Best Organic Kids Mattress for 2024: 21 Organic Twin Mattresses for Kids

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UPDATED: April 10, 2024

Best Organic Kids Mattress for Every Family. Non Toxic, Natural and Organic Twin Mattress Brands and Larger, Best Suited for Kids.

Why Buy an Organic Kids Mattress?

Sleep is so very important to kids. And for any parent who has put a hyperactive monster to bed one night, only to awaken the next morning to a sweet angel of a child, it’s perfectly clear.

Sleep is a critical process to babies and toddlers of course, but big kids need their quality sleep as well.

It was important to me that when we were switching from a crib or toddler bed to a big kid bed, we continued to provide a safe and healthy sleep in said big kid bed!

My daughter slept on a Naturepedic crib mattress as a baby, and we now also have an organic twin mattress for her big kid bed.

I really believe a non toxic mattress is best for her, and for all kids, so that I want to talk about in this post.

My Personal Experience Using These Organic Mattresses

Of the organic mattress brands I’ve included on my Top 3, I’ve personally owned and tried 2 of them: Happsy (Happsy Mattress with Organic Topper) and Naturepedic (the 2-in-1). I have not tried an Avocado mattress, or the other brands further down on this list (the alternatives that aren’t in my top 3).

My original article was based entirely on research. Based on that research, I chose the Naturepedic (Verse and 2-in-1), Happsy Mattress, and the Avocado (Avocado Green, Latex, and Vegan) as my top organic mattresses for families.

After my top 3 organic mattresses, I reached out to each company and asked if they would be interested in providing me with a mattress to test, so I can also offer my personal experiences. I asked Naturepedic, Happsy, and Avocado for a test mattress. I heard back from both Naturepedic and Happsy, and they provided me with a mattress in exchange for sharing my personal opinion and experiences (I didn’t hear back from Avocado).

It’s also worth noting I also previously bought a Naturepedic breathable crib mattress for my daughter, paying full retail, because I really and truly like and believe in their products.

All of this is to say: yes Happsy and Naturepedic provided me with a free mattress. But no it didn’t impact my opinion of these brands.

I chose them as winners long before I was able to test the mattresses, and had previously purchased a Naturepedic crib mattress, paying full retail to do so. Additionally, the fact that I didn’t receive a mattress to test from Avocado doesn’t change my opinion of them – I still think they’re a fantastic brand well worth looking at for your family. I just don’t have personal experience and color I can add in that section.

In general, kids spend far more time asleep than adult (jealous). And the amount of time kids spend in direct contact with their mattress makes them more vulnerable.

Add to that, kids systems are still developing. This makes their organs and bodily functions more vulnerable to disruption from environmental chemicals. And to any potentially harmful chemicals hiding within their mattress.

Close up of the quilted top on a Naturepedic organic twin mattress
Close up of our Naturepedic kids organic mattress, which is non-toxic and uses organic cotton

Kids spend up to half their days in direct contact with their mattress. That means buying a kids mattress is an incredibly important parenting choice. Choosing a healthy, organic kids mattress helps keep your child safe. And ensures they have a healthy, supportive sleep as they grow.

With that in mind, I wanted to do a deep dive into organic kids mattress choices. I wanted to figure out what’s the best twin mattress for kids on the market, specifically looking at the best eco friendly and organic kids mattress. And I wanted to find options across a range of different budgets.

Organic, Non-Toxic and Sustainable Mattresses from Twin to California King

While I expect an organic twin mattress will work for most families, all of these choices also come as an organic full size mattress, too, and some come in Queen and King size as well.

I’m currently sleeping on a Happsy King mattress and I love it.

My Top 3 Organic Mattress Brands / Organic Twin Mattress Brands for Kids

I truly believe all of the mattresses I’ve listed in this article are safe, healthy choices.

When I first started the research for this article, I had way more than 21 kids mattresses on the list. However, I frequently found something wrong with them.

And if I didn’t feel comfortable putting my own daughter to sleep on a mattress? Or sleeping on it myself, for that matter? I left it off this list.

While I think all the mattresses on this list are good, some of them are truly excellent.

Those include Naturepedic (Verse and 2-in-1), Happsy Mattress, and Avocado (Avocado Green, Latex, and Vegan). In my opinion, these 3 brands have really set the gold standard for safe organic mattresses. As noted above, I sleep on a Happsy Mattress myself, and we have a Naturepedic 2-in-1 for my daughter.

These 3 brands are the only mattress brands to have achieved the MADE SAFE® certification. (They also have other certifications, such as Greenguard Gold, Formaldehyde Free, GOTS, GOLS, Oeko Tex, etc).

MADE SAFE® is a rigorous certification. It only allows the use of materials that are safe for humans, animals and ecosystems. Products can’t contain any of the harmful substances on the MADE SAFE® ingredient database. Nor can they release harmful substances (such as gases, VOCs, etc).

At the time of writing only 3 mattress brands in the world have achieved the MADE SAFE® certification. Which is why Naturepedic, Avocado Green, and Happsy mattresses sit in my top 5 organic mattresses for kids.

MADE SAFE® Certified Organic Mattresses

  1. Naturepedic Verse
  2. Naturepedic 2-in-1 (this is what my daughter has)
  3. Avocado Green Mattress (the vegan version is also MADE SAFE® Certified)
  4. Avocado Latex Mattress
  5. Happsy Mattress

The Best Organic Children’s Mattress

Table of Contents

Based on my own research, I’m convinced a natural and organic mattress is the best choice for kids mattresses. (It’s best for adults, too. Previously, organic mattresses were cost prohibitive but in my experience the Happsy is around the same pricing as other popular “bed in a box” brands, making it more attainable now for every member of the family).

Close up of happsy organic mattress. Available as an organic twin mattress
Close up of our Happsy mattress on my bed at home. It’s pictured without the mattress topper, but I do use it with a mattress topper (I’m a side sleeper).

