves. And the gusset (the part between your legs) is also a bit wider than normal to accommodate postpartum pads. They’re also stretchy through the legs, which helps if you have swelling.

They come in packs of three or five and in four sizes, from small to X-large. Shipping is free (domestic ground).

Bodily also sells the All In Panty in a package with a belly band.

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UpSpring C-Panty (Classic Waist)

UpSpring’s Classic Waist C Panty. Image: UpSpring

Specifically designed for moms recovering from a C section, these panties are full-coverage with a mid-rise waist.

They have a soft, medical-grade silicone panel in the front. This helps to minimize itchiness around your incision. They also provide an ideal level of compression for healing.

These panties come in two-packs and are available in sizes small, medium and large. Shipping is free on all orders within the US.

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Kindred Bravely High-Waisted Postpartum Panties

KindredBravely’s Postpartum Panties. Image: Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely is one of my favorite maternity and postpartum brands, and their postpartum underwear is no different.

For one, these panties are pretty! They have a high waist for belly support. And they use a soft and stretchy rayon and spandex blend for comfort.

They have a wide, lace waistband for a touch of femininity and come in three-packs of either colors or neutrals.

Available in sizes small through XX-large, and shipping on all orders over $59.00 is free within the lower 48.

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Hatch Collection High Tuck Brief and Seamless Belly Brief

Hatch Collection makes high quality, super soft, and gorgeous maternity and postpartum items, and their postpartum underwear is no different. They have 3 styles for postpartum: the High Tuck Brief, the Seamless Belly Brief, and the Seamless Thong. They ship within the lower 48 and all come in sizes small to XL.

The High Tuck Brief panties are high-waisted and hug your core. They also have a double layer in the front to help with C-section recovery. They are full-coverage and made of 90% cotton and 10% lycra for breathability and just enough stretch.

The Seamless Belly Briefs use ultra-soft modal, nylon and elastane materials for a soft and luxurious feel on your skin. Also high-waisted, they rise just above your navel for support and control. They’re available in three colors.

Shop Hatch Collection Postpartum

Best Postpartum Thongs

Hatch Seamless Thong (High Waisted)

When you want enough support to hold in and smooth your belly, but no panty lines, this thong is a great option.

They are high-waisted, falling well above the navel. Even better? They’re super soft and comfy.

Available in black, petal or buff.

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Simple Wishes Supermom Maternity Underwear (Low Waisted)

6 Pairs of Simple Wishes Supermom Underwear arranged in a circle in a flat lay product photo
Simple Wishes Supermom Underwear. Image: Simple Wishes.

And now for something a little bit sexy!

Just because you are expecting or recovering doesn’t mean your underwear has to be frumpy. These panties are the perfect example of cute and functional.

They are low-rise, fitting just underneath a bump. Because of this, they’re better for a bit further along in your postpartum journey. They are a great choice for mamas who didn’t get a c section, too.

Tthe lace trim gives a feminine touch. And you can choose from the classic bikini cut or a thong when you don’t want panty lines showing.

They come in three colors and four sizes from small to X-large.

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Best for Extra Core Support

UpSpring High-Waisted C-Panty

The High Waisted C Panty. Image: UpSpring.

High-waisted is an understatement when it comes to these panties.

They fit more like shapewear, extending over your entire midsection. This is good news if you feel like you need extra support and compression.

These underwear also have a medical-grade silicone panel that will lie over your incision to make recovery more comfortable.

Available in packs of two and are available in three sizes. Orders in the US offer free shipping.

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Best Postpartum Period Panties

Knix Core Love High Rise

Seemingly magic, these panties eliminate the need for bulky pads during postpartum recovery, or at the very least give you some extra absorbency.

They use innovative design and materials that absorb and wick away moisture. They are machine washable and should lay flat to dry. The high waist is snug but forgiving, and you can get them in a sexy black in 6 different sizes.

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Best Postpartum Underwear You Can Buy on Amazon


Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex for breathability and stretch, these panties are moderately high-waisted, falling at or above the navel.

The extra-wide waistband offers just enough support, but they are incredibly forgiving and comfortable without too much restriction. They come in packs of five and you can choose from seven different multi-color options.

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Wirarpa High-Waisted Underwear

Made from a cotton-spandex blend in a high-rise design, these panties offer adequate support to hold in a postpartum belly and reduce love handles.

Designed to stay in place, they feature a double-layered, extra-wide waistband. You can get them in either four-packs or five-packs and a variety of colors.

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Motherhood Maternity Panties

Motherhood is a trusted name in maternity wear.

These panties use a cotton-nylon-spandex blend so that they can grow and shrink with your bump throughout pregnancy and after.

They fit like a bikini-cut but with a super-wide, forgiving panel that extends up and over your bump. These would also be great for C-section recovery because they won’t put too much pressure on the sensitive incision area. They come in two-packs of black and nude.

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INNERSY Postpartum Panties

These panties are 95% cotton and 5% spandex, making them soft and flexible with plenty of breathability. Moderately high-waisted, they rise just to the navel and feature a wide and forgiving waistband that provides support for C-section recovery without being irritating.

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What is the Best Postpartum Underwear?

For an alternative to hospital issued mesh underwear, Bodily Mesh Underwear will get you through the first 5 to 10 days. Much more comfortable than disposable, and will have you feeling a bit more like yourself.

Once you’re out of the disposable stage, I recommend the Bodily, Upspring Classic Waist C Panty, Kindred Bravely, and Hatch Collection for everyday underwear, and Simple Wishes for you want something a bit sexier! If you feel like you need extra support, check out UpSpring’s High Waisted C Panty. Finally, if you’re dealing with postpartum incontinence or low level postpartum bleeding, the Knix Core Love is a great choice.

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