Best Tummy Time Toys And Mats for Every Baby

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It’s no secret many babies don’t exactly love tummy time. If your kiddo starts screaming the moment you lay them down for this developmentally important activity, it may be time to call in some activity mat reinforcements for your child’s development.

Best Choice

Best overall

The Best on a Budget

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop and Play mat

VTech Lil Critters Musical Glow Play Gym

Fisher Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym & Maracas

And by reinforcements, I mean some of the awesome tummy time toys and best tummy time mats that are specifically designed to make this activity more fun for your little one.

If you’re in need of a tummy time mat or toy, keep reading for our round up of the best!

Best Tummy Time Mats of the Year

Best Tummy Time Toys of the Year

Tummy Time Mat Reviews

Best Overall

The adorable Bright Starts mat is in the shape of a friendly bear and this play mat has a propped-up head and various attachments to keep the baby busy and learning.

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I love the small size of this Bright Starts tummy time mat and babies love it too, making it incredibly portable for trips to grandma’s house or over to a friend’s.

There are an array of colors and textures to stimulate your baby’s senses of touch and sight, and it features attached toys to promote reaching and grasping. These motions will help with the development of your baby’s arm, shoulder and back muscles.

The soft toys make crinkling and rattling sounds to keep your little one’s attention, while the soft plush toy materials help keep her stable while she tries to push up.

The dimensions of this mat are 36×32.5×5 inches and it is machine washable for easy cleanup.

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Best Interactive Mat

This mat will serve for hours of interactive play gym with a multitude of stimulating toys, colors, sounds, and textures for multi-sensory development.

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What I love about this mat is the vertical activity panel that draws your baby’s attention upward. It also promotes muscle development by encouraging them to push up and reach for the various buttons.

It features four colorful piano keys with an array of sounds and functions, as well as a tree with four buttons that light up with voice and music functions.

The overhead toy bar on this play gym adds to the fun with an additional four dangling toys to promote reaching and grasping. They can all detach from the mat and be attached to a car seat or stroller for entertainment on the go.

The mat is easy to wipe clean and its dimensions are 37.2×29.1×16.9 inches.

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Runner Up (Interactive Mat)

Fisher Price is an exciting and engaging toy that is much more than a tummy-time mat, with plenty of interactive features.

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This tummy time mat and play gym have an interactive keyboard with four musical settings, lots of bright colors and lights, and an overhead toy bar equipped with five different toys.

The fun, musical keyboard on this tummy time mat has five keys and is propped up to face your baby and keep them reaching. It provides up to 20 minutes of music and lights along with colors, numbers, and shapes for cognitive and visual development.

The toy bar is perfect for the sitting stage and includes five detachable hanging toys that you can remove to hang on the car seat, crib, or stroller.

The keyboard is also detachable and there is a set of two maracas that make a rattling sound to inspire your little musician.

The mat itself is machine washable, and the whole set measures 36x27x18 inches.

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Best Tummy Time Water Mat

This mat offers all the splashing, squishing water fun without the mess.

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A tummy time mat in the shape of a big, friendly sea turtle and filled with fun floating sea creatures to get your baby engaged and promote longer periods of tummy time.

The bright colors and fun texture of this tummy time mat will contribute to your baby’s developing sense of sight and awareness. The base of the turtle is filled with water and the rim around the diameter is filled with air.

It is easy to assemble and, most importantly, has been designed to prevent leakage with a screw cap water plug.

While I don’t love that it’s made of PVC (which, let’s face it, is terrible for the environment), desperate times – aka tummy time – call for desperate measures.

As a plus, it’s made out of BPA-free materials and is CPSC certified. That said, I’d make sure my baby didn’t try to chew on this at all.

The water mat measures 43x35x2.5 inches.

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Best Water Mat for Small Spaces

This little mat can be filled with water, setting the sweet characters inside afloat.

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Your baby will love to pat and push the shapes around in this mat and watch them move.

This smaller mat is made out of BPA-free materials and is the perfect size to bring along on a trip.

