What to Buy a Newborn for Christmas: 13 Newborn Christmas Gifts and Holiday Gifts for 0 to 4 Months

Have a newborn baby on your Christmas shopping list this year? Trying to come up with ideas for what to buy a newborn for Christmas can be hard! This list of newborn Christmas gifts can help! Christmas gift ideas for babies 0 to 4 months.

Disclosure: I was compensated to write this post. Lovevery invited me to write a post mentioning Lovevery product(s) of my choice in exchange for monetary compensation. I purchased the Lovevery Play Kits, Play Gym and other Lovevery products mentioned in this article myself, and did not receive a discount on the products listed. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

A pinterest pin with text that says the best ever christmas gifts for newborns (ages 0 to 4 months) and there is a picture of a newborn sleeping wearing a red and white striped hat. Newborn christmas gifts

Newborns are tricky little people…when it comes to taking care of them AND shopping for them.

And if you have a tiny new bundle of joy on your Christmas shopping list this year, you might be wondering what to buy a newborn for Christmas…and find yourself coming up short of ideas.

I get it! On the surface, newborn babies are like cozy warm slugs that like to snuggle, sleep, poop…and not much else.

But in reality?

The newborn period is developmentally rich, and ripe for a newborn Christmas gift that will support their development, help them see how fun it is to be a person, and maybe even give their parents or caregivers a little break on Christmas morning…and beyond.

Below, I’ve put together a list of the best baby Christmas gifts for newborns, based on my experience as a mom and aunt.

I hope it inspires you to find the perfect Christmas gift for baby’s first Christmas.

What Do I Mean by Newborn Christmas Gifts?

When I say “newborn Christmas gifts” I’m talking about gifts for babies who are zero to four months old. I’ve tried to pick Christmas gifts and holiday gifts that the baby will be able to use right now, during the holiday season, and won’t have to wait to grow into. That said, many of these gifts (maybe all of them?) are great for older babies, too.

My Favorite Christmas Gifts for Newborns: A Quick Summary

  1. Play Kits by Lovevery: The Looker is for babies up to 3 months, followed by The Charmer (months 3 and 4) and The Senser (months 5 and 6).
  2. Baby Play Gym by Lovevery or Finn + Emma
  3. Baby Play Mat by Wee Gallery or Little Bot
  4. High Contrast Black and White Toys by Wee Gallery, Manhattan Toy Co., or in some Lovevery Play Kits
  5. Bath Toys by Hevea, CaaOcho, PipSquigz, and GreenToys
  6. Board Books such as Dear Zoo, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon and anything by Sandra Boynton.
  7. The Yoto Player or Yoto Mini audio player for kids
  8. Cause and Effect Toys such as Crinkle Paper, Wrist Rattles, or a Soft Fabric Book with Squeaker
  9. A Christmas tree ornament that can become an annual tradition
  10. Car seat and Stroller Travel Toys
  11. Seasonal Gear for winter or vacation gear for babies heading somewhere warm
  12. Teething and mouthing toys such as Dr. Brown’s Teething Toys or the toys found in Lovevery’s The Charmer play kit.
  13. An Oball for baby’s first ball!

Table of Contents

The 13 Best Baby Christmas Gifts for a Newborn Celebrating Their First Holiday Season

#1: Lovevery Play Kit

Put Christmas on Easy Mode with Lovevery Play Kits: my Favorite Newborn Christmas Gift Ideas

Contents of The Looker play kit by Lovevery against an isolated off-white background.

The Looker play kit by Lovevery. Image courtesy Lovevery.

Top Pick

Lovevery Play Kits make the best gifts for babies (and their new moms and dads).
As a gift giver, they make your job a lot easier, because they are perfectly tailored to a recommended age, so you never haver to worry if something is “too old” or “too young” for the baby you’re shopping for. And the included Play Guide makes it easy for new parents to play with their baby in a developmentally appropriate way. Win, win, win!

Check Prices and Availability

When it comes to finding a special gift for an infant (0 to 3 months old), Lovevery’s “The Looker” play kit is the one you want.

Contents of the Lovevery Looker play kit on an area rug. The Play Kits make awesome infant toys and gifts!
This is my The Looker play kit, which is a few years old now. My kit doesn’t have the Sensory Links, which is a big improvement on the new version of The Looker, which you get if you order now.

