Peejamas Review: An Overnight Solution for Potty Training

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Peejamas Review: Who Are Peejamas For? And Who Won’t Benefit from these Nighttime Pee Pants for Potty Training? Peejamas Trainers Pros & Cons

If you’re a parent going through potty training right now, let me say: I feel your pain.

We’re riding the super slow potty train at the moment. We don’t have any urgent reason to potty train our toddler until the autumn, so we’re taking it slow.

We’re taking our cues from her. And we’re making slow but steady progress in the long journey towards saying goodbye to diapers.

For the most part, we’ve got the daytime potty train well under control.

Which makes night and nap time potty training the next frontier.

The Challenge with Nighttime Potty Training and Pull Ups

The potty training time of life can be difficult as a parent.

Even if the daytimes are reasonably straightforward (and can make a trip to the pool or beach easier!), nighttime potty training is a different ball game.

It can take so much longer to achieve for your little one. Which means you might have awhile before you achieve no more wet sheets or emergency bedding wash sessions. Not to mention doing so consistently.

While pull ups are great, at some point you’ll want to ditch diapers entirely at night. This means helping your child learn to hold it. And teaching them to get up and use the potty when needed.

Add to that, pull ups absorb night pees and wick the wetness away from your little one’s skin.

While this is great in theory, it doesn’t help them feel the pee. And feeling the wetness can actually help them learn to hold it.

Which brings me to this Peejamas review.

Peejamas sent me my first pair of Peejamas at no cost, and the links in this post are affiliate links. That means if you click through and buy a pair of Peejamas, I may earn an affiliate commission. As you’ll see at the end of this post, I plan to purchase more Peejamas products (at full price) once they are back in stock in my toddler’s size, because I think they can be a valuable tool when it comes to potty training.

Peejamas are a super handy tool to help with overnight potty training.

If you wake each morning to a child soaked in pee.

Or have resigned yourself to an extra load of washing every morning.

If you’ve been waking in the middle of the night to take your little one for additional potty visits.

Keep reading, because Peejamas might be exactly the thing you need in your life!

Want to read it straight from the horse’s mouth? Check sizes, uses, styles and prices on the Peejamas website.

What Are Peejamas?

Peejamas are specially designed overnight potty training pants. They help kids who are ready to give up nighttime diapers take that next step!

They’re an alternative to diapers and pull ups. But they’re best suited to kids at a certain stage, once they’re really ready.

They help your kid learn to hold it over time. Which means less hassle laundering wet sheets daily during the nighttime potty training stage.

On the outside, Peejamas look like normal pajama bottoms.

But on the inside, they have a secret absorbent underwear lining. It snugly envelops your kid’s butt, and keeps in small nighttime leaks.

Collage of three photos showing the bottoms and cloth diaper part of Peejamas nightime potty training PJs. 2 photos show a close up of the cloth diaper and 1 photo shows the pajama bottoms as a whole. Part of a Peejamas Review blog post.

How Do Peejamas Work?

The secret to Peejamas is the absorbent underwear layer.

It’s like a super soft, cozy and absorbent pair of undies. Similar to a cloth diaper or a cloth pull up, it is sewn into the pajama bottom.

And like a diaper, it’s highly absorbent and can hold about 10oz of liquid.

To put that into context, an average toddler’s bladder (1 to 3 years old) is between 3 and 5 ounces, meaning Peejamas can hold 1 to 3 pees worth of liquid.

Peejamas bottoms next to an 8 ounce tumbler of water to show how much liquid they can absorb
Our Peejamas bottoms with an 8 ounce Duralex tumbler

But what really makes Peejamas worth their salt as night time potty training pants is the way they absorb small overnight accidents your child may have.

They absorb slower than a diaper, keeping liquid on the “surface” longer.

This helps to train your little one. When they feel wet, it reminds them to use the bathroom.

And it also helps solve a common overnight peeing problem, where kids become too comfortable wetting themselves, because the diapers keep the liquid away from their skin. This actually prolongs the potty training process – definitely not what most parents want!

Learn More on the Peejamas website.

Before Using Peejamas

Design and Style of Peejamas

Peejamas has a fairly “bare bones” selection when it comes to style and color.

On the one hand this makes it fairly easy to choose which pair to buy as a parent. On the other hand, it can make it harder to find a pair that will work with the notoriously opinionated toddler age group.

We ordered the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood set. Our daughter is a Daniel Tiger fan, but she is also reluctant pajama wearer (TBH – she is a reluctant pants wearer of any kind).

We figured by getting some Daniel Tiger jammies, we’d have a better chance at getting her to actually wear them.

And they are very cute, pictured here on our Ruggable.

A pair of Peejamas Daniel Tiger design pajamas lying on a carpet on the floor

One thing worth noting is that Peejamas designs are (in my opinion) more tailored to boys or gender neutral in their colors and designs.

