The Best New Mom Subscription Box (For Yourself or For a Gift!)

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The best new mom subscription box for every type of mama. Feast your eyes on 17 awesome subscription boxes for new moms and soon-to-be moms.

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Oh Baby Boxes

Mother Snacker

Mama Needs Box

Being pregnant, giving birth (or having a c-section) and transitioning to #momlife is no walk in the park.

I’m not going to lie – getting through that first month (and year) of motherhood is hard. My mind was constantly going as I tried to figure it all out. I had to figure out breastfeeding and the safest baby bottle. And I took on greening my cleaning routine and found organic shampoo and natural lotion for my daughter.

It was … a lot!

Having small luxuries to look forward to went a long way. Seriously good baked goods, awesome coffee, healthy yet yummy snacks, comfy postpartum pajamas, and super soft and supportive postpartum leggings. Those were some of the tiny everyday luxuries I loved during the fourth trimester.

I also loved occasional additional treats to stay sane during those bleary eyed, sleep deprived days. And the long nights punctuated with crying. So. Much. Crying.

While I loved my kid immediately, I also missed my pre-mom life like crazy. And having a few treats to get me through the adjustment was actually pretty huge.

Back in the olden days, mamas had to go to the store to get treats. Or choose from a bajillion things online, doing some endless scrolling to find the perfect thing. Who has time for that?

These days, you can simply sign up for a new mom subscription box.

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. They deliver a curated selection of treats to your door each month. And offer a surprise and delight to weary mamas who need a bit of me time.

Different subscription boxes have different themes. Some are exclusively for mama (i.e. awesome snacks and treats, care items, accessories and beauty products, etc). And some include items for baby and mom.

Maybe you’re a new mom looking to treat yourself. Or you want to find the perfect gift for a new mom in your life. Either way, subscription boxes tailored to mamas are a great option.

Below, I’ve outlined some of the best subscription boxes I could find for moms and new parents! Enjoy!

Best Subscription Boxes for New Moms

I found 17 subscription boxes that I think would make a great gift (for yourself or someone you know) for a new mom. I haven’t chosen a “best” subscription box, because honestly a lot of them are unique and cool in their own way, and I think come down to personal preference.

Best New Mom Subscription Box for Every Type of Mama

Oh Baby Boxes

Made with a huge variety of high-quality, natural, full-sized products, these boxes can be tailored for different stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

Each Oh Baby Box comes with anywhere from seven to nine items. They vary from wellness to skincare to postpartum wear and more.

They come in adorable packaging and include various items like jewelry, face masks, chapstick, baby items, tea and clothing to make your pregnancy and transition to postpartum life even brighter.

Oh Baby Box sends packages on the 15th of every month. They’re packed according to a timeline based on your due date, so you can be sure they’re relevant.

They can be shipped outside of the US, and shipping within the US is free.

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Mother Snacker

Packed with the mindset that every mama deserves a little indulgence and encouragement, these boxes focus on delicious artisan sweet treats along with daily essentials and inspiration.

Mother Snacker boxes offer their subscription in three, six and twelve month subscriptions, as well as one-time gift boxes. The boxes are classy and well-designed. They are not only for pregnant and new mamas but would also be great for moms of all ages at all stages, even moms with older kids.

Expect hand-made treats like gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels, salted caramel, and hazelnut toffee with pink Himalayan salt. Sounds like the perfect reward for the daily effort that is required from every mom!

The company pairs these treats with useful and fun products. Think cute water bottles, inspirational notes about motherhood, and encouraging books. Your goodies will ship on the 15th of each month, and they ship for free within the US and at a flat rate to Canada.

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Mama Needs Box

Each of these boxes includes four to six items that all correlate to a monthly theme which makes each box exciting and unique.

Mama Needs boxes are offered as a one-time gift or a month-to-month subscription. Every month will feature a fun and inspiring theme for your box, such as a summer box for June that includes cute hair ties, sunglasses and sunscreen, or a pink-themed box for October featuring breast cancer awareness and self-care.

The variety of products is wide, ranging from soaps and lotions to sweet treats, tea and even cute kitchen utensils and meal-planning help.

Additionally, each box includes a free Spotify playlist that goes along with that month’s theme. Currently, these boxes are only shipped within the US.