(For slightly older babies, check out The Charmer (for 3- and 4-month-olds), and The Senser (for 5- and 6-month-olds)).

3 Lovevery Play Kits in open boxes against an isolated white background with labels naming the kit and age range for each. Lovevery play kits make great newborn Christmas gifts!
The first 6 months of the Play Kits by Lovevery include The Looker, The Charmer, and The Senser

All of Lovevery’s Play Kits are packed full of developmental and educational toys developed by child development experts.

I own all 6 of Lovevery’s “first year” play kits, and one thing I love about them is the toys last well beyond what the “Lovevery age range” set out on the box.

My 4-year-old still likes to play with some of the toys in the first year boxes! And this past weekend, I let a friend’s 13-month-old run wild playing with all 6 “First Year” play kits, and she found fun things to do in every single one.

The Looker play kit in particular is tailored to the first three months of life (weeks 0 to 12), and includes:

  • A double sided mobile, including both a high contrast black and white side, and a side with dots in different bright colors.
  • High contrast black and white cards to support eyesight and brain development. The kit includes both simple black and white cards for those first few weeks, and more complex patterns as their eyes start to focus better.
  • A standing card holder, which you can use to display the high contrast cards in front of your baby during tummy time.
  • A durable wooden baby book with high contrast black and white images. At first, it’s fun to look at with an adults’ help, but as they get older, babies can flip through it themselves and use it to make a clapping noise, when the “pages” bang together. It’s the perfect size for little fingers, too.
  • High contrast black and white mittens for their little hands. They are designed to support eyesight development and key age-based milestones, such as tracking moving objects and moving their heads.
  • A high contrast black and white silicone rattle with removable cotton ball.
  • Sensory Links for use with the Lovevery Play gym, on the stroller, or to keep little fingers busy whenever their caregiver needs.
  • The Lovevery Play Guide.
Lovevery's The Looker's Standing Card holder with black and white high contrast cards, with the Play Guide open to a page about Tummy Time. This play kit is a perfect infant christmas gift
The Looker’s Standing Card holder with black and white high contrast cards, with the Play Guide open to a page about Tummy Time

Before I bought our own Play Kits, the Lovevery Play Guides honestly seemed like a simple, “no value add” addition. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. They’re a great help to new parents who aren’t exactly sure how they should be playing with their new baby, supporting their development, and keeping everyone entertained.

If you’re interested in putting a Lovevery Play Kit under the Christmas tree for baby’s first Christmas, you can order them as one-off kits, or save by buying a bundle of either 3 kits (which includes developmental toys from 0 to 6 months) or 6 kits (which takes you from 0 to 12 months). There’s also an option to upgrade each kit with a Book Bundle. Go to their Play Kit page, click on the “Get Started” button, and enter your child’s age information to get details about bundles.


Lovevery offers free shipping on their play kits throughout the contiguous US and Canada.

Check Prices on Lovevery Play Kits: The Looker, The Charmer, and the Senser

#2 and #3: Baby Play Gym or Play Mat

Somewhere Safe and Fun for Baby to Lie Down…So New Parents Can Get Something Done.

Lovevery Play Gym baby play mat against an isolated white background with labels and arrows superimposed to show the 5 developmental zones. The labels say...

The Play Gym by Lovevery, set up as a mat

Best Newborn Baby Gear to Gift

Another, “makes life easier for new moms, dads, and caregivers” gift is a baby play gym.

Babies can use play gyms early on in infancy for supervised tummy time, and they’ll grow into it as they start to get more control over their limbs (and stop spending all day asleep).

Shop My Favorite Play Gyms by Lovevery and Finn and Emma

Shop My Favorite Play Mats by Wee Gallery and Little Bot

Two play gyms I love are the Lovevery Play Gym and the Finn and Emma.

The Lovevery Gym is another product I’ve owned myself, and can speak to with personal experience (you can read my full review here).

It’s very developmentally focused, and has been thoughtfully designed to last beyond infancy into toddlerhood, going from play mat, to play gym, to “cozy fort” mode.

Lovevery play gym set up as a fort
Our Lovevery Play Gym set up in “cozy fort” mode.