By organic, I mean using as many organic materials as possible. Some “organic” mattresses aren’t 100% organic. This is because of the materials used. Stainless steel coils, for example, are not organic – that doesn’t mean they’re bad! However, some mattresses are entirely organic, especially if you choose a natural latex mattress.

Truly natural mattresses don’t emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), don’t contain fire retardant chemicals, and use non toxic materials, including small details like azo-free inks. This is good news for your kid and the planet. And it stands in direct contrast to polyurethane foam, memory foam and “green” foam mattresses.

Our daughter slept on a Naturepedic Breathable crib mattress in a toddler bed. (We’ve also tried the Newton Baby breathable crib mattress, and the Organic Dream crib mattress, which are two more great choices in my opinion).

When it came time to transition her from her organic crib mattress, we decided to keep her on an organic or non toxic twin mattress or larger. That was my inspiration for researching this article, in fact: finding the best twin organic mattress for my own daughter!

Two Naturepedic organic mattresses side by side, including the Breathable Crib mattress without a cover and a 2-in-1 organic twin mattress with the quilted side up
The kids Naturepedic mattresses we own personally: top is the Breathable crib mattress, pictured without the cover. Bottom is the 2-in-1 organic twin mattress, pictured quilted side up.

The job of finding a healthy kids mattress or organic twin mattress got me thinking and researching a lot, and we ended up getting this new organic mattress for my daughter, but also for my husband and I. We switched from a foam bed-in-a-box to a Happsy, and it’s been a sleep-improving and pain-reducing decision for us.

If you’re ready to make the healthiest possible choice for your kids mattresses, keep reading. Below, I’ve curated a list of the best non toxic mattress for kids.

How I Curated This List

I originally wrote this article in March 2021. Back then, this piece was originally based on my own personal research, not by testing the mattresses out personally. I applied my knowledge about crib mattresses, fire retardants, VOCs and latex. And I dug in to figure out which organic twin mattress brands are really organic. And which are engaging in greenwashing.

I only included “the good ones” on this list. That means mattresses I think are truly healthy choices for a kids mattress. And favoring companies that have a healthy dose of transparency.

In 2021, I concluded that Naturepedic, Happsy, and Avocado were the best choices for most families.

As noted above, one year later (in 2022), I reached out to my top choices (Naturepedic, Happsy and Avocado), to see if they’d be interested in providing a mattress for me to review, so I can add our own personal experience into this article. Both Naturepedic and Happsy responded and sent a mattress – Avocado mattress did not. That’s how I came to start sleeping on a Happsy Mattress and can now offer my personal experience and opinion on it. It’s also why we now have both a Naturepedic Crib Mattress (which I paid full retail for) and a Naturepedic 2-in-1 (provided by Naturepedic to try) for my daughter.

I want to emphasize I only reached out to each company a year after this post was originally published, and after I had already concluded that Happsy, Naturepedic and Avocado are truly the best organic mattress brands out there for kids and adults!

Based on personal experience, I really do love the Happsy and the Naturepedic 2-in-1. I still think the Avocado is awesome too, but I can’t offer personal experience with it at this time.

Close up of the edge of a Happsy organic mattress with mattress topper at home on my bed
Our Happsy Mattress, pictured with the mattress topper.

How Much Does an Organic Twin Mattress or Kids Mattress Cost?

I’ve tried to curate this list to cater to all different budgets.

I will say the mattresses in my Top 5 are all excellent value for what you get.

Yes, the Happsy is listed as my value pick. That said, after sleeping on it myself, it certainly doesn’t feel like a “budget” mattress. It is extremely comfortable for me (as a side sleeper, I use it with the latex topper), right up there with some of the comfiest hotel beds I’ve slept in (and as a former travel blogger, I have slept in a lot of 5-star hotel beds).

That said, both the Naturepedic 2-in-1 and Verse are exceptionally well priced. Especially considering what you get, and the materials and production methods used. If you can get them on sale it’s even better value – Naturepedic usually has a banner at the very top of their site about current promotions and deals.

Same goes for the Avocado Green mattress – in my opinion it’s excellent value!

Best Organic Kids Mattress

Below, you’ll find a curated list of 21 non toxic mattress models and brands. I’ve written a high level overview of each sharing why I’ve chosen to include it on this list.

However, if you’re in a hurry, here’s a list of all 21 organic mattresses for kids! I’ve highlighted my top 5 winners. And then followed it up with brands I think are excellent, although haven’t achieved the MADE SAFE® certification.

Note, 3 of the mattresses are made specifically for kids (Naturepedic Verse, Naturepedic 2-in-1, and Essentia Grateful Bed Jr.). The other mattresses on this list are made for the whole family, and can be used with kids.

Best Organic and Non Toxic Mattresses for Children – My Top 5

  1. Best Overall “Made for Kids” Organic Mattress: Naturepedic Verse (available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, or Queen)
  2. Top Value “Made for Kids” Organic Mattress: Naturepedic 2-in-1 (available in Twin and Full Mattress, as well as Trundle Sizes)
  3. Best Overall Organic Innerspring Mattress: Avocado Green Mattress (Available as a nontoxic twin mattress all the way to California King!)
  4. Best Overall Organic Latex Mattress: Avocado Latex Mattress (Available as a non toxic twin mattress all the way to California King and Split California King)
  5. Top Value Organic Innerspring Mattress: Happsy Mattress (available as an organic twin mattress up to California king)

Organic Kids Mattresses Runners Up

Top 5 Organic Twin Mattresses for Kids

The majority of the mattresses I’ve included on this list are “for everyone” mattresses. These range in size from Twin to King or California King. However, two of my top five, and 1 of the runners up, are made specifically for kids. That’s noted below.

