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With father’s day just around the corner, I thought I’d pull together this list of baby books for daddy that would make a great gift from a bump, a baby, or a toddler.

My Dad is Amazing!

A silly tribute to how awesome every dad is, this book features an underwear-wielding, lovable monster and has everything from a literal ton of bunnies to a masked rhino wrestling champ.

Made for Me

This touching story conveys the unique bond that every dad has with their child from the time they are born and forward. It is written in a sweet rhyme and repeatedly enforces the idea that dad and his kiddo were undeniably made for each other.

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada

Written by the goofy and beloved host of “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy Fallon, this hilarious book features an array of different animal dads attempting to coerce the word “dada” from their little ones, but to no avail.

Daddy Hugs

This sweet book is small and easy for little hands to manipulate. It counts through all the different ways dads can hug their little ones with cute illustrations and clear written and illustrated numbers. It’s also a great counting book for toddlers, as it fosters number recognition and counting.

I Love Dad

Full of beautiful, classic Eric Carle illustrations and featuring a familiar character, this bright book spells out all of the predictable reasons why your kiddos love their dad.

The Very Best Daddy of All

Stunning and whimsical illustrations carry you through the animal kingdom and portray all the different things that dads do for their little ones. The theme is eventually clear and emphasizes how each child believes their own dad is the “very best” dad.

My Dad Loves Me

Sweet and simple words are accompanied by striking and colorful illustrations of different creatures. Each one has something to say about what their dad does for them in a heartwarming tribute to the daily efforts of every doting dad.

Because I’m Your Dad

This adorable book features a loveable and silly monster dad and son. The dad explains away all of the sweet and goofy shenanigans they can get away with “because I’m your dad”. It ends with a heartwarming tribute to the author’s father that will touch both parents and kiddos.

My Dad is the Best Playground

A simple and easy-to-follow rhyme highlights the impressive ability that seemingly every dad has to act as a playground for their kiddos, and it ends by pointing out how dads are the best at reading and snuggling at bedtime when everyone (including dad) is tuckered out.

I Love You Daddy

This book is a touching portrayal of the precious teaching moments between a dad and his kiddos. It features a patient and loving daddy bear and son with simple and engaging illustrations on board pages that are easy to turn for little hands.

Guess How Much I Love You

Beautiful pen-and-wash artwork portraying various natural scenes is the backdrop for this book. Dad Hare and Little Hare use the setting to put their affection for each other into words in an attempt to measure the immeasurable love between a dad and his kiddos. It’s a classic book and great to have in your baby’s first library.

I Love My Daddy Because…

Starting with a human daddy and daughter, then moving on to the animal kingdom, this book charmingly displays all the ways that different dads show how much they care for their little ones.

Higher! Higher

Filled with expressive and colorful illustrations, this book is a perfect portrayal of just how fun dads can be and just how far your little one’s imagination can take them. When dad is the one pushing, how high can you get on the swings? It turns out, the sky is not the limit.

Me and My Dad

Featuring a lovable daddy bear and his cub, this book is a perfect representation of how dads often lead the way on your kiddos’ most exciting adventures, creating precious memories that last a lifetime.

What are your favorite baby books for Daddy? Did we miss any?

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