19 Creative Ideas for a Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

Looking for creative ideas to share your baby announcement over the holidays this year? We’ve curated 19 ideas for a fun Christmas pregnancy announcement your friends and family won’t soon forget!

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Scratch-Off Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement

Jingle Bells Pregnancy Announcement T-shirts for Mom and Dad

Editable Social Media Holiday Pregnancy Announcement

What could be better than a holiday pregnancy announcement?

December is already one of the most joyous times of the year for many families, and adding in the good news of a baby announcement is sure to send the celebrating to the next level.

In the interim it means lots of fun as you search for unique girl names or boy names for your little one, plan a non toxic nursery, and start imagining what your little one will be like. Longer term, it means years of love and snuggles to come, plus getting started on family Christmas traditions such as stockings, Christmas Eve boxes, crafts, books, and more!

If you’re ready to announce your pregnancy over the holidays, but aren’t sure exactly how to do it, we’ve come up with 19 different holiday pregnancy announcement ideas that are sure to be a lot of fun!

We also tried to think of Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas that are good for all the people you need to share the news with, from your parents and siblings to your BFF.

I hope you find a great way to announce the great news below, and congratulations!

The Best Christmas Baby Announcement Ideas to Share the Great News

Scratch-Off Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement

A product mockup showing a scratch off Christmas card with a custom message.
Scratch off Pregnancy Announcement Christmas cards by TheCardGalleria on Etsy

Surprise your family and friends with your baby announcement by hiding it behind the scratch-off heart on this unassuming Christmas card.

The Christmas card can say “Merry Christmas,” “Joyeux Noel,” or have a personalized message.

The message revealed through the scratch card is personalized, too. And the envelope is available in 17 colors.

This Christmas card is a fun way to share the big news with family and friends around the country and the world, as you don’t have to be together to announce your pregnancy.

Learn more on Etsy

Jingle Bells Pregnancy Announcement T-shirts for Mom and Dad

A set of t-shirts for couples for a Christmas pregnancy announcement. One Tshirt says "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way" and the other Tshirt Says, "Oh What Fun It Is To Say a Baby is On the Way"
Jingle Bells Couples’ Christmas Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirts by TheSassyBride on Etsy

This Christmas pregnancy announcement idea is sure to make a big splash! As the mom and dad to be, you can strut into your next Christmas party wearing your big surprise!

This cute and festive pair of T-shirts will announce the big news for you…if your friends and family are paying enough attention to notice.

The set comes with one t-shirt for the mama to be, and one for the dada to be.

They feature a twist on the classic “Jingle Bells” song and come in unisex sizes and 27 different colors.

While wearing these into a festive party makes for an adorable Christmas pregnancy announcement, 2020 might not be the year to do it that way, and some people may need to think of other ways to announce.

As another ideas, you can wear these t-shirts during a socially distanced photoshoot, and send the photos out as or with a Christmas card.

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Editable Social Media Holiday Pregnancy Announcement

A downloadable social media flat lay to announce a pregnancy at Christmas. The flat lay includes a letter board with a customizable message about the baby, an ultrasound pic, baby shoes, and a onesie, as well as decorative Christmas elements
Editable Christmas Pregnancy Announcement for Social Media by PrintAffection on Etsy

A fun way to announce your exciting news to everyone you know, this download works like a template for you to plug in your own information, like ultrasound pics and family name. You can post the image to any social media account or print them out to hand out at Christmas.

This is just one example of the many, many editable social media templates available on Etsy. Different templates let you reveal different baby news and information, like due date, pics, etc.

These templates are one of the best ways to announce to the wider world, once you’re ready to social media blast your happy news!

Learn More on Etsy

Late Arrival Printable Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

A downloadable template to make an envelop and insert to announce a pregnancy at Christmas. The text on the insert says, Due to Production Time, Your Christmas Present Isn't Expected to Arrive Until July 2019
Late Arrival Christmas pregnancy surprise envelope by InvitedbyCass on Etsy

Loved ones and friends will love this cute and clever announcement that explains the “late arrival” of their oh-so-special Christmas gift this year – the best gift ever!

It comes as an automatic download consisting of an envelope and printable insert. The envelop itself makes it look like a normal Christmas card or gift card envelope, but once your loved one opens it, the insert explains why their Christmas gift will be late: more “production time” is needed.