As mentioned above, all 5 of these mattresses have achieved the MADE SAFE® certification. These 3 brands are the only mattress brands in the world to have achieved this certification.

Best Overall Kids Organic Mattress: Naturepedic Verse

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Kids Mattress: Innerspring, with individually encased springs
  • Mattress Firmness: Firm
  • Materials: Organic Cotton, Organic Wool Batting, PLA (non-GMO sugarcane based fiber), 7″ Encased Innersprings
  • Certifications: MADE-SAFE, GREENGUARD GOLD, UL Verified Formaldehyde Free, GOTS
  • Free From: Flame Retardants, Synthetic Flame Barriers/Fire Socks, Polyurethane Foam, Glues, Adhesives
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Sleep Trial: 30 Day Risk Free Trial
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA

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Naturepedic Verse

Cross Section of the Naturepedic Verse Organic Kids Mattress. Numbered Components Include: 1 – organic cotton, organic wool, and PLA quilted layer 2 – 1″ of organic cotton 3 – 7″ encased coils with edge support 4 – organic cotton batting 5 – organic cotton fabric and fill encasement. Photo copyright Naturepedic and used with permission.

The Naturepedic Verse is my best overall choice, but I’ll add the caveat it is really awesome for older kids, and you might want to add a non toxic waterproof mattress protector if using it with younger kids.

It is an innerspring coil mattress, with a twist. Each coil is individually encased, which adds comfort (especially as your kids get heavier) and edge support. It also helps with breathability and heat dispersion throughout, which is great if your kid sleeps hot. The wrapping is done without glue or adhesives, as per Naturepedic’s standard way of doing things.

In addition to the encased coils, the mattress is made of organic cotton, organic wool, and PLA. PLA is a common material in Naturepedic mattresses, and is derived from non-GMO sugarcane.

This made for kids mattress is best suited to kids who are out of the nighttime accident stage of life. They’re well past potty training and overnight diapers, and you don’t have to worry about pee accidents.

If you’re still dealing with occasional nighttime accidents, add a non toxic protector pad or opt for the Naturepedic 2-in-1, which is waterproof. This is also handy for older kids when things like the flu strike. You can keep it in the closet, and use only when the flu (and potential vomit incidences) strikes.

This mattress is on the firmer side of things, giving your kid’s skeleton plenty of support while they sleep.

Unlike Naturepedic’s 2-in-1 (below), it’s available in a Queen as well as Twin, Twin XL, and Full.

This makes it a good “go the distance” choice for a mattress that could last all the way until the college years. If you have the space for it, you could theoretically buy a queen for them when they’re 4 or 5, and have it last all the way to grad school! Just be sure to protect it with a waterproof mattress protector during those younger years.

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Best Value Non Toxic Mattress for Kids: Naturepedic 2-in-1

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Kids Mattress: Innerspring
  • Mattress Firmness: Firm
  • Materials: Organic Cotton, PLA (non-GMO sugarcane based fiber), Steel Innersprings, Non-Toxic Sugarcane-Based Polyethylene Waterproof Coating
  • Certifications: MADE-SAFE, GREENGUARD GOLD, UL Verified Formaldehyde Free, GOTS
  • Free From: Flame Retardants, Synthetic Flame Barriers/Fire Socks, Polyurethane Foam, Glues, Adhesives
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Sleep Trial: 30 Day Risk Free Trial
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA

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Naturepedic 2-in-1

Cross Section of the Naturepedic 2-in-1 Organic Kids Mattress. Numbered Components Include: 1 – organic cotton and PLA quilted layer 2 – 1″ of organic cotton 3 – 7″ innerspring unit 4 – 1″ of organic cotton 5 – organic cotton fabric and fill encasement 6 – organic cotton and PLA waterproof surface. Photo copyright Naturepedic and used with permission.

The 2-in-1 design of this mattress is genius. It perfectly captures what kids need as they transition from toddler bed to big kid bed…and this is speaking from personal experience!

This is the mattress I chose for my daughter, since we’re still in the “mattresses get wet sometimes” stage of life (we don’t deal with potty training accidents so much as vomit when she picks up a tummy bug, which is often given day care realities).

My daughter’s Naturepedic 2-in-1 mattress, with the edge and quilted side visible. Both of these 2 photos show different views of the same mattress.
My daughter’s same Naturepedic 2-in-1 mattress, with the non-toxic waterproof side facing up and visible. Both of these 2 photos show different views of the same mattress.

For families who want a twin mattress or a full mattress (but nothing bigger), it’s one of my top choices. And it offers a ton of bang for buck, coming in at the affordable end of all of my choices. As affordable as it is, it still maintains exceptional standards for safety and natural materials.

On one side, the mattress is waterproof. It uses the same super safe, sugarcane-derived waterproofing you find in all of the Naturepedic crib mattresses. This means no fuss clean up if your child is still wearing overnight diapers or has the occasional accident. And importantly, it means no damage to the mattress, either.

PLA waterproof surface on a Naturepedic mattress
Naturepedic’s PLA waterproof layer shown on the crib mattress. The 2-in-1 kids mattress has the same coating on one side.
Close up of the PLA waterproof surface on a Naturepedic mattress with a pool of water sitting on the surface
Up close, with water spilled on the PLA surface to show how waterproof it is!

On the other side, you’ve got a true big kid mattress. It has a quilted surface, just like a teen or adult mattress has. This is the side to use once your child no longer has accidents and is out of the “lots of vomit” stage of early daycare and school years. This side has a feeling of soft, quilted luxury.

The quilted side of our 2-in-1 organic mattress for kids

This is an innerspring mattress, which then has layers of organic cotton. It’s skewed towards the firmer end of things, which is good news for kids’ growing bodies. They need lots of support!

As with all Naturepedic mattresses, this one is full of good stuff and made without bad stuff. It’s free from fire retardant chemicals, glues and adhesives, and polyurethane foam and memory foam mattress yuckiness. And it’s made in the USA by Amish craftsman.

