The Best Baby Nail Clippers For Every Family

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Our Top Baby Nail Clippers

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Best overall

The Best on a Budget

Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors

NailFrida SnipperClipper Set

Safety First Steady Grip

Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors won us over as the best baby nail clippers overall.

If you’re at all nervous about trimming your baby’s nails, we think you’ll love the small, easy-to-handle blades. These scissors are sharp – great for trimming small bits at a time (don’t worry – the ends are blunt). And because you can see what you’re doing, there’s also less risk of nicking your baby’s skin.

Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors work well for both right-handed and left-handed parents. Although they come in two sizes (newborn – 0 to 3 months and older baby – 3+ months), we recommend you buy the newborn clippers. Many parents we came across still use and love the smaller size well into toddlerhood.

Best Baby Nail Scissors & Clippers

Our Pick: Best Overall Baby Nail Clippers

Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors have an almost cult-like following of fans!

The Best Baby Nail Trimmers for Most Families

Perfect for precision trims and making small, quick cuts to the nail. We recommend starting with the smaller size, as they are a bit more precise.
Learn More

With legions of raving fans, it’s hard to go wrong with the Japanese-made Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors.

Choosing nail scissors instead of nail clippers sounds scary, but actually can make nail trims easier. They’re easy to handle and you can see what you’re doing – which means less chance of cutting too far down on the nail bed.

These nail clippers are easy to handle and sharp, so you can make quick small cuts to your baby’s nail if needed. Nice and small, they are effective at trimming even the tiniest nails.

They come with a plastic case for safety when not in use and are made in Japan of high-carbon stainless steel.

Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors: Pros & Cons

Made in Japan of high quality materials
Small design makes it easy to work with tiny baby fingernails
Newborn size actually works well into toddlerhood for many families – no need to buy 2 pairs!
3+ month size doesn’t get as good reviews as 0 to 3 months size
Ships from Japan – can take awhile, and not great for their carbon footprint!

Pigeon Baby vs Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors. Like the Pigeon Baby nail scissors, the Piyo Piyo version has loads of adoring fans. They’re easy to use, sharp enough to make easy cuts, and have blunt tips. However, recent comments from parents have suggested the quality on these scissors has changed in new versions. We can’t confirm that. However, because of this we also can’t recommend these scissors currently.

Runner Up: Best “See Through” Nail Clippers

NailFrida solved one of the biggest problems with clipping a baby’s fingernails: not being able to see where you’re cutting.

Reliable & Effective Baby Nail Clippers That Work Great

A see-through peep hole means you won’t have to worry about clipping your baby’s skin.
Learn More

Fridababy solved one of the biggest complaints about traditional-style baby nail trimmers – not being able to see what you are clipping. 

They have an innovative see-through tip. You can actually see how low you are clipping before you use them. This prevents you from accidentally clipping the nails too short. 

They also have overlapping blades that are as precise as scissors and leave a nice, smooth cut.

NailFrida Snipper Clipper Set: Pros & Cons

Spy hole design means you can see exactly where you’re cutting
Precise blades
Safe for all ages
Some people find it too big for newborns
The shape is a bit awkward
No safety edge to prevent cutting skin

Best Back to Basics Baby Nail Clippers

If baby nail scissors don’t appeal, and you’re just looking for a reliable pair of basic baby nail clippers, Safety First’s Steady Grip is our top choice.

Basic Baby Nail Clippers That Work Great

Traditional style nail clippers in a baby-safe size. Easy to grab handle for parents.
Learn More

Sometimes it’s easier to go with what you know! If using baby nail scissors like the Pigeon brand above sets your nerves aflutter, and the FridaBaby seems to complicated, don’t sweat it: you can use plain old baby nail clippers, too – just make sure you get some that are made for a baby (i.e., smaller!).

These baby nail trimmers look and feel like the nail clippers you are used to using. They are intuitive and a fair price too. They are very easy to grip and their large body makes them easy to find in a diaper bag.

Safety First Steady Grip: Pros & Cons

Easy to grip and handle
Well-sized for dealing with a baby’s tiny fingernails
Safe for all ages
Very sharp edges could knick your baby’s skin
Not super durable

Best Baby Nail Clippers with Magnifying Glass

Nail clippers with a magnifying glass are a great choice for parents with bad eyesight, or those who want a closer view.

A Magnifying Glass Makes it Easy to See What You’re Doing

These baby nail clippers with a magnifier are precise and easy to use.
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These nail clippers are really easy to use. By choosing a pair with a magnifying glass, you can see your baby’s nails better, and confidently clip closer to the skin without worrying about nicking your baby.

This is a great option for parents with eyesight challenges, or parents who work at a computer all day, and deal with eyestrain.

