Best Nursery Blackout Curtains and Blinds (Plus Other Blackout Options)

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Best nursery blackout curtains for baby! 13 blackout curtains for nursery, plus other blackout shades and products for better baby sleep!

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Amazon Basics Blackout Curtains

Amazon Basics White Blackout Curtains

Hughapy Colorful Star Cut Out Curtains

When you’re decorating your little one’s nursery, getting the decor perfect is part of the fun. After all, nesting preparations, such as picking out the best crib and crib mattress, nursery letter board quotes, baby books, tummy time toys, and more help keep you busy and get ready during the long months waiting for your baby’s arrival.

But along with a cute nursery theme and cute decor, practicality is also a huge factor! And it’s fairly easy to overlook practicality when it comes to dressing the windows.

Themes for baby’s nurseries are usually pastel shades and light or bright colors. When choosing nursery curtains, however, pale colors tend to let through a lot of sunlight.

Babies have just come from a dark womb, and being in a dark environment helps them sleep better. The dark lets their tiny bodies produce more melatonin to relax for sleeping, which allows them to drift off more easily and – very importantly – stay asleep. This also holds true once you get your kid into a big kid bed – don’t throw away the room darkening shades for a kids room!

Another benefit of blackout nursery curtains is they help to regulate the temperature of a baby’s room. This will help your little one’s nursery stay cool on warm sunny days, and keep away the cold in winter.

All good things, right?

My 13 Picks for Nursery Blackout Curtains

Just here for a quick list of the best blackout shades for baby’s room? I’ve gone into more details about each of these below, but thought I’d share a list at the top with my 13 picks for nursery blackout curtains and related blackout shades!

Want more details? Keep reading below!

Best Blackout Curtains for Nursery

In this article I’ve taken a look at the best blackout curtains for your baby’s nursery.

My original intention was to focus only on blackout curtains for a nursery, but while researching and writing, I came across some other great blackout products.

So I’ve also included some great blackout curtains and products for travel and other occasions. Basically, a huge list of blackout gadgets and tools to ensure the darkest possible environment for the best possible sleep!

Best Blackout Curtains for Kids Rooms: Amazon Basics Blackout Curtains

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A home furnishing blog, this is not. I love a cute baby room, but honestly I also need things to be really practical.

But if I can have cute blackout curtains that also work to help my kid sleep? And they come in a ton of varieties? Sign me up!

These Amazon Basics blackout curtains come in a variety of window sizes and color and print styles. Plus they have the option of grommet top or rod pockets, for your own preference.

These curtains are great if you want to match the curtains to your room decor, giving you style and color options beyond basic black.

Traditionally some blackout curtains have a horrible stiff (almost plastic-like) inner lining to enable them to keep the light away for a great night’s sleep. These ones, however, are made from 2 panels made of triple-weave fabric that do the job without the plastic-like feel.

Read Reviews and Check Sizes


Best White Blackout Curtains for Nursery: Amazon Basics White Blackout Curtains

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White blackout drapes is kind of a paradox when you say it, but in the past it’s been difficult to find blackout curtains that weren’t black (or at least very dark colored).

These Amazon curtains get great reviews. They’re fully lined with a black backing but are a crisp and fresh white for your home, which would perfectly align with most baby nursery decor palettes. (They do also come in a TON of other shades as well!)

What’s more, these heavyweight curtains also block out some sound too, so if you live in a noisy neighborhood or close to a busy road, they can help alleviate some of that noise coming through.

Read Reviews and Check Sizes/Availability

Cutest Room Darkening Curtains: Hughapy Colorful Star Cut Out Curtains

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I love all things cute for babies, and while scouring to find the best baby blackout curtains, I came across this adorable option.

They’re adored by the people who own them and are one of the top-ranked kids curtain I found!

What makes these curtains the cutest is the star-shaped cutouts. When the moonlight shines through the curtains, they create a dappled starry universe effect in your baby’s room, allowing them to sleep under the stars!

Yes, it’s a bit of a contradiction to have blackout curtains and then put holes in them. But also – they’re really quite adorable.

