23 Types of Baby Poop (Printable Game!)

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This printable baby shower game comes with 23 baby poop pictures. It’s a gross but hilarious baby shower card game and fun alternative to a traditional baby shower diaper game!

Best of all? It’s only $2.60 Canadian – that’s less than $2 US at the time of writing!

Get it Now for Less Than $2 US!

Baby Poop Concentration: The Grossest Card Game Around!

A collage of 15 cards featuring diapers and baby poop illustrations. The cards are part of a free printable baby shower game based on Concentration/Memory.

As soon as you become the parent of a tiny, adorable baby, all forms of social politeness fly out the window. If you don’t believe me, I might only ask: was it socially acceptable to whip out your boob in public before you became a mother? Did you talk openly about leaking diapers and feces multiple times per day in your pre-parent days?

One of the starkest differences between pre-parenthood and post-parenthood is the frequency with which you find yourself talking about poop: different types of baby poop; color and consistency; normal vs. sick baby poop; breastfed vs. formula fed baby poop; poop in your baby’s bathtub (which requires a special kind of cleaning); poop that touched your kid’s crib mattress … the list goes on.

And that’s before your baby starts eating solids and the oh-so-wonderful colors, shapes, and consistencies that come along with that.

While plenty of websites offer a poop chart to understand what’s happening under your little darling’s hood, we thought we’d do something a little bit different.

And by a little bit different, I actually mean a lot different.

Also: way funnier.

Like, right up there with the best funny baby poop memes on the Internet.

Get the Game!

23 Types of Baby Poop Meme Playing Card Game

Introducing our baby poo card game. It’s based on Memory/Concentration, and is meant to be fun, rather than educational.

Seriously folks: don’t use this game to diagnose your baby, or in lieu of medical advice.

DO use this game when you’re in need of a fun baby shower poop game. It’s a great complement to a more “traditional” baby shower diaper game, or is a fun (and more eco-friendly) alternative to any games using disposable diapers.

If you want to get really crazy, bust this game out over beers with that new parent couple you’re trying to become friends with. If they laugh, you’ll know you’ve struck friendship gold.

DISCLAIMER: If your baby is blasting out strange and fowl deuces, and you’re worried about his or her health, this card game will not help you. Seriously: call your paediatrician.

Meet the Diaper Game Playing Cards

Our game contains 23 different diaper cards, with each card representing the different types of baby poo you might come across as a parent.

Without further ado, here are the cards…

An illustration of dark green baby poop or meconium newborn poop in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Hot Tar: The doctors call it meconium. You'll call it the, "I can't believe this is my life now."

The Hot Tar

Give your baby a big round of applause for their first deuce! Newborn poop is known as meconium, and is a dark green color (often dark olive green).

It usually lasts three to five days and is the stickiest of sticky baby plops you’ll experience!

Baptism by fire, amiright?

An illustration of one nugget of baby poop next to an empty diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Escape Artist: This poop is a risk taker. It can't be contained, and it's ready to meet the world.

The Escape Artist

Once your baby starts rolling or zooming around, you better hope those diapers can contain all his or her “gifts” to the world! If you are experiencing constant leakage, your baby’s diaper is probably too big or too small. And let’s hope this isn’t a sign your baby will be an escape artist from their crib in the future.

An illustration of two perfectly formed baby poop logs in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Terrible Twos. When two turds show up to the same party, they make a rather unpleasant scene in your little one's diaper.

The Terrible Twos

Starting your baby on solids? Get ready for a whole new world of poo, including some perfectly formed logs in your darling one’s diaper (sometimes two of them side by side)!

You might gag cleaning these up, but just remember: healthy baby poop means a healthy baby!

An illustration of an empty diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Ghost. You heard it. You can smell it. But where is it?

The Ghost

This one happens to us. All. The. Time.

Your baby’s face turns red. She’s straining so hard, it looks like her eyes are going to pop out of her head. But when you go to change the diaper?

Nary a poop to be found. It’s the great mystery of our life.

At least you don’t have to use any wipes!

An illustration of small great baby poop nuggets in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Ancient Artifact. After days of attempting to excavate it, your baby unearths a treasure covered in chalky slime.

The Ancient Treasure

Ancient pirate treasure or days-old poop covered in slime? Sometimes it’s hard to know.

On a serious note, if your baby keeps delivering white or grey baby poop, or anything that’s chalky, call the doctor. It could be a sign of digestive problems.

An illustration of brown baby poop with black flecks in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Bleeding Nipple. The black dots mean your baby swallowed blood from your chapped, bleeding nipples. Hooray for motherhood!

