Naturepedic Crib Mattress Review 2023 (Not Sponsored Based on 3 Years Experience)

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Naturepedic crib mattress review, based on 3 years of personal experience with our daughter. Not sponsored overview of what we love (and what we’d change) about our Naturepedic crib mattress. Plus: would we buy Naturepedic again? 

If you’ve decided to buy an organic crib mattress (or organic kids mattresses, for that matter), chances are you’ve come across Naturepedic

Naturepedic is an industry leader in making and selling non-toxic and organic crib mattresses and related nursery and bedding accessories, such as pillows and crib sheets. 

The company has strict standards to ensure your baby’s mattress is free from harmful materials and added chemicals. 

And they don’t expect you to take their word for it, racking up numerous awards and certifications from industry-leading organizations, such as UL (best known in the mattress world for their Greenguard Gold and Formaldehyde free certifications), GOTS, and Made Safe. 

We’ve owned* and used a Naturepedic Ultra organic crib mattress for 3 years now. Until recently, it was my daughter’s crib mattress, and then it became her toddler mattress.

(Disclosure: We bought this crib mattress ourselves. It wasn’t provided by Naturepedic, although Naturepedic has provided us with other products in the past).

Naturepedic baby mattress in a toddler bed with a toddler reading a book

She has recently switched to a twin mattress, and we elected to keep her on a Naturepedic 2-in-1 kids mattress once she outgrew her toddler bed and moved into an Ikea Kura bunk.

Key Takeaways & Product Highlights

  • Naturepedic is a family-owned and operated company that has been making certified organic mattresses since 2003.
  • The company makes 3 crib-sized mattress models (Classic, Breathable, and Breathable Ultra). In addition to choosing the base model, you can choose between a traditional innerspring vs. lightweight version of each mattress model, and between purchasing a 2-stage vs 1-stage version of each. All told, Naturepedic makes 7 possible combinations, in addition to their mini crib mattress and oval crib mattress for bassinets, offering a fair amount of flexibility based on your family’s preferences and needs.  
  • Naturepedic crib mattresses are free of polyurethane foam, vinyl and PVC, phthalates, fire retardant chemicals, glues and adhesives, and other potentially harmful chemicals.
  • All of the company’s crib mattress models are Greenguard Gold certified, MADE-SAFE certified, and UL verified formaldehyde free.

Our Naturepedic Crib Mattress Review (Based on 3 Years of Personal Experience)

Having used our Naturepedic organic crib mattress for 3 years, I think it’s fair to say we’ve put it to the test. It’s been in bed frames, it’s been used as a floor mattress, and it’s even been dragged into our living room for movie nights and used as a makeshift trampoline.

crib mattress under kura bed

As I said: we’ve put it to the test! 

I wanted to write this Naturepedic review to share what we like about it, what we’d improve upon if we could, and how Naturepedic’s line of crib mattresses stack up against top competitors like Avocado Green and Newton (which we’ve also owned and tested). 

I’ve tried to cover the most important details, answer common questions, and get into the nitty gritty that other reviews don’t cover in the post below.

Why I Love Naturepedic Non-Toxic Baby Mattresses

Initially, Naturepedic won me over because of their commitment to using safe, non-toxic mattress “ingredients,” and their transparency in how they go about it. 

I think Naturepedic is one of the most transparent mattress companies I’ve come across. In my experience, their products have a “what you see is what you get” approach, and the company goes to great lengths to explain the different components included in Naturepedic organic crib mattresses, as well as what is specifically excluded.

I also like that Naturepedic is the mattress manufacturer. They actually make their products rather than outsourcing manufacturing, and they make them in the USA in a certified organic factory. For the record, Avocado also manufacturers their own mattresses in the USA – a small part of why I think these two brands make the best non toxic and organic crib mattresses on the market today!

Finally, despite being non-toxic, they are waterproof and don’t require a mattress protector. We live in a small space, and take a “less is more” approach to a lot of things in our lives. Products that are easy to care for fit within that ethos, and make me more likely to try and buy.

Are Naturepedic’s Mattresses Organic?

There’s a lot to like about Naturepedic crib mattresses. 

However, it’s worth noting Naturepedic crib mattresses aren’t 100% natural (and therefore, not 100% organic). 

