27 Pirate Toys for Toddlers for the Swashbuckling Little Ones in your Life

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If your toddler is as obsessed with pirates as ours is, you need this list in your life. The best pirate toys for toddlers – all available on Amazon!

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Little Tikes 2-in-1 Pirate Ship

PLAYMOBIL Pirate Ship Building Set

Fisher-Price Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship

Once a toddler decides they’re interested in something, there’s little point in trying to detour them. They will sleep, breathe, dream, and play about whatever their current obsession is.

Our toddler is currently obsessed with antennae, fish and the ocean, cranes, traffic cones, buses, and – well – pirates. Since we are looking for awesome pirate toys for our own family, we figured we’d share what we found.

In case you have a swashbuckler in your life, too, here are 27 of the best pirate toys for toddlers (and a few for older kids, too).

A’hoy mateys!

Help Your Little One Sail Across the 7 Seas in Their Own Pirate Ship

This interactive pirate ship will spark your kiddo’s imagination with its cute pirate figurines and 4 realistic sound effects (cannon, fog horn, bell and anchor sounds). When it’s time to set sail, the ride-on toy function will let your little pirate roll around the house. For ages 18 months to three years. Requires 2 AA batteries, which aren’t included.

This Perfect “First Pirate Ship” Is Fun on Dry Land and In the Bath

PLAYMOBIL® is a toddler favorite, and this pirate ship set is no exception! Your toddler will have hours of imaginative play with this ship and pirate play set. Your child can hunt for sunken treasure or use the functioning water cannon to shoot down unsuspecting enemies (or unsuspecting parents) in the bath. Cute and engaging, for 18 months+.

Action and Adventure Await Your Little Pirate With the Shark Ship

Once your kiddo is too old for the PLAYMOBIL® pirate ship, this Fisher-Price pirate ship will provide hours of shark-chomping fun. Kiddos can chase down enemies and gobble up things in their path with the shark-chomping function. An array of accessories and hidden compartments take role-playing to the next level. For ages three to eight.

Conquer a Hot Day With This Pirate Water Table

Pick a shady spot and watch your little one splash and play for hours on this multi-functional pirate water table. It’s loaded with spinning features, a water cannon, and an anchor to set their imagination free. Ages 2 years and up.

This Pull-Along Pirate Ship Will Make Learning Feel Like an Adventure

This toy starts as a pirate ship with plenty to keep your little one busy. Open it up, and it transforms into a deserted island. This interactive toy teaches while it entertains with two different sound effect playing modes (colors and numbers) and lots of kid-friendly pirate phrases. Adorable fun for ages 1.5 to four years old.

Even the Tiniest Pirates will Love this Wooden Pirate Play Set

The cute, simple design of this set is enhanced by natural materials for safe and imaginative play. It comes equipped with 11 different figures for hours of fun. For ages three months and up.

Take Your Little One’s Balancing Skills to The High Seas

This cute all-wooden set includes a tottering ship and 18 different pirate-themed blocks of different shapes. Try to balance them all! Great for family game night with toddlers. For ages three and up.

Let Pirate Jake Challenge Your Kiddo’s Memory With This Classic Game

Perfect for teaching strategy and memorization, this matching game is full of cute characters and includes 72 tiles. Make the game easy or hard by using less or more of the tiles. For ages three and up.

Your Little One Chooses The Adventure With This Pirate Pete Book

Using the pop-in-the-slot feature, each page gives your child six different pictures to choose from for a different outcome to the story. This book can offer a new pirate story every night, with countless possibilities, and the content will help your little one grow their vocabulary.

The Pirates Have Commandeered The Bathtub With This Interactive Set

First, let your little one build the ship and raft. Then let their imagination take over as they set the scene with all the reusable wall “sticker” accessories. Fun for around 18 months and up. Made from EVA foam, which is BPA and phthalate free. However, EVA typically contains formamide, so we recommend keeping it out of your little one’s mouth. If your child still puts everything in their mouth, stick with one of these non toxic bath toys.

Your Child Can Keep Track of Captain Hook With Jake’s Talking Spyglass

Simply press a button to hear Jake’s voice while on the quest for treasure. Jake’s headband and map of Never Land complete the perfect pirating adventure package. For ages three and up. Great for imaginative and make believe play!