The Bleeding Nipple

Digested blood in baby poop shows up as black specks. They’re most likely nothing to worry about, and it’s probably from your baby swallowing blood from your sore and bleeding nipples.

Motherhood is great, though.

An illustration of mustard looking baby poop in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Hold the Mustard. Mushy, grainy and yellow. Dijon mustard will be forever ruined.

The Hold the Mustard

Mustard colored baby poop or mustard looking baby poop (complete with seed-like bits) is totally normal, especially with breastfed babies.

Despite this being a type of typically healthy baby poop, chances are it will have you reconsidering your sandwich order, right?

You can’t look at mustard like baby poop all day without it impacting your condiment choices.

An illustration of a log of poo in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Bratwurst. How can something so big come out of someone so small?

The Bratwurst

If you find yourself feeling excited the first time your darling poops out a fully formed baby poop log, take it as a sign it’s time to get some new hobbies.

Seriously guys: this is poop we’re talking about.

An illustration of blood streaked baby poo in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Dracula. Your baby might be a vampire. More likely, she has a milk allergy.

The Dracula

A tiny bit of blood in baby poop might show up as blood streaks, and can be a sign of a milk allergy. While not always the case, The Dracula is often a lactose intolerant baby poop, so you may want to call the doctor.

The good news? It has nothing to do with your baby being a vampire (although, you may question this again when you’re going through their first sleep regression, and they’re wide awake at night!)

An illustration of many small nuggets of baby poo in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Forest Friend. A poop that's indistinguishable from that of a small forest creature.

The Forest Friend

Hard or pebble like baby poop is a sign of constipation, poor thing. Constipated babies are tough to watch, because you have to endure your little muffin straining with all their might.

Water, prunes and pear juice can help your baby go poop, but check with the doctor first (especially for younger babies).

An illustration of baby poo that looks like peanut butter in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, Peanut Butter Bum. Warning: do not spread this on your toast.

Peanut Butter Bum

Tan colored poop that looks like peanut butter is normal for formula-fed babies.

Formula fed baby poop is usually firmer than breastfed poops, and can range from light tan to brown (and sometimes green and yellow too – it’s a wonderful rainbow!)

An illustration of yellow watery baby poop in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Canned Soup. On a scale of unadulterated horror, this is one step away from a Mount Etna.

The Canned Soup

Yellow watery diarrhea in babies could be a sign of either an infection or allergy. But finding a Canned Soup in the diaper isn’t always a bad sign.

Lots of babies have runny yellow poops with milk curd chunks throughout.

Isn’t parenting wonderful?

An illustration of a large amount of watery brown baby poop in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Mount Etna. An uncontainable explosion of thick hot magma.

The Mount Etna

When you find the equivalent of multiple canned soups in one diaper, you’ve got a Mount Etna on your hands.

Every parent eventually comes face-to-face with a Mount Etna.

How you handle it is what matters.

BTW, this is why you always want extra, clean PJs, sleep sacks and crib sheets on hand!

An illustration of a long baby poop half-off the back of a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Back Scratcher. A poop that insists on gently caressing the small of your baby's back.

The Back Scratcher

When your baby’s poop find its way up the butt crack and starts sneaking out the back of his diaper, you’ve got a backscratcher on your hands.

For everyone’s sake, let’s hope it doesn’t climb all the way up into “neck-tickler” territory.

Either way, draw a cozy warm bath for baby, because you’ll need to clean that up.

An illustration of scrambled egg or cottage cheese baby poop in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Scrambled Egg. Jamie Oliver would not approve.

The Scrambled Egg

This cottage cheese baby poo looks like a mixture between mustard and cottage cheese.

It’s chunky and yellow – super common for bottle fed (formula) babies.

Just because it’s common, doesn’t make it pleasant.

An illustration of green baby poop in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Mint Milkshake. Soft, green and frothy all over.

The Mint Milkshake

Before you had a baby, you probably had no idea that poop comes in all kinds of colors – even green!

Fluorescent green baby poop, light green baby poop, green bubbly baby poop – we saw it all before our baby completed her first trip around the sun.

An illustration of a brown baby poop loaf in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Braided Rye. Not too hard, not too soft, oddly twisted.

The Braided Rye

Easy to pass, easy to clean, this is a “one-wiper” that will make your baby happy, and you too!

An illustration of a poo swirl in a diaper with a sun rising in the top right corner. Below the illustration are the words, The Chocolate Sunrise. When you get your baby out of bed in the morning, and come face-to-face with a room clearing, overnight odor.

The Chocolate Sunrise

The sun is rising. The birds are chirping. The coffee is brewing. Mornings are so delightful, right?

