Best Organic Mini Crib Mattress: Naturepedic Mini Crib Mattress Review

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Looking for an organic mini crib mattress for your little one, and not sure where to start? Naturepedic is one of the most trusted organic mattress brands out there. In this post, I’ll give you an overview of the Naturepedic mini crib mattress. And I’ll explain why I think it’s the best organic mini crib mattress available today.

While there are plenty of organic crib mattresses out there for a full size crib, it’s slim pickings for mini cribs.

Whether you live in a small apartment or just want to keep things cozy, a mini crib is a great choice. By adding an organic mini crib mattress, you’ll give your little one the best chance for a healthy sleep. Not to mention offering maximum peace of mind for Mom and Dad.

If you’re ready to buy an organic mini crib mattress, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’ll explain why I think the Naturepedic mini crib mattress is the best of the bunch. (Naturepedic is also in my top 5 picks for the best organic kids mattress, once your little one gets older!)

Why I Think Naturepedic Makes the Best Organic Mini Crib Mattress

If you’re committed to buying an organic mini crib mattress, first off: good for you! That’s great news, and IMO, you’re taking an important step towards giving your little one a safe and healthy sleep.

Now for the bad news. Unfortunately, there are limited choices for organic mini crib mattresses as compared to for full-size. And in my opinion, there’s really only one choice when it comes to organic mini crib mattresses.

In some ways, the lack of choice is actually good news, as fewer choices makes your job a bit easier.

That said, it’s still worth considering why I like the Naturepedic mini crib mattress. And why I think you will, too.

Yes to Transparency, No to Greenwashing

For me, a lot of it has to do with transparency.

If you’re in the market for an organic mini crib mattress, chances are you’re going to come across greenwashing.

There are plenty of companies out there that label their mini crib mattresses as organic or non-toxic, when in fact they’re anything but. Often, cheeky companies make their mattress covers from organic cotton, and then call the whole damn mattress organic (even though they fill it with the same old bad stuff that had you furiously Googling best organic mini crib mattress in the first place).

Yikes, right?

With Naturepedic, what you see is what you get. They’re totally transparent and upfront about what goes into their mattresses, and whether you like the mattress and choose to buy it or not, it’s because you’ve been given all the info, and made an informed decision.

Yes to Handmade Made in the USA, No to Random Off Shore Factories

Add to that, Naturepedic manufactures in the USA. In fact, their mattresses are handmade by Amish craftsmen.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are safer or better quality than something that’s made in China. But I do feel better knowing where they’re made, and knowing USA-level labor and environmental standards have to be followed.

And, I do like to support local businesses where possible. Which feels like an easier decision these days, with the economy on the rocks and the fact that China is kinda being mean these days.

Finally, I think (although I don’t know for sure) buying something from the USA is going to have a smaller carbon footprint than buying something that’s made overseas, at least when it comes to shipping.

Yes to Third-Party Verification, No to “Just Trust Us”

When you buy a Naturepedic mini crib mattress, you get the same quality and peace of mind as when you buy any of their products. And a lot of that peace of mind comes from the fact that Naturepedic doesn’t ask us to just trust them. They actually use third-parties to verify that what they claim is actually true.

  • Their materials are verified. Naturepedic uses certified organic and non-GMO verified raw materials. Their organic materials meet Organic Exchange Certification 100 Organic Content Standard. And they purchase from USDA certified sources.
  • The Naturepedic mini crib mattress has the MADE SAFE certification. This is one of the strictest non-toxic certifications I’ve personally come across. Seeing the MADE SAFE seal attached to a product means it doesn’t contain any materials known to cause or suspected to cause harm to humans.
  • It’s also GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means it’s independently verified to have ultra low VOC emissions, making it safe in terms of indoor air quality.
  • It’s verified to be Formaldehyde Free.
  • It meets CPSC standards.

Is Naturepedic’s Organic Mini Crib Mattress Really Organic?

Yes. And No.

