The Best Baby Scale for Breastfeeding Moms

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Best baby scale for breastfeeding: If you’ve decided to try weighted feeds with your baby, we’ve rounded up some of the best baby scales. Easy to use, easy to read scales for an accurate measurement of your baby.

Best Choice

Best overall

The Best on a Budget

GreaterGoods Smart Baby Scale

Health o Meter Grow With Me Scale

MomMed Baby Scale

Just here for the most important details? If you’re in need of the best baby scale for breastfeeding and don’t have a lot of time to read this post, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered! Out of the 10 baby scales we considered, I’ve picked 5 that I truly consider to be the best baby scales for different mamas who want to track baby’s growth, whether it’s breast milk intake or general weight gain:

Why You Might Want a Baby Scale at Home

Like a lot of moms, I struggled with breastfeeding for the first few weeks of my daughter’s life. I didn’t expect it to be so uncomfortable – not to mention downright painful at times. I struggled to find the right breastfeeding pillow, the right nursing cover, and with all the rules around storing breastmilk and keeping bottles insulated in the stroller.

Mostly though, I constantly worried whether my daughter was getting enough to eat.

A friend who’d had a baby a few months before us mentioned she used a baby scale for breastfeeding – she weighed her baby before feeding and after feeding on a digital baby scale, and calculated the difference to find out if her son was eating enough each time. I asked the public health nurse that visited us weekly in the early days, and she agreed this method of weighted feedings was a good way to my mind at ease.

If you’ve decided weighted feeds are something you’d like to try out for your own family, I’ve rounded up some of the best baby scales for breastfeeding. They are all available on Amazon, because who has time to go to the store these days?

Best Baby Scale for Tracking Baby’s Growth

Our Top Picks

  • Our Winner – GreaterGoods Smart Baby Scale – We picked this digital baby scale as the best because it has dual baby-toddler functions, is fast, and the smart syncing adds a ton of convenience in the early days of parenthood.
  • The Runner Up Health o Meter Grow With Me Scale -This baby scale converts from a baby scale to toddler scale, giving you more bang for your buck over the early years. Easy to use, even for wiggly babies.
  • The Best for Growing with Your Family – MomMed Baby Scale – We love this baby scale because it can do everything all the other scales can do, as well as function as a household scale for years afterward.
  • The Upgrade Hatch Baby Grow Changing Pad/Scale -Combining both a baby scale and a changing pad into one, this is an upgrade choice that uses technology to make your life easier, while killing two birds with one stone during diaper changes.
  • Best on a Budget – Salter Baby/Toddler Scale – An easy-to-use choice that skews to the more affordable end of our best baby scales.

Best of the Rest

Best Baby Scale Reviews

The Best Overall

The beauty of this digital baby scale is its speed and ability to get an accurate measurement to track baby’s growth. It delivers accurate weight results in mere seconds, even when your baby is squirming.

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This scale for babies to toddlers is compact and streamlined, making it easy to transport and pack away. It displays your baby’s weight in either pounds and ounces, just pounds, or just kilograms. And it measures in five gram (0.17637 ounce) increments for exact results.

It is also a smart scale, meaning you can sync it to the Smart Baby app and track your little one’s progress from your smartphone or other devices. Great for techie parents, but also anyone who doesn’t want to fuss with charting your little one’s growth with pencil and paper.

Once your baby is too big for the infant scale, you can weigh them by removing the tray and having them stand on the toddler scale. It has a capacity of up to 66 pounds, which should last you quite a while.

It requires four AAA batteries which are included.

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Runner Up

Giving you more bang for your buck, this scale grows with your baby and converts from an infant scale to a stand-up toddler scale by simply disconnecting the tray.

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It gives readings in kilograms, ounces and pounds and is accurate within 0.5 ounce. If your baby is a wiggler, use the hold button to take an accurate average weight.

The tray stays locked in for safety and can take your baby’s weight both sitting up and laying down. When they outgrow the baby scale, it can be disconnected and converted to a toddler scale with a maximum weight of 60 pounds.

This scale requires a nine-volt battery which is not included.

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The Longest Lasting

This is one of the most diverse baby scales on our list. It can take both your baby’s weight and height, and it has a high weight capacity that gives it the ability to function as a household scale in the future.

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The height measure is built right into the baby tray so that every time you weigh your baby, you can also simultaneously measure their length up to 24 inches.

It has an on-off button, hold function, tare function and kilograms/ounces/pounds functions. It also has a large, easy-to-read LCD backlit display and two swivel locks for security.

When your baby is too big for the tray, you can remove it and use this as a regular scale with a weight capacity of up to 220 pounds. This is a much higher weight limit than most other baby scales, and gives this scale the dual purpose of functioning as a scale for the adults in the household as well.

It requires two AAA batteries which are included with the purchase.

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The Luxury Pick

This innovative changing pad uses smart technology to keep you connected to your baby and her progress no matter where you are. The app and growth chart makes it super easy to track baby weight gain.

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Conveniently doubling as a changing pad, this digital baby scale is made out of soft but waterproof material, making it easy to wipe down. It can take your baby’s weight to within 0.25 ounces.

The Hatch Baby app can be downloaded on any device and will sync with this scale. Even if you have to go to work and leave your baby with a caregiver, you will automatically be updated about how much your baby ate, grew and other health metrics on your phone.

