9 Beautiful Baby Shower Pins for Mom

Baby shower pins are a beautiful addition to a baby shower. Depending on the designs you choose, you can add a classy touch that mama-to-be will continue to use well into her journey as a mom, add some humour to the party, or offer a cute accessory that’s fun and inspirational.

If you’re planning a baby shower or a Sip and See baby introduction party, you’re in luck: we’ve rounded up some of the best mom to be pins and baby shower pins for mom.

We’ve included gorgeous options for all types of mamas, and are sure you’ll find a few ideas that will be a welcome addition to the party.

Plus, when you buy on a site like Etsy, you’re supporting small businesses, which you can feel great about!

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You Go Mama

Mama, You Got This

So Tired

Baby Shower Mom to Be Pins To Inspire And Entertain

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and affordable touch for a mama to be, these pins will do the trick.

Inspiring, funny, touching – whatever the vibe you’re going for, there’s a pin for it!

Browse the pins below to find the cutest mom to be pins for baby shower festivities. You can either buy 1 for mom, or if you’re feeling flush get one for all the guests. Having all the guests wearing one of these designs is sure to send mamma and baby some serious messages of support!

#1 – This “You Go Mama” Design Will Let Mama Know She’s Got a Cheering Squad!

Images of a "you go mama" enamel lapel pin in an article about baby shower pins for mom
You Go Mama Pin by AlphabetBags on Etsy

The new mama will love wearing this You Go Mama pin at her baby shower, but the message of support will last far beyond the shower.

On what are inevitably some hard hard days to come – fussy baby, no sleep, the sheer overwhelm of adjusting to her new role in life – this pin will remind her she’s got people cheering for her.

What could be a more thoughtful gift than a message of support that will last well into the future?

See the Pin on Etsy

#2 – This “Mama, You Got This” Pin Will Boost Her Confidence When She Needs It

Mama You Got This Pin by AlphabetBags on Etsy

Being a mama is hard. On your first time around, the learning curve is tough to get a handle on. And on your second or third time around – well, then you’re juggling pregnancy, newborns, exhaustion, and other active kids who still need plenty of attention.

Sometimes, mamas need that little reminder and confidence booster that yes – she’s got this. This Mama, You Got This pin is great for the baby shower and any tough moments that are yet to come.

See the Pin on Etsy

#3 – This “So Tired” Pin Will Ensure Others Cut Her Some Slack on Tough Days

So Tired Pin by AlphabetBags on Etsy

Honestly, I could have worn this So Tired pin all the way through my first and third trimesters. And then I would have just kept it on me for the entire first year of my daughter’s life.

For mama’s and dada’s who are struggling with sleep deprivation, sometimes a little laugh is all they need to keep going. And this pin will definitely deliver some laughs.

Plus, it might help store employees understand why that exhausted mama accidentally reached for her frequent flier card to pay for groceries, instead of her debit card. So Tired says it all!

See the Pin on Etsy

#4 – This “No Rest for the With Kid” Pin is Puntacular

No Rest for the With Kid Pin by AlphabetBags on Etsy

For the mom-to-be who can’t resist a good pun, this pin with a play on the phrase no rest for the wicked is all too true.

It will give her a laugh at her baby shower and beyond. And let’s be honest – when it comes time for that 3am feeding, you need a good laugh!

See the Pin on Etsy

#5 – This “Mamas Run the World” Just Tells Us What We Already Know

Mamas Run the World Pin by New Moon Papergoods on Etsy

Whether you are a mom, you know a mom, or you have a mom, chances are you already know what this accessory proudly states: mamas run the world!

From the weekly calendar to the world of their families – and often far beyond – the mama-to-be mom in your life will wear this pin with pride.

What could be better than joining a tribe of powerful, competent moms just like herself!

See the Pin on Etsy

#6 – This “No Sleep Gang” Pin is Perfect for Initiating a New Member

No Sleep Gang Pin by Old English Co on Etsy

The No Sleep Gang is a tough gang to join and an even tougher gang to be a member of. Thankfully, it’s well worth the sacrifices.

Knowing she’s a member of a gang of women who are losing sleep for their babies will help the mama-to-be get through those long nights of early parenthood.

Get one for each of the mamas in attendance at the baby shower!

See the Pin on Etsy

#7 – This “Mighty Mother” Message Will Help Her Stay Centred On Tough Days

Mighty Mother Pin by AlphabetBags on Etsy

Pregnancy is exhausting – turns out growing a new human from scratch is pretty tiring work! This pin will remind that mama-to-be just how mighty and amazing she is as she moves through her journey to motherhood. Mighty mother is a pretty great mantra for any mom, but especially one who’s just getting started.

See the Pin on Etsy

#8 – This “Awe-Sum-Mom” Pin Will Remind Her Of Her New Role

Awe Sum Mom by Carolyn Draws on Etsy

Some new moms struggle with their identity has they take on this new role, and feel like they lose some of themselves in that first, exhausting year of parenthood. This pin will remind her she’s still awesome – even as she navigates this new world.

See the Pin on Etsy

#9 – This “World’s Greatest Mother” Pin Will Show Her What You Really Think

World’s Greatest Mother by AlphabetBags on Etsy

This pin carries an inspirational message that’s bursting with confidence! If you know the mom-to-be is going to crush mom life, consider telling her with this pin. Get one for her, or for all of the baby shower guests to share how they feel!

See the Pin on Etsy

A Mom To Be Pin is a Simple But Thoughtful Gift

From growing her new baby and keeping her kid safe “on the inside,” to pushing it out and then learning to comfort, nourish, and adore that tiny, helpless person once it’s on the outside – being a mom is hard work with a huge learning curve.

If you want to celebrate a pregnant friend or family member, and send a message of support that will last her well beyond the baby shower, a mom to be pin is the perfect touch to a baby shower, party, or heart-to-heart talk.

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