Your baby will want to stay propped up while reaching for the colorful characters, helping them to develop important arm, shoulder core muscles, and neck muscles strength.

When tummy time is over, you can set the water mat on the tray of a high chair to keep your little one entertained while you cook dinner.

The dimensions of the pat and play are 10×1.6×7.4 inches.

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Runner Up (Water Mat)

This medium-sized mat will keep your baby intrigued for hours with its fun characters that float around in the water.

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It’s the perfect solution for bringing splashing fun outside of the bathtub.

If your baby isn’t a big fan of tummy time, this mat will keep her distracted with the friendly floating sea creatures and squishy texture.

The bright colors will help develop her vision and she will improve her sense of balance while reaching for the mat to manipulate the shapes.

The plastic is heavy gage and resistant to leaks and tears. It’s also made out of BPA-free and Phthalate-free materials for peace of mind.

That said, quite a few reviewers have mentioned a strong chemical smell. I’d let this air out for a good while in a well ventilated space before putting my baby on it, to allow for off-gassing.

It easily fits into a diaper bag for portable fun and measures 20×17 inches.

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Softest Mat

This cute and cozy mat features a comfy place for your baby to spend tummy time.

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This mat is super soft, made completely out of plush material and comes in a variety of sweet designs.

Choose from an elephant, a bear, a panda, a lamb or a handful of other cuddly creatures for this mat.

Your little one will be comfortable on the soft, flat belly while reaching for the floppy ears and other engaging features of the characters’ faces.

This mat can easily be stuffed into a bag, stroller or even a stroller travel bag so that you will always have a soft and clean place for your baby to have tummy time.

And with the array of colors and designs, it makes a great baby shower gift.

The whole mat is machine washable and its dimensions are 31x23x5 inches.

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Best Multifunctional Play Mat

Offering extra roomy to encourage mobility, this mat is full of cheerful colors and scenes that will keep your baby interested and occupied for longer tummy-time sessions.

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Each square of this generously sized mat has a different graphic with a different scene or character and various textures for sensory development.

It includes an attached mirror to promote focus and a small loop to help your baby practice reaching and grasping while pushing up.

The whole mat can fold up like a blanket but it won’t wrinkle up and gather when your baby is on it, making it perfect for traveling or a day in the park. And it is machine washable for easy cleanup when the drool gets a little out of hand.

It measures 35x59x1 inches.

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Tummy Time Toy Reviews

Best for Younger Babies

This activity baby safe mirror is propped up on a triangular pillow that is the perfect height to engage your baby during tummy time.

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This toy comes with a set of appealing cards that can either be attached to the mirror or your baby’s car seat.

The high-contrast black and white shapes and cute animal prints on the cards will attract your baby’s developing vision and keep them engrossed. They come with a convenient link to attach them to cribs, car seats or strollers.

When not using the cards, your little one will love discovering their reflection in the mirror and will build a sense of self-awareness. The surrounding materials are bright and high-contrast with engaging shapes and textures.

It measures 10.6×7.5×4.7 inches.

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Best for Older Babies

This versatile and stimulating toy is great for promoting tummy time with fun, interactive elements in older babies. It’s also great for transitioning to sitting independently with a built-in prop.

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This toy is u-shaped to surround your little one with stimulating lights, colors and sounds. It will encourage them to prop up and reach for the buttons or center drum rattle, which will help them develop crucial shoulder and arm strength.

Your baby will learn cause and effect while simultaneously improving cognitive, auditory and fine motor skills development.

The light bar comes in three different modes: animals, colors and xylophone. It can also be set to English, Spanish or French.

The surface is easy to clean and disinfect (we recommend using a fragrance free cleaning product to reduce phthalates and VOCs in your home).

Its dimensions are 5.8 x 12.8 x 9 inches.

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Best High Contrast Tummy Time Toy

The sweet koala will keep your little one entertained with this propped-up flipbook full of both high-contrast and colorful prints.

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The book is made on a triangular frame to keep it stable while your little one reaches for the pages.