Our little one isn’t particularly girly in terms of loving girlish or princess things, but she does love rainbow, pink, and purple, and the very best chance we have in getting her to wear pretty much anything is when it somehow incorporates rainbow, pink, or purple in the design. Unfortunately, that isn’t an option with Peejamas.

Peejamas do come in full sets, with a top included, or just as bottoms. The top is a normal pajama top, and the bottoms are the specially designed pee pants.

Also worth saying – the Peejamas fabric is super soft, making them a really comfy cozy choice for kids.

See the different color options on the Peejamas website.

A close up of the ankle cuff on a pair of Peejamas potty training pants

Wash Before Use

As excited as we were to try out our new Peejamas pants on the first nap of the day we received them, we noticed they have a strict regimen of washing instructions before use.

Peejamas recommend washing the pajama pants 5 times before they are actually used.

I don’t know the exact science behind it, but the washing kind of ‘activates’ the absorbency of the pants and makes them work better.

I tested this out by pouring water on the absorbent diaper part both before and after laundering the Peejamas 5 full cycles, and sure enough they were a lot more absorbent after 5 wash and dry cycles.

A hand pours a glass of water onto the absorbent diaper part of Peejamas pajama bottoms

So don’t skip this part, because they probably won’t work that well and you might be disappointed, when all you need to do is wash them a few times!


Since they need to be washed and dried several times before use, it’s worth noting you should try them on before doing the 4 or 5 time wash and dry cycle.

Peejamas are meant to fit snuggly, which all PJs should for fire safety reasons, but you still want to make sure they’re comfy.

Once you have washed and worn them, however, you are unable to send them back. So have your little one try them on when they arrive.

Peejamas have a skinny leg style that are tapered down towards the ankle and a snug fit around the waist.

They are made in sizes up to age 6/7, with an 8/9 also coming soon.

Peejamas has a size chart on their website, so refer to that if you have any questions.

Who are Peejamas for?

In my opinion, Peejamas are a good choice for:

  • Nap time potty training toddlers, if your child is consistently waking up from their naps with a dry diaper and you want to encourage this behavior to keep going. This is the stage we’re in!
  • Night time potty training, if you are in the process of transitioning your child out of overnight diapers. You’ll still need to do the other standard night time potty training steps, such as stopping liquid before bed time, visiting the potty before bed, and possibly waking your little one up several times per night for a pee on the potty, depending on your child. However, the Peejamas will help the process along, and you can get rid of diapers once their morning diapers are mostly dry.
  • Older kids, who still have accidents.
  • Younger potty trained kids, who sometimes have small leaks, or who are peeing through their diapers at night and require backup on top of a diaper.

Who Aren’t Peejamas For?

That said, there are some kids and situations that probably aren’t best suited to Peejamas.

Even the Peejmamas website shares that these pants are for children who are ready for potty training and do not pee heavily:

For children still filling a traditional diaper with urine, those with overactive bladders, or who are heavy wetters, Peejamas are unlikely to function better than prescribed medication or heavy nighttime diapers.”

Indeed, Peejamas are not the best choice for:

  • Night time poopers. Peejamas are meant for pee, not poop, so if your kid is in one of those weird pooping while sleeping stages, hold off on the Peejamas until you make it through that!
  • Really heavy wetters. These aren’t a diaper replacement, in that you can put a non potty trained baby or kid in them, let them pee freely throughout the night, and expect the bed to be 100% dry in the morning. Rather, these are meant for kids who are in progress with their potty training, and those who have some leakage but mostly hold it.

Peejamas Review – The Pros

They Contain Overnight Accidents & Save Bedding

Peejamas contain smaller accidents and pees via their absorbent cloth diaper style lining.

They’re a great tool for potty training, but can also be useful for children who leak through their diapers at night, adding an extra layer of absorbency.

By absorbing liquid, they also save you the additional morning chores of remaking your toddler’s bed and washing the sheets.

They’re Cost Effective

Nighttime diapers are expensive (even more so if you’re using the eco friendly biodegradable ones), and buying them continually can seem like an endless cost you need to bear, especially when they are mostly dry in the morning.

Once bought, Peejamas are a great alternative to diapers – if you child is having some success with potty training – and are good for 300 washes!

That’s enough wears to get your child to master their potty training, or move up to the next size.

They’re Great Quality

As I mentioned earlier, our Peejamas are made from a super soft fabric, and look great.

They’re also made from Oeko-100, meaning they’re 100% safe for contact with your child’s skin.

Peejamas indicates they’re one of the few pairs of PJs sold in the US that don’t use fire-retardant chemicals.

Something we can get behind!

Diaper Training Encouragment

As the Peejamas absorbent layer isn’t designed to suck the liquid away rapidly as a diaper does, but more slowly, they help your child realize when they have had a wet accident in the night and support their potty training journey.

Reusable and Eco Friendly

Diaper and wipes waste is a huge problem for landfills and isn’t easily decomposable. Peejama pants are a great eco friendly choice.

