The Best Labor and Delivery Socks to Stay Cozy and Safe

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7 Pairs of Labor and Delivery Socks to Keep You Cozy and Safe During a Long Labor. The Best Labor and Non Skid Socks (Cozy and Non Slip)

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Bodily Cozy Socks

Kindred Bravely Labor & Delivery Socks

Hatch – The Cashmere Sock Bundle

Being in labor and safely delivering a baby is one of the most challenging experiences of many women’s lives.

Take it from me – labor is filled with highs AND lows.

(Mom life is filled with highs and lows, too).

Since labor is already an experience filled with some pretty obvious discomfort, I highly recommend loading up on comfy birthing clothes for during and after to keep you as comfortable as possible, given the circumstance.

Yes, you want some comfy nursing pajamas to wear in hospital or after a c-section. And yes, you’ll love to have some comforts of home and comfy postpartum leggings and nursing tanks in your mom-to-be hospital bag.

But did you also know you might want to pack some special labor socks for your stay in hospital?

I’m guessing not!

Non Skid Socks for Pushing

Labor socks are one of those under-appreciated items that will add a bit of extra comfort, and possibly a little luxe, to your birthing experience.

During pregnancy, and after childbirth, your feet swell and retain water, so you’ll want socks that are stretchy and comfy to keep your feet cozy. (The Bodily Cozy Socks and Kindred Bravely Labor Socks are my top picks!)

While labor delivery wards are generally kept pretty warm, labor is an intense experience for your body, and you may get chilly. Add to that, when your body is contorted to the most comfortable angle to push, your feet may be exposed.

Finally, those tiled floors can be cold and slippery, so having a non skid sole is an important additional feature to look for. This will let you wander your labor room or the hallways without worrying about a slip and fall during this crucial time of your pregnancy. You can also use them as you recover, wandering the halls with your baby in your arms or in a soft baby carrier!

Push socks to the rescue!

Best Labor Socks (for a Baby Shower Gift or to Pack in Your Own Hospital Bag)

It seems like we are not the only ones thinking about comfy feet during labor, since there are a ton of cute labor socks especially designed for the hospital on this special day.

As mentioned above, if we had to choose two favorites, it’d be the Bodily Cozy Socks and the Kindred Bravely Socks. Hatch Collection is a close third, although I wish they were non slip.

Here are all 7 pairs on my list:

Best Pairs of Labor Socks

We’ve rounded up our favorite labor socks for you to include in your mommy-to-be hospital bag, as you get ready for your due date! They also make a cute baby shower gift or small get ready to push present for a friend.

With that in mind, here are 7 pairs of push socks we love, to make the last days of your pregnancy and delivery a little more warm and cozy!

Bodily Cozy Socks

The bottom of a woman's legs and her feet wearing comfy grey non slip socks with the word Bodily
The Bodily Cozy Socks. Photo Courtesy of Bodily and Used with Permission.

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These Bodily non skid socks use a super stretchy cotton blend to accommodate pregnant mom-to-be feet.

Most people’s feet expand and swell after birth, so your regular socks might not cut it. These cozy socks also have grippy, textured soles to make hospital floors safer.

These labor socks also come as part of the Bodily Care for Birth Box, with is a complete care package containing all sorts of items you might need for birth recovery.

Contents of the Bodily Care for Birth birth recovery box against an isolated white background
The Care for Birth Box. Photo Courtesy of Bodily and Used with Permission.

Shop the Socks
Shop Bodily’s Hospital and Birth Recovery Bundles

Kindred Bravely Labor & Delivery Socks

A collage showing 6 different styles of non slip labor and delivery socks from Kindred Bravely
Kindred Bravely’s Labor and Delivery Socks. Sock Photos Courtesy of Kindred Bravely and Used with Permission.

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When your legs are up in stirrups, and you’re ready to push, what better way to bring some smiles to the delivery room than with messages on your feet! These ankle-length, terry-knit socks have cute non-slip phrases on the sole that are perfect for your push day!