They aren’t quite full blackout curtains, just room darkening. But past customers mention they really do block out a lot of light.

Plus they come in so many color options, making it easy to find a shade that’s perfect for your nursery decor.

Be aware when ordering that you need to order each panel separately.

Read Reviews and Check Sizes/Availability

Best Way to Modify your own Curtains: DriftAway Blackout Curtain Liner

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An alternative to buying a full set of blackout curtains is to make your own blackout curtains.

If you’re wondering how to make blackout curtains, it’s actually pretty simple. Just buy a blackout lining and attach the panel to your curtain rail, behind your existing curtains. Voila, you’ll have your perfect nursery curtains with blackout lining.

Most lining panels come in white, so they are not visible through your regular curtains.

The lining panel also has rings that allow you to attach it to the curtain pole, and not just the curtain themselves. This way, they won’t damage your curtains when you want a change!

Learn More and Check Sizes/Availability

Best Blackout Blinds: ShadesU Blackout Window Roller Blinds

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If you’re not a curtain lover, blackout blinds are another option to create the darkness your baby’s nursery needs.

They offer a modern touch to a window. And you can use them with curtains that aren’t darkening enough, making them a good alternative to fully replacing your existing curtains.

This ShadesU blind offers 100% light blocking, with thermal insulation for the room too. They come in a variety of colors to match any decor scheme, and widths too – measure your window carefully.

One piece of advice I will share with you about using roller blinds in a child’s room is to ensure you find a way to keep the pull cord completely out of children’s reach. Not only will this prevent a child from pulling the blind off the wall, but it can also prevent accidents with children too. It’s a child proofing and safety must!

Learn More and Check Sizes/Availability

Best Cordless Blackout Shades: CHICOLOGY Cordless Blackout Window Blind

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Keeping in mind the advice to keep blind cords out of the reach of tiny hands, these blackout blinds are cordless.

Genius safety hack!

These blackout shades for nursery rooms use a 3-d hexagon shaped construction. This lets them block out even more light, helping your baby sleep for longer. They also help to regulate temperatures and keep noise at bay, too.

To adjust them, simply pull down to the desired window length and the blind will stay where you leave it.

This blind is available in a ton of colors and size options. Users say they’re super easy to install too.

Read Reviews and Check Sizes/Availability

Best Portable Blackout Curtains: DREAM ART Anywhere Portable Blackout Curtain

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If you’re often away from home, it can be difficult to get a temporary nursery in someone else’s home completely dark when sleepy time for the little one.

These portable blackout shades are the answer to this problem!

It consists of a large blackout panel that comes with suction cups. The cups attach to any window space to block out the light.

It also comes with a travel bag, making it super easy to pack into a case for taking on a hotel vacation, an overnight trip to a grandparent’s house, or just over to a friend’s house so you can enjoy adult conversation while your little snoozes.

Read Reviews and Check Sizes/Availability

Runner Up (Portable/Travel Blackout Curtain for Babies): Algento Travel Blackout Curtains

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If you like the idea of a portable blackout curtain but prefer a cuter style, you might also like these Algento Travel Blackout Curtains.

These ones have adorable star and astronaut motifs over them, perhaps for inspiring your little ones’ dreams of reaching the stars?

Read Reviews and Check Sizes/Availability

Best Blackout Window Film: Jahoot Blackout Window Film

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For a cheap method to blackout nursery windows, you could try using window film. This simple to use gadget uses static to cling to the inside of the windows directly, thereby blocking out the external light.

There’s no sticky adhesive involved, they’re re-positionable and removable with no residue. Plus you can keep them flat (folding creates a crease) and reuse them too.

Obviously, this option is not as attractive as a curtain, and the results are more permanent, as you won’t be removing them on a day-to-day basis. But depending on your home, it could be a great alternative.

Read Reviews and Check Sizes/Availability

(For a less ‘dark’ look, you can also get white blackout film).

Best Blackout Shades for your Car: ggomaART Car Side Window Sun Shade

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For blackout on the go, I like this magnetic curtain that attaches to your car side windows.