While they aren’t a full alternative to diapers for kids who are still wetting through their diaper at night, they are a great alternative for kids who are moving along their potty training journey, and have smaller leaks and pees at night.

Once you get to this stage, they’ll save you money as they are reusable, but also help our environment.

Big Kid Style

Peejamas are great for sleepovers, especially for older kids who are still peeing at night.

They can stay over at a friend’s house, or on a school sleep-away camp without fear of a night peeing embarrassment.

Although we haven’t ventured far from home overnight very often recently, I can see them being a savior for when we come to travel with my daughter and stay in hotels or stay over at relatives’ houses, who may not be used to the bed set-ups needed for a little one!

Peejamas Review – The Cons

Not 100% Leakproof

You definitely aren’t magically guaranteed a dry bed and no leaks once you’ve bought these pajamas, but it should be a lot dryer than without them, and that’s a win in my book!

When I poured a full 8 ounces of water onto the inside of the absorbent diaper part all at once, the outside of the pants got a bit wet, but actually held up fairly well. I was impressed!

Again, if your child is still peeing through their diaper at night, or waking up with a heavy, wet, diaper, they probably aren’t ready for Peejamas yet.

The daytime trainers might be more what you need.


Wth a bedtime diaper, you can just trash it once it’s used and wet, but Peejamas you will need to launder every time they are peed in.

It’s advised to wash them on the same day, as soon as possible for the best results, so you might want to start with 3 or 3 pairs of the bottoms to give you some flexibility if there’s still a daytime nap happening.

Drying Time

Due to the absorbent layer, they really do hold liquid in the diaper layer. This can make drying time a bit longer.

My dryer is brand new, and I have only washed and dried them with other clothes. I find that they can take up a bit longer to be completely dry, but turning them outside in and turning the underwear side out does help.

In my experience, it’s no more than an extra 10 or 15 minutes to dry them, but this could be because I have a new, high efficiency dryer.


Some kids may find the pants have a bit of a ‘bunched up’ fit around the butt. This is just the shape and way the underwear layer is, but I expect most kids will get used to that over time.

Also worth noting they definitely run small and slim. Bear this in mind when you order.

Initial Investment

Peejamas can be costly, at $40 for a pair of pants, and $50 for a full set of pajamas.

Once you’ve made the initial investment, however, you’re done! No more costly overnight diapers and less laundry costs too. The money will even out eventually.

Plus, I feel like the quality of these pants will mean they will still be usable for a second child, if that’s in your family planning future, or as a hand me down to to a friend or cousin.

My Experience with Peejamas So Far

I fully intended for this post to a full and in-depth Peejamas review to let you know our experience.

Unfortunately, toddler opinions have foiled that (so far).

You know how I mentioned above that my toddler generally doesn’t like wearing pajamas or pants, and our best chance of convincing her is to use clothing that is pink, purple, or rainbow?

Well…so far, she’s refused to wear the Peejamas, because, well….they’re red. And they’re new.

It’s okay, since we’re really at the beginning of the stage where they’ll be helpful.

Our hope is to get her wearing them for nap time soon, since she often wakes up from nap time with a dry diaper and seems excited about not wearing a diaper during her 3 hour afternoon snooze.

Unfortunately, she’s just not ready to try it yet, and I am loathe to force the issue, lest we end up with a potty training power struggle.

Still, I wanted to post this article. Because overall I’m impressed with the product and what I’ve seen so far.

In fact, I’m impressed enough that I plan to order a set of the daytime trainers as soon as they’re back in stock in her size.

One of our current potty training battles is our daughter wants to wear undies to go out (in particular in the mornings, for the short ride to grandma’s house for child care), but refuses to sit on the potty before leaving the house.

Using the Peejamas daytime trainers would be the perfect solution to this problem, so I look forward to ordering them ASAP, and hopefully using the success of that experience to get her to try the Peejama bottoms.

And I’ll update this review once I have more personal experience, too!

Would I Recommend Peejamas?

I’m convinced Peejamas can solve some common potty training battles and frustrations. It’s why I plan to put my money where my mouth is and order some daytime trainers as soon as they’re back in stock.

I will also continue to encourage my daughter to try them out for nap time, or even for rides in the car when she refuses a diaper, but also refuses to go to the potty before leaving the house.

Honestly, there are a lot of ways in which I will encourage my toddler to use them.

My main piece of constructive feedback so far is definitely around color and pattern choice. It’s one of those things that seems silly to adults, but means the world to some toddlers.

Final Thoughts on This Peejamas Review

Thanks for reading my Peejamas review, I hope this has been useful for you to get an insight into these wonderful washable night pants for bedwetting and see how it may help you and your family to combat overnight potty training.

If you feel this article might be relevant for one of your other mom or dad friends, please feel free to share it with them too!

Where to order Peejamas?

Order Peejamas online at

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