My particular favorites are the ‘Keep Calm and Push On’ style, but there are also adorable ‘Baby, You’re Worth It’ messages, and the evergreen ‘If You Can Read This, Rub My Feet’, which will be nice to continue to wear around the house long after your hospital visit!

These labor socks also included in the Kindred Bravely hospital bag bundle which contains a cozy robe, delivery gown, nursing bra, nursing tank, and maternity panties, in fully customizable color combos.

Check Out the Different Designs
See the Hospital Bag Bundle

Hatch – The Cashmere Sock Bundle

One grey and one pink cashmere sock against an isolated background
The Hatch Collection Cashmere Socks. Photo Courtesy of Hatch Collection and Used with Permission.

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For a more luxe feel for labor socks, these Hatch socks promise to be the most comfortable sock you’ll ever own. Made from a suave cashmere, that is oh-so-soft to the touch, they promise to envelop your feet in a cozy warmth throughout your labor. While not non-slip, these ones are sold in a 2-pack, and would be great during maternity nesting and the fourth trimester!

You’ll also find these socks are in the Hatch-to-Hospital Box. The bundle includes all the items moms need to pack for the hospital during your birthing time. It includes: An organic bamboo brief, an organic bamboo nightgown that’s nursing-friendly, a matching organic bamboo robe, and the labor socks.

Contents of the Hatch to Hospital Box Including a Robe, Underwear, Labor Socks and a Shirt
The Hatch Collection Hatch-to-Hospital Box. Photo Courtesy of Hatch Collection and Used with Permission.

Learn More / Shop Hatch Collection

Personalized Baby Name Labor & Push Socks (Etsy)

For a more personal touch, Etsy is the home of handcrafted goodies, and we’ve found a seller who makes labor socks with your baby’s name on them!

Perfect as a baby shower gift, these personalized labor delivery ankle socks are stretchy and made from a cotton blend.

The text isn’t non-slip, as the other options are, but they are still super cute.

See the Socks and Read Reviews

BabyBeMineMaternity Socks

BabyBeMine has a range on both Etsy, and Amazon of cute non skid socks. Similar to the labor socks, they are an ankle height, with a soft, warm cotton blend that will keep your feet snug.

I love the range of designs, especially the Ready Set Push socks!

But there is also the cute ‘I’m going to be a mommy today!’ for excited first-time moms, and a questioning Girl?/Boy? for each foot, for those who are having a baby whose sex is a surprise.

See on Etsy

Zmart Labor and Delivery Socks

Zmart, an Amazon shop, have a huge range of labor socks.

Each style is an ankle height, stretchy blend, that has a cushioned soft sole and a thinner, more breathable upper. Each pair of socks has an adorable baby-themed message on the bottom written in a non-skid material.

The fun part will be choosing which of the cute phrases to add humor and smiles to the labor delivery room. There are cute, ‘It’s a boy/girl!’, but also more amusing styles, with one homage to the 90s Salt-n-Pepa song – ‘Push It Real Good!’

Learn More and Read Reviews

Kate Aspen Labor & Delivery Hospital Set

These socks come in an adorable set. In addition to the socks, you’ll get an eye-mask, water bottle, makeup bag, hairband, and hair ties.

The socks themselves are white knit with pink trims. They have a gold foil print on bottom that reads ‘If you can read this’ on one sock and ‘I’m about to have a baby!’ on the other sock.

This set would make a lovely gift at a baby shower for another mommy-to-be.

Learn More and Read Reviews

Final Thoughts on Labor Socks

I hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of labor socks. Make sure to pack a pair or two in your hospital bag!

They also make a great baby shower gift for any other moms-to-be that you know, too.

Whichever pair you choose, they’re sure to keep your feet toasty and comfy during the big day!

If you love this idea and want to share this article with other moms or pregnant friends, please do so!

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