It has a 30-day money back guarantee and a limited 10 year warranty.

Available in twin, twin trundle, twin trundle short, and full size.

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Best Overall Organic Innerspring Mattress – Avocado Green Mattress

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Innerspring / Hybrid
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Materials: GOLS Certified Organic Latex, GOTS Certified Organic Wool, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Pocketed Support Coils
  • Certifications: GOLS, GOTS, GREENGUARD GOLD, UL Certified Formaldehyde Free, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1, MADE SAFE
  • Free From: Polyester, Polyurethane Foam, Fire Retardants, Synthetic Flame Barriers/Fire Socks, Glues, Adhesives, VOCs, Phthalates
  • Warranty: 25-Years
  • Sleep Trial: 1 Year
  • Manufacturing: Made in USA

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Avocado Green Mattress

What’s inside the Avocado Green Hybrid Mattress: 100% organic and certified layers of cotton, wool and latex cushioning with a Quantum Edge® Elite Combi-Zone® innerspring unit. Photo copyright Avocado Green and used with permission.

It’s hard to argue with Avocado Green’s position as a market leader in the mattress world. One of the most popular green mattresses, they make both a hybrid (innerspring) and organic latex foam mattress.

Often referred to simply as the Avocado mattress, Avocado Green actually has three mattresses you can choose from. In addition, they make two crib mattresses.

You can choose between the Avocado Green Mattress, the Avocado Latex Mattress, or the Avocado Vegan Mattress. I’m going to cover the hybrid/innerspring mattress here, and the latex mattress a bit further down in this article.

The Avocado Green is made up of lots of good stuff. GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic wool and cotton, and pocketed support coils make up the Avocado.

As you might expect with one of the best green mattresses, it’s free from bad stuff and synthetics. That means no polyester, polyurethane, glues or adhesives. Notably, it is also fire retardant and flame barrier free.

One thing that’s interesting about Avocado Green mattresses is they use materials from their own farms. In fact, they manage 40,000 hectares in northern India, on which 180,000 sheep wander!

Down south in Kerala, Avocado Green co-owns a GOLS certified latex processing facility. They manage 4,000 acres of latex farm where thousands of trees produce the natural latex used in their mattresses.

Rampur, which sits east of New Delhi, is where you’ll find their GOTS certified organic wool factory. Here, raw wool is naturally cleaned, carded, and combed, without the use of chemicals. In fact, many of the workers are women who escaped domestic violence.

Once materials arrive to their factory in LA, they’re hand cut, sewn and finished by experts.

I also love that Avocado mattress is made by a certified B Corp and Climate Neutral Certified® company.

The original Avocado mattress (the Avocado Green) starts at $999.

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Best Value Organic Innerspring / Hybrid – Happsy

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Innerspring/Hybrid
  • Mattress Firmness: Firm
  • Materials: Certified Organic Cotton, Certified Organic Wool, Certified Organic Latex, 8″ Pocket Springs
  • Certifications: GOTS, GREENGUARD GOLD, UL Certified Formaldehyde Free, MADE SAFE, Zero Toxics Product Registry, Rainforest Alliance
  • Free From: Polyurethane Foam, Synthetic Latex or Blends, Fire Retardant Chemicals, Synthetic Flame Barriers/Fire Socks, Glues, and Adhesives
  • Warranty: 20-Year Limited Warranty
  • Sleep Trial: 120 Nights
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA

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Happsy Mattress

Cross Section of the Happsy Mattress. Photo copyright Happsy and used with permission.

The Happsy Mattress delivers a lot of bang for buck. It’s one of my top 5 organic mattresses for kids and one that I’ve actually slept on myself. And it’s made of almost all organic and natural materials. I say “almost” all organic, because of course the steel pocket springs aren’t organic!

Despite having pocket springs, it’s worth noting it ships like other “mattress in a box” brands and is very easy to set up.

Two Happsy boxes containing an organic mattress and an organic mattress topper
Mattress and topper on my living room floor, before setting up
Happsy mattress, still encased in plastic wrap from shipping, being unrolled on a bed frame
Unrolling the mattress on my bed frame

The Happsy has got certifications up the whazoo, giving parents confidence their kids are sleeping on a non toxic mattress. And it does all that for a price point that’s super affordable when it comes to organic mattresses.

The mattress is comprised of natural goodness. Organic wool batting, organic cotton filling and cover, 2″ of all natural and certified organic latex, and 8″ pocket springs. Happsy makes their springs in house to ensure they’re free from glues and adhesives.

The mattress sleeps firm, which is good for kids, especially the younger ones. However, you can also add an organic pillow top. I would suggest the topper is suitable for older kids (tweens and up) and those who weigh more than average. I personally sleep with a Happsy topper, and find it comfortable.

Overall, I chose the Happsy as the best budget pick, because it’s a pretty affordable organic mattress. That said, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t feel like a budget mattress. This is the one I sleep on myself, and it feels pretty “hotel like” with the organic mattress topper added on top.

Add to this, Happsy has a 120-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.

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Best Overall Organic Latex – Avocado Latex Mattress

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Latex
  • Mattress Firmness: Firm
  • Materials: GOLS Certified Organic Latex, GOTS Certified Organic Wool, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Certifications: GOLS, GOTS, MADE SAFE, Climate Neutral Certified, FSC, GREENGUARD GOLD, UL Certified Formaldehyde Free, OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Free From: Polyester, Polyurethane Foam, Fire Retardants, Synthetic Flame Barriers/Fire Socks, Glues, Adhesives, VOCs, Phthalates
  • Warranty: 25-Years
  • Sleep Trial: 1 Year
  • Manufacturing: Made in USA

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Avocado Latex Mattress

The Avocado Green Avocado Latex Mattress. Photo copyright Avocado Green and used with permission.