Yes – Naturepedic uses a ton of natural materials, and the natural materials they do use are organic and/or non-GMO. 

And no – you won’t find any sneaky harmful chemicals in a Naturepedic crib mattress, such as flame retardant chemicals, memory foam/polyurethane foam/ or soy foam, vinyl, or glues and adhesives that may off gas harmful fumes. 

However, Naturepedic does use some synthetic or engineered materials, such as a sugarcane-derived polyethylene coating, which is used to coat the organic cotton sleep surface to create a waterproof sleep surface.

Some of the materials Naturepedic uses in their crib mattresses include:

  • GOTS organic cotton
  • Non-GMO sugarcane (which is engineered into a low density polyethelyne coating that meets food contact standards)
  • PLA (also made from non-GMO sugarcane), which is a synthetic batting used for padding on the todder side of their 2-stage mattresses. 
  • Steel coils (innerspring mattresses) or food grade polyethylene WaveSupport (lightweight mattresses) 
  • Polyester. Our Breathable Ultra crib mattress cover is made from organic cotton on top with a polyester backing.
product tag on the naturepedic breathable ultra crib mattress cover

If you prefer an all-natural crib mattress, I recommend the Avocado Green organic crib mattress. I’ve also owned this crib mattress, and think it’s an excellent choice as well. The Emily crib mattress is another great choice (it uses steel innersprings). 

Naturepedic’s Baseline: Organic, Safe and Non-Toxic

Naturepedic has a range of baby mattresses you can choose from when shopping. However, whichever one you buy, they all have the following in common:  

  • MADE SAFE certification, which means all of the materials have been independently evaluated by MADE SAFE to ensure they’re not known to cause human or ecological harm. In other words? They are human-friendly and eco-friendly. 
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning low chemical emissions such as VOCs, and UL Formaldehyde Free Verified. 
  • Provide a firm sleeping surface that is safe for infants and meet CPSC standards.
  • Free from flame retardant chemicals (they meet all flammability standards without the use of chemical flame retardants).
  • Made from many natural inputs (cotton, sugarcane, etc) that are certified organic and non-GMO verified. Materials meet Organic Exchange Certification 100 Organic Content Standard.
  • Handmade in the United States by Amish craftspeople.
  • Come with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Use cotton fabric for the waterproof surface (organic)
  • Made to be allergy friendly, and free from allergens such as soy (they are also latex free). 
  • Fit snugly in a standard-sized US baby crib.
  • Designed and manufactured with Naturepedic’s five priorities in mind: no harmful chemicals; allergy-friendly design; natural, organic and renewable materials wherever possible; practical design; and third-party independent testing and verification. 
Naturepedic mattress label

Many of these features mean Naturepedic mattresses are relatively environmentally friendly. However, studies show they might also make them safer for your baby.

For example, researchers found increased respiratory rate and fewer incidences of airway irritation in lab mice placed on mattresses with organic cotton padding.

Other Naturepedic features that may help reduce the risk of SIDS include meeting CPSC standards, providing a firm sleeping surface, and offering a snug fit in standard US cribs. 

After investing in a safe crib mattress made with natural materials, we recommend pairing it with a non-toxic crib as well.

Is Naturepedic’s Waterproofing Non Toxic?

Within the crib mattress space, there are three main schools of thought when it comes to waterproofing: 

  • Traditional mattress manufacturers, who tend to use old school waterproofing techniques which may contain PFAS chemicals, vinyl, or other materials that aren’t sustainable and may be linked to human health concerns.
  • Organic and natural mattress manufacturers, such as Avocado or My Green Mattress, which eschew synthetic waterproofing in favor of mattress protector pads made of natural materials that absorb leaks and spills before they soak through to the mattress itself, and can be thrown in the laundry. 
  • Non-toxic mattress manufacturers such as Naturepedic, which offer non-toxic waterproof solutions, but use synthetic materials to achieve it.  

I think both the second and third approaches are reasonable, and it comes down to a family-by-family decision which you’d prefer. 

Naturepedic’s waterproofing system uses a food grade polyethylene surface (polyethylene is a type of plastic), derived from non-GMO sugarcane

We’ve been quite happy with it. Three years in, it still works and is in excellent condition, and has made middle-of-the-night diaper leaks much easier for us.

Other than the obvious benefit of being waterproof, some additional pros of choosing a waterproof mattress include resistance to mold, mildew, and allergens, such as dust mites. 