You can customize it with your own due date, and insert an ultrasound pic to let everyone know the great news!

This is a fun way to announce with family in person, or your can send the announcements off in the mail as a holiday card.

Learn more on Etsy

Sneaky Mug Announcement for a New Grandma/Auntie/etc.

A mug for grandma that says My Favorite People Call Me Nana.
Holiday pregnancy announcement gift mug by LuckTen on Etsy

This pretty mug is a great way to break the news to your mom, mother-in-law, sister, etc.

The top of the mug is written in a sweet scroll text, and says, “My favorite people call me…”. Below, you can customize the text to be Grandma, Nana, Auntie, etc.

Sneaky pregnancy announcements like this are a really fun way to share your baby news, because it will probably take your gift recipient a minute to process what their gift means! Watch them work it out, and then wait for the excited squeals.

Learn more on Etsy

You’re Going to Be a…Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle

A custom wood puzzle that spells the message "You're Going to Be a Dad" when put together
Customized pregnancy announcement puzzle by FJ4LifeCreations on Etsy

Beautifully handcrafted, this wooden puzzle is the perfect way to surprise anyone in your family, especially your significant other, parents, or siblings.

You can customize the puzzle by adding a title like “Dad” or “Grandma”. And there are only 15 pieces, so the suspense won’t last too long.

At first blush, they’ll think they’re getting a rather plain puzzle for the holiday season. Part of the fun will be watching them puzzle it together, until your sneaky Christmas pregnancy announcement reveals itself!

Learn more on Etsy

Surprise Secret Message Eggs Pregnancy Announcements

A collage showing two different styles of Christmas pregnancy announcements in an egg
Message in an Egg pregnancy announcements by BreakTheNews on Etsy

The quizzical stares of your family and friends will be priceless when they find this beautifully hand-painted and decorated egg under their tree this year.

The egg comes packaged in a gift box that instructs them to crack the egg. Once cracked open, a cleverly worded note will share your Christmas pregnancy announcement!

These eggs are super cute, and come in Santa, Snowman, and Gold and Silver versions.

Definitely a super unique way to share the news about your holiday baby!

Learn more on Etsy

New Grandma Necklace

A silver and cubic zirconia necklace with a message card. The card says, "To an Amazing New Grandma - Congratulations! You're Getting Promoted" with a message of encouragement and love about being a grandmother
New Grandma necklaces by KeepSakenJewelry on Etsy

Especially for your mom or mother-in-law, this beautiful necklace comes in five different designs. It comes in a gift box with a pretty flowered background and sweet words to congratulate the “New Grandma” on her “promotion”.

It’s sure to make for a special Christmas baby announcement the new Grandma won’t soon forget!

Learn more on Etsy

Stamped Spoon Announcement

A silver spoon with the words "Grandma to" engraved with an engraved picture of a bee
Grandma to Bee Stamped Spoon by ImpressionsStamped on Etsy

For a unique and creative way to spill the beans to your mom or mother-in-law, this cute spoon is hand stamped with the words “Grandma to……” followed by a bee.

For some extra fun, serve her a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa with the spoon in it, and see how long it takes her to figure it out!

Learn more on Etsy

Custom Wine Label Pregnancy Announcement

An editable and printable wine label to use as a Christmas pregnancy announcement. The label has a Santa Hat and says Coming Soon! Baby Johnston August 2018
Editable Wine Labels by SnowboundPrints on Etsy

This is a great way to make a Christmas baby announcement when you’re off to a holiday dinner at a friends’ or family members’ house. If you usually bring a bottle of wine as a hostess gift, simply cover up the normal wine label with this print at home label, which will announce your pregnancy on the bottle!

This is a downloadable template that allows you to customize and print out baby announcement wine labels at home.

Learn more on Etsy

Family Portrait Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Cards

A caricature family portrait christmas card to announce a pregnancy. The text on the card says, The More, the Merrier! Merry Christmas from our growing family to yours.
Custom family portrait Christmas cards by JadeForestDesign on Etsy

These custom Christmas cards make a fun way to share the great news this holiday season! The cards feature custom caricature-style portraits of you, your growing belly, and your partner. The message on the card will let card recipients know your family is growing – just incase your belly portrait didn’t tip them off.

