Best Preschool in a Box Monthly Kits for Preschool Homeschooling

14 Preschool in a Box kits to keep your little one learning. Preschool subscription boxes for hands on learning and educational activities.

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The Preschool Box

Green Kid Crafts

Little Minds Learning Box

Honesty time.

I never expected to become a home school mom.

You see, I grew up in a family of teachers. Because of that, I have spent many, many years bearing witness to how hard teachers work to educate our kids. I always figured when I had my own kids, I’d send them off to the professionals. From preschool all the way through to high school.

And then 2020 happened. Of course, everything changed.

My daughter was eligible for early-start preschool in January. And here I am, adamant that we not send her, wondering about how to do preschool homeschooling.

We’re lucky in that we’re currently living near family. Our family helps with childcare a few mornings a week while we work, allowing us to keep a microscopically tiny “bubble” and ensure our daughter is safe and busy while we work.

But I also know my daughter is ready for more. So while I can’t send her to preschool in January, I do plan to bring some preschool curriculum into our house.

TGF Preschool Subscription Boxes

While 2020 is certainly a bit of a weird year in a lot of ways, I’m so grateful there are so many options out there to help with preschool homeschooling.

Preschoolers require a lot of energy, as you probably know! I’m so grateful I can order a whole bunch of high quality activities that are ready to go, and don’t have to put it all together myself! While I do my best with playdough, sensory bottles, gardening, fun activities from toddler subscription boxes, and more, a preschool teacher, I am not.

Since I am doing my own research to find the right preschool box for my family, I figured I’d share what I find.

Just here for some quick recommendations? I’ve gathered up a list of some of the best preschool box subscriptions available. Some of these subscription boxes cover all aspects of the preschool curriculum, whereas others are focused on individual learning activities. What all these subscription boxes have in common is they are full of educational activities that are ready to go! Here are the preschool in a box kits I’ve researched for this article.

What is a Preschool in a Box Subscription Box?

Before getting into the different options, it’s probably worth explaining the concept of a preschool in a box.

These days, you can get pretty much anything delivered to your door in subscription box format! And a preschool curriculum is no different.

Some preschool in a box kits are modelled after a full preschool curriculum (for example, The Preschool Box is like this). Others, however, cover only one or two aspects of the type of learning activities your kiddo would get up to in preschool. These narrowly focused boxes cover things like story time, imaginative play, hands on activities, making things, etc.

What they all have in common is they are packed full of educational activities that are fun for the early childhood education years, from around ages 3 to 5. And they all arrive on your doorstep according to a preset schedule as a subscription box, reducing your workload as a parent to put together different activities.

Best Preschool Subscription Boxes

Below, I’ve outlined some different monthly preschool subscription options. As mentioned above, some only cover a few types of preschool activities, whereas others have a more full range of educational activities, so you can pick and choose based on what your child needs.

The Preschool Box

This box covers almost every learning type with crafts, books, flashcards and activities that promote pre-k and kindergarten goals in a fun way.

The activities in this preschool box are scheduled out like curriculum, with each week already planned out for you. The first box will focus on letters A through D, for example, and the second box will feature letters E through H.

Additionally, each box comes with a new book along with activities to promote fine motor skills, letter recognition, phonics and creativity. There are at least 16 activities in every box.

The boxes ship out on the sixth of each month and can be ordered in three-, six-, or twelve-month subscriptions. It is ideal for kids ages 3 to 6 years old and can be ordered for one, two or three kids at a time.

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Green Kid Crafts

A preschool aged boy stands at a table while conducting a science experiment included in Green kid Crafts preschool subscription box
Green Kid Crafts via CrateJoy

Focusing on well-rounded learning by including both science and art activities, this box caters to two different age groups with intriguing STEM and art projects.

Green Kid Crafts is a monthly subscription and is available for two to four years old or five to ten years old.

Each box has an interesting theme, such as transportation, physics or rocket science, and a coordinating monthly magazine packed with information about the theme.

The activities will evolve around the monthly theme as well and include anything from a create-your-own modular solar system to real oil pastel paint sets.

This box ships worldwide and will always ship out on the same day as your initial order date.

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Little Minds Learning Box

Creative and engaging, this box features a cute theme every month with at least 20 accompanying activities to encourage learning through play.

Well-curated for kids who are either in or entering preschool or kindergarten, each Little Minds Learning box contains a guide for the parents that explains the included activities and what kind of skill they will build. They also contain songs, recipes and more that align to that month’s theme.

The activities promote fine and gross motor skills, creativity and a basic understanding of math and science.

These boxes ship out at the end of every month and currently only ship within the US.

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Little Learners Busy Box

Cleverly designed activities that make learning fun are the foundation of each box from Little Learners. They encourage a wide variety of the important milestones learned in pre-k and kindergarten.

You will be able to choose between a mini box and a big box for this monthly preschool subscription. The mini box has three activities and the big box has five, and the best part about them is that they are all reusable.

Each activity is bagged with a label and a coordinating, easy-to-follow instruction card. The activities cover fine motor skills, numbers and counting, letter recognition and even crafts and STEM.

The projects range from letter matching games to play dough, math fishing and pretend pie-making, all with subtle lessons ingrained into them.

This box is suitable for kids who are about two to four years old and can ship worldwide to select countries. They send out the boxes between the fifth and eighth of each month.

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My First Reading Club

This box will keep your home book shelf exciting for your little one with the arrival of a handful of new, age-appropriate books to add to your collection every month.

Each My First Reading Club box comes with three books, an activity book and a small gift for mom as a much-deserved bonus. There are five different age categories to choose from that accommodate kiddos from baby’s first books all the way through to pre-teen years.