The Avocado Latex Mattress is a newcomer to the company. There’s one key difference between the Avocado Green and the Avocado Latex. The Avocado Latex doesn’t have pocket coils.

Instead, it’s 100% organic certified, natural, and biodegradable. It’s made up of 9″ of organic latex, plus organic cotton and organic wool.

This is the company’s firmest mattress, and it’s made responsibly. That means Avocado uses materials from the company’s own farms, plantations, and production facilities. And they have complete control over production, health and safety, and sustainability.

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Runners Up

Awara Sleep Organic Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Innerspring and Organic Latex Hybrid
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium
  • Materials: Natural Dunlop Latex, Cotton, Organic Wool, Silica Fire Barrier
  • Certifications: Rainforest Alliance
  • Free From: PBDEs, TDCPP and TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants. Mercury, Lead, and Heavy metals.Formaldehyde and Phthalates regulated by the CPSC. Ozone Depleters and Chlorofluorocarbons. Adhesives and Memory Foam
  • Warranty: Forever Warranty™
  • Sleep Trial: 365 Nights
  • Manufacturing: Components are sourced globally

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Awara Mattress

There’s a lot to love about the Awara hybrid organic mattress. It’s made from a combo of encased coils, Rainforest Alliance certified Dunlop latex, and a Euro top. The Euro Top is made of natural wool and organic cotton, for a plush and eco friendly mattress topper.

The combination of wrapped coils and natural latex foam play the starring role in supporting your kid’s developing skeleton. The Euro Top plays a role in comfort, but also temperature regulation. It’s a medium firm mattress, offering good support, but also a fair amount of plush comfort given the Euro top.

Awara Sleep mattresses are non toxic and free from the harmful chemicals. This means no ozone depleting chemicals or CFCs. No PBDEs/TDCPPs/TCEPs flame retardants. No mercury, lead or heavy metals, and formaldehyde. And no CPSC regulated phthalates.

In addition to the good stuff above, Awara offers a forever warranty. Add to that, they have an impressive 365 night sleep trial.

They’re ready to ship within 1 or 2 days, so you won’t be waiting ages for your kids mattresses.

Added bonus? When you purchase the Awara Sleep mattress, the company plants 10 trees through

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Sleep EZ Select Sleep Hybrid

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Innerspring and natural latex hybrid
  • Mattress Firmness: 2-Sided Flippable with Medium and Firm Side
  • Materials: Natural Latex, Organic Coton, NZ Joma Wool, Pocket Coils
  • Certifications: GOLS, Oeko Tex Standard 100, Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified, Eco Wool, GOTS, Eco-Institut, Rainforest Alliance
  • Free From: VOCs, pesticide residue, heavy metals, polyurethane foam, chemical flame retardants, Synthetic Flame Barriers/Fire Socks
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Sleep Trial: 90 nights
  • Manufacturing: Designed and assembled in the USA

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Sleep EZ Select Sleep Mattress

Sleep’s EZ’s Select Sleep is a hybrid mattress. It combines 8″ pocket coils and edge support with 100% natural latex, Joma wool and organic cotton.

The design is clever, offering your child either a firm mattress or a medium mattress, just by flipping it over. This is a great feature if you want it to last. Firmer mattresses are a better choice for younger kids and those who don’t weigh a lot. But as they get older, a plusher experience may be in order.

Sleep EZ manufactures their mattresses at their facility in Arizona.

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Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex Mattress

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Hybrid Innerspring
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium
  • Materials: Organic Latex, Cotton and Wool, Upcycled Denim, Flax Fiber Pads, REPREVE® Fabric Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles, 8″ Pocket Coils,
  • Certifications: GREENGUARD GOLD; GOTS and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Wool; GOLS, FSC®, eco-INSTITUT®, and Rainforest Alliance® Certified Latex
  • Free From: Polyurethane Foam, Fire Retardants and Synthetic Flame Barriers
  • Warranty: 25 Years
  • Sleep Trial: 1 Year
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA

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The Hybrid Latex

Natural layers within the Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex Mattress. Photo copyright Brentwood Home and used with permission.

This mattress is pretty interesting – and definitely stands out from the crowd for doing things a bit differently.

As the name suggests, this is a hybrid mattress. Like many hybrid natural mattresses, it incorporates GOLS organic certified latex, organic wool, and a spring system.

However, it also makes use of flax seed fiber and upcycled/recycled denim padding for performance and comfort.

The top cover is organic cotton. However, the rest of the cover is made of REPREVE®.

REPREVE® is a super soft and very durable fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles. The fabric is water repellent, and requires no new petroleum to make. Add to that, it diverts up to 67 plastic bottles away from the landfill or ocean for each mattress.

While recycled plastic bottles certainly aren’t organic, I do love the eco-friendly angle of this mattress, so wanted to include it.

It’s also Greenguard Gold certified, and hand made in Brentwood Home’s factory LA.

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The Cedar Natural Luxe

If you’re looking for a larger kids mattress, Brentwood Home’s Cedar Natural Luxe is also worth checking out. It’s a medium-firm hybrid mattress made from organic and natural materials. However, it only comes in Queen size and up.

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The Latex for Less Natural Latex Mattress

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Natural Latex
  • Mattress Firmness: Reversible 2-in-1 Firm and Medium
  • Materials: 100% Natural Latex (Talalay and Dunlop), Organic Cotton, California-sourced Organic Wool.
  • Certifications: GOTS Cotton, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Latex, Eco-Institut
  • Free From: Flame Retardant Chemicals, Pesticide Residue, Synthetic Latex Blends, Synthetic Fire Barrier
  • Warranty: 20 Years
  • Sleep Trial: 120 Nights
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA

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Latex for Less Mattress

Latex for Less’ flippable natural latex mattress is another 2-in-1 solution. It gives you both a firm and medium feel mattress in one.