The high-contrast black and white prints will help your baby focus visually and develop their eyesight while the various other colors and textures will keep them drawn in.

It comes with a tethered teether that can be tucked into koala’s little pouch to help your baby practice fine motor skills and arm and shoulder muscle development. And the pages are filled with a noisy crinkle material to engage your baby’s auditory development.

This toy is small and incredibly easy to pack into a baby bag, measuring only 7.9×5.9×3.5 inches.

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Best Tummy Time Mirror

This sweet and simple triangular mirror is just the right height to encourage your little one to prop up and even sit up while reaching for the cute attachments.

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This tummy time toy has plenty of high-contrast black and white images and primary colors to aid your baby’s visual development. The true-reflection mirror is large and engaging and will give your baby a sense of awareness and curiosity.

The charming ladybug attachment has a black and white rollerball and little green leaves that make a crinkling sound. And Mr. Bee will keep your little one reaching and interested with his clicking noise and rotation. The whole toy is made of soft and forgivable materials for safe play.

Its measurements are 11.5×11.5×4.2 inches, making it easy to take along on trips.

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Best Activity Pillow

Fun, colorful and cuddly, the V-Tech Discovery Pillow grows with baby, starting as a support to help prop them up for tummy time and then helping to stabilize them when they’re learning to sit up.

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This u-shaped tummy time roll is soft and inviting and comes in the shape of a bright and friendly giraffe. It is the perfect size to encourage your baby to stay propped up and develop the important muscle groups they’ll need for crawling.

It is surrounded by attached toys that promote pushing up, reaching and grasping, and the light-up piano will hold your baby’s attention with sweet, short tunes that help develop auditory awareness. There are a handful of other toys that are great for engaging your little one on a multi-sensory level.

The giraffe is the perfect size for traveling, and the toys can be detached for use elsewhere.

It measures 3.9 x 15.8 x 27.2 inches.

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Runner Up (Activity Pillow)

The body of this sweet and silly fisher price llama acts as a pillow prop for productive tummy time, while the neck and head of this fisher price stretch upwards to promote pushing up and reaching for arm, shoulder and neck muscles development.

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The friendly llama lays on the floor at the perfect height for tummy time and comes equipped with a pouch that folds down and serves as a mat with cheerful faces and bright colors.

The detachable toys include a mirror to encourage self-awareness and focus and some teething carrots and a watermelon with different textures and colors to promote sensory development and fine motor skills.

The Tummy Time Llama is light and easy to transport and measures 15×15.4×16.9 inches.

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Best Positioning Pillow

This soft and cuddly support tummy time pillow will allow your baby to comfortably stay on their tummy longer to help them build up the muscles and stamina they will need to start scooting and crawling.

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The super-soft tummy time pillow sits at just the right height to help your baby prop herself up or even start sliding along with the tummy time pillow.

It has a detachable ring with a rattle and a teether that are perfect for little hands that are just learning to grasp onto things.

And the simplicity of the design makes this toy a great one to bring along while traveling.

Its dimensions are 16.5×3.9×9.2 inches.

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Best Tummy Time Roller

This versatile and clever set comes with three caterpillar-shaped prop pillow sections that can either slide apart into one long caterpillar for tummy time or stack up to offer your baby support in a sitting position.

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The cute and friendly caterpillar prop pillow is the perfect shape to help your baby prop up during tummy time. And your little one will stay intrigued with the fun curves, high-contrasting colors, and attached toys.

There is a ring to promote reaching and grasping and a cheerful little sun that makes a crinkling sound for auditory stimulation. The whole set is soft and cuddly prop pillow, and when your baby has had enough tummy time, it can be stacked up in a c-shape for cozy sitting support.

The dimensions are 18x6x12 inches.

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Final Thoughts

While many parents dread tummy time, it doesn’t have to be a difficult time. Paired with the right baby play mat and a few good baby toys to encourage your little one, tummy time can be a fun and developmentally appropriate activity!

If you know a parent who is struggling with other tummy time mats, we hope you’ll pass this article along!

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