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier: Pros & Cons

Affordable & Durable
Magnifying glass is especially good for parents or grandparents with bad eyesight
Not as sharp as adult nail clippers or baby nail scissors – requires more effort to cut
May leave sharp edges on nails that require gentle filing with an emery board

Best Baby Nail Clippers With Light

Using nail clippers with a light makes it easier to trim your baby’s nails when they’re sleeping

Perfect for trimming a Sleeping Baby’s Nails

Traditional style nail clippers with an add-on light makes it easy to see what you’re doing if you trim your baby’s nails while they’re sleeping.
Learn More

Many parents prefer to trim their baby’s nails at night when they’re sleeping in their crib or bassinet – there’s less fussing, and a higher chance your baby will stay still!

Of course, the problem with this is being able to see what you’re doing – often, the light from a nightlife just isn’t enough to be able to trim your baby’s nails safely.

Enter baby nail clippers with a light, like this pair from Safety First. The light shines directly on the “clip zone” so you can see what you’re doing (without waking your baby up).

Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clippers: Pros & Cons

Built-in LED light shines directly on the clipping area, making it easier to see
Comes with an emery board to file rough edges
Nail clippings fall into the case, making for easy cleanup
Safeguard design protects the skin on your baby’s fingers
Plastic housing seems a bit too bulky for perfect handling
LED is bright, and could startle your baby if shone in or near her eyes
Safeguard prevents the nails from being cut really short – necessitates more frequent trims

Best Baby Nail Clippers for Nervous Parents

BabyComfy’s ingenious “ledge” design helps protect your baby’s finger, and ensures only the nails are clipped

Ingenious Design to Protect Your Baby’s Skin

With built-in safety features, these nail clippers will help make even the most nervous parents more comfortable.
Learn More

If your main concern is ensuring you don’t cut your little one’s skin, these nail clippers from BabyComfy are the nail trimmers for you.

There is only one single blade, so it cuts the nail and only the nail. 

Plus, it has a bottom safety ledge that gently pushes the baby’s skin away from the nail, protecting it even further. 

The BabyComfy Safety Nail Clipper won the Mom’s Choice Award for its genius design and safety standards.

BabyComfy Deluxe Safety Nail Clippers: Pros & Cons

Easy to Use
Built-in safety features mean you can clip with confidence
Ergonomic design makes it easy to hold
Doesn’t get the nails super short – meaning more frequent trims
Works best on longer nails, which isn’t great for babies with a tendency to scratch
Bulky, which some people find harder to manoeuvre

Best Baby Nail Clippers for Avoiding Plastic

The Rhoost Deluxe Nail Clippers for baby don’t use plastic in their design

An Eco Friendlier Option for Green Families

Eco-friendlier materials and a smart design helps keep these clippers steady when in use.
Learn More

These nail clippers are made with natural wooden bamboo. They also have a silicone thumb grip, and are BPA-free and Phthalate-free. They are small, the perfect size for trimming baby’s nails, with an ergonomic design to help you grip them better.

Rhoost Deluxe Nail Clippers for Baby: Pros & Cons

Eco friendlier materials and design
Silicone grip so the clippers don’t slip
Bamboo base keeps the clippers steady
Super small size can be hard to use for parents with larger hands
Good for older babies, but not sharp enough for infant nails

Best Glass Baby Nail File

A glass nail file is an effective option for parents who don’t want to clip or use baby nail scissors

Bohemian Glass That Will Last for Years

Made with high quality Bohemian glass, this nail file is gentle and smooth for newborns and older babies.
Learn More

If you want to avoid plastic and the harmful chemicals that come along with it, and don’t mind filing nails down manually, then this is the best baby nail file you can buy. It’s made from genuine Czech glass, and the glass is rounded so it won’t cut or hurt your baby. 

Since it’s a baby nail file emery board, you have full control of where it files and how it works. I enjoy holding my baby’s hand and using an infant nail file to smooth out the edges.

It’s super durable, so you can wash and reuse it over and over again. Use a bit of baby safe dish soap or natural baby shampoo.

Baby Blue Giraffe Glass Nail File: Pros & Cons

Made with safe, non toxic glass
No sharp edges
Will stay effective for years, even after repeated use
Small size takes some getting used to
Filing takes more time than clipping

Best Electric Baby Nail File

Little Martin’s drawer takes the manual work out of filing your baby’s nails.

An Electric Nail File Offers a Fast and Safe Solution

If manually filing your baby’s nails doesn’t appeal, the best baby nail file for you is an electric one. There’s just no easier way to file a sharp nail down quickly.

I prefer an infant nail file because it is made with your baby’s comfort in mind.

The Little Martin’s Drawer model has a super quiet motor and a soft tip, so you can do this while your baby naps if you prefer.

I like the Little Martin’s Drawer model over the also-popular ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Nail Trimmer. In my mind, it offers better value for money.

Little Martin’s Drawer Electric Baby Nail File: Pros & Cons

Grows with your child, using different nail pads for different ages (included)
LED front light makes it easier to see
Quiet motor won’t disturb your baby
Battery operated
Head units will need to be replaced occasionally
Motor is slow, meaning it takes time to file nails down completely

Baby Nail Clippers Buying Guide

What’s the Difference Between Adult Nail Clippers Vs. Baby Nail Clippers?