Well…they used to be, at least.

That is, until your baby decided to greet you with the overwhelming odor of a dirty diaper, first thing.

Hopefully they’re at least standing up in their crib, and the poop isn’t all squished.

An illustration of 2 diapers filled with 3 small chunks of baby poo. Below the illustration are the words, The Sequel. The diaper's been changed, the garbage tied up, and you're ready to move on with your day. So why is your baby grunting again?

The Sequel

After experiencing a few sequels, you’ll probably get a feel for your baby’s personal dumping regime, and won’t be so quick to the immediate diaper change.

Like a fine wine, it’s best to let it breathe for a minute (although don’t actually breathe it in, because: gross!)

An illustration of a framed picture of baby poo hanging on the top right corner of a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Abstract Expressionist. Congratulations! You've got a world-class artist on your hands.

The Abstract Expressionist

Future famous artist, alert!

When your kid expresses an interest in exploring his or her creative side, might we suggest you buy your future Picasso some crayons or finger paint?

An illustration of blue baby poo in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Blueberry Smoothie. When your baby starts solids, blue poop is just the beginning.

The Blueberry Smoothie

One of the whackiest of baby poop colors, blue baby poop is an actual thing, folks!

Blueberries and feces sometimes combine to create a truly unique combo.

Lucky you!

An illustration of chunky baby poo with carrots and peas in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Hidden Treasure. Undigested food hidden in poop. Worst. Treasure Hunt. Ever.

The Hidden Treasure

Introducing your little one to solid foods means he or she will introduce you to the wonderful world of chunky baby poop!

Carrots in baby poop, peas in baby poop, red pepper in … well, you get the idea.

It’s all coming your way.

An illustration of brown baby poo with white froth in a diaper. Below the illustration are the words, The Cappuccino. Not the afternoon pick-me-up you were hoping for.

The Cappuccino

Like the rapid dog of poops, this one foams a bit. Despite it’s resemblance to your afternoon coffee, we’re pretty sure you won’t get quite the same enjoyment out of it.

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How to Play the Baby Shower Diaper Game

Baby Poop Concentration Free Printable Baby Shower Card Game
Yield: 1 Game Set

Baby Poop Concentration - Free Printable Baby Shower Game

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

This hilarious twist on the classic card game of Memory/Concentration is the perfect choice for new parents and baby showers. Get to know the baby poop and diapers you might meet as a new parent with this free printable baby shower game.


  • Print-at-home game cards file (see game Notes for downloadable file and instructions)
  • 6 pieces of white card stock for every 2 players
  • Flat playing surface


  • Color printer
  • Scissors


Before playing the game, you'll need to buy the cards and set them up using the instructions included in your download. Then you can move on to set-up and play.

Set up the Game

  1. Shuffle the deck of 46 cards (One set of cards should contain two of each baby diaper card).
  2. Find a suitable flat playing surface, such as a table, counter, or floor. Randomly lay the shuffled cards face down on the playing surface. A photograph of 46 blank white printable playing cards arranged randomly and face down on a granite counter top.

Start Play

  1. To start play, one player turns over a single card and lays it down face-up in the same place they took it from.
  2. All players should be able to see the card.
  3. The player should then do the same with a second card, and look for a matching set. A photograph of 46 printable playing cards arranged randomly and face down on a granite counter top. Two matching cards are face-up, showing cards with illustrations of baby poop in a diaper.

Continue Play or End a Player's Turn

  1. If a player gets a matching pair of cards during their turn, they should remove the matching cards from play and set them aside.
  2. That player can continue their turn by turning over two more cards.
  3. Players continue their turn until they turn over two cards that aren't a match.
  4. If a player turns over two cards that aren't a match, they flip the cards back to the face down position, and their turn ends.

Winning the Game

  1. When all the cards have been taken by players, the game is over. Count each card: the player with the highest number of cards wins!


After flipping over two cards that don't match, players can replace them to a different spot in the game, moving cards around.


Before playing the baby shower diaper card game, you'll need to buy the cards and download them. You'll also need to prepare the cards for play..

For a two- or three-player game, download and print two color copies of the free baby diaper cards on 8.5x11" paper. This will create one deck of 46 cards.

To play with four or more players game, add an additional deck of cards (print two additional copies of the cards to create one deck).

If possible, print the cards on card stock. If your printer can't print on card stock, print the cards on normal paper, and glue them to card stock to create more sturdy cards.

A photograph of a set of print at home cards that are part of a free printable baby shower game. The cards feature illustrations of different baby poop in diapers.

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