I have a Finn and Emma play gym arch, but not their toys, so I can only speak to this product with limited experience. The play gym arch is extremely well made, and very sturdy, which is a safety consideration. You can buy a bare arch, or bundle it with toys. Finn + Emma also offers a bundle to get their Baby Play Matt and Play Gym together.

If a play gym isn’t what you’re looking for, a play mat is another great option. Other than the Lovevery Play Gym, the Wee Gallery brand play mat is my favorite play mat for infants. It’s high contrast, super soft and padded, and is thoughfully made to be safe for babies: organic cotton outer cover, Oeko-tex certified poly-fill, and non-toxic dyes, and free from nasty stuff like flame retardants.

Organic cotton mat from Wee Gallery featuring high contrast design. My pick for the best non toxic play mat for babies made from cotton
Our Wee Gallery Play Mat. Available on The Tot, Maisonette, and Amazon.

If you want to gift a play mat that’s going to last a bit longer, the Offie Mat by Little Bot is a great choice for babies, learning to crawl, and toddlers playing. Be warned though: this is more like a piece of furniture as it doesn’t really roll up well for putting it away. You might want to check with parents before purchasing this mat as a Christmas gift for a new baby!

Close up of the Little Bot Ofie non toxic foam mat with triangle design with toys on it. Play mats are great for babies to practice moving and stay safe, but also good for toddlers to play on
Toys on our Little Bot Mat

Check Prices on my Favorite Play Gyms and Play Mats by Lovevery, Finn and Emma, Wee Gallery, and Little Bot.

#4: High Contrast, Black and White Things

Support Baby’s Brain and Eyesight Development with this Holiday Gift Idea for Infants!

Black and White High Contrast Toys for Infants – these are all ones we own!

Best to Grab an Infant’s Attention

Black & White Toys and Gear

Baby’s eyes naturally gravitate to high contrast black and white, so it gives them something to look at that they naturally enjoy, encouraging them to focus longer and work on eyesight development.

Shop High Contrast Toys and Cards by Wee Gallery, Manhattan Toy and Lovevery

Child development experts suggest high contrast black and white books, cards, and patterns for young babies to use before they develop the ability to see color, around 5 months of age.

From birth to around 4 months old, babies can only see objects that are within 10″ of their faces, and tend to be most interested in their parents’ faces and highly contrasted images.

So why not give those babies something they naturally love?

Enter, high contrast black and white stuff.

If you’d like to include some high contrast black and white toys, etc., under the Christmas tree, Wee Gallery, Manhattan Toy Company and Lovevery all make pretty good options (the Lovevery toys are sold in their Play Kits).

Wee Gallery is known for their black and white contrast toys. Choose from their stroller toys and stroller cards, sensory clutch balls, art cards, crinkle toys, and more! Maisonette has a great selection of Wee Gallery products, and so does Amazon!

Many Manhattan Toy brand toys are also high contrast. Check out their Wimmer Ferguson Learning Cube, Mind Cubes, and 3-in-1 Triangle. Available on Maisonette and Amazon.

Finally, the Lovevery Play Kits. The Looker Play Kit (which I detailed above) has a high contrast book, teether and ball, and cards. The Charmer (Months 3 and 4) comes with a high contrast interlocking disc toy, another black and white card set, and a soft book that includes some black and white patters, and can be used with the card set.

Check our Wee Gallery, Manhattan Toy Co, and Lovevery Black and White Toys

# 5: Fun, Safe Bath Toys

Help infants understand bath time is fun with these safe, non toxic toys for bath time!

Some of my favorite bath toys for babies

Best for Infants Who Love Bath Time

Bath Toys Fun for Young Babies

It’s never too early to get a baby’s stash of bath toys started, and picking up a selection of non-toxic bath toys for them to start playing with in the bath is a great idea for baby’s first Christmas and holiday season.

Shop Hevea, CaaOcho, PipSquigz, and GreenToys on Amazon

A rubber duck is a classic gift for babies. Gifting bath toys that are suitable for infants and young babies is a great way to make the bath-book-bed routine fun!

If you’re looking for bath toys for an infant Christmas gift, Hevea is my first choice. Their toys are made from non-toxic, natural latex rubber from the Hevea tree. Because it’s made from natural latex, it’s worth noting that these toys aren’t suitable for families with latex allergies.

What I love about the Hevea toys how soft they are. We have Hevea and CaaOcho bath toys, and while both are great, the Hevea ones are softer to the touch – almost silky – which is very nice for sensitive infant skin!