Naturepedic’s products aren’t 100% natural (if you define natural to mean made from un-engineered and unprocessed products).

However, I don’t actually think that’s a bad thing when it comes to finding the best mini crib mattress.

And here’s why:

Babies and toddlers have accidents in bed. I’m talking about pee and poop and vomit, just in case you didn’t get my “accidents” euphemism.

With 100% natural materials, those liquids are going to seep deep down into the depths of your kiddo’s mattress. And they’re going to fester.

Frankly, you need some sort of waterproofing for your baby’s mini crib mattress to maintain base hygiene levels, and to prevent mold and mildew buildup (something you definitely don’t want your kid sleeping near).

The Naturepedic mini crib mattress uses safe and non toxic waterproofing, engineered from non-GMO sugarcane.

They also use some totally unnatural and unorganic materials to form the mini crib mattress core.

Which brings me too….

Introducing wavesupport™

The Naturepedic mini crib mattress uses something called wavesupport™ instead of innerspring coils or foam.

First, the elephant in the room. Naturepedic uses food grade polyethylene plastic to make the waves (recycling code #1 or #2). PET or PETE is considered one of the safest plastics out there, and is even used in surgical applications to graft blood vessels (a fun fact that randomly showed up in my Twitter feed last week).

One huge benefit of wavesupport™ over innerspring is weight. It’s a lot lighter for you to lift when you’re doing sheet changes, which is actually really important, especially when the mini crib is set to the lowest mattress height. The benefit of wavesupport™ over foam is that it’s non-toxic and super safe for your little one.

Waterproofing and Fireproofing

As mentioned above, the Naturepedic mini crib mattress is waterproof, which is great news in my books.

However, you might be wondering how they achieve that without resorting to harmful chemicals.

When it comes to waterproofing, a lot of companies use PVC, which is really not a great idea. There’s plenty of research out there calling the safety of PVC into question, especially when used in crib mattress covers and pads.

Naturepedic mini crib mattresses don’t use PVC. Instead, they’ve engineered a food-grade polyethylene that’s sugarcane-derived, using non-GMO sugarcane!

You know those plant-based compostable plastics that some restaurants use for takeout containers? That’s what I imagine when I’m trying to wrap my head around sugarcane plastic.

Committing to waterproof mini crib mattresses has the obvious benefit of protecting against the mystery liquids your baby will deposit.

However, it’s also a good idea to keep dust mites out, as well as prevent the humidity in the air from leading to mold and mildew in the mattress.

What About Fire Safety?

You might have also heard about flame retardant chemicals in mini crib mattresses.

Don’t worry – Naturepedic doesn’t use fire retardants in their mattresses.

They meet fire safety standards through careful choice of the materials they use.

Specifically, the materials used in their mini crib mattress will smoulder if they come in contact with a flame, rather than bursting into flames. That allows the Naturepedic mini crib mattress to meet fire safety standards, without harmful chemicals.

What Else is Inside the Naturepedic Mini Crib Mattress?

In addition to the wavesupport™ core and the sugarcane-derived waterproofing, this mini crib mattress is filled with organic cotton batting and covered with an organic cotton cover.

In addition to organic cotton, Naturepedic uses PLA. PLA is another plant-based material derived from non-GMO sugarcane.

What Are Some Other Organic Mini Crib Mattress Options?

As I mentioned above, there really aren’t a lot of other options out there. Some of my other “go to” brands (My Green Mattress, Soaring Heart, Naturalmat, Brentwood Home) don’t make a mini crib mattress unfortunately.

If for whatever reason you don’t like the Naturepedic mini, I’d suggest you check out the Nook Pebble Pure Mini as an alternative.

Final Thoughts About the Naturepedic Mini Crib Mattress

I hope you found this article helpful!

If you know a mom, dad, grandparent or caregiver who is currently shopping for a mini crib mattress, I hope you’ll share this article with them too!

And if you haven’t already, check out the mattress in more detail.

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