This mattress uses a combination of 100% natural Talalay (medium side) and Dunlop (firm side) latexes. It has a natural wool fire barrier made of organic wool sourced from California. The cover is GOTS certified organic cotton.

Latex for Less makes their mattresses in house in the USA. This keeps shipping emissions down when getting their mattresses to your house. Good news for everyone!

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Essentia Grateful Bed Jr.

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Kids Mattress: Natural and organic latex
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium firm, comfortable to 110 pounds
  • Materials: GOLS Organic Dunlop Latex (made into a patented natural memory foam) and Organic Cotton, Non Toxic Kevlar Fire Sock
  • Certifications: GOLS, GOTS, ISO Certified, Beyond Organic
  • Eco Friendliness: Mattress is biodegradable
  • Warranty: 20-year warranty
  • Manufacturing: Made in Canada

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Essentia Grateful Bed Jr.

Made in Canada in a GOLS and GOTS certified factory, Essentia offers free shipping across the USA and Canada.

Essentia makes socially responsible, eco friendly, and biodegradable mattresses that are free from harmful chemicals. Left exposed to the elements, an Essentia mattress would biodegrade in about 3 years!

Essential makes adult mattresses that could work for kids. However, they also make a made-for-kids organic mattress: The Grateful Bed Jr. (They also make an organic crib mattress).

The Grateful bed is a 6″ natural mattress. It’s comprised of organic latex, the company’s patented natural memory foam, and organic cotton.

Usually, a memory foam mattress is a no no if you’re looking for something natural and organic.

However, Essentia is doing something different. Essentia makes latex-based natural memory foam, which is based on milk sap from the Hevea rubber tree, not petrochemicals.

One thing I like about Essentia is how they’ve considered eco and social responsibility along their supply chain.

For example, they are one of only two foaming factories in North America. This lets them import latex sap and make the natural mattresses in their factory. And it takes up about 80% less space when shipping, resulting in fewer shipping emissions.

Add to that, there’s this quote from their website:

No gloves or other forms of protective equipment are needed for our team in the factory given the nature of our natural products. VOC testing has been performed on both work environment in our factory and the final product.

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Sleep EZ Roma Mattress

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Natural Latex
  • Mattress Firmness: 2-Sided Flippable with Medium and Firm Side
  • Materials: 100% Natural Latex, Organic Cotton, Rayon Fire Barrier
  • Certifications: GOLS, Oeko Tex Standard 100, Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified, GOTS, Eco-Institut, Rainforest Alliance
  • Free From: VOCs, pesticide residue, heavy metals, polyurethane foam, chemical flame retardants, wool
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Sleep Trial: 90 nights
  • Manufacturing: Designed and assembled in the USA

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Sleep EZ Roma Mattress

Like Sleep EZ’s Select Sleep Hybrid, the Roma mattress is also flippable. This means great bang for buck for a kids mattress. You can use the firmer side when your child is younger and lighter. And as they grow and get heavier, flip it to the plusher side.

The Roma Mattress is 9″ high. It’s comprised of 2 x 3″ layers of latex (one layer of firm and one layer of medium). And is toped with 1.5″ of quilted cotton cover on either side.

As with the Select Sleep Hybrid, the Roma doesn’t use chemical flame retardants. Instead of using wool (as with the Select Sleep Hybrid), it has a bamboo-derived rayon fire barrier. The fire barrier sits under the organic cotton cover.

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Eco Sleep by Brooklyn Bedding

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Hybrid Innerspring and Latex
  • Mattress Firmness: Reversible 2-in-1 Medium and Firm
  • Materials: Natural Latex, Joma™ Wool, Organic Cotton, Encased Coils, Fire Retardant Sock Made of a Silica/Rayon/Polyester/Cotton Blend
  • Certifications: Rainforest Alliance, FSC Certification
  • Free From: Fire Retardant Chemicals
  • Warranty: 10-Year Warranty
  • Sleep Trial: 120 Nights
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA

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Like the Spindle, EcoSleep offers only one mattress. This makes shopping a bit simpler if you decide it’s the right mattress for your child.

The EcoSleep Hybrid mattress incorporates natural latex, wool, and cotton with a coil core. The coils are individually encased. They’re then topped with firm natural latex on one side, and medium natural latex on the other. This gives the EcoSleep a unique feature, in that you get both a medium and a firm mattress in one. You can choose which side is best by simply flipping it over.

The cover is a combo of quilted Joma™ wool and organic cotton. Joma™ wool uses pure NW wool, and crimps it in a unique way to increase bulk and moisture wicking. This gives you a plusher sleep surface with better temperature regulation.

The EcoSleep Hybrid mattress is made in the USA and processed in an earth-friendly, person friendly manner.

It’s available in sizes twin to California king (including a split California king option). And it comes with a 120 night sleep trial, 10-year warranty, and free shipping.

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Plush Beds Natural Bliss

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: All natural latex
  • Mattress Firmness: Variable from Soft to Extra Firm
  • Materials: Arpico Latex, Plant Derived Fire Barrier
  • Certifications: GOTS certified cotton, GOTS certified wool, USDA organic wool, GREENGUARD GOLD, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, eco-INSTITUT, Control Union Certified, Forest Stewardship Council
  • Free From: Mercury, Lead, Heavy Metals, CFCs, Chloroform, Cyanide, PBDEs,
  • Warranty: 25-year Warranty
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Manufacturing: Made in USA

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Plush Beds Natural Bliss

Plush Beds has 3 natural, non toxic and eco friendly mattresses: the Natural Bliss, Luxury Bliss and Botanical Bliss. The Natural Bliss is the most economical of the 3, making it a good choice for a mattress for kids.

In addition to containing only natural latex, the Natural Bliss mattress is wool free and vegan.