Hevea rubber duck
Our very well used Hevea Kawan rubber duck

If you want to gift something that will last and be fun throughout their first few years, I also like Green Toys Fat Brain Toys’ PipSquigz (they can also be used on high chairs and stroller trays once baby hits that stage!) and GreenToys, although they definitely skew older.

Stacking cups are another awesome bath toy. Green Toys makes a great version made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Shop Hevea, CaaOcho, PipSquigz, and GreenToys on Amazon

#6: Books

A Christmas Gift for Infants To Develop a Lifelong Love of Reading

A few of the favorite books my daughter received as an infant

Start Building Baby’s First Library for Christmas

Board books and texture books make the perfect gift for new babies. Reading at an early age comes with so many benefits, and it’s a great activitiy for the whole family to get into. Also, babies tend to get a lot of toys during the holiday season anyway, and do they really need more toys under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning?

Shop on Amazon

It’s never too early to begin reading with a baby, and early reading has been correlated with academic readiness going into kindergarten. Research presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting demonstrates “reading books with a child beginning in early infancy can boost vocabulary and reading skills four years later, before the start of elementary school.”

Beyond the academic benefits, reading in infancy is enjoyable to babies! They naturally love the sound of their parents’ voices, and it gives them a chance to practice grabbing, smiling, smacking and hitting to show their excitement about a page!

High contrast black and white books support development of focus and eyesight as discussed above. However, there’s nothing quite like a classic tale, family favorite, or beloved story book.

Choosing a board book will let the baby participate as much as possible. It’s a long while before kids are ready to turn paper pages themselves, and many of the baby books we bought for our daughter during infancy were well used through the toddler years too, as she started to “read” them herself.

Some of our family favorites at this age group include:

  • Dear Zoo: We read this one over and over again, and then we read it again! A family favorite, and bonus points for being a Lift the Flap book.
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book: An Eric Carle classic, we still reach for this one occasionally 4 years after my daughter first got it as an infant.
  • Goodnight Moon: This, plus Sandra Boynton’s Going to Bed Book, was our bedtime combo for a long time. As my daughter got a bit older, she loved to look for the mouse hidden on each page in Goodnight Moon (we named it Bingo, for some reason).

Classic, tried and true board books like some of the ones I’ve listed above are a great choice. However. don’t be afraid to throw in one or two Christmas books for baby, too! These often end up getting pulled out year-after-year, taking on keepsake status.

And remember babies are easy to delight. In addition to storybooks, they tend to love crinkle books or other texture books that allow sensory exploration and cause and effect play. Books with different textures on each page, for example, are usually a hit! And fabric books are fun for them to explore on on their own once they get a bit more developed in the fine motor skills department.

Shop Board Books for Babies on Amazon

# 7: Yoto Mini

Meant for toddlers and up to use it independently, this audio player is a great nursery addition for parents to operate until baby reaches 3.

Best for Screen Free Content to Enjoy

Screen Free Songs and Stories

A lightweight, kid friendly and screen free way to play kid-appropriate content anywhere in your house, or on the go. Yoto is a great solution for songs and audiobooks that your child will be able to do themselves as they grow.

Check Prices and Availability

This is on my list this year to buy for my daughter, so I’ve yet to have personal experience with this, but I’ve done a ton of research in preparing to buy it for our own home.

Essentially, it’s a kid-friendly audio player and speaker that lets children choose a story or music to listen to, and then play it themselves, without help from a grown up. All the content is stored on cards, so once they hit an appropriate age, it’s a great way to give them some autonomy over what they listen to, without worrying about inappropriate content (the aren’t any screens or ads to worry about either!).

So why do I also like it for babies? Well, the Yoto Player has a ton of content that you can also use with babies…. If we had this back when our daughter was an infant, I can see us playing stories like the Hungry Caterpillar collection during tummy time, or while cooking dinner. It’s small enough to move from the nursery to the living room to the kitchen, and gives you child-friendly content without ads or screens!

Our daughter is also learning a second language (French), and has also expressed interest in Spanish. Neither my husband nor I speak either fluently enough to read stories to her in these additional languages, so I like the idea of using the Yoto player to provide rich language environments at home. On the Yoto website you can search cards (content) by English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, currently.