It only works on cars that have an exposed metal edging around the frame, or on the door frame itself (or else the magnets don’t stick!). So check it will be compatible with your car before ordering.

Once installed with the magnets, the shade will block the sun completely. It can be slid across the rail to allow your little one to see the view when not sleeping.

It comes in a cute star pattern, but also trucks, unicorns, and animals too (as well as simple plain black)!

Read Reviews and Check Compatibility

Runner Up (Car Window Darkening Shade): CARAMAZ Car Sun Shade for Baby

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If your car doesn’t have a metal frame, you can always try these suction cup window shades.

They are the ‘extra dark’ and have cute animal motifs for your little one to look at.

Disclaimer: these ones are not completely ‘blackout,’ but will create a lot more darkness and give UV protection to your little one too!

Read Reviews and Check Availability

Best Stroller Darkening Cover: SnoozeShade Original Stroller Sun Cover

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For creating a dark environment for babies on the go, this SnoozeShade stroller cover is great for making even the sunniest days darker.

Made with a breathable material that also blocks out up to 99% of the suns UPF 50+ rays, it fits over most shaped strollers as a cover, and can also be used as a sun canopy too.

It also stops mosquitos, bugs, and light wind from getting to your infant too.

Check our stroller sunshade guide for more info and options!

Read Reviews and Check Compatibility/Availability

Best Car Seat Darkening Cover: SnoozeShade Infant Car Seat Sun Shade

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For car seats, there is a SnoozeShade version to give babies 360-degree safe protection from the sun.

Although SnoozeShade is designed more to keep rays from baby’s delicate skin, blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays, it also has the double benefit of creating the perfect dark environment for a snooze. It also protects from insects, cats, wind, chill, and even light rain.

It’s made from a unique soft and air-permeable mesh and also has a front zip to check in easily on baby without disturbing them.

SnoozeShade products were designed by a British mom, and get excellent reviews from customers.

Read Reviews and Check Availability/Compatibility

What You Need to Know About Buying Nursery Blackout Curtains

What are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are one of those fairly self explanatory products – it’s in the name, after all!

However, it’s worth differentiating between blackout curtains and room darkening curtains.

Blackout curtains are totally opaque window coverings that don’t just filter the light through your windows – they completely block it out. This provides you and your little one with total darkness to get to sleep quicker and remain asleep longer.

Room darkening curtains, however, will still allow some light in, while blocking out the majority.

In the past, blackout curtains were much more expensive than room darkening curtains, and came in fewer color and design options. Back then, it made sense to choose room darkening to save some money or get the design you prefered.

These days, however, it seems as though the price for the two products is more comparable, so choose whichever works better for your child and family.

What are the Benefits of using Blackout Blinds? 

If your little ones are light sleepers and are usually awoken by the first light of day, the darkness can be useful in helping them stay in bed longer – possibly giving you a little bit of a chance to sleep in, too!

A lot of them also have noise-reducing and temperature regulating benefits, too. In particular, they can keep the hot sun out in the summer, and keep a cool draft out in the winter, making things more comfortable for your baby as well.

Many of the products I’ve featured also offer protection from UV rays and sun damage, too.

Tips for Buying Blackout Blinds 

Anytime you choose blackout curtains for your children’s room, measure the window carefully and buy the correct size. Likewise, read the description carefully to ensure they are truly blackout, and not just a ‘room darkening’ curtain, depending on what you need.

You’ll also want to make sure the curtain rail that you hang them on is secure, too. Good blackout curtains are generally a lot heavier than regular curtains. So in order to ensure they don’t fall down in the middle of the night (and cause a 3 am trauma!), use extra strong brackets and hardware to keep them up.

Final Thoughts on Nursery Blackout Curtains

I hope I haven’t darkened your day too much with our list (pardon the terrible pun!)

Hopefully, it has been useful for you to see the different types of baby blackout products available to you and help you choose what would be most useful for your nursery, and for on the go, too!

If you know other families who would benefit from reading this list of blackout products, please share this article with them, too!

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