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Cater to Mom

These boxes are geared specifically toward new moms, offering some pampering and inspiration during those challenging months of postpartum.

Each box will have a specific theme and be packed with all-natural, organic, cruelty-free and vegan products.

They are well thought-out, like the sleep-themed box that provides information on sleep-training your little one as well as products to promote relaxation and rest for mama.

The items that come in the boxes are unique and high-quality, varying from natural soaps and nipple creams to learning resources, cookbooks and treats.

It can be shipped worldwide from within the US and is sent out on the 18th of each month.

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Queen and Baby Box

Tailored especially for breastfeeding moms, this box subscription features every-day breastfeeding needs from well-known brands plus a few extras to make you feel pampered.

Geared towards rejuvenating and encouraging mamas, the Queen and Baby boxes are shipped out monthly. Every box contains breastfeeding supplies like breastmilk storage bags, cleansing wipes, bra pads and nipple cream from trusted brands like Lansinoh and Medela.

As a bonus, extra treats like tea and lactation cookies, resources and inspiration to meet your goals are included. And it also offers you access to a private Facebook community and a peer lactation consultant.

These boxes currently only ship within the US and are sent out around the fourth of every month.

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New moms know how hard it is to stick to healthy snacking in the midst of motherhood chaos, and this subscription box is stuffed to the brim with unique and delicious healthy snacks every month.

SnackSack hand-picks 11-15 healthy snacks for each box, all of which are based on natural, clean ingredients without all the artificial stuff. Every month is different and will be based on seasonal themes and flavors

Just because they’re healthy doesn’t mean they lack flavor or quality. You’ll find interesting and yummy items like popped Chickpeatos, dried cherries, energy bars, ginger chews and real fruit snacks.

You can choose from four different subscription types: Classic, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Work Place. This box ships out on the 18th of every month and currently only ships within the US.

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Laurel and Reed

With lots of kudos toward their beautiful presentation and high-quality products, the Laurel and Reed boxes come with just a few full-sized all-natural beauty products that are meant to keep you glowing.

You can either buy Laurel and Reed as a one-time gift or get a monthly subscription with a new box being sent out on the 15th of every month.

The products are all cruelty-free and non-toxic so that each month you can try out new, clean beauty products like creams, masks, oils and cleansers without worrying about putting harsh chemicals on your skin.

Some of the past boxes have featured products from One Love Organics, Pure Alchemy, Sahajan, Earthwise Beauty and Lavido, just to name a few.

These boxes can be shipped worldwide from within the US.

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New Mommy Box!

Packed with both full-size and travel-sized products for both mom and baby, these boxes are stuffed to the brim and focus on organic, natural goodies and supplies.

The New Mommy Box! can be ordered at any point during your pregnancy or after your baby arrives and they will tailor your monthly box to accommodate you and your baby’s current stage. Each box ships out on the 15th of every month.

Especially great for breastfeeding mamas, they feature products like organic nipple cream, bra pads, breastfeeding teas and snacks and breastmilk storage bags. And for baby, you will receive anything from onesies to snacks, pacifiers, diapers, wipes and organic soaps and lotions from trusted brands like Seventh Generation.

This box can be shipped worldwide from the US.

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Crunchy Mama Box

With an emphasis on holistic wellness, all-natural, organic products and mental health, this subscription is well-rounded and packed with a huge variety of eco-friendly goodies.

Each Crunchy Mama box is shipped on the 3rd of every month and is full of products curated by a holistic health and wellness coach and mother of three. Many of the items are from companies who are owned by women, prioritize the environment or are small start-ups.

Inside each box you will find anything from snacks to beauty care, inspiration, resources and essential oils that all coordinate with a monthly theme.

The Solstice box celebrated summer with items like lip sunscreen, hair scrunchies, organic Moringa powder with an accompanying recipe book and cute wooden sunglasses, just to name a few.

These boxes can be shipped worldwide, with free shipping within the US.

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Moms + Babes

Each box from Moms + Babes contains at least six full-sized natural products for both mom and baby. They are shipped quarterly, so you will receive one box every three months.

Not only do the Moms and Babes boxes come with beauty products and goodies for mama but they are also packed with either baby or toddler items that cover the gamut from cradle cap treatment to little toys and puzzles.

The wide variety of items is what makes this box special. Some examples include Aveeno sunscreen, hair ties, cute makeup bags, bath bombs, journals and vitamins.