Note, this toy would only be appropriate to be controlled and used by an adult until around 3 years old.

Shop the Yoto Player or Yoto Mini on Amazon

#8: Cause and Effect Toys

A critical piece of language development, infants delight in learning about cause and effect!

Things that Move, Light Up or Make a Sound When Baby Does Something

Cause & Effect Gifts

These toys require your baby to do something to cause a reaction, and teach a critical lesson in language development. Many classic baby toys are cause and effect oriented, so you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Shop Crinkle Paper, Wrist Rattles, and Soft Fabric Book with Squeaker

Cause and effect toys are plentiful in the kids toy section, because it’s such an important concept for babies and toddlers to grasp, and because kids tend to love them, from infancy onward.

Language wise, understanding cause and effect helps kids understand that they can take action (i.e. use language) to change their environment or situation. It’s a massively powerful concept, and believe it or not a lot of simple baby toys help teach it!

If you’d like to gift some cause and effect Christmas presents for newborns, keep it simple: rattles, squeakers, and crinkle toys are all great. When baby grabs or pushes on the toy, they cause a reaction (in all of these example toys, the toy makes some sort of sound).

Here are some of my favorite cause and effect toys for this age group – all of which would make awesome Christmas presents for newborns:

  • Wrist Rattles: Pop them gently around baby’s wrists, and when they move their arms, they’ll make sound!
  • Crinkle Paper: Let baby grab, scrunch and squeeze to make a delightful crunching noise.
  • Soft Fabric Book with Squeaker: This Manhattan Toy Co book comes with a lot of “tried and true” baby things: squaker! mirror! tags to grab! crinkles!

The Fat Brain toys Dimpl and Galt Pop Up toy are two personal favorites in this genre, suitable for slightly older babies.

#9: Christmas Tree Ornament

Start a Christmas Ornament Tradition for their Future Christmas Tree

Christmas tree with presents around the bottom

Infant Christmas Gifts That Become an Annual Tradition

Annual Christmas Ornament

Make your first Christmas gift for a newborn the start of an annual tradition they’ll treasure into adulthood!

Shop Kids Christmas Ornaments on Pottery Barn Kids

This is a tradition from my own family when I was growing up, and one we’ve started with our daughter.

Every year for Christmas, my mom would give my brother and I one Christmas ornament from the same local company. When we moved out as adults, we had a collection of beautiful, high quality Christmas ornaments for our own trees – all infused with memories from our childhood and adolescence.

In my opinion, the key is to go with classy, timeless decorations. Pottery Barn Kids has a great selection.

Shop Christmas Ornaments on Pottery Barn Kids

#10: A Stroller Travel Toy / Car Seat Toy

The best newborn Christmas gifts grow with them…and keep them busy!

Something to Clip to a Stroller or Car Seat

Stroller Toys Offer Entertainment on the Go

Stroller toys and car seat toys clip to a baby’s stroller or car seat to offer something to watch and play with when you’re on the go. There are a ton of options available, so choose something you like yourself, with a few different features for baby.

Shop Stroller Travel Toys on Amazon

Stroller travel toys and car seat toys are versatile, clip on or cling-on toys that babies can watch, bat at, grasp for, or play with while on the go.

They tend to be adorable, with a variety of interesting-to-babies features:

For the very youngest babies, Manhattan Toy makes a high-contrast toy spiral for the car seat handle bar.

Other examples include:

Shop Stroller Travel Toys on Amazon

# 11: Seasonal Gear

Seasonal gear makes a great Christmas gift for a baby in a cold climate – or heading on vacation!

A travel pack in play on the patio of an airbnb in Greece with a beautiful view of the ocean in the background

Our Phil & Ted’s travel cot while we were on vacation in Greece. These days, I would recommend the Guava Lotus over the Phil & Teds.

A Baby Gift that Helps Parents Deal with the Weather

Winter Gear or Vacation Gear

Christmas time means winter time in the US, which means cold weather that new parents might not be prepared for. Or, for the lucky families, a hot weather vacation somewhere with baby! Winter gear and vacation gear make great newborn Christmas gifts.

New parents are used to needing a lot of new gear, but they’ll probably always be happy to get some help with key pieces they need.

