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    Download Our Super Hilarious Baby Poop 'Concentration' Baby Shower Game!

    Baby Poop Concentration Free Printable Baby Shower Card Game

    We created our very own baby shower game that’s fun, funny, and totally unique! The game includes 23 playing cards, each depicting the different types of baby poop  moms- and dads-to-be might encounter. Download, print at home, and enjoy the hilarity! You can read more about the game and how to play here, or click on the link below to get the game!

    About Us

    Our names are Katie and Geoff Green, and we co-founded GreenActiveFamily based on our own experiences as parents. 

    From the moment we first got pregnant, we’ve been shocked by how much time it takes to research the best option for our family.  

    We started GreenActiveFamily to help other parents make the best purchasing decisions when it comes to buying products for their babies’ nurseries. 

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    The Best Outdoor Water Toys for Toddlers for a Fun Backyard Experience

    Turn your backyard into a fun, stay-at-home waterpark for littles with our ideas for the best outdoor water toys for toddlers.

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    A green tricycle with push handle against an isolated white background

    The Best Tricycles with Push Handles for Babies & Toddlers

    The best tricycles with push handles for babies and toddlers. 9 fantastic toddler tricycles every kid will love, suitable from 9 months to 5 years.

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    A father wearing a baby and his toddler son stand at the sink to do the dishes

    Best Dish Soap for Baby Bottles, Pacifiers and Breast Pump Parts

    Best baby dish soap for baby bottles. 11 baby dish soap brands that are free and clear from harsh chemicals. Gentle baby dish soap choices.

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    Colorful vegetable or fruit puree on 5 wooden baby spoons. The spoons are lined up side by side on a wooden cutting board.

    Best Baby Spoons for Self Feeding

    Starting baby led weaning or traditional weaning, and in search of the best baby spoons for self feeding? Keep reading for our thoughts, with a focus on non-toxic baby spoons that are mostly plastic free.

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    Brown cleaning products bottles, green leafy plant, and a natural bristle brush against a white background. The staging of the scene suggests they are eco cleaning products.

    The Best Fragrance Free Cleaning Products for a Greener, Scent Free Cleaning Routine

    Switching to fragrance free cleaning products will make your home greener and safer for your family, without harmful phthalates and VOCs. If you’re ready to get started with switching fragrance free and more natural cleaners, we hope this list helps!

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    A mother with an infant on a nursing pillow for breastfeeding.

    Best Nursing Pillow for Breastfeeding Moms

    New to breastfeeding and looking for the best nursing pillow to make it a bit easier? We’ve rounded up 8 of the best, including some organic choices.

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    Spinach White Bean & Quinoa Soup Recipe. A birds eye photograph showing the prepared soup recipe in a bowl, with a spoon in it.

    Hearty Spinach, Quinoa, White Bean Soup

    This hearty Spinach, Quinoa, White Bean Soup recipe will have you scraping the bowl and preparing for a second serving. It’s made without meat and uses the beans to add in that extra dose of important protein and includes a hearty helping of spinach, too. When you’re craving comfort food, this soup recipe will give you just what you need.

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    A father has his arm around his daughter as he reads a father's day card she gave to him

    Baby Books for Daddy

    A list of the best baby books for daddy. These board books would make a great Father’s Day gift from a bump, a baby, or a toddler.

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    A little girl playing with multi colored plastic blocks on a table.

    The Best Fine Motor Toys for Babies, Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

    The best fine motor toys for toddlers, babies, and preschoolers.

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    A close up view of a baby drinking from a baby bottle with milk. He is being held in his mother's arms.

    12 Safer Baby Bottles for Plastic Free Feeding: Best Baby Bottles Made from Glass, Stainless & Silicone

    Sick of too much plastic in your home and looking for the best baby bottles made from safer materials? We’ve rounded up the best glass, stainless steel, and silicone baby bottles.

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    A toddler boy climbing up on a learning tower inside a home.

    The Best Climbing Toys for 1 Year Old & 2 Year Olds

    The best climbing toys for 1 year old & 2 year old toddlers. Toddler climbing toys to encourage balance, gross motor skills, and controlled risk taking.

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    3 homemade playdough balls are shown on a wooden table covered in cornstarch. The balls are colored pink, yellow and blue. They look as though they have been nkneeded but not shaped fully. The photo is part of an easy playdough recipe for 2 ingredient playdough

    Soft + Silky Easy Playdough Recipe: 2 Ingredient Playdough (No Cook, No Flour)

    Is there a childhood activity any more quintessential than homemade playdough? We certainly don’t think so! We love making this easy 2 ingredient playdough at home, and so does our toddler.

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