Plush Beds Natural Bliss mattresses are made in the USA using ARPICO Latex. ARPICO’s 2500 organic rubber tress sequester more than 143 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere annually. That’s equivalent to about 16,000 fewer gallons of gasoline consumed, CO2 wise.

Plush Beds has an impressive array of certifications. Their Natural Bliss organic mattress uses GOTS and USDA certified organic cotton and wool. It’s Greenguard Gold certified and Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified. Additionally, it’s eco-INSTITUT, Forest Stewardship Council, and Control Union Certified (a sustainability certification).

Choose between 6″, 8″ and 10″ thick, with sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The mattress comes in two firmnesses: Medium and Firm.

Plush Beds offer free delivery, a 100 night sleep trial, and a 25 year warranty.

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  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Innerspring / Hybrid
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium or Medium-Firm
  • Materials: 100% Natural Talalay Latex, Organic Wool, Organic Cotton, Fabric Encased Spport Coils
  • Certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Latex, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Wool, GOTS Organic Wool, GOTS Organic Cotton
  • Free From: Polyurethane, Synthentic Fire Barrier, Flame Retardant Chemicals
  • Warranty: 15-Year Warranty
  • Sleep Trial: 90 Nights
  • Manufacturing: Made in California

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The EcoTerra is near the top of my list for a kids mattress made of natural and organic materials. For one, there are the natural components: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified natural Talalay latex from sustainable farmers; GOTS organic and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified wool; and GOTS organic certified cotton. As a hybrid mattress, the EcoTerra also uses individually encased coils for added durability, comfort and support.

In addition to what it’s actually made of, the EcoTerra manages to do it all at a pretty good price. Their twin mattress sells for $849.

EcoTerra keeps their prices low by partnering directly with farmers and making everything in house to achieve price efficiencies.

They offer a 90-night trial and their mattress is available in medium or medium firm.

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Real Bed

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Innerspring / Hybrid
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Materials: Organic Cotton,Natural Latex, Pure Wool, Pocket Coils, Eucalyptus-Based Rayon Fire Barrier,
  • Certifications: Oeko Tex standard 100, GOTS Organic Cotton, and FSC certified
  • Free From: Glues and Adhesives, Polyurethane Foam, VOCs, Memory Foam, Fire Retardant Chemicals,
  • Warranty: 25-Year Warranty
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Manufacturing: Made in New Jersey

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Real Bed

Real Bed mattress claims to make the best natural mattress at a better price.

So what’s inside Real Bed organic mattresses?

The Real Bed Mattress is a hybrid mattress. It’s made of natural, non toxic materials such as organic cotton, natural latex, and pure wool, and pocket coils. As with the other mattresses on this list, it’s free from harmful chemicals and petroleum based foams. It’s also VOC free.

It meets Oeko Tex standard 100, and is GOTS and FSC certified as well.

At 11.5″ thick, the mattress leans toward the firm side of things. If it’s too firm, they also sell a 2.5″ thick all natural mattress topper which will give a plusher feel.

Real Bed donates 1% of sales to a local no-kill animal shelter.

About Real Bed’s Parent Company

Real Bed is owned by Charles P Rogers Company, the longest continuously-operating mattress manufacturer in the US. Each Real Bed mattress is handmade in the USA in their New Jersey factory. They also make the innerspring units, cut and sew the organic cotton covers, and tuft the mattresses themselves. This all adds up to great quality control, and control over any chemicals or materials that are used.

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  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Hybrid
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Materials: Organic Cotton, Natural Dunlop Latex, New Zealand Wool, 8″ innerspring coils
  • Certifications: GREENGUARD GOLD
  • Free From: VOCs, Chemical Flame Retardants
  • Warranty: Evergreen Lifetime Warranty
  • Sleep Trial: 18 Month Sleep Trial
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA (Illinois and South Carolina)

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Eden Mattress

Eden’s mission is to create a high quality organic mattress, without a ridiculous price tag. And based on what I’ve seen, I’d say they’ve succeeded.

The Eden is a non toxic organic mattress with a hybrid construction. It combines natural materials (Dunlop latex, New Zealand wool, organic cotton) with 8″ coils.

I always love to see the Greenguard Gold certification, as it ensures the mattress doesn’t emit any VOCs. Eden also incorporates ample natural wool into the construction. This ensures it can meet fire retardant standards without chemical flame retardants.

Another pro to Eden is their 18-month sleep trial. They also offer an “evergreen” warranty, which I take to mean lifetime, and for any reason. According to their website:

Eden’s Evergreen Warranty is the most comprehensive warranty on the market. It protects from any and all manufacturing or material related issues, even sag and body impression from normal use. 

The Eden Mattress has a medium firmness and is available in twin through California king size. You can purchase it with or without a pillow top.

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  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Natural Latex
  • Mattress Firmness: Adjustable Firmness
  • Materials: 100% Natural Latex, Organic Cotton, Eco-Wool
  • Certifications: GOTS Certified Cotton, Oeko-Tex Certified Wool and Latex, Eco Wool Standard, Rainforest Alliance and FSC Certified Latex
  • Free From: VOCs, Synthetic Rubber, Chemical Flame Retardants, Chlorinated and Brominated Solvents,
  • Warranty: 10-Year Warranty and 25-Year Comfort Life Program
  • Sleep Trial: 1 Year (When Purchased Through Spindle’s Website)
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA

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Spindle is all about making non toxic and eco friendly mattresses that are good for the earth and people. Or in this case, a green mattress that’s good for your child.

They have one made in the USA mattress. This keeps your choices simple. You choose size (twin and up) and firmness (medium or firm).

The Spindle organic mattress is made of 100% natural latex, organic cotton, and responsibly husbanded eco wool. It’s a green mattress without chemical flame retardants and synthetic latex. It’s made up of only the natural and the good stuff, making this mattress VOC free.