Since the dead of winter is vacation time for a lot of families, vacation gear like a UV protective swim shirt, sun hat, and sunglasses could be much appreciated it the family is planning a getaway. Great newborn Christmas gift ideas for a baby with an upcoming vacation include:

Winter gear, including a stroller footmuff and winter-appropriate sleep sacks are also great ideas.

# 12: Teethers and Mouthing Toys

Give baby something to chew on

A Baby Gift that Helps Baby Deal with their New Teeth

Teething Toys & Beads

Most babies start teething from 4 months on, but based on the experience of a good friend – whose baby got his first teeth at 3 months – I like to have teething toys on hand early on, both for actual teething, and the inevitable mouthing babies love to do!

Shop Dr. Brown’s Teething Toys on Amazon or Lovevery’s The Charmer play kit.

Teething toys are a great infant Christmas gift, but also a great stocking stuffer for babies. And there’s a ton of selection to choose from.

If you want to gift teethers as an add-on to an additional present, Lovevery’s The Charmer play kit comes with two teething toys: a silicone triangle teether, and a textured triple teether, along with the additional toys that come in the Play Kit.

Lovevery The Charmer play kit contents on a neutral background
The Charmer Play Kit contains two teething toys, in addition to other developmentally apporporiate toys and activities for babies 3 to 4 months old. Image courtesy of Lovevery.

If you’re looking for teething toys or mouthing toys only, I suggest sticking to reputable, well-known brands using safe materials like silicone, instead of plastic. When it comes to things babies are going to put in their mouth or use against their skin, I don’t like to take chances with unknown brands!

Dr. Brown’s (of baby bottle fame) makes a range of silicone teethers and teething toys, in various colors, shapes and textures. They offer cute shapes, 3-packs of beaded teether rings, and teething toys with shaker toys attached, among others.

Shop Dr. Browns Teething Toys on Amazon

# 13: An Oball

Easy to grab and hold for babies, an Oball makes a great baby gift

Baby’s First Ball – that they can Grab and Hold without Help

Super lightweight and with lots of places to grab and grasp, Oballs are a classic “first ball” for babies, suitable for babies from newborn and up. Choose from the classic Oball or one with rattle noises (my personal favorite).

Shop Oballs on Amazon

Someone gave my daughter an Oball when she was a baby, and I didn’t really get what was so great about it until I saw it in action.

A baby (face obscured by an emoji) reaches for an Oball with rattle during Tummy Time
My daughter reaching for her Oball during tummy time

They are sooooo lightweight, which means even little baby arms can lift them by themselves. And there are so many easy to grip holes, which means even little baby fingers can grasp the ball in multiple places, without risking too much frustration.

We used our Oball all throughout the first year and beyond, and I suggest getting one for every new baby in your life!

Shop the Classic Oball and the Rattle Oball on Amazon

What Makes a Great Infant Christmas Gift?

Whether you found some ideas on my list above or not, it’s worth considering how I chose these infant Christmas gifts, and what you should look for when searching for the perfect gift.

Developmentally Appropriate

Developmentally appropriate can mean a range of different things, but I took it to mean: the baby can use it now, and it works within typical infant milestones for the first three months of life.

Things like high contrast toys fits this bill, as do things the baby will enjoy now (and also hopefully in the future): reading with their loved adults, for example; watching cause and effect with the help of an adult; or gazing at the mobile included in the Lovevery first three months Play Kit (The Looker).

In my experience, parents love toys that encourage babies to work on their milestones, while also giving them some fun things to do with their little ones.

Machine Washable

New babies are like constantly erupting volcanos, so it’s worth choosing items that are easy to wash and dry, where possible.

Anything that will Irritate their Skin

Babies have super sensitive skin, so stay away from anything with fragrance or rough textures that will go up against their skin or on their skin (bath products, lotions, etc). If you’re purchasing clothing or crib bedding, look for water-based and non toxic dyes, and possibly organic fabrics if you prefer.


There are lots of baby items on the market that are popular, but considered unsafe by leading organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics. I’ve left those off this list and suggest you do the same.

Likewise, I don’t recommend stuffed animals or baby blankets. While they are super cute, babies need to sleep in a bare crib on a firm mattress – with no stuffed animals and no baby blankets – for the first year.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Newborn Babies 0 to 4 Months

I hope you found some great ideas in here, and are set to have a wonderful holiday season!

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