No, you shouldn’t try to clip your little one’s nails with your adult nail clippers. And yes, you really do need a special pair of baby nail clippers.


Adult nail clippers differ from baby nail clippers in several key ways. These differences, when combined, make the job of clipping your baby’s nails easier and safer when using a pair of infant nail clippers.

  • Size – Baby nail clippers vs adult nail clippers are like baby fingernails vs adult fingernails: much smaller. While the handles may not be smaller, the actual blades are. This is a safety feature that helps to ensure you clip the nail, not the skin.
  • Safety Guards – Some baby nail clippers include safety guards or ledges, which make it much harder for you to accidentally clip your baby’s skin.
  • Rounded Tips – Baby nail scissors, in addition to being smaller than adult nail scissors, have a rounded tip. This ensures you won’t accidentally stab a squirmy baby with a sharp blade – always a good thing!

Different Styles of Baby Nail Clippers

When choosing between the different styles of baby nail clippers, consider the pros, cons, and key differences.

Baby Nail Clippers

Baby nail clippers are the kind you’re probably most familiar with. They look like adult nail clippers, with smaller blades and optional safety and functional features.

Operating them is pretty much the same – squeeze the blades together to clip off the fingernail.

A pro of this style is it’s super familiar, and there a ton of different brands to choose from – with different bells and whistles like a light or magnifying glass.

A con of this style is it can be difficult to see if you’re cutting the nail in the right spot. We’ve accidentally cut our baby’s skin on more than one occasion using this style. And it was pretty darn heartbreaking as a parent.

Baby Nail Scissors

Baby nail scissors have rounded tips with edges that tilt upwards, preventing you from accidentally snipping skin. 

Some people think scissors are easier to hold and use, plus you can clip smaller parts of the baby’s fingernails with them. You can also see what you’re clipping more easily than with traditional style clippers.

On the downside, these can be a bit intimidating to use and get used to. Scissors near a baby feels wrong on an intuitive level. However, speaking from personal experience, these are a great solution.

Baby Nail File

You should use nail files to soften any sharp edges the scissors or nail trimmers leave behind. However, some parents also prefer to forego nail clippers and scissors, and keep their baby’s nails trim using nail files alone.

Manual nail files look just like the adult versions, and work the same, too. 

Electric nail files are another option. You can file down your baby’s nails while they are sleeping, so long as you choose a quiet nail file! These electric files usually have a round tip with soft sandpaper that buffs down the sharp fingernails. 

Pro: there’s no chance of accidentally cutting your baby. Con: it takes longer than a quick snip.

Different Features in Baby Nail Clippers

If you’ve ever tried to trim a newborn baby’s nails, you know the struggle is real. It’s right up there with giving a newborn a bath, detangling a toddler’s hair, using a baby nasal aspirator or child proofing a fireplace or bathroom in terms of daunting parenting tasks.

And because it’s such a legitimately stressful task from many (most?) parents, enterprising companies have come up with a range of solutions to make things a bit easier.

As a baseline, you want to look for nail clippers that protect your baby’s skin and allow you to see what you’re doing. 

However, there are other features that could make the job a little less stressful.

A Light

For many families, one of the best times to trim a baby’s nails is while they are sleeping. We’ve never done this, because we live in paralyzing fear of waking up our kid once she’s finally asleep. However, we know this system works well for many families, and who are we to judge?

If trimming your baby’s nails while he’s asleep sounds like something you’d like to try, consider getting nail clippers with a light. These lights shine in a narrow, focused area on your baby’s fingers. You can see what you’re doing, but it’s not enough light to wake your baby.

Magnifying Glass

Baby fingernails are actually insanely small. You don’t know how hard it is to see them until you nervously try to trim them. And that’s for parents with good eyesight.

If you’re at all farsighted (have trouble seeing things up close), you may want to pick up baby nail clippers with a magnifying glass.

The First Years American Red Cross pair mentioned above will magnify your little one’s nails at 4x!

Age-Specific Clippers

Check what age the package says the clippers are best for. Some are designed just for infants and others for toddlers. 

That said, also read the reviews. For the Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors, for example, most parents seem to prefer the newborn size – even for older babies.

Final Thoughts

If you’re terrified of clipping your baby’s fingernails, know that you’re not alone. This is one of our least favorite parenting tasks, to the point that I’d almost rather deal with a diaper blowout than a manicure. Almost.

That said, it is important to keep your baby’s nails trimmed. Watching them scratch their own face is also not fun. Babies have terrible fine motor skills at the beginning, meaning there’s a good chance they will flair their hands to their faces and scratch themselves at some point.

Every baby nail trimmer has pros and cons – pick out what you think will be the best probably solution, and don’t be afraid to switch if your first purchase doesn’t really work for your family. Whichever pair you choose, take your time, try to enjoy it, and give your baby a big snuggle once the job is over. They don’t stay this tiny forever.

I hope this article helps you – and makes the task a little less stressful.

If you liked this article, share it with some new parents or parents-to-be.

If you have a pair of baby nail clippers that you love, let us know about them in the comments!

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