Once you’ve been through a few diaper accidents, you see how unhygienic it could get if your little dreamer’s pee and poop soaks into the mattress, even a little bit.

(Worth noting, Naturepedic also offers a sold-separately waterproof mattress pad. The mattress pads use polyurethane as waterproofing, which the company points out is not the same as polyurethane foam. You can also buy their organic breathable mattress covers on their own.)

Fire Safety

Fire proofing is a big topic in crib mattresses, and with good reason. While every mattress brand selling in the United States has to meet set federal flammability standards, it’s up to them how they do it (within current laws and regulations, of course).

Historically, many companies have met fire safety standards with fire retardant chemicals. In recent years, some of the most egregious and harmful of those chemicals have been phased out, but there are still plenty of flame retardants in use, and many of them have less research into the potential harms than first generation chemicals did. 

For companies that want to meet flammability standards without chemicals, they need to incorporate materials that are naturally flame resistant. Examples include wool (natural) and rayon/viscose (synthetic).

By using materials that smolder rather than burst into flames when exposed to fire, Naturepedic is able to meet flammability standards without chemicals. In the case of their crib mattresses, the materials include organic cotton, PLA batting, and steel innersprings.

A Closer Look Our Experience with a Naturepedic Breathable Organic Crib Mattress

Unboxing: No New Mattress Smell

The first thing I noticed in unboxing our Naturepedic Breathable crib mattress is the smell…or lack thereof. 

Naturepedic organic breathable ultra crib mattress

This is one of the first mattresses I’ve come across that has zero detectable smell (at least to my nose) when I first bought it. 

“New mattress smell” is so common, it’s a surprise when a mattress doesn’t come with a chemical smell. But it’s also great news from a health and safety perspective, because it suggests the mattress isn’t off-gassing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained in some polyurethane foams, glues, and adhesives (this is confirmed by the fact that Naturepedic mattresses are Greenguard Gold certified).


One thing I really appreciate about our Naturepedic crib mattress is how firm the infant side is. I did a lot of research before choosing this mattress for our daughter, including researching safe sleep guidelines from trusted resources such as the American Academy of Pediatrics.

I knew infants need a very firm sleep surface for the first year at minimum, and was thrilled that Naturepedic offered one on the “infant” side of their crib mattresses. In the photo below, you can see how the 20 pound dumbbell I placed on our Naturepedic Breathable Ultra Lightweight barely makes an indent! Super firm!

20 pound dumbbell sitting on the infant side of a Naturepedic Breathable Ultra Lightweight crib mattress to demonstrate firmness

This brings me to the one main criticism I have of our Naturepedic Breathable: once you flip the mattress over for use in toddler beds, it’s still very firm. 

Is it softer and plusher? Yes, but only somewhat.

To be fair, my daughter slept on this mattress until she was 4.5 years old, and never once complained it was too firm. You don’t really have to consider different types of sleepers (side sleepers, stomach sleepers, etc) when it comes to baby and toddler mattresses, because their bodies are still fairly lightweight, kids generally don’t suffer from neck pain, back pain or hip pain like adults do, and their developing skeleton needs good support.

We kept our daughter on the infant side until she was around 2, and ready to start sleeping with a pillow, but children can generally use the toddler side after their first birthday. Of course, for children under 1, they need to be put to sleep on their back (even if they tend to flip onto their stomachs once they’re old enough to move around).

That said, I really noticed the difference when I reviewed one of Naturepedic’s top competing products, the Avocado Organic Crib Mattress, which has a very plush toddler side. It still offers good support due to the construction, but I can see it offering greater comfort due to the sheer plushness of the toddler side! Whether this will actually help your toddler get more rest or not is debatable, but I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the Avocado felt! You can read my review of the Avocado Organic here (note: Avocado provided me with a complimentary crib mattress).

Katie from stands with an Avocado Organic Crib Mattress (left) and a Naturepedic Breathable Ultra Lightweight crib mattress (right)

Crib Sheets that Fit Naturepedic Crib Mattresses

Despite crib mattresses and crib sheets being fairly standard sized, in my experience, not all crib sheets fit all crib mattresses.

Naturepedic makes their own crib sheets, which I haven’t tested. They look great, but they are plain white, which isn’t going to fly for some families looking for a cute print or color to coordinate with their nursery decor and furniture. 