This Matching Game Will Boost Your Little Pirate’s Attention Span

Pirate fans will love this Jake and the Never Land Pirates version of the “Spot It” game, which involves spotting shapes and numbers pairs among a series of game cards.  Little pirates will have so much fun playing, they won’t even realize they’re learning. It’s travel size and made for kids three years old and up, but probably better for four through seven year olds.

The Only Thing Better Than Pirates is Pirates + Trains

A wooden train set with a pirate twist. Your little one will love fishing up treasure with the “magic” magnetic fishing poles and piecing together the puzzle treasure map to guide their expedition. Complete with 72 pieces. For ages three and up.

This DUPLO Set Is Perfect for Little Pirates Who Love to Build

With bigger blocks that are perfect for smaller hands, your child can either follow the super simple instructions or build their own creation. This DUPLO set is a perfect alternative to traditional blocks and adds in imaginative play. For ages two to five years old.

This Cute Pirate Book Will Have Story Time on Repeat for Days and Days

Read this book to the tune of “Row, Row Your Boat”, and before long they’ll be singing along and reciting every word. From the same author as the hugely popular Car, Car, Truck Jeep.

This is The Perfect Book to Send Your Sleepy Little Pirate off to Dreamland

Your child will be able to say “goodnight” to all sorts of fun, beautifully illustrated pirate things. The calming rhymes and sweet words will have their eyelids drooping before it’s even over. Part of the awesome and hugely popular Goodnight Series, which also includes Goodnight Digger, Goodnight Spaceman, and others.

Take the Struggle Out of Bath Time With This Adorable Book

The humorous tone and silly antics of the sweet pig will have your little ones erupting in giggles and perhaps even a little less hesitant about hopping in the tub. Note, the pirate theme lasts a few pages, before the pig moves on to other  characters (knight, astronaut, etc). I wish it was available as a bath book!

This Cute Bath Time Pirate Ship Will Make Baths a Breeze

Your little one can use the scoop to fill the ship with water and then choose one of the exciting water functions to release it. It sticks to the wall for convenience and makes a great gift for a child that’s 12 months or older.

Turn the Bathroom Into a Fun Zone With This Pirate Themed Ship

Mom and Dad had better duck for cover during bath time! This adorable toy has multiple squirting functions that will have your toddler giggling with entertainment. For ages 18 months and up.

Ahoy Maties! This Pirate Costume Will Spark Your Child’s Imagination

Complete with an eye patch, your little sword-wielding cutie will feel like a real pirate and take their role-playing to the next level. For ages three to six years.

Your Kiddos Can Build, Learn, And Play With This Magnetic Pirate Ship Set

Your kids can use the ten magnetic tiles to build the ship and their island getaway. Then, they can then use the 41 magnetic accessories to create their own magical world. For ages four to ten, although we think 2 to 3 year old toddlers could also enjoy aspects of this toy.

Your Kids Won’t Need Screens in the Car When They Have This Puffy Sticker Set

With more than 51 reusable puffy stickers, the pirate ship inside the book can be set up in hundreds of different scenes to promote creativity and story-telling. Ages four to eight will be able to use the toy as intended. However, we think toddlers who love stickers and pirates will also enjoy the stickers and figures – with some parent help.

Your Whole Family Will Have Barrels of Fun With This Pop-Up Pirate Game

Fill your home with squeals of excitement and laughter on game night with this cute and simple game. Just don’t be the one who pops up the pirate, or you lose! Best for ages four and up.

This Silly Pirate Stacking Game Will Test Your Concentration Skills

Stack the pirates as high as you can with planks in between them, taking turns. The last person to successfully balance the pirates before they fall wins! Playing the game is best for ages five and up, but pirate-loving preschoolers will probably enjoy trying to build towers!

Little Captains Will Spend Hours Capturing Invaders With Blackbeard’s Lair

Your kiddo will love attacking imaginary enemies with the fun projectiles and swinging anchor. They can even lock their enemies in a cage and throw their booty down the trap door. For ages three to eight years.

Unleash Your Kiddo’s Imagination With a Bucket of Pirates

Eight different pirate figurines and boatloads of accessories, including a vicious battery-operated shark, will provide endless active entertainment.

Let Your Little One Escape to Another World With This Adorable Tent

Your kiddo will love having their own secret place to hide their treasures and transport them to imaginary worlds of adventure.

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