14 Sustainable Subscription Box Ideas for a Greener Lifestyle

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The best eco-friendly and sustainable subscription box for your home and family, or to gift. Full of eco-friendly, sustainable products to try.

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Let’s face it – we all want to do something better for the environment these days! That said, we don’t always have the time to hunt down eco friendly products.

So when I came across an eco subscription box that comes directly to my door? I did a happy dance for the planet, and knew I had to share the good news.

What better way to discover new and innovative products? To make our homes and lifestyles more Earth friendly and sustainable? Some eco friendly purchases – such as a new organic mattress or choosing the best biodegradable diapers – take some research and time. But subscription boxes let you make small changes, without too much work, one subscription at a time. Sign me up!

There are so many subscription box options to choose from. Below, I’ve rounded up the ones I think are best. While each is unique and different, there are common themes: zero waste; plastic-free; organic; fair trade; natural (or all of those things!)

Some box types are also tailored to different lifestyles. Some are wellness-focused, others have beauty or skincare products, and some are great all-rounders – with a mixture of home decor and self care products included.

Eco friendly subscription boxes are a lovely treat to yourself, but also make lovely gift boxes to other families and friends too. What better way to encourage them on a more natural lifestyle too!

Below, I’ve outlined some of the best eco friendly subscription boxes I could find for a more natural lifestyle. Check them out!

14 Sustainable & Eco Friendly Subscription Boxes to Green Up Your Life

#1 Earthlove Subscription Box 

A birds eye view of the EarthLove sustainable subscription box. The photo shows an example of products included in the box, including wooden brushes for cleaning, beauty products, kitchen products, and more.
Earth Love is eco-luxe subscription box containing 6 to 8 full size eco friendly products, valued at $120+. Products include items like snacks and drinks, wellness, beauty, home and garden, and apparel and accessories. Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

The Earthlove Subscription box is a great discovery box for those wanting to be more mindful of the Earth and more environmentally friendly. 

EarthLove packs each plastic-free box with full-sized eco friendly products that fit seamlessly into your life. You can expect the best vegan and cruelty free brands, plus a magazine with practical eco-tips and earth wisdom.

You can order a vegan friendly or ‘beegan’ version of the boxes. The vegan option is fully vegan, so there are no animal products in the box. The beegan option includes vegan products. However, it also beeswax and honey products that have been sustainably sourced from ethical beekeepers. 

These boxes ship with carbon-neutral shipping and can be ordered worldwide. Proceeds from every natural subscription box support an environmental cause, too!

EarthLove ships this organic subscription box quarterly. They pack it with seasonal plant based (and bee based) goodies covering apparel, home, wellness, beauty and more.

Lovely for yourself, or sent as gift boxes!

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#2 KIWI Eco Subscription Box Subscription Box

A birds eye photo of the KIWI Love eco friendly subscription box. The photo shows an example of products included in a box, such as zero plastic cotton swabs, stainless steel straws, and beeswax wraps for food storage.
Each KIWI subscription box contains 5 to 6 products, sent monthly to your door. Items span cleaning, food storage, beauty and personal care, and more, and all items are biodegradable, compostable or zero waste. Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

The KIWI zero waste subscription box makes living waste-free easy! In each subscription box you receive a personal supply of all natural products. Boxes include product for cleaning, storing food, personal care, and traveling. And they’re sent once per month to help you reduce plastic and single use products in your daily life.

Each of the five to six items you get monthly are biodegradable and compostable. Or they’re designed for long term use, from scrubbing brushes and bamboo toothbrushes, to reusable menstrual pads. Plus you can contact the company (in advance of shipping) if you want items swapped. 

Kiwi eco friendly subscription boxes ship monthly and can be ordered worldwide.

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#3 greenUP Box Subscription Box 

A product photo showing a GreenUP subscription box against an isolated background. The box is open and filled with products such as solid shampoo, wooden tooth brush, zero waste scrub pads, and more.
Shipped 6 times per year, each GreenUp box contains 4 to 7 products you can swap out for a common plastic product, letting you reduce your everyday plastic use easily. Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

The greenUP eco friendly subscription boxes are a great way to try to live a more sustainable life, as each promises to help you ‘Say goodbye to plastic and hello zero waste!’

Each greenup box contains between four and seven of the best plastic reducing swaps and is carefully curated around a theme to reduce plastic waste in one area of your life at a time. From ‘the kitchen box’ to the ‘plastic-free grocery box’, they have unique ideas and items to help live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Items include things from natural loofahs, to reusable travel coffee cups and bamboo kitchen tools. They are also beegan friendly, with vegan swaps available for each box if you prefer.

These eco friendly boxes ship bi-monthly. The greenup box is currently only available in the US. 

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#4 Healthy Home Care Subscription Box

A photo showing a selection of products contained within the Healthy Home-Care subscription box. Products include solid soaps, loofahs, bags, etc.
A monthly subscription box that sends you chemical free and non toxic swaps for common household products and cleaners. Create a healthier home, without spending all your time DIYing cleaners! Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

If you love a clean home, then the Healthy Home Care box may be for you! It contains a whole host of eco friendly products, without the harmful toxins and chemicals like phthalates and VOCs which are found in conventional cleaners.