In the interest of testing out crib sheet fit, I tested 4 brands of crib sheets on our Naturepedic Breathable Ultra crib mattress: Burt’s Bees organic crib sheets, Pottery Barn Kids organic crib sheets, Pehr organic crib sheets, and Little Unicorn muslin crib sheets (not organic). I tested them when the mattress had the breathable cover on for the best accuracy. 

The Burt’s Bees sheets fit perfectly. This is my favorite brand of organic crib sheet, because they magically seem to fit every crib mattress I test them on, and don’t require any struggling to get them over the crib mattress. The king of organic crib sheets!

Burt's Bees organic crib sheet on a Naturepedic crib mattress - fits great!

As with every other mattress I’ve tested the Burt’s Bees sheets on, there’s a nice amount of overhang on the bottom of the mattress to help them stay in place. The company also has a good variety of patterns and colors to coordinate bedding with your nursery theme or furniture.

Bottom of a Naturepedic crib mattress with a Burt's Bees organic crib sheet on it

The Pehr sheet also fit well, although had less overhang along the bottom of the mattress.

Overall, the Pehr sheets have a looser, more casual look to them (Aside from the wrinkles! Life’s too short to iron crib sheets).

Pehr crib sheet on a Naturepedic baby mattress

The Pottery Barn Kids sheet fit, but required some struggle to get them on, and didn’t reach perfectly over the edge of the mattress.

The Little Unicorn sheet was my least favorite of the crib sheet brands I tested for this article, as the sheet didn’t fully fit over the edges of the mattress

Little Unicorn muslin crib sheet on a Naturepedic baby mattress

Waterproofing and Cleaning

In our experience, having a waterproof crib mattress makes life much easier. Whenever we’ve had accidents, we’ve used a damp cloth to wipe up, put a clean sheet back on, and have been able to get our daughter back into bed quickly. We then give it a better clean in the morning, using a gentle detergent.

When we upgraded her to a twin mattress, we opted for the Naturepedic 2-in-1, which has one waterproof side for younger kids, and one non-waterproof side for older kids who no longer need the waterproofing. 

After 3 years of use, the waterproof surface is still in good condition. It has gotten a few discolorations here and there (I don’t really know what caused this, but it’s worth noting). 

One additional caveat about mattress care: I don’t recommend vacuuming the surface of the crib mattress. I once used the wand on our vacuum to suck up some crumbs, and I think I slightly damaged the waterproof coating over top of the fabric. If you do need to deal with crumbs, I’d recommend either a broom and dustpan, followed then a damp cloth, or a dustbuster-style vacuum that’s not as strong as a standard full sized vacuum. 

Best for Breathability? Naturepedic vs Newtown Mattress, Organic Dream, and Brentwood Home Eco Air

We opted for the Naturepedic Breathable Ultra crib mattress (as opposed to the Classic or the Breathable).

It consists of the mattress, which is waterproof, plus a removable breathable cover, which is not waterproof.

The removable cover is 3-dimensional, in that it creates some space between the fabric layers to let air flow through and around on the surface of the mattress. The sleep surface is organic cotton, but the polyester backing is what allows the 3D nature of the construction.

Breathable Ultra mattress protector and cover for Naturepedic crib mattresses

This is different from the new style “breathe through” crib mattresses made by companies like Newton Baby, Organic Dream, and Brentwood Home. Those breathable mattresses have a woven plastic core that looks like instant noodles, so the air can actually flow through the core of the mattress itself, not just on the surface.

Which Naturepedic Baby Mattress is Best for Your Child?

Naturepedic recently simplified their crib mattress offering. Now you can choose between 3 lines of mattress: The Classic, the Breathable, and the Breathable Ultra.

  • All models come with the option of either traditional innerspring or newer-style “lightweight” which is made of Naturepedic’s food grade polyethylene WaveSupport core.
  • If you choose innerspring, consider how many coils you want. The Classic innerspring model comes with 150 coils, whereas the Breathable and Breathable Ultra innerspring versions have 252 coils. 
  • Do you want a one-stage mattress (same firmness on both sides) or a two-stage mattress? If you want a 1-stage mattress, your only option is the Classic Lightweight 1-stage. All of the other models are 2-stage mattresses.