Faithful customers have given kudos toward the quality, curation and age-appropriateness of the books that arrive.

These boxes ship out on the first of each month and currently only ship within the US. Shipping is free.

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Bookroo has developed their own massive, one-of-a-kind book selection platform to pick out the highest-quality books for their boxes featuring everything from trusted classics to new favorites.

Each of the Bookroo boxes contains three books that are picked from the category of your choice. You can choose picture books, board books or chapter books for your kiddo depending on their reading level.

The books come in a brightly colored box, and each one is individually wrapped like a present to build up even more excitement for your child.

There is also a quick review guide included to give an at-a-glance look at all of the books and to provide discussion prompts for parents.

These boxes ship each month on the business day directly after the fifteenth, and they currently only ship within the US.

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Get Ready 4 Kindergarten Box

Highly organized with each box developed around a monthly theme, this subscription will carve a fun and engaging learning path to kindergarten readiness and beyond for your kiddos.

Although this is one of the pricier subscriptions, reviewers have pointed out that the amount and quality of activities. Your child will spend a good amount of time your child with each Get Ready 4 Kindergarten box, making it well worth the price.

Monthly themes like frogs, rain and fire safety provide a foundation for the activities in each box. All of them also align with guidelines set by the US Department of Education.

The projects are based on communication and hands-on learning. They feature books, crafts and tasks that foster language development and learning through play. Each box also includes a well-designed plan for parents to follow.

They are suitable for kids aged two to five years old and can be shipped worldwide.

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Little Bookish Wardrobe

A book subscription with a twist, this unique box features a new book every month with a coordinating costume, activity and items that bring the story to life.

Reading becomes much more fun and engaging when your little one can act out the story with props and costumes. Each monthly costume will be one of the characters from the book and comes with fun accessories, crafts and activities.

Popular themes for these boxes include the Mermaid theme complete with a costume, wig and fish accessories. Or the Little Chef theme, complete with aprons, chef hats and accompanying recipes.

There are different sizes to choose from for the costumes, up to 7T, and it can be shipped worldwide.

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Ultimate Sensory Box

This subscription focuses on the importance of learning through sensory play and comes packed with at least ten themed activities in each box.

Every Ultimate Sensory box has a book that accommodates the month’s theme. Some theme examples include ocean treasures for summer and penguin play for winter. All of the materials are well-organized and serve a purpose toward learning basic skills like simple math, organization and reading.

All of the tasks align with Common Core State Standards. This helps keep your little one on track and engaged in learning.

These boxes are quarterly, so you will receive one every three months. They are sent out on the fifteenth of the month the quarter begins and can be shipped worldwide.

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Owl Post Books

This reading enthusiast subscription box offers a huge variety of different choices depending on the age and interests of your kiddo.

There are four age ranges to choose from with Owl Post Books. They begin with newborn and cover every stage up until young adult.

You can choose the “Imagination” option which includes a craft or toy and interactive material along with that month’s book. If you choose the “Writer’s” subscription for an older kiddo, it will include a novel and writing materials. Everything to help inspire their inner author!

Owl Post Books is an award-winning company and highly praised for their curation of books and accompanying materials.

These boxes ship out on the first of every month and currently only ship within the US.

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Carefully curated to highlight diversity, compassion and empathy, this book subscription will introduce your kiddos to interesting and unique characters.

OurShelves has a carefully put-together curation team that selects only the very best stories that convey positive messages.

Many of the characters in the OurShelves books are feminist, LGBTQ+ and ethnically or racially diverse, opening up a world of possibilities for some of the most under-represented groups of people.

Parents have touted the beautiful stories of acceptance and adventure that give a voice to all different types of families with all different types of kiddos.

These books ship quarterly, and you can choose to receive either one or three books per box. It only ships within the US.

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My Busy Box Buddy

Every month, your little one will receive a box stuffed with fun items and toys that will cleverly promote learning, creativity, productivity and fun.

Each My Busy Box Buddy box will have a fun theme like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the Fourth of July with an aligning theme. The Father’s Day box features a camping theme that includes camping crafts, an outdoor scavenger hunt and a potato sack sleeping bag for races with friends.

Exploration is one of the most effective ways to learn, and the items in this box will inspire your little one to explore through art, activities and multi-sensory stimulation.

Each box will contain seven to nine items and it will be shipped either monthly or quarterly on the first of the month. It ships worldwide with the exception of just a few countries.

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Whisk Takers

Inspire the little pastry chef inside your kiddo with this baking subscription that includes one recipe with all of the pre-measured ingredients in each box.

Whisk Takers boxes make baking with your kiddos much less stressful and saves you from the bulk of the mess. Ingredients are pre-measured in marked packages for ease of use. All that’s left to do is get mixing and enjoy the experience with your kiddo.

Each recipe and all ingredients are high-quality, yet approachable. Some past examples include Candy Corn Cupcakes, S’mores Brownies and Pistachio Cake.

The boxes are sent out on the fifteenth of every month and currently only ship within the US.

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This is the perfect subscription for taking the guilt out of having a sweet tooth. You and your kiddo will enjoy each kit that is based around natural ingredients without all of the junk.

These kits are fun, tasty and most importantly, free from ingredients like synthetic dyes and high-fructose corn syrup.

Each kit features one sweet and delicious recipe with all-natural ingredients included. You can get a kit for cookies, donuts and even pancake art. The latter includes organic pancake batter, plant-based dyes, a squeezy bottle and some pancake art inspiration.

These kits are perfect for a one-time gift or can be purchased as a twelve-month subscription.

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Final Thoughts on Finding the Right Preschool Box for your Preschooler

I hope you found this article helpful, and found the perfect subscription preschool box for your little preschooler!

If you found this post helpful, please share it!

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