One thing that’s really cool about the Spindle latex mattress is you can tailor the firmness over time. Spindle recommends starting with medium. From there, you can adjust the mattress via placement of the latex layers to get the right feel.

Spindle is also super transparent about how they make the mattress, and what they make the mattress from. Their latex is certified by Oeko Tex, Rainforest Alliance and the FSC. Their wool is raised to Eco-Wool standards. And their cotton to GOTS standards.

Taken together, this adds up to a green mattress that sets the bar pretty high among organic mattresses.

Comes with a 10 year warranty and Spindle’s 25 year comfort life program.

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White Lotus Home Dreamton Cotton and Wool

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Cotton and Wool Natural Mattress
  • Mattress Firmness: Firm
  • Materials: Layers of Organic Cotton and Organic Wool
  • Certifications: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, GOTS Certified Wool
  • Free From: Flame Retardant Chemicals, Innersprings, Latex
  • Sleep Trial: 120 Nights
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA

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White Lotus Home Dreamton Mattresses

White Lotus home has a range of all natural and organic twin mattress choices. Many of them would work great as kids mattresses, and below I’m covering the Dreamton Cotton and Wool mattress specifically.

This is a bit of a non traditional mattress as it doesn’t contain innersprings or latex. It’s made of layers upon layers of organic cotton and wool.

This is a good choice if you want something that’s all natural, and don’t want a latex mattress.

However, if you don’t mind the latex, White Lotus Home makes the same mattress but with a latex core. The Cotton, Wool and Latex Dreamton Mattress offers a firmer support core from natural latex. The layers cotton and wool around it, however, ofter a plush feeling.

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Air Weave Mattress

  • Price: Check Current Price
  • Type of Mattress: Airweave Breathable airfiber®
  • Mattress Firmness: Firm
  • Materials: airfiber®
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights

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To be clear, AirWeave doesn’t make an all natural or organic kids mattress. However, it does make a really interesting mattress, and I’d be remiss to not include it.

To anyone familiar with the Newton Baby breathable crib mattress, Air Weave probably looks familiar.

The company’s proprietary core is called airfiber®. It’s made from food grade LLDPE, or linear low density polyethylene. It has the same “instant noodle” look as the Newton Wovenaire®, and is also recyclable like the Newton.

Another similarity? You can wash the inner core completely.

If you’re looking for an organic kids mattress due to specific sensitivities or allergies, the AirWeave could be a great alternative. Being fully washable, it’s an especially great choice for kids with dust allergies.

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What to Look for when Shopping for a Non Toxic Kids Mattress

Certifications & Standards

These are some of the certifications and standards to look for when shopping for an organic kids mattress. Of course, not every mattress is going to have every certification. However, I wanted to outline some of the top industry standard certifications. Having certifications helps to demonstrate a mattress is free from harmful chemicals. Additionally, it can also bolster your confidence that a kids mattress is a safe choice for your child.


As noted above, MADE SAFE® is a particularly rigorous certification. Notably, it only allows the use of materials that are safe for humans, animals and ecosystems. That means products can’t contain any substances on the MADE SAFE® harmful materials or ingredients database. Nor can they release harmful substances (such as gases, VOCs, etc).

At the time of writing only 3 mattress brands in the world have achieved the MADE SAFE® certification. Those include Naturepedic, Avocado Green, and Happsy.

GOTS and GOLS certified Organic

The GOTS refers to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an international standard for organic textiles. It covers the entire supply chain, from harvesting to distribution. And it applies to textiles containing at least 70% organic fibers.

When shopping for an organic kids mattress, you’ll most likely see GOTS organic cotton and wool.

GOLS is GOTS’ sister certification, applying to natural and organic latex.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a global label for textiles that have been tested for harmful substances. In my research, I’ve found individual components of mattresses are most likely to have standard 100 certification (i.e. Standard 100 certified latex), rather than the mattress overall.

GREENGUARD GOLD and UL Verified Formaldehyde Free

These certifications are all about protecting your indoor air quality. GREENGUARD certification assess whether a product releases VOCs into your indoor air. GREENGUARD GOLD is the strictest certification, and is considered safe for use even in childcare and healthcare settings.

Verified Formaldehyde Free is a similar certification from the same organization that does GREENGUARD certification. Products that are verified formaldehyde free cannot contain formaldehyde. However, the also can’t contain chemicals that react together to create formaldehyde.

Natural Latex Mattress

Many of the mattresses in this list use natural latex foam. While they share a name, natural latex foam and polyurethane foam / memory foam are world apart.

Polyurethane foam and memory foam are made from petroleum based products. From a worker safety and environmental impact perspective, they can be problematic. Additionally, they can off gas in your home, releasing VOCs into your air.

In contrast, latex foam is made from the sap of Hevea rubber trees. 100% pure latex is biodegradable and non toxic. Often, workers can work with it without protective equipment. And it’s considered a “healthy” material for your home.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Many companies on this list offer a sleep trial. This allows you to set up the mattress in your home and test it out. Sleep trials generally last for 30 days to 1 year.

If you’re unsure about a particular mattress, check the company’s sleep trial policy. Most of the big brands have generous policies. They’ll include free shipping to you. And free pick up if you decide you don’t like it (plus a full refund).

Likewise, check out the warranty before you buy. Most companies I’ve seen have excellent warranty policies. But it’s always worth double checking the details so there aren’t any surprises down the line.

Final Thoughts on Finding an Organic Mattress for Kids

If you’re ready to buy a natural, organic kids mattress for your child, I sincerely hope this round up helped.

Ever since becoming a parent, I’ve found mattresses to be one of the hardest things to shop for. I know my daughter will spend so much time on her mattress and find it to be stressful!

I hope I’ve removed some of the stress for you.

If you know someone who is shopping for an organic kids mattress, please share this article.

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