All told, there are 7 possible combinations, in addition to the oval bassinet mattress, the mini crib mattress, and the organic rest pad : a great choice for a daycare nap mat .

Single Sided vs 2-Stage Dual Sided Mattresses

With the Classic model only, you can choose between single-sided or dual firmness. Both the Breathable and the Ultra lines of mattresses are dual-sided, meaning they have a firm surface for baby, and a slightly plusher side for toddlers.

The main reason to get a single-sided crib mattress instead of a dual-sided one is price: the Classic Lightweight single-sided is $269, vs. $299 for the dual-sided Classic Lightweight model.

Personally, I’d choose dual-sided every time, as it means the mattress will live beyond the infant and baby years, serving as a comfortable and safe mattress into the toddler years   – until your kiddo is 4 or even 5 years old if you want to stretch it.

Lightweight vs Innerspring

All 3 base models allow you to choose between innerspring or lightweight. 

What’s the difference?

Naturepedic’s lightweight mattresses use wavesupport,™ which replaces the coils of a traditional innerspring mattress. Naturepedic makes the “waves” from food grade polyethylene plastic, instead of polyurethane foam (which is commonly used in lightweight mattresses).

Using “waves” instead of innersprings means mattresses that use this system are much lighter – about half the weight of an innerspring.

With either choice, you’ll get much better edge support than with a standard foam mattress or memory foam. 

In my opinion, good edge support results in a safer sleep. This is because the mattress will hold firm when your baby sleeps on the edges, rather than compressing down, which risks the mattress pulling away from the sides of the crib to potentially create a gap.

Choosing Your Base Model

When we look at the list of things Naturepedic does to make their crib mattresses safe and healthy for your baby, we have to wonder…

Shouldn’t all baby products automatically be free from formaldehyde, phthalates , and other harmful chemicals?

Yes, they should be. But unfortunately, they aren’t.

Being chemical and hazard free is especially important in a crib mattress, since babies spend so much time on their mattresses. And since all Naturepedic mattresses make the grade, you can focus on the different features you want for your little one.

Naturepedic breaks their mattresses up into three categories – Classic, Breathable, and Ultra. 

We researched them all to help you understand the differences, which is in addition to my personal experience with the Breathable Ultra.

Most Affordable: The Classic Series ($269 to $329)

All Classic series mattresses have wipe-clean waterproof fabric made from baby-safe organic cotton and polyethylene coating, contain organic fabric and filling, and use heat-sealed seams rather than glue.

They also come with the option to choose between Naturepedic’s lightweight support system or Classic 150 innerspring mattress. 

If you go with the Lightweight, you can also choose between single or dual firmness. The single/1-stage has a firm sleep surface on both sides, whereas the dual/2-stage has a firm sleep surface for infants and a slightly softer feel for toddlers. The innerspring is two-stage only.

There are 3 different Classic models, with prices ranging between USD $269 to $329, depending on which options you choose.

Naturepedic’s Classic series is the most affordable of their three lines and is a good choice if you’re concerned about a safe, non-toxic sleep, without breaking the bank.

 Learn More About the Classic Series

Affordable, Mid-Range Choice: The Breathable Series ($359-$399)

The Naturepedic Breathable Crib Mattresses series is an upgrade from the Classic series, as it comes with a removable, breathable mattress pad that maximizes airflow around your baby, which the company logically argues also increases your baby’s comfort.

The breathable pad goes over the waterproof mattress – what’s cool about this is you can use the mattress with or without the breathable pad, in case of middle of the night accidents that require you to remove the pad for washing (you can also buy an extra breathable pad for situations like these).

All Breathable mattresses have dual firmness, including a firm mattress side for infants, and a plusher side for toddlers. 

You’ll need to choose between Naturepedic’s lightweight inner support system or 252 innerspring coils. There are 2 different Breathable models based on your choice, and prices range between USD $359 to $399.

In the past, the company has used 15.5-gauge coils for the mattress, and super firm 9-gauge coils along the edges for added support. Since updating their line, they no longer provide this information in their marketing materials, but we expect it’s probably the same.

 Learn more about the Breathable series.

