How Much is a Crib Mattress? Crib Mattress Prices Guide

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How Much is a Crib Mattress?

Baby crib mattresses range from around $60 to up to $1600 (and higher)!

Generally speaking, foam crib mattresses are cheaper than innerspring crib mattresses. Unfortunately, conventional mattresses are also cheaper than non-toxic organic crib mattresses.

At the cheaper end of the scale, you can expect to buy a conventional foam mattress. You can also get innerspring mattresses with 80 coils in this price range.

If you can spend a bit more, you’ll generally notice a fairly big difference in quality – and will be able to get a mattress that’s consistently well-reviewed by users – once you hit the $100 to $200 price range.

At the higher end or the price scale, from around $200 to $400, you’ll be able to get an organic and non-toxic crib mattress for your little one. If you’re particularly concerned about the chemicals used in convential crib mattresses, this may be worth the splurge. If you’re on a budget, consider buying a cheaper crib with a more expensive, better quality mattress.

When shopping for a crib mattress, consider how long you plan on using the mattress, and whether you plan on re-using the crib mattress for subsequent children. A well-cared for innerspring mattress – while more expensive – will last much longer.

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