This monthly subscription box allows you to make your home clean and fresh naturally, without the time and effort of making the cleaning products yourself – and as busy parents know, any time-saving hack is welcome!

Healthy home products are great if you have little ones, as you can be sure they won’t be exposed to the nasty toxins, and chemicals found in regular cleaning products like dishwasher detergents, dish soap, dryer sheets, and stain removers. Plus these smell great (or are fragrance free) too!

This zero-waste cleaning products subscription box ships every month and is available to be shipped worldwide.

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#5 Eco-friendly Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Set Subscription Box 

With this monthly subscription box, you receive a shampoo and conditioner bar each month. These bars are great as they are solid lumps that use zero plastic! They come in a tin can, which is perfect for travel. The unique and natural scents are delicious, and each month you get a new smell to enjoy (with no repeats in the course of a year).

As well as being great for your hair, the shampoo bars can also be used to soften your hairs on legs, underarms, and bikini line for a smooth shave.

The conditioner bar saves the plastic of up to five conditioner bottles and leaves your hair soft and shiny. For little kid hair, it will help reduce your use of detangler too.

These clean beauty boxes ship each month and have savings when you order a long-term plan. Currently, this subscription is only available within the US.

You also help others as 10% of each subscription box proceeds are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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#6 Olsen+Olsen Subscription Box 

A birds eye view of products contained within Olsen + Olsen monthly subscription boxes.
Olsen + Olsen monthly subscriptions contain beeswax food wraps and other products that reduce waste in your day to day life. Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

Olsen + Olsen’s eco boxes are made to reduce the use of plastic in the kitchen. Made with organic ingredients, their wraps replace plastic film as a versatile zero-waste solution for sustainable food storage.

You will receive new beeswax wraps with prints that match the theme of the seasons in each organic monthly box.

They ship every month and are available worldwide.  

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#7 Essentials Crate Subscription Box 

A product photo showing The Essentials Crate subscription box against an isolated white background. The photo shows the box and products contained within, including wooden scrub brushes, loofah sponges, beauty creams and products, bamboo towels, and more
The Essentials Crate is an eco friendly and sustainable subscription box that contains household, wellness, and personal care products. Each box contains 3 to 5 full size items, and box value is typically $75+. Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

The Essentials Crate Box delivers eco-conscious products to your home each month.  Each box contains between three and five premium, full-size items, which are either for cleaning around the home, personal care, beauty, and wellness.

All products are carefully curated. Additionally, they represent ethical, trusted brands using non-toxic and sustainable materials and ingredients. That means everything in the box is kinder to nature – and your home and kids – than more conventional alternatives.

These boxes ship in eco-friendly packaging monthly, but within the US only. For each eco friendly subscription box you order, the company makes a donation to help fund a new nonprofit organization.

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#8 Nature’s Wellness Box Subscription Box 

A lifestyle photo showing a woman with a cup of tea sitting cross legged on the floor. Beside her sits a Nature's Wellness Box subscription box, with contents such as tea, beauty products, and aromatherapy products.
The Nature’s Wellness box is an aromatherapy focused box delivering 5 to 7 full sized non-toxic, natural, and vegan products every month. All products are made in Canada, and each box contains a minimum $80 worth of products. Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

If you love aromatherapy and using essential oils, then you’ll adore the Nature’s Wellness Subscription Box. Made in Canada, using locally sourced, natural products, each self care box includes hand-selected, vegan goodies to your doorstep each month.

Within the box, you’ll find between five and seven full-sized items, which promise to be 100% non-toxic, cruelty-free, and made in Canada.

With aromatherapy at the heart of each curation, each contains a relaxing scented product, made with pure grade essential oils. 

They are beegan friendly, with vegan swaps available. This all natural subscription box ships each month and is available worldwide. 

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#9 Life Without Plastic Subscription Box Subscription Box 

A birds eye view of the Life Without Plastic sustainable subscription box. The photo shows zero waste products contained within the bixt, including a stainless steel waterbottle, a metal soap pump top, a wooden brush , and solid soap
The Life Without Plastic sustainable subscription box sends a range of products to your door every season, making it easier to achieve a zero waste lifestyle. Each quarterly eco friendly discovery box contains 6 to 8 items. Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

Life Without Plastic discovery box ships quarterly, and packs each box with 6 to 8 plastic-free items ranging from durable goods to personal care items. These boxes are not only made to deliver sustainable goodies to your life, but also to educate you on how easy and possible it is to live with less plastic. 

This green subscription box includes curated items from unique suppliers from around the globe. Everything is safe, plastic-free, ethically-sourced and earth friendly.

These eco friendly subscription boxes ship quarterly and are available worldwide. The company makes a donation to an organization fighting plastic pollution with every box sold.