This box will ship worldwide from the US.

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Simple Statement Jewelry Co.

For any mama who loves beautiful, minimalist jewelry, this box subscription is not only affordable but will also deliver four pieces of surprisingly high-quality jewelry in each box.

Simple Statement Jewelry Co boxes ship monthly on the 15th and are curated to your taste according to your preferred color tone. You can pick from silver, rose gold and gold, or “surprise me” for more of a variety.

All of the pieces are made from durable stainless steel with either 14K gold plating or real silver plating.

The pieces are all trendy and tasteful, with a flair for simplistic but beautiful designs. It is incredibly affordable and can ship worldwide with free shipping within the US.

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The Boobie Box

True to its name, this subscription box is loaded with products that help to nourish, rejuvenate and spoil breastfeeding moms with plenty of extras for your little sidekick.

The Boobie Boxes arrive monthly and are shipped out on the fifth of every month. They are curated by a certified lactation consultant and mom of two who can relate to any breastfeeding plight.

With this subscription, you will receive products from trusted brands like Oatmama, Bamboobies and Milkmakers. Enjoy treats like lactation cookies, energy bars, water bottles, supplements and breastfeeding supplies.

They also include useful products for your little one like all-natural pacifier clips, teethers and onesies.

And if you have an allergy, Boobie Box can work with you. They are able to work around allergies to soy, gluten, dairy and eggs.

These boxes ship worldwide from the US.

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Ecocentric Mom

A delightful organic mix of practical and luxurious products, this box has you covered from your pregnancy all the way through your child’s toddler years.

Each Ecocentric Mom box will contain two to three products for mama and two to three products for either your bump or your little one, and they will accommodate each stage of development.

All of the products are organic, and many of them are small-batch production which makes them feel even more unique and luxurious.

These boxes ship out on the tenth of every month and feature items like tea, bath salt, belly bands, beauty products, snacks and swaddling blankets.

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Maziwa Tribe

Curated by a breastfeeding mom who also happens to be a licensed lactation counselor and therapist, this subscription box is centered on support and mental well-being with plenty of extras.

The Maziwa Tribe Box has lots of fans! Customers love the chocolate breastfeeding supplement drink along with convenient extras like breastfeeding supplies and cute onesies.

The inspirational cards are filled with positive messages that will encourage you to stay strong even on the most challenging days. And thoughtful gifts like journals, bath bombs and meditation stones will help keep you focused on self-care.

This box is monthly and ships worldwide with free shipping inside the US.

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Mama Bird Box

Especially great for expecting mamas and brand new mamas, this box features a handful of modern, organic items that will help you feel pampered and prepared.

Each Mama Bird box contains between four and six products, and they vary from essentials to luxury items and cool and quirky extras.

You can expect unique products like a dead sea mud mask, natural body washes and lotions, nutritional supplements, makeup, hairbands and healthy snacks, just to name a few.

These boxes arrive monthly and can be shipped worldwide.

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Power Mama Post

When words of reassurance are worth much more than things, this is the subscription you want with beautifully designed postcards that deliver a monthly dose of support.

Simple and brilliant, each Power Mama Post postcard is unique and creatively designed. They feature no-nonsense words of encouragement and inspirational quotes to give a little mental boost to tired mamas.

Power Mama Post sends them out on the 11th of each month. They’re shipped worldwide from Canada.

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Lena Rose Gift Box

Touted as super thoughtful and well-curated for both expecting moms and new moms, this box delivers on both the physical and mental well-being of mama and her baby.

You can send The Lena Rose box as a one-time gift or as a continuous monthly subscription based on due date. If you get a monthly box, each one will ship out on the fourth of each month with care items and products aligning to your stage of pregnancy or postpartum.

These boxes include all-natural products from both well-known brands like Burt’s Bees and lesser known home-grown ones. They include everything from books and magazines to teas, coffee mugs, creams, bath bombs, clothes and baby products.

This box currently only ships within the US.

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Final Thoughts on Finding the Best New Mom Subscription Box

Obviously there’s a huge variety of products in each of these subscription boxes – the trick is to find something that best suits your own needs!

I hope you enjoyed my curated list – if you know a new mom, or someone who is shopping for a new mom, please share this article with them!

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