As a bonus, the app will also automatically put all of your baby’s data into a helpful growth chart so that you can see their progress.

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The Best on a Budget

Able to convert from a baby scale to a toddler scale, this one can really grow with your kiddo and is accurate within 0.5 ounce.

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There is a hold function that can measure your baby’s weight while they wiggle, and the zero function can subtract the weight of their diapers or clothing to ensure a precise reading.

It also has a handy automatic shutoff function so if you are distracted and walk away with your baby, you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn it off and wasting batteries.

The large LCD screen clearly displays your baby’s weight in pounds or kilograms and ounces, and once the tray is removed, your toddler can stand on the scale to measure their weight. It has a capacity of up to 44 pounds.

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Unicherry Baby Scale

Multi-functional and adaptive, this scale can weigh your baby and measure their height with the built-in length measure that goes up to 23.5 inches.

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The hold button on this scale will give you a stable and accurate reading even when your little one can’t be still on the tray. It can weigh up to 44 pounds total and includes a zero function so that you can weigh your baby with their diaper, blanket or pajamas and still get an accurate reading.

It has a large LCD display that can display the weight in pounds and ounces, pounds, kilograms or ounces. And it comes with two AAA batteries.

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AccuMed Baby Scale

Very accurate and easy to assemble and break down, this simple baby scale can convert and grow with your baby throughout their childhood.

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It can give readings in kilograms, pounds and ounces or simply ounces, and it is accurate to the 0.5 ounce.

It also has a built-in height chart that has markers in both inches and centimeters.

The tare function is useful so that you can zero out the scale to count for your baby’s blanket or diaper for an accurate reading. And the scale easily converts to a stand-up regular scale with a 200-pound weight capacity that everyone can use.

It requires two AAA batteries, and they are included with the product.

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Newline Digital Baby Scale

This simple-to-use scale is accurate to 0.5 ounce and has an extra-large LCD display for easy readings.

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The size of this scale makes it easy to pack away when you’re not using it or to bring it with when traveling. It is CE certified for safety and shows readings in both kilograms and pounds.

It has a zero-out function to get the most accurate weight and also has a memory function so that you can track your baby’s progress.

This scale has a weight limit of 46 pounds and requires four AA batteries which are included in the package.

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Beurer BY80 Baby Scale

Made to be perfectly accurate and equipped with a tare function, this scale makes weighing your baby effortless and can be put to use as a pet scale later on.

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It can take your baby’s weight in pounds, ounces and kilograms and has a weight limit of 44 pounds. The hold function is really convenient because it can detect when your baby is stable enough to get a correct reading and will hold that weight.

Additionally, the tare function allows you to zero out the scale to account for your baby’s blanket or jammies if necessary. It has other convenient options like Bluetooth and an attached measuring tape and measures 22x2x12.2 inches.

It requires two AA batteries which come included with the product.

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Ozeri All-in-One Scale

This digital baby scale can measure your baby’s height along with their weight and comes with a measuring tape so that you can also keep track of their head circumference.

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It is incredibly accurate, weighing your kiddo to within 0.1 ounces. It can easily be switched from kilograms and centimeters to pounds and inches or ounces and inches.

The tare button can easily subtract the weight of your baby’s blanket or diaper for a precise reading, and it can give you the net difference between two different weigh-ins. Additionally, this machine can memorize up to eight different babies and their settings.

It has a weight capacity of 55 pounds which makes it ideal for both babies and toddlers. And it requires four AAA batteries which are included in the package.

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Baby Scale Buying Guide: What to Consider When Buying a Baby Scale for Breastfeeding

If you’re not sure what the best option is for you, here are a few features I think you should consider when shopping:

  • Ease of Use -Along with accuracy, this is probably the most important feature to consider. These days, pretty much all of them are digital baby scales, which is good news for ease of use! But you’ll also want to consider whether you need to tare the scale, whether it will work with wigglers, etc.
  • Cost – Most of the baby scales on our list are around the same price range. If you’re price sensitive, you could save a bit by going with the cheapest baby scale. Otherwise I recommend buying based on value and reviews, instead of price.
  • Accuracy – Home baby scales are never going to be as accurate as the ones you find at your paediatricians office. But you can get pretty close. Consider whether the scale has an easy to use tare function to calibrate as needed.
  • Portability – Some days, you might need to change where you do your weigh in. If you foresee this being a possibility, look for a scale that is portable.
  • Weight Limit – Many baby scales tap out at a relatively low maximum weight limit – somewhere between 40 and 60 pounds. That’s fine for weighing your baby and toddler, but won’t be much use beyond that. If you’d like something that will last through the years, the Mommed Scale goes up to 220 lbs. It can be used as a household scale once your little one is a bit older.

Final Thoughts

Our pick is the GreaterGoods Smart Baby Scale. We love that it has both a baby and toddler function, and the smart syncing feature. A close runner up is the Health o Meter Grow With Me Scale. The MomMed product can grow into a general household scale in the future, which we love. If you have the budget, the Hatch Baby Changing Pad and Scale will make your life easier. And if you’re on a budget, the Salter scale gives great bang for buck in our opinion.

Do you know some new parents who are anxious about ensuring their little one’s weight gain? We hope you’ll share this article about baby scales!

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