How Much is a Crib Mattress? Crib Mattress Prices Guide

How Much is a Crib Mattress?

Baby crib mattresses range from around $60 to up to $1600 (and higher)!

Generally speaking, polyurethane foam crib mattresses are cheaper than innerspring crib mattresses. Unfortunately, some foam comes with fire retardants – a health hazard worth considering. Non-organic and mattresses are also cheaper than organic crib mattresses or speciality mattresses, such as the Newton breathable.

At the cheaper end of the scale, you can expect to buy a foam mattress. You can also get innerspring mattresses with 80 coils in this price range.

If you can spend a bit more, you’ll generally notice a fairly big difference in quality – and will be able to get a mattress that’s consistently well-reviewed by users – once you hit the $100 to $200 price range.

At the higher end or the price scale, from around $200 to $500, you’ll be able to get an organic, “non-toxic” crib mattress for your little one that uses natural materials like coconut coir or natural latex, or a specially-designed breathable crib mattress.

Some higher end crib mattress manufacturers, such as Nook Sleep, also use recycled PET plastic in their mattresses, which they argue is good for your baby and the planet (the Nook Lite is an example).

If you’re particularly concerned about the chemicals used in conventional crib mattresses, this may be worth the splurge. If you’re on a budget, consider buying a cheaper crib with a more expensive, better quality mattress.

When shopping for a crib mattress, consider how long you plan on using the mattress, and whether you plan on re-using the crib mattress for subsequent children. A well-cared for innerspring mattress – while more expensive – will last much longer.

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