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#10 Sample Monday’s Subscription Box

A birds eye view of products included in the Sample Monday's eco friendly subscription box. Products include a wool dish sponge, a dish block, organic facial sponges, beauty products and a notebook.
Sample Mondays is a lifestyle subscription box containing top quality sustainable lifestyle products that are 98% made in the USA. Each box contains 7-10 full-sized lifestyle products, including items in personal care, stationary, beauty, snacks and home goods. Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

Sample Mondays deliver their boxes seasonally, and each contains 7 to 10 high-quality sustainable products for both home and beauty, along with some edible treats too. As a bonus, 98% of the products in each box are made in the USA.

The carefully curated products are clean, cruelty-free, organic, and vegan.

Sample Mondays eco friendly subscription boxes ship quarterly. They are available worldwide (shipped from the US).

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#11 The-Dashing-Squad Subscription Box 

A birds eye photo of the contents of a Dashing Squad eco friendly subscription box for moms and babies. Products include deodorant, soap, a baby toy that looks like a carrot, makeup remover, and more.
The Dashing Squad subscription box is an organic and eco friendly Mommy and Me Box. Boxes ship every two months. Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

This adorable eco friendly subscription box is great for sharing with your little one too! They mix a variety of trendy and unique clothing for babies and treats for mom for an organic and eco-friendly bi-monthly subscription.

This is a great new mom subscription box, and an ideal option to share with your babies and toddlers, and ranges from 6 months and goes up to a size 5T, and even has an option for expectant mommas too!

These boxes ship every 2 months (or every 3 months for the mom-to-be version) and are available worldwide.

If you have bigger kids at home too, Green Kid Crafts is a nice add on to keep toddlers and older kids busy learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math.

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#12 Planet Post Subscription Box

A product photo showing a PlanetPost subscription box filled with products, including bamboo paper towels, tea, canvas bags, net bags for groceries, pens, and postcards and envelopes.
Planet Post is an eco-activist subscription box that contains 3 to 4 eco friendly products tailored to reducing your personal waste and CO2 footprint, as well as postcards, stamps, addresses, and info that lets you easily engage your local representatives about an important environmental issue. Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

If you not only want to use eco-friendly products but enforce a greener planet too, then check out the Planet Post subscription box.

As well as packing in 3-4 great eco-conscious, green goodies, each box contains 10 postcards and stamps for a monthly eco mission. These informative cards have easy to understand infographics about green planetary issues, plus links to videos and research.

With this, you can become active in getting your voice heard as a spokesperson for the planet, and be able to engage with your representatives on crucial issues like fossil fuels or the Climate Crisis.

This is one of the best eco friendly subscription boxes if you want to get started with activism. The box ships out every month, but is only available within the United States. The company also donates 10% of proceeds from each box to an environmental non-profit working on that month’s mission.

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#13 Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

A birds eye photo of products contained within the Ecocentric Mom subscription box. Products include a belly band, bath salts, pregnancy tea, beauty products, and a snack.
Each Ecocentric Mom box contains 4 to 6 natural and eco friendly products for pregnancy and life as a new mom with a baby. Boxes can be matched to stage in pregnancy or baby age (up to 24 months). Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

The Ecocentric Mom subscription box contains a variety of beauty and wellness products. Boxes are great for mammas, from bump to toddler. They can be tailored to the stage you’re at.

Each box includes between four and six products per month, with some being for mom, and others for baby.

From healthy snacks and clean beauty products, to tummy bands and home goods, the carefully curated range also makes a great self care gift for friends and family who are new mothers too. If the new mom has a busy toddler and new baby at home, consider adding a subscription box for toddlers, too!

Each eco friendly subscription box ships monthly. And good news for Canadians, Ecocentric Mom is available in both Canada and the US.

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#14 Love Goodly Subscription Box

A birds eye photo of products contained within the Love Goodly cruelty free and non toxic beauty subscription box. Products pictured show mascara, eye masks, a charcoal sponge, and a serum.
Love Goodly is a beauty, wellness, and lifestyle subscription box containing cruelty-free, vegan, eco friendly, and non toxic products. Each box contains up to $100+ in retail value, and they ship every other month. Image courtesy of CrateJoy and used with permission.

The Love Goodly subscription beauty box contains a selection of cruelty free and vegan beauty products. The company delivers every two months, and you can expect make up and skin supplies, and wellness products, too.

Love Goodly is one of the best eco friendly subscription box choices for those who want to look good and do good for the planet too! It’s a nice gift for new moms who are struggling to negotiate their new identity as mamma, as the beauty products are a reminder that their old self is still in there!

Love Goodly offers free shipping. They deliver bi-monthly to the US and Canada.

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Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Monthly Subscription Box Options

As always, thanks for joining us on this great round-up of eco friendly subscription boxes. 

I hope it’s been useful. And I hope you found a monthly box that’s a perfect addition to your home and life. The hardest part is deciding which box to order!

If you know other parents who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, or anyone who would love an eco friendly subscription box, please share this article with them!

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