Luxury Choice: Naturepedic Breathable Ultra: ($459 to $499)

Like the Breathable Series, Naturepedic’s Breathable Ultra Crib Mattress has a breathable and removable cover. The mattress can be used with or without the cover, but in the case of the Ultra, the cover is quilted, making it a bit more comfortable and durable for your little one. 

As with the Breathable series, you need to choose between Naturepedic’s lightweight support system or innerspring coils.

It only comes in a dual firmness option, which includes a firm sleep surface for infants, and a softer feel for 12+ months. There are two Breathable Ultra models, starting at USD $459.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Naturepedic so expensive?

Naturepedic uses premium, non-toxic, organic and non-GMO materials; manufactures all of their mattresses in the United States; and hand-tufts and seals their mattresses, instead of using glues and adhesives. This means Naturepedic’s materials (organic, natural, non-toxic) and labour are more expensive.
Additionally, Naturepedic emphasizes sustainability, ethical labour and supply chain practices, and non-toxic manufacturing. The company verifies this via third-party certifications, which cost money to maintain.

Is the Naturepedic crib mattress firm?

Yes, Naturepedic crib mattresses are one of the firmest crib mattresses I’ve tested, which is appropriate for infant safety and children’s skeletal development.

Is it worth buying an organic crib mattress?

Yes, it’s worth buying an organic crib mattress, due to the fact that pesticide residue from conventional cotton have been shown to exist in cotton batting, more so than finished cotton fabric (i.e., in crib sheets). Further, organic crib mattresses are less likely to use fire retardant chemicals, less likely to contain phthalates, and less likely to off-gas volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde.

Do you use a sheet with Naturepedic crib mattresses?

Yes, Naturepedic crib mattresses require a sheet. Naturepedic makes their own crib sheets, but you can also use third party crib sheets. In testing, Burt’s Bees organic crib sheets fit best on a Naturepedic crib mattress.

Who is Naturepedic owned by?

Naturepedic is a family owned and operated company, owned by founder Barry Cik.

Do Naturepedic crib mattresses smell?

No. In our experience, our Naturepedic crib mattress didn’t have any chemical smell out of the box.

Do Naturepedic crib mattresses come with a warranty?

Yes, Naturepedic has a fairly comprehensive warranty that more or less covers the lifetime  of use for one baby and toddler. You can read the whole thing here.

Do Naturepedic crib mattresses work in all cribs?

Yes – all Naturepedic crib mattresses will fit with any US standard sizes cribs. This includes convertible cribs, so long as you’re using a US standard sized crib (which, if you bought new in the USA, it will be).

How do you clean a Naturepedic crib mattress?

All of the crib mattresses have a wipe clean surface, so you’ll just need to use a damp cloth to clean up any messes.

Do you still need a mattress cover or mattress protector with Naturepedic crib mattresses?

You might want to buy an extra one for middle of the night swaps as accidents happen, but you don’t need one as the mattress surface is waterproof.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress for Your Baby?

Crib mattresses are one of those “get what you pay for” things in life. Given how much time your little one is going to spend on it, you want to get something that’s truly healthy and safe for your baby. 

Here’s what to look for:

  • Free from harmful materials like polyurethane foam core, fire retardants, and PVC waterproof covers.
  • Safe materials inside and out. Many “organic” crib mattresses only contain mattress  covers made from organic materials – often enough, it still has a foam core, and the interior is still made from less than savoury materials and harmful chemicals. Don’t fall for the greenwashing as this is one area where you really want to be sure you get it right!
  • Dual stage mattress. If you buy a single-stage mattress (Naturepedic only makes one: the Classic Lightweight) , it will only last your baby’s first year. By the time your kiddo is a bit older and heavier, they’ll want something plusher for comfort. 

Naturepedic proves that you can get a safe sleep environment for your little one without spending $500 or more. Their Classic Lightweight mattress costs $269 and Naturepedic offers financing as well.

Final Thoughts: Would We Buy a Naturepedic Crib Mattress Again?

I know from personal experience that it can be tough to choose the right crib mattress. There are so many options available from different companies, and from within companies themselves.

I hope this post helps you choose what’s best for your family. Personally, I think the Breathable Lightweight is the best Naturepedic mattress for most families.

We would certainly buy a Naturepedic crib mattress again for future children. I’m quite comfortable recommending both Naturepedic and Avocado as excellent choices for parents who want a non toxic crib mattress.

If you know a new parent, please share this article with them!

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