Simply provide the Etsy seller with pics of everyone you want on the card, and they will create an adorable cartoon version of your family to star in your Christmas pregnancy announcement.

Learn more on Etsy

These Mom and Dad Mugs Are a Sly Way to Share Your Baby News

A set of new Mom and new Dad mugs. Each mug says Mom or Dad in black script lettering. The mugs say Est. 2019 at the bottom, under a heart icon
New Mom and Dad Mugs by BlueSparrowDesignsCo on Etsy

Drop a subtle hint to your whole family on Christmas morning by sipping your coffee from this cute pair of “Mom” and “Dad” mugs, complete with the “Established” date. They come in two sizes and four different colors and are a subtle way to share your happy holidays news!

Learn more on Etsy

Aunt and Uncle Mug Set

A set of new Aunt and Uncle mugs. Each mug says Uncle Mike or Auntie Nicole in black lettering. The mugs say Est. 2020 at the bottom.
New Aunt and Uncle mugs by PrairiePressed on Etsy

Speaking of mugs, this set is a really cute way to share your Christmas pregnancy announcement with your siblings.

Sold as a set, these mugs are printed with “Uncle” or “Auntie” and followed by their name and “established” date.

They are available in two sizes and in either all white or a white and black design.

Learn More on Etsy

Subtle Christmas Pregnancy Announcement T-shirt

A flat lay of a red tshirt, jeans, and white sneakers on a white wood blank background. The red tshirt says Merry Christmas and underneath it says Also, I'm Pregnant
Merry Christmas Also I’m Pregnant t-shirt by PopularTeez on Etsy

This cute and quirky T-shirt will have your whole family taking a second, closer look.

Just below “Merry Christmas” are the words “Also I’m Pregnant”.

You’ll want to place bets on who will notice first!

Wearing this t-shirt in a photo would also be a cute way to share the news via a Christmas card or on your social media.

Learn more on Etsy

Hide Your Christmas Pregnancy Announcement in the Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree ornament with the text No More Silent Nights - Baby Jones Coming 2021
No More Silent Nights Christmas Tree Ornament by LuckTen on Etsy

Add this classy Christmas ornament to your Christmas tree, and invite your friends and family to check out your decorations!

Or order multiple ornaments, and give them as gifts to grandparents-to-be!

You can customize the message for your own family name.

Learn more on Etsy

New Grandparents-to-Be Pregnancy Announcement Photo Frame

A wood photo frame with a bow at the top. On the bottom there is a chalkboard heart with the number 21 written in chalk. Following the heart, it says "weeks until you're grandparents"
Grandparents to Be Photo frame by BoutiqueButterLu on Etsy

This sweet photo frame is the perfect gift to let your parents or in-laws in on the great baby news. There are a multitude of different frame and bow colors to choose from, and it comes with a piece of chalk so that you can write in how many “weeks until you’re grandparents”.

Learn more on Etsy

Share the Happy News with Your Best Friend with This Best Friends Get Promoted to Aunts Gift

A hand lettered sign that says Best Friends Get Promoted to Aunts
Best Friends get Promoted to Aunts by StrongnFreecdn on Etsy

For that one special friend who is more like family, this trendy framed plaque is a great way to share the biggest news of your life. The background comes in at least 15 colors and the frame is made of wood.

Learn more on Etsy

Surprise Your Dad with the Good News with this Grandpa-to-Be Keychain

A circle silver keychain that says The Best Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa
New Grandpa keychain by WickedLovelyShop on Etsy

This little keychain would be the perfect thing to slip into your dad’s or father-in-law’s stocking. The sweet words about being promoted to grandpa will undoubtedly get the message across about your exciting news.

Learn more on Etsy

These Auntie Socks are Perfect to Share the News with Your Sister

Custom personalized wool socks for a new aunt. One sock says "aunt" on the sole, and the other sock is personalized with a name
Aunty Socks by OvertheHeels on Etsy

A fun and original way to let your sister in on your big news, this comfy pair of socks made from a wool and cotton blend are stamped on the bottom. One foot says “Aunt” and the other will be customized with your sister’s name.

Learn more on Etsy

Final Thoughts About Planning a Fun Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

I hope you enjoyed our list of Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas. We’ve tried to come up with lots of fun ways to share your special news of